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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go!

    Bow to your corner, bow to your gal.
    All to the center. Wave at your pal.

    Chicken in the skillet. Taters in the pan.
    Allemande left with your nearest hand.

    Gals to the center; form a star.
    Gents stay put right where you are.

    Do-see-do as light as foam.
    Now swing your gal and all go home.

    Never heard of a pineapple tree, Pam. The second link
    above says pineapples don't grow on trees. Then it
    tells you how to grow your own.

    The first link, Linda, is for the Uff-da song on Youtube.
    That URL looks awfully long. You can just go to youtube and
    search for Uff-da song. (Useage explained.)

    My Alz is alive and well. Forgot I had broccoflower on the
    stove till I detected the aroma of scorch. Soaked the pan
    in bleach and later in baking soda. The stainless steel
    steamer looks good as new.

    W/ re: 2 grandkids, here's something I did w/ my son when he
    was about 3. I made up stories in which he was the hero. These
    were short stories; about a minute long.

    E.g., Mommy answer the door and a monster rushed in. Christopher
    climbed on a chair and hit the monster over the head with a pan.

    Not terribly sophisticated plotting, but he liked them.

    Hope you are over your exhaustion, Pam. Spacee, if I ever
    tried to rewire a room I would electrocute myself and possible
    others. And, of course, the house would burn down.


  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Now that I think about it.When we were in Maui there were tours of pineapple plantations.Guess I should have taken one of those tours.I'll check out the link,now I'm curious.

    Exhaustion comes and goes as usual.Today was better.

    Graduation party for a niece today.We gave her a card with money last week because we weren't going to be home.Well we are and they saw us but it's hot and muggy so they'll have to excuse us is all.

  3. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    So no air conditioning here! What a weird spring we've had here in nw Calif. this year. I am glad it isn't hot like back east. How you guys in Fla, Ohio, cope is beyond me. I think I would just have to sit in front of fan all day, sans couture!

    Pineapples: I love them, and once you master the art of cutting one up, they're not so much of a hassle. We are eating a lot of fresh blueberries (been on sale a lot); sure are good. Hope to get some grapes today, and cherries. Especially cherries. Told R. to get some corn too if it looks good.

    Rock, it sounds like you have a LOT of interesting plants to observe. I used to collect succulents and grew a lot of them from seed, things like living stones (Lithops), etc. I sold a lot to shops and nurseries until the "crash" of '94, when my illness manifested itself and I had to pull in the reins.

    Well, the Uff-da song was certainly interesting. The longest url I've ever seen.

    Hoping for good weather for all,
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    laundry day. No longer a backbreaking chore that took 2-3 days provided
    you have your own home and machines. Have you seen those new
    machines that appeared a couple years ago. Candy apple red! The
    sports cars of the home appliance world.

    Whaddya think. Is "lithops" easier or harder to say if you lisp? Have
    to ask Cindy Brady.

    The URL for photos of lithops is pretty long. Check 'em out if you're curious.
    They look like pebbles.

    Several years ago Gordon and I went to the LA
    Arboretum which had a succulent show. There were plants from
    Africa (I think) that looked like small boulders. They were brown, about
    the size of softball. Did not look like living things. Then when you got
    up close you could see a vine a couple inches long growing out of the side.

    I don't know what they were called.

    Do you cut up your pineapples w/ a machete, Barry? They have a gadget
    at the market for this special purpose. Costs about $8. No thanks. I
    find a little pineapple goes a long way w/ me. After three bites the enzymes
    start digesting my tongue.

    Guess it's graduation time for lots of folks. What do you think? Does Pomp and
    Circumstance qualify as Americana even though it was composed by a
    Brit? You can see the composer conducting his opus on Youtube. Also
    hear the arrangement w/ lyrics. Called "Land of Hope and Glory." Used
    to have a recording of it by Jeanette MacDonald.

    Got an e mail from Mickey who used to post regularly here. He daughter
    is graduating from High School. Her older daughter recently graduated from
    nursing school.

    Hope your exhaustion wanes, Pam. I suppose you've tried everything to
    get some energy. I think I have.

    Guess I'd better check on the towels in the dryer.


