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  1. spacee

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    Ok, I have a question for my dear friends.

    If you married or if you married more than once. What color was the outfit and
    if a dress was it below the knee.

    I was married 1968 and my dress was orange and to the knee. (Not the bright
    orange of my underwear the cleaning staff of the hotel saw me in though)
    The extwin later took (since I had moved to Florida and wouldn't need a wool
    dress (ok, it was wool) and shortened it to a mini.

    We are suppose to go to a family wedding in August and SIL doesn't want any
    woman to wear pants (what?) Ya'll know I have cankles and she does too.
    That means a very long dress. I'm wearing pants. They are lucky to have
    me even go. :)

    Hugs to all.

    In the Middle of the Night
    I go walking in my sleep

  2. rockgor

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    if you go to Youtube and watch The Wedding on Mama's Family or Carol Burnett, you can
    see the dress Naomi (Dorothy Lyman) wore for her third wedding. It was designed
    by Bob Mackie. Very short, bright yellow, and lots of ruffles. Made her look somewhat
    akin to Big Bird.

  3. Misfit101

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    In all honesty unless that wedding is one to rival princess dianas...id wear what i wanted. I married the 1st time at 3mos shy of my 18th b-day. Dress cost 13 bucks. That was in 1976. It was a long ivory dress with cap sleeves. Silky. NOT a wedding dress. 2nd marriage to my kids dad was in 1982...borrowed a wedding dress. Liked the 13 dollar one better. 3rd...no wedding. Quiet courthouse ceremony with the judge. My favorite one of all!
  4. spacee

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    He is on QVC now. Several designers are. AKA Big Bird. Now that's a hoot or whatever
    Big Bird does.

    Just got word that this SIL and her DH are going to be in Orlando in a couple of weeks.
    We will get the low down from her then. My info so far has come through the other SIL.
    They have one girl...and the father's family owned a restaurant in New York (Italian).
    New Yorkers can really want to pull out all the stops for weddings.

    I wish I had one I could borrow. I did that for both SIL's wedding. Well, the first ones :)

    Later Gators,

  5. HeavenlyRN

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    Spacee, how many crepe myrtles did you get? Didja get 50 and go back for more, wearing a disguise? I’ll have to look up crepe myrtle on-line ‘cause I don’t know what they are. But, I love anything in nature that’s fuchsia. Must be beautiful.

    Victoria, you mentioned the cost of college textbooks. It reminded me of my dad, who up until 3 years ago was a college professor – Civil Engineering. He refused to require his students to buy textbooks. Any time he found something interesting and pertinent to one of his classes he would just make copies of it and give that to the kids. $150.00 for a book…..what’s up with that?!

    I find it humorous that we feel like we have to clean when our children come to visit (I’m guilty of that too). I mean, did they or did they not grow up in the same household with us?!! My kids know all too well what my house will look like when they come over. Yet, we vacuum, dust and scrub! I hope you have a good visit with your DD Victoria.

    Spacee, your Hitler dream sounds scary. I find it ironic that we sleep to get rest, yet our dreams can sometimes be worse than the reality of our lives.

    Ewwww…..outhouses. Ick. And yes, I know our forefathers (and mothers) had to use them, but, like you Becky, I love my modern conveniences! When you mentioned firing that gun, I had this visual of you shooting right through the side of that outhouse!!

    Incredible that your DH got a tick on him too Becky. Did he get any reaction on his skin from it? My DH and I visited an old friend of his several years ago, around July 4th, and he lived in Virginia. We went up into the mountains a ways to visit a friend of the friend. We walked to a pond, with woods all over the place, to watch fireworks. I asked my DH if he remembers if I had gotten any “bites” that night. He seems to think that I did. Tick? Who knows. But I’m going to check it out with my docs when I see them - or not (another long story).

    I can’t wait ‘til our local corn is ready. I could live on fresh corn, fresh tomatoes and fresh green beans.

    Victoria, I hope you didn’t really sleep like a baby ‘cause besides waking up crying, they have to have their diapers changed too!! I agree with you about kids having time off between high school and college. How many 18 year olds do you know who know what they want to do for the rest of their lives?

    Becky, your tick I the oxy bottle will either die or be very, very happy!! Or, I was thinking you could freeze him in an ice cube!! Ewwwww!

    Pam, I discovered a new “noise machine.” We live in an apartment and our neighbor’s air conditioner motor is right outside our bedroom window. DH hates it, but it works great for me. Puts me right to sleep! No power outages here! I have an old Betty Crocker cookbook too. I love it. Haven’t used it much lately but the recipes are tried and true!

    Oh Becky, you had me laughing with the lines in the parking lot story We have a friend whose daughter couldn’t figure out how to pull up to a gas pump so that her gas tank was on the correct side. She kept driving around and around the gas pumps, but it just didn’t occur to her to turn the car around!

    Rock, I hate those ambiguous things. I’m one of those people who say, “The door’s open, c’mon in!!”

