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    Is anyone still lounging? I am!

    I have lounged since my flu shot, except for a three hr. roundy to get my carotid arteries scanned. All good, no change. "See me in six months".

    The weather has been nice here, but we really, really need rain. Our well has run dry, so everything is more difficult, as you can well imagine. (Is that a pun?)

    The leaves are gorgeous -- crabapple gold, maple yellow and red, and the low light makes all shine. When we were in Eureka for my ultrasound I saw fuchsias growing six feet tall on a fence entangled with blackberries. Also Princess Flowers were in full rich purple bloom (I think they are called Tibouchinia, but too tired to look it up).

    Richard has gone to town. I wasn't up to it. I've put marrow bones on the shopping list for Shorty and kiwi berries for myself. Kiwi berries are a different species than kiwi fruit which are brown and fuzzy and the size of an egg. Kiwi berries are the size of aa small grape, have a greenish-brown skin with no fuzz. They sell them in those plastic clamshells in the organic section of our grocery. I like strange fruit. Am craving fresh litchis (lychees), but haven't seen any in a long time. That is one of the problems of living out in the sticks. I get dried white mulberries and goji berries too, at our local health food store. Also sheep cheese -- delicious! (but expensive, alas.)

    We had a small earthquake --4.9 --the other day. No damage except for a small crack in the living room plaster. More startling was the large thump on the roof this morning. It turned out to be a large tom turkey that then landed a few feet from the front steps to pick at grain that I thrown out for the small birds. Well, Shorty sure had a good time chasing the turkey until it flew into the forest! Most amusing.

    I am getting SADs again. My Lexapro . Does it help? I don't know. Aaa I'm feeling grumpy! 'Nuf said.

    Love to all,
    Barry is Blue :(


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    Hi, so nice to see a new Lounge.

    Barry, I envy your colorful fall. It's been fall down here but the days are still hot and humid. It usually doesn't change til after Halloween. I am so sorry you suffer from SAD. When I lived in CO, I used to visit the tanning salons just to get some UV's. Later on, I got my own bed. Those light boxes were just coming out then. It's almost always sunny in CO but in the winter, unless one is outside, one doesn't get the UV's. Do you take vitamin D? Even down here, I feel better when I take it.

    When I was in Hawaii, we played golf. The "rough" on the golf course was Kiwi plants. When they say, "rough," they mean rough. I lost my ball in a Kiwi patch and took the penalty instead of wading in to find it. Sending up a prayer that you feel better.

    Jam, glad you've avoided the shakes. So far this year, we've dodged the hurricane bullet. My UTI seems better but the flu-like bug has come back to make another run at me. I have diarrhea but if my breakfast stays down, I'll feel as though it's on its way out, no pun intended. Getting my renal ultrasound on the 25th and my cystoscopy the first of Nov.

    I posted over on the Porch. I've been offline for about three days now so no way I could catch up.

    My love and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry: Love your description of the colors up where you live. I had to look up that town and saw beautiful pics. Never been up there but it sure looks like a wonderful place to live. I'm sorry you're suffering from SAD. My son who moved to Portland actually had the opposite. He hated when it was sunny here and found he was depressed and loves the rain and dreary weather of Portland. And yes, sun makes some people react that way.

    Jam: Nice to see you posting here.
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    Hi Awl,

    Thought I would pop in since I haven't been doing much posting for awhile either.

    Mikie - I hope you get better soon. Your weather is sort of like. TX and you never know what you are going to get in October or maybe Nov. either. Warm one day and cold or cool the next. We have no colors yet either. Yes, we have dodged the hurricane bullet too. That is a very good thing, for sure. We don't need another IKE. Glad you will be getting some tests done.for your kidneys and bladder with all your peeing problems. I know how bad that can be. Hope you get rid of that darn flu bug soon.

    Barry - Sorry you are feeling blue. Hope you get out of that soon. That was scary with that earthquake. Glad it was only a small one. Those leaves and all sounds so pretty. Lived in NY and was born there) so I am used to the fall colors but haven't been visiting in a long time. Have been gone for over 30 years when DH got transferred with his job. That was funny about that turkey :)!!