  5. spacee

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    I am trying to log into Utube. And it wants my cell phone #. I don't really want
    to give it my cell phone number. Have you given yours to Utube? That's the
    question at hand. "Did you give your cell phone number or not".

    I am so out of touch with horticulture. Bummer for me. I do know a bit about
    pineapples since they grew on Okinawa. Huz used to get them from the tree
    and cut them open with a machete. That was before I arrive and he was still
    living with his roomies. Never saw a pineapple after that. (Only say it in pics

    We did make it to Home Depot for our vincas. Darn that some of the ones last
    year were pulled up. The ones that were chopped off are regrowing.

    Barry, you really are good at plants. I'm really sorry you got so ill you could no
    longer provide the plants for sell.

    Rock, that was a v.cute 76 Trumbone thought at the top of the thread. Never
    would have come to my mine. There is no doubt that I have some kind of dementia.
    A man was leaving the groc. store and went to the wrong white car on the left.
    He then turned to the right and recognized his white car. He had about 20 bumper
    stickers on the back but I guess he had forgotten. The other white car didn't.

    I love the "killing of the monster" story. You know we just didn't have much to work
    with back in that day. Some type of monster or wolf (little red riding hood) was about
    all there was.

    Let me know about the cell phone # thing. I know I have a google acct but I haven't been
    there in ages and I can't remember my password.

    Linda Lou Who
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Do you think Youtube is acting like the grinch? I don't think any site has
    ever asked for my phone number. But I go to Youtube a lot. If they insisted
    I'd give it to them.

    I never answer the phone anyhoo. It's always wrong numbers, salespeople,
    poll takers, or Spanish speakers looking for Ramon. The probation dept.
    left messages for Ramon for 5 years. They stopped last year.

    Several months ago Jaminhealth had hip surgery on a special space-age
    type of table. I went to the site where you could see it. Looks like a
    piece of equipment from Star Wars. Every since then I've been getting
    spam about hip surgery.

    Couple nights ago I visited a site that sells cheap men's rings. Now my
    home page has pictures of the rings I looked at. Ain't no such thing as
    privacy anymore. Even the grocery stores sell lists of what you buy to

    I saw some vincas today. And a whole buncha other stuff; all in bloom.
    Gerbera daisies; snapdragons; mums; roses; impatiens; and a room full
    of orchids. Mostly the moth orchid (phalaenopsis). Here's a site for
    photos. Or just enter phalaenopsis.


    We went to the Armstrong nursery. Gordon bought some cosmos and some
    herbs and some peppers. I bought two tomato plants.

    We also went to Best Buy. Bought some video games since we lost our
    old ones due to the viruses. That's the place I saw the red appliances. This
    year they are all stainless steel. A stainless steel fridge says restaurant or
    institution to me.


  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    The first request for my phone number was a fake utube...That I know now.
    The authenic utube asked for my phone. I tried putting in my landline but, NOPE
    they only want my cell. That is what bothers me. I use my cell as my alarm
    clock or when I am resting in a dark room and I don't want to be bothered.
    And I want to be able to see the time.

    You see, Rock. I went down this road with eBay. They said...give us your cell phone
    number and we will send you a text if you are outbid. Of course, I was outbid by
    someone on the west coast at a time I was asleep. I didn't fall off that turnip truck

    But the phone calls you get, seem to be the same ones I get. Except mine seem to be
    more children these days playing pranks. Nobody is watching them at home, it seems.
    They say dirty stuff. Little bitty kids. I do try to call the number back when hopefully
    an adult is there and leave a message. But what I think stops the kids calling is when
    the phone bill arrives. They seem to be paying for their minutes. So, it shows that they
    have called my number.

    Those Phalaenopsis are gorgeous. Makes me see why ppl love orchids. Did you know
    that fake ones are really popular? I was in Khols when an older woman (much like myself)
    was there buying one. She was so delighted.

    Ike got our vincas in the ground..they look so sweet.

    So you still play video games. Ok, that means I should not try to make our vacations
    "computer game free". Why try to win that war. It would cause hard feelings. I think.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    My brain is working tonite.

    Was skyping with the kiddos across the pond. They like to do it while they eat
    dinner. (Haven't figured why yet). So the 4 yo was having a hard time with
    the red peppers in her quiche. Her required 2 bites were consumed. Well, our
    conversation was over, so I asked if I could read a book. YES! Love books.
    I chose Green Eggs and Ham. The story of Sam who didn't like Green Eggs and
    Ham until he took two bites. I hope the point got across to the 4 yo. Not sure.

    Now here is the problem. Her dad, now 35 yos and has been in school since he
    was 3 yo. Can't find a job. Nope. Not a one. He is going to have to stay in school
    and learn something else. I think these are his choices: Phd in Psychology since
    he has his undergrad in it. And a masters in Philosophy (which is different but they
    might take it). or Law. Does the US need another lawyer???

    His wife will work and support them. She doesn't mind. She was able to be a stay
    at home while in Holland. The kids will be in school. She will only work 3 days a week.

    Ok, I think I wrote too much.

    How is FIL doing, Pam? I'm worried about him. Glad you found the potatoes in the

    I could write a whole other post about "should you have a wedding with all the grooms
    men wearing seersucker suits? But I won't go there.

    Hugs...to my patient friends.

  9. jole

    jole Member

    And so good to read about everyone again. More doc appts coming up. Less energy. Nothing new otherwise. Love hearing about all the plants....I can sit here and see the beautiful colors and shapes! And sure will be happy when we can buy some decent fruit. Last year we never found any good canteloupe or watermellon all summer. Grapes were okay though. Strawberries have been good!

    With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So...we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy!

    Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, good grief, look how smart I am!!

    (Must be where the expression 'Smart Ass' comes from.......hahaha. Hugs to all.......Jole

  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    FIL back in Nursing Home.He looked better yesterday.Can breath better which is most important.There's nothing they can do for him but he shouldn't have to suffer.Thanks for asking.

    I've been doing what needs to be done,groceries,visits to FIL and then back to resting every chance I get to recharge my energy.It's working I slept without sleep aids last night whoo hoo!

    I love all the descriptions of flowers.I looked at some over the weekend longingly but knew I couldn't plant them.Huz admitted he just couldn't do it right now either so no curb appeal for our house this yr.I watch to many home improvement shows.

    I like your analogy Jolee.I've put on some weight lately.I look healthy I'm told.I look chunky to me but maybe I just got smarter like you suggest.

    My DS is in school in his 30's and I swear he should have half a doz. degrees by now.I've given up asking when he'll be done.He has a job too but not in his field.I just want him married already and moving on with his life.

    Gotta go water the garden it's dry around here finally.
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just came in from watering. Gordon has several hundred
    plants. Most of them are orchids and ferns that want
    to be watered daily.

    Can't do it. And he's too busy. Land o Goshen!
    How 'bout you, Pam. Get your garden watered?

    Glad you got your vincas planted, Linda. Who is Ike?
    I remember the campaign slogan I Like Ike from my childhood.
    It still shows up in crosswords.

    Don't you think vinca sounds Russian? Vinca Galina
    Vishnevskaya had vichyssoise for lunch. It vas vonderful!

    Seersucker. Uff-da! They still make that stuff? I think my
    dad's only sport coat was seersucker. Looked trashy.
    He hated to dress up. My mother hated that he didn't.

    When I was a kid I wondered why they ever got married.
    When I was middle aged I found out. She was pregnant
    with me. LOL

    I remember the early drip dry shirts. I don't know what
    material they were. Sort of translucent. They looked
    wretched too.

    Thanks for the explanation regarding the correlation between
    knowledge and large size bloomers, Jole. I always suspected
    that was the case.

    Gotta go heat up some of Gordon's beef soup.

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Nope no Spring this yr.Yes I watered the garden again today.I tried doing a rain dance yesterday with all the dark clouds hovering around.Barely sprinkled.Hose isn't hooked up and I don't have the energy to drag it around so I'm using the watering can.
    Yesterday DS asked me to breakfast this morning.One look at me and he said maybe not but I went since I needed milk and bread from the store anyway.Huz pointed out that I always crash harder and longer for the short boost I get from prednisone.I already figured this out.It puts me in an uncomfortable high energy so I overdo and sleep less then boom I'm done.Not worth it.

    Huz said there's something in the air cause the neighbors on each side are in their yards evenings arguing loudly the last couple days.Hello,we have a fence but we can still hear you!What is wrong with people?I don't want to hear all that.