    Sun - I can't believe that your son got depressed in sunny weather but enjoyed the rainy weather. Not me for sure but I guess we are all different, aren't we??

    Jam - Hi there , I know what you mean about resigned to the pain. I think I am like you as far as depression goes. I don't think I ever was actually depressed" but I am so sick and tired of the pain. I think for me it is more like a frustration !! Do you have a good turkey soup recipe ? It's getting to be that time again.

    Almost time for beddy bye so need to start getting ready.

    Hugz to awl,
    Granni :)
  5. rockgor

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    Hi Folks

    Sorry you are a blueberry, Barry. If you fixed shoes for a living, you could be a blueberry
    cobbler. Yes, "well imagine" was pun although not a terribly deep one. Loved your description of the fall leaves. I've only seen spectacular autumn scenery in two places. Minnesota and New England. The difference is that Minnesota is rolling hills and New England is all hills and dales.

    But despite lots of hills, New England doesn't have much in the way of mountains. The
    tallest is Mt Washington in New Hampshire which is about 6000 feet. That's about half
    the height of Mt. Hood which I generally visit when I travel to Oregon to see my
    brother the Forest Ranger. Somewhere I have postcards and what not from the bus trip
    of New England that Gordon and I took in 1990. Mt. Washington is on one of them.

    Remember the hit tune from the late 1960s? L'amour est Bleu.

    Blue, blue, my world is blue

    Blue is my world, now I'm without you

    Grey, grey, my life is grey
    Cold is my heart since you went away.

    Mikie, hard to imagine a golf course w/ kiwi as a hazard. The village where I grew up
    had a 9 hole golf course. The only hazards were sinkholes. And there were several.
    We kids used to hunt around in them for lost balls. I think the golfers paid us a dime @

    for them.

    Oh yeah, regarding the font, I type the entire post in the standard size. When I'm all
    done, I do the first half of cut and paste; then hit 5 on the font chart. That make
    any sense?

    Jam, can't imagine buying groceries at Whole Foods. Too pricey for me. Last time I was
    at one in the San Gabriel Valley salmon was on sale. And it was
    still $17 a pound.

    SG, I've been to Portland many times. Seems to rain every afternoon for a brief period.
    I asked my brother, "Does it rain every day here?" He said, "Well, no, but it seems
    like it." I never heard of people having the opposite of SAD. I don't suppose you can buy
    special lights to make things darker.

    Granni, do you have earthquakes in Texas? Let me look. OK, you had a medium
    sized one in the 1930s. About the same time there was a big one here in Long Beach.
    W. C. Fields was filming a movie at the time. You can see it on Youtube. The
    chandelier sways and people look around and then walk off the set.

    So do you have a New York or a Texas accent. Or a musical blend of both. It's funny.
    After I'd been away from Minnesota for a couple decades, when I went back for a
    visit I could hear the Minnesota accent. Here I always thought accents were what other
    people had. Ha ha!

    But the important thing to remember, as Johnny Mercer put it, is to
    "Accentuate the Positive".

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Loungers,

    Sunflower Girl, funny you mention reverse SAD. In Denver and here in FL, our sunny days are like a Technicolor movie. When I went to So. CA, the sun seemed yellowish and flat. It depressed me. Y'all who live there probably think it normal, which it is for CA. A lot of sunny days in the Carolinas are like that too. I'm not sure it would depress me now. I had SAD in CO in the wintertime due to the short days. The sun shines more than 300 days in CO, same as here in FL. Can you get a light box? I hear they help.

    Granni, I think a lot of the time, our weather is very similar to yours. Our nights are beautiful but it's still too hot and humid during the daytime. Seems strange but, almost every year, right after Halloween, our beautiful, balmy winter weather arrives. My pee has been a beautiful thing to behold for several days--clear as can be. A few flu symptoms linger but I'm having some good days, even though I'm still tired. Hope we both continue to avoid hurricanes and any other "acts of God." I wonder whether that makes Him angry that we use that term. I prefer to say, "acts of Mother Nature."