    Well no fruit this yr.strawberry plant was producing but some animal got them before ripe.A friend gave us some of his.Blueberries went to the birds while we were on vacation.Hope they all enjoyed.
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Seems I need to post after my evening klonopin give my brain a boost.

    Jole, loved the smart ass joke remark. In a few years, I predict that loose flowing
    outfits like they wear in India may be very popular. Our news said 'get used to the
    hot cause it is here to stay....forever". Global warming. We have some Indians who
    live here in town and I see them out in their flowing garbs. That's what makes me
    think of it.

    Rock, I may be crazy but now I wish I had 100 plants with flowers. I love them. I
    don't know their names but I am crazy about them. All kinds. Course, I am not
    watering them. So that could be why I want them.

    Ike is Huz. You noticed Rock! No one calls him that but it's the nickname for his name.
    But he wasn't named after that Presidente. Dwight was his father's middle name.
    Only being raised in South Alabama, his father thought his middle name was
    DeWyatt. The way his mother pronounced it. hahahaha He found out differently when
    he saw a copy of his birth certificate. Must have been a shock.

    Ok, this is the problem in Holland. 2 yo goes to preschool now. (Why on earth do they
    start school the first of June??). Her mother can't understand her English. And now she
    is mixing in Dutch words that her mother doesn't understand either. hahahaha. Help!
    Get the 4 yo to interpret.

    Very tired around here too, Pam. Took a long nap today. The house needs attention but
    no one is going to stop by so no need to worry. That isn't good that the Predisone is
    causing worse problems afterward. We need a 'breakthrough' like they have found for
    some cancers. Gene therapy. Stopped the study midway to go ahead and give it to
    the patients. It's that good. Melenoma I think was mentioned.

    Tomorrow may be better. You never know!!

    Oh, if you didn't get to eat them, I'm glad the critters got a treat!!

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm trying to post, and the computer seems unhappy
    about the whole process. We'll see what happens.

    I staked a cosmos this morning. Silly thing was practically
    lying down. Have to water some more today. You're right,
    Pam. Luggin' the hose around is a nuisance. Ours is extra
    long, therefore extra heavy.

    I swear hoses and cords have a life of their own, and it's
    a malicious one. They throw themselves into tangles and
    grab onto anything in the vicinity. Last week the hose
    snagged onto a terra cotta pot, pulled it over and broke it.
    Yesterday it tipped over an orchid. It's like a python. You
    need two or thee people to control it.

    Once I picked up the crock pot from the table to put it
    away. The dangling cord wrapped itself around a chair,
    The pot was viciously yanked outta my hands and it
    smashed itself on the kitchen floor. Life is full of tragedies.
    Of various sizes, of course.

    Speaking of rain dancing, there was a musical back in the
    1960s called "110 In The Shade". It was based on the play and
    movie "The Rainmaker". The main thing I remember about
    the musical is they had rain on stage at the finale.

    As almost always, you can see excerpts on youtube.


    Spacee, above is the URL for fields of ranunculus near
    San Diego. Gordon and I saw them when we went to
    SD to play in a bridge tournament. Rolling hills covered
    with acres of flowers in bloom.

    Well, I have 3 more errands to do today. Can only
    remember what 2 of them are. Woot!

    Who was it who used to put woot in her posts? Oh, well...

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz promised to hook up the hose but after hearing all that maybe I'll stick with the watering can.All those mishaps sound like they could very well happen to me.Today it rained!

    I remember the movie The Rainmaker.Was Burt Lancaster in it?For some reason I think that.

    DS decided I needed a new phone.He ordered me a new updated style.It was free on my plan he said.Now I can text easier except I don't text.Then he asked if I'm going to text because it will now cost me $33 more a month.Ahh the catch.No I don't believe I'll learn to text and now I have to learn how to turn the new phone on and off.
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    The Carlsbad Tour. Magnificent!! What we owe to Mr. Frazee noticing the plants and saving
    the seeds of the strongest and making the varieties of color. Wonder if anyone would do that
    today. Probably too busy texting!