    Rock, I thought I was the only one who had figured out how to outsmart the font glitch and posted about it on the Porch. Great minds... Speaking of great minds, I liked your puns about Barry's becoming a cobbler. I'm not sure it would last. Cobblers have to deal with a lot of heels but they do get to save soles. As long as they keep instep and toe the line, I guess they are OK.

    Diane, glad you, Kevin and kitties are well. My last two DMV license pics have been great. I couldn't believe it cause I'm definitely not photogenic. My pic on my license to carry makes me look like someone who should not be able to be around guns :) It's more like a mug shot. I guess people and animals secrete pheromones of all kinds, depending on our moods. A few years back, one could buy pheromones to wear, like perfume, to attract the opposite sex. They were "sex pheromones." When cats feel safe and calm, evidently, they emit a calming pheromone. They have figured out how to make a synthetic version. I plugged the new one into the outlet on my lanai last night and Tweety was much, much calmer out there. When they came in, they were wild. I had to threate Tweety with the water bottle squirter. It never lasts long and they are now passed out on the loveseat. Both are neutered but one or both must still secrete sex pheromones. Sylvester will sometimes try to mount Tweety, the little incestuous pervet! I make him stop and Tweety slaps him and looks at him as if to say, "What's the matter with you?" Go online to DrsFosterSmith.com and request a catalog. They sell pet supplies soooo much cheaper than in the stores. From now on, I'll be ordering the cats' pheromones there.

    Think I may pass out mysef to catch up on some sleep. Just heard that sleep clears toxins from the brain. Extra sleep helps with Alzheimers. My brain feels very tired, even though I think the UTI and flu are gone. Too much to handle at one time. Sweet dreams and happy days to my beloved Online Family here.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

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    Hello, Friends

    I am having a bowl of raspberries for breakfast. The are fairly tart. Had to add some
    sugar. I remember picking wonderful berries in my yute from neighbor's gardens.
    They didn't mind. Would like to try some of the exotic fruits Berry dines on. Barry,
    how long does the SAD last? What do you do for it besides Lexapro?

    We went to the library and the market last night. Typical LA traffic, i.e. terrible. On the
    way home, Gordon said, "Oh, I wanna show you something." After walking around the
    library and the supermarket, the only thing I wanted to do was get home and lie down.

    What he wanted to show me was a strip mall clinic three blocks from where we used to
    live. The clinic sign included a Green cross with arms of equal length (a Greek cross).
    Gordon said, "It's a marijuana dispensary. You can tell by the green cross."

    Just imagine the symbol for the Red Cross only in green. Remember a few years ago when
    Johnson & Johnson got into a legal battle with the Red Cross? Both use the same symbol. Last I read the the Red Cross won and the case was on appeal. Maybe they've patched things
    up. Or at least applied a band aid.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, Mikie. Those pesky problems been hanging on a long time.

    Thanks for the barrage of toe-tapping puns. Reminds me of the finale from "Girl
    Crazy" with Judy and Mickey. They must have had two hundred dancers in that last
    number, all wearing cowboy boots.

    Yes, Diane, I've read several books by Jeffrey Deaver. Just took a bunch of paperbacks to the
    library last night to donate to the book sale. His "The Blue Nowhere" was included. I read
    several of the Lincoln Rhyme books. He writes great thrillers, but his paperbacks have the
    ugliest author pictures anywhere. Is that on purpose? Does he want to look menacing?

    I can't imagine a book with a backwards story. I have a vague recollection of one decades ago.
    Or maybe it was a movie. Can't remember. Anyway, going backwards contradicts the whole
    notion of story telling. Like having people born at an elderly age and growing younger. Hope
    you and Kevin feel better. You want to look good for that all important license pic. Ha ha!