    Oh, come on Pam, if you get texting on your phone you won't have a minute to yourself.
    Well, at least I didn't today. The youngest (25) has a few weeks off. I hope he doesn't
    plan to send me 20 texts. I will have to turn the phone off. My brain is too scrambled for

    He must take after Ike's side of the family. My side does not like to be in 'center' stage.
    Ike's does. So, son is concerned that he is going to hurt a friends feelings because he isn't
    asked to be a groomsman. (Isn't it the other way around? They are thrilled they are off
    the hook?). Son said he loved every minute of the 9 weddings he has been a groomsman

    It takes some intellect to learn to play bridge. Twin learned and I did not. Her IQ is 5 points
    higher than mine. I can't explain it...I just give the facts. And we are identical.
    Great that you and Gordon had that fun in common. I loved playing cards but couldn't
    learn bridge. Maybe it was the teacher...haha (a class).

    I'm about ready to offer our neighbors money if they will go inside so the dog will stop barking! It's been a rough week with that. It's 9:50pm.

    I know what you mean Pam about having to relearn the phone. Someday to buy a airline ticket you will use your phone and show the phone when you check in. I kid you not. My
    hairdresser did it last week. She bought the ticket by a phone app and showed it when
    she arrived cause she didn't have a printer. Things are getting way too advanced for me!!

  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I put on shorts but after I went outside I came back in for pants.Bad asthma attack,probably due to weather change ,has left me drained.Oh well,there wasn't much energy there anyway.

    Spent the last few days at FIL's bedside.He's seeing things and refusing meals and preparing his grandkids for his passing.Next day he'll rally and let them dress him and take him down for meals.He looks bad swollen with fluid and so tired of living.I think it will be soon.Hospice has been called in and we hear good things about them.He knows he's loved and everyone is visiting.He's breathing easier.

    I have a mess of appts. to make that I've put off.That's my goal tomorrow.Eye exam,breast exam,dentist,haircut,dog grooming oh my!

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    You do have a mess of apts. You aren't going to get them done in a week, are you?
    I guess not.

    You have asthma too? I don't recall you saying that. But my mind...I was telling my
    brother to do a google on McGAF and it brought up two young women trying to open
    full beer cans with their teeth. He watched it 3 times while trying to upload it. The
    word I meant to send was GcMAF. I think. It kills all kinds of cancer unless one is in
    the last half of the 4th stage. Then the liver is too far gone.

    Poor FIL, yes, I agree. I don't think it will be long now. It's a very slippery slope when
    you are in your 90's. (((Hugs))) for what you and family are going through!

    I took extra ritalin yesterday and today. I needed to sort through some drawers and I
    got it done. But needed the brain boost. I took 2.5 mg at 11am, 2.5 mg at 2 and 2.5 at
    4pm. That's not a lot. lowest it comes in is 5mg. It's to the point I don't function without
    it. That's life....

    Glad it cooled off for you!! I can't hope for that til Thanksgiving :)

    Nothing at all going on here now....

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Worked on my appts. two this week.Would have gotten three but eye Dr. put me on hold and I hung up.I'll try tomorrow for next week.This is what happens when you keep putting everything off.
    Yes asthma,mild but sometimes it gets scary bad.Usually somethings brewing if I get them often so I hope not.Chronic cough is always.

    Went out and took the hoe across the garden to clear the weeds.It's a rather pathetic garden this yr. but it's enough.

    I slept most of yesterday and all night so with all that's going on around here I hope to stay rested and able to cope.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I can see why your sleeping...be sure and listen to your body!

    Thought the timing on this was funny. My DIL sent me a pic to my phone of her
    freshly cleaned microwave. Yep, she did. Then while walking at the mall tonite,
    I ran into a fellow grandmother who whipped out her phone and showed me her
    new grandchild. I thought about bringing out my phone and showing the spotless
    microwave....but I didn't.

    I'm fighting the 5 or so lbs that really wants to come on me right now. I hope I

    We got a couple of thunderstorms that the flowers liked. It's kinda really dawned on
    me that Ike and I are an older couple. We used to do things but now....too much
    bother. I used to talk about "our rocking chair years" but I thought they would be a bit

    Twin has ruined her back lifting her grandbaby she cares for parttime while the parents
    work. Extremely degenerative discs of the upper back. The doc asked if she had injured
    it. Nope...the baby. And another one is on the way. Oh, dear.... Neurontin is helping the
    pain. Thankfully.

    Pam...again...take care of yourself!!


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