    Gotta go
  8. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I don't think there's anything to help with the opposite of SAD, that's why my son moved away from sunshine all the time. He would get so depressed when summer came. I think it basically lasts as long as the sunshine.....same for SAD, last all winter long and that's why the special light helps some people. I guess it supplies the whole spectrum of light.

    Rock: Is that the movie starring Brad Pitt, I think it was called Benjamin( something)......I can never recall names when I want to! I know Mikie will know it though.

    I've been suffering from IBS for about 5 days so don't know if the flu is still hanging on or not. It's so darn hard to remember what it's like to have a good day without something going on.

    I think those marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over the place. However, the majority of those getting "legal" stuff end up selling it to someone else. I know a person whose done that for years, helped supply a close person and helped continue his "habit" until he had to go to rehab. It can be very very good for some but a death sentence for others who can't control themselves.
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Oh, Jam. That is such terrible news. I wonder who collected the money if the water dept.
    didn't. I don't think there really is any security anymore. I've lost my trust in banks, the
    government, religious and charitable organizations, big business, the military, and on and on.

    I have a savings account and a checking. I figure the money is safer there than in my pocket
    or at home. But who knows. If the bank tells me it's all gone someday, what can I do?

    There is a state agency that regulates banks. You might want to see if you can talk to them.
    Be sure to keep a notebook and record all your conversations with whom, date, time, content, etc. Stick any correspondence you get on same in the notebook. Never know. Might need it someday.

    I hope this can all be straightened out soon and without too much fuss. Good luck.

  10. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Jam. That's AWFUL. I don't see how the bank could have done that. I would suggest "screaming" a bit to the powers that be. You're lucky a friend is going to help you out.

    About a month ago we got an email notice on suspicious activity on a card I've never even activated. An electric bill for over $600 in NY city. Took a bit of time to get it taken care of, they issued another card, which I've never activated because I don't want it, and now we keep getting notices from the credit card company about it. And about l5 years ago I got a call from my bank, some lady was trying to cash a check signing my name. Wanted to know if it was me....nope. There's fraud everywhere all the time. My daughter is still having troubles from 5 years ago when someone at the hospital got her important info when she was in delivering GD.

    Rock: How are things going with the unemployment and insurance stuff?

    I have a CD IRA coming due next week and learned yesterday I can just call in to bank to change the time period rather than coming in. Yea. They're paying a whopping .67% and I'm NOT going to tie it up for l3 months anymore. I've been hearing things that interest rates will rise after jan. I hope so. I might as well stick it in a sock!
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Jam, I am so very sorry for your banking SNAFU. I hope they release your money soon. I talked to my bank, one of the big ones, about security. I'm very careful and have encrypted Wi-Fi but if a hacker wants in, he's gonna get in. I have LifeLock and that helps but it's not foolproof; nothing is. You are in my prayers.

    I remember that Benjamin movie with Brad Pitt but can't remember the full title. My brain is even slower to heal than my bod. I've been putting the pheromones out on the lanai and I think it's starting to calm Tweety down a bit. I keep lying in bed longer and longer to try to get them trained to expect to be let in later and later. Of course, I'm still not sleeping later and later but maybe I can if I get Tweety trained. Sylvester is a joy but Tweety is a pill. I love them both but this hasn't been easy nor cheap.

    Sunflower Girl, I have mixed feelings about interest rates. I have an ARM mortgage so have been skating by cheaply but it sucks for investment. I put some money in a money market fund so it's not tied up. Pays even less than a CD but at these low rates, it's moot. Hope your IBS/flu is better.

    Rock, in CO, so many wear cowperson boots and say they are soooo comfortable. I haven't worn them since I was five. Just not my style. I like moccasins but they are too hot down here. One has to expose one's tootsies to stay cool. All my uncles in NE wore cowboy boots all their lives. All grew up on ranches. I once read about the indigenous people in Australia who went barefoot in the Outback. They grew callouses on their feet which eventually became like hooves. Yikes! And I worry about my pedicure. I file off dry skin and rub my feet with balms to keep them soft. Ha! I'm a Tenderfoot!

    OK, Kids, gotta go. Have a good day.

    Love, Miki
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Jam, our last landscaper had all his money stolen from his business acct. and he couldn't make payroll. It was a nightmare. So, even he isn't one of us with so little, it still caused him and his employees, who don' have much, a lot of pain and inconvenience. I think the bank ended up giving him a line of credit.

    My big post is over on the Porch because I happened by there first. Check it out.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    When I had that problem with an unactivated credit card and questioned how someone could get the #, I was told that there are identical #s at the beginning and they just start putting in #s in sequence for the end part until they get a hit.
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi friends, lounge time again. I have had a dreadful cold, the first I can remember for many years. It seems that when I got CFS the colds all went away..... How strange.

    We had our first light frost this morning. Now I pray for rain -- our well is dry-- it is such a hassle to boil all our tank water, and buy drinking. The driest autumn in many years, it seems.

    The garden is still fun, with lots of colour. My saffron crocuses are blooming well this year. I'm tempted to gather the saffron but don't want to tear the flowers up. Besides, I just remembered we have some in the spice cabinet. And a crazy plant called Colletia cruciata that I grew from seed many years ago is in full bloom. Google this plant. It's really hard to touch because so spiny. I have cursed it before, but love it now as do our late hummers.

    Still in the garden. I bought 100 tulip bulbs the other day. 25 each of 4 varieties. Cost me under $20, so a very good deal (from Costco). Now I have to get my act together and start planting them. I think five a day maybe. One is called Menton. and another Blushing Girl. Also Elegant Lady and Purple Dream. Ahh, thoughts of spring....

    The last trip to the farmer's market wrecked me, but I got some nice maiitake mushrooms (hen of the woods) and some farm eggs. These mushrooms are fantastic; wonderful flavour and so easy to saute in olive oil and serve on toast. And speaking of mushrooms, we had scrambled eggs with shrimp Russula mushrooms that I found as I staggered through the forest! Lovely.

    Well now I have to brush Shorty and let him go on his apple hunt. I'll have a cup of Oolong tea and think about where to put my tulips I guess....

    Still plagued by memory storms.

    Love & Hugs to All,
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry

    I hope you are over your cold. Reminds me of the old country western favorite, "I'll be Over
    You when the grass is over me." I tried to look up colletia cruciata, but Google said no
    such animal. I looked up the last word only. Found the star gentian and various other plants.

    Tulip bulbs for 20 cents apiece sounds like a bargain. Especially compared to the tulip mania
    of the 17th century when a single bulb might cost 2,000 Florins. (Wikipedia says the reports
    may be greatly exaggerated.)

    Is Shorty an apple connoisseur? I found a new author who writes dog books. Jon
    Katz. Perhaps you have come across him already.

    I don't drink tea, but I like an old Oolong song from the 1920s.

    So long! Oo-Long, How long you goin' to roam?
    Please don't be too longOo-long, so long, hurry back home."

    Gordon is just back from the market. Gotta go see if

    he got the making for shrimp stir fried rice.

  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hey All (or Few), (Lounge seems slow. But then so does the whole board it seems.)

    Rock, I still haven't planted my tulips. Purple Dream is waiting for me, as is Blushing Girl..... Soon though. Soooon.

    The fall colours are better and better, with red vine-maples, yellow bigleaf maples, yellow willows, burgundy poison oak, .etc. I was afraid the frost might kill my New Zealand Purple castor bean plant, but it survived and looks great. A really hard frost will send it back to NZ though!

    Rock, is it true that you don't drink tea or coffee or eat bananas, or is it just an Urban Myth? I've been thinking about this quite a bit, though I don't know why.....

    People are talking about Plumerias on the Porch. I've never seen a really big one in bloom before. Some of the new hybrids have fantastic colours. I imagine Gordon is interested in these, no? I grew one from seed once, but I didn't have the right conditions, and it was eventually lost.

    I went to town on Friday with Richard and Shorty. Sometimes I swear I wish Shorty was driving! Anyway, an Exhausting trip, but the farmer's market was on, so I went to it and bought a big kabocha winter squash and a pound of maiitake 'shrooms. I then went to the health food store and picked up some olives that R likes (Castelvetrano if you please; the variety, not the brand.) I got a bag of sweet potato chips with quinoa and chia that were on sale. Kind of bland. I wouldn't buy 'em again. Also got a bar of dark chocolate with chilis in it. Very good!

    The coyotes have been howling close. We think they are going after the wild turkeys that were introduced in the seventies for hunting. Now the hunters are the coyotes. My neighbour is frightened for her little dog and doesn't let it out of her sight anymore.

    Well, my Blushing Girls are calling out to me. I must get a trowel and .......I think I'll drink this cup of chamomile tea.....

    Later, my friends;
    Love to All,
    Barry ;)

  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry, your description of your neighborhood sounds really wonderful. Maybe you could take a few pics. and post them so we all could drool!

    I think I read somewhere that if the weather slowly gets cold at night the trees make sugar or something like that which turns their color. I'm sure Barry can give us a good explanation.

    We have ginko trees on our street and sometimes they're gorgeous but other years they just up and drop everything almost overnight with no gorgeous gold color. It's around 50s here at night and up to low 80s during the day so they're slowly turning and looking beautiful.

    OK.....I ordered her latest....I think....something about the last all female gas station.....Is that it that you're both enjoying?
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Diane, I wish you could sleep better. What time do you go to bed? I go around 10:30 and read until midnight usually. I wake about six in the a.m. I need an afternoon read/nap every day.

    Everyone is talking turkey. I think we're going to do a big fat roasting chicken, with roast brussel sprouts for T-giving. A flock of turkeys is in the front yard now. :p

    Sfgirl, if I knew how to put pics on the computer I would.... but I'm a techidiot. Sorry! I love gingko trees but don't see many around here. Are you in Florida too? With your temperature range you must be able to grow a lot of exotics!

    I have been wondering what to do with all the persimmons this year. A bumper crop. I am so pleased. This variety is fuyu, a seedless type with relatively small fruits. Last year we used them to make a persimmon/date Christmas cake. Heavenly!

    I confess to being a chocoholic. Once again a piece of chocolate got into my bed. What a Mess! :eek: I really like to eat choc. in bed while reading. I know it is bad and wicked, evil, vile, etc. I can't stop. It's too late.

    Now I have to have my read/nap. (I have some chocolate -- dark, dark chocolate....o_O.

    Love to all,

  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry......I'm in so. calif......probably about 30 min. from Rock as the crow flies. I have 4 angel trumpet trees outside. Is that considered tropical? And since it's hard for me to garden anymore I've gone more succulents everywhere. When my daughter and SIL were married l5 years ago on Kauai I came back wanting more tropical in the backyard. Planted a bird of paradise (the variety that the flowers are almost black with white) it's now huge, breaking off the blocks on the planter area. Our backyard is small, the pool takes up a lot of room, so all my gardening is done in planters and pots.

    A friend gave us a bag of fuju a few weeks ago, and they're almost tasteless. Same way with the ones at the farmers market. I'm wondering if it's just a bad year for them down here.
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Sunflower, you surprised me! For some reason I was sure you were in Florida. Are you sure you aren't ;). Angel Trumpets are tropical enough for me, you betcha. I love all Brugmansias and Daturas . Are yours all the same, or different colours? I used to grow lots of succulents in a small greenhouse I had. Grew a lot of Lithops (Living Stones) from seed. Grew all kinds of things from seed and sold rare plants to nurseries. Those were the days..... I too grow in containers a lot now, but mainly petunias, geraniums, verbenas, and what not. Still a lot of fun though!

    Sorry about your bland fuyus. I haven't picked any yet; they're not ripe. I expect it will be a few more weeks. Do you like Hachiyas? I've never had one, I'm embarassed to say.

    Well, the rains we were hoping for haven't materialized. Bummer.

    I shall now calculate the distance a crow flies in 30 minutes.......o_O

    Hugs to All,