    Butterfly, glad you got your ring off without having to cut it. I swelled up so much after surgery that it took weeks before I could put a ring on again. And now my ring size on my right hand is bigger than on the left hand. I attribute that to the idiot who ordered IV potassium for me.

    Oh geez, cankles. We haven’t talked about those in a while! Just my opinion, but I don’t think you should be told what to wear to a wedding. I mean, I suppose someone could ask that you not wear jeans or shorts, but to require you to wear a dress seems a little “out there.” When I was married the first time, at the tender age of 19, I wore a white wedding dress, complete with veil. When I got married the 2nd (and hopefully, last) time, I wore jeans and a beautiful white sweater with (fake) pearls on it. We were married in October, in a beautiful park. We encouraged our guests to wear jeans and sweaters too. Of course, it turned out to be a million degrees that day and we were all sweating! But, it was a great day. Just a small little wedding with close friends. My son’s friend did all the cooking. He was going to become a chef.

    Well, I have really rambled on here. It was either that or think about the fact that my DH truly do not have any health insurance. Got the final word from my ex-employer yesterday. Sure, we can get COBRA if we want to………to the tune of 1,222.00 a freakin’ month! We both need meds and I have 2 doctors appointments coming up. And no way to pay for them! It just gets better and better!!

    Later friends,

    Grumpy Gertrude
  6. Ranigar

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    I wore a short short off white lace mini dress.My favorite Auntie told my mother she could see Pammy's panties everytime I bent over.

    COBRA is so out of line in expense it's not even a viable option for most everyone.Feel bad for you Jan.
  7. Misfit101

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    El diablo is still in the oxy bottle. Dont even know why im saving it anymore. DHs leg is just a little red and swollen at the bite site. But i do know what he thinks of ticks. Called it every bad name he knows in english AND french. He usually doesnt cuss. Jan im in the same boat youre in right now. Need to see a specialist but they are BIG BUCKS! I couldnt get on dh insurance bc of a preexisting condition. Not wo it costing way more than it was worth. Almost as bad as cobra. I was just glad i got to keep my medicaid. Its better than nothing. I want some strawberry shortcake! Love the stuff. I laughed at the mental of the dd driving around in circles in a parking lot. Whats bad is i keep forgetting too. Down for the count today my peeps. Hope all of you are doing better than me! Hugs....
  8. HeavenlyRN

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    You know......I was just reading Becky's post and I was thinking how nice it would be if we all lived within driving distance of each other. I hate not knowing what everyone looks like. I hate not being able to give each other hugs when needed. Not being able to borrow money from each other. Oh - did I say that out loud? Just kidding.

    But seriously, I think it would be nice if we could get to meet each other. But, geez, we're spread from sea to shining sea.

    Maybe we should plan a meeting in the dead center of where we all live. We could even arrange support groups for our significant others!! We could have formal dinners (wear the GOOD jammies) and contests to see who could take the longest nap.

    So, who else wants to take a road trip?
  9. HeavenlyRN

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    If you haven't seen Broadcasting's post yet, check out:

    Makes me feel better about myself!
  10. Misfit101

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    Jan...i actually did that once with ppl that id been on a msg board for YEARS. We met in the middle for most...except those that came from across the pond. It wasnt what i thought it would be. There were some that i hadnt really clicked with online that i adored in real life. And the ones that i had a strong connection online with ended up not getting along with. It was so strange. I guess you just never know. I know we all came away from the experience with different opinions. Whats so sad is the msg board was dead 6mos after that meeting. I do have a few that stay in touch with tho. Ok folks...im hungry. And wont be cooking 2nite either. Its bad when the 9yo is asking for broccoli! You wouldnt think youd get tired of eating out...were tired of it! And all we have out here are cafes...read-FRIED FOOD. Everything w gravy. I keep saying these ppl would eat a turd if it were fried and covered in gravy. I hate gravy. And they think im the weird one. Hah!
  11. spacee

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    Pammy's panties showed everytime she bent over. How hysterical is that!

    The insurance situation on this board is terrible and I don't sense it getting better.
    I saw my doc today. He told me that the lab wanted to test my NK cells because
    my t-cell count (the part that fights infection) was below normal.
    Insurance company told the lab "it is too expensive. We won't cover it".

    The backsplash is up. Nope don't like it. Yep, will learn to live with it. It
    was like marrying classy modern with rustic vintage. Two different
    worlds. It was what DH 'really, really wanted'. (Since when did he get
    what he wanted in the kitchen?) #2 son will be here tomorrow to give
    his opinion. But I know what I see. I already almost don't care. It is
    a subtle color and doesn't shout at you.

    Drove about 15 miles to the doc. CREPE MYRTLES IN FUSHIA ALL THE
    WAY THERE. I don't know. I think it was too much fushia. Didn't know
    there could be too much fushia. (cracking myself up now...must be
    time for bed).

    Lots of Love (LOL)


  12. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Pammys panties would be a good name for a line of underwear! Come up with some cute little design...maybe a stick figure "pammy" or something? Maybe becky just needs to go to bed before she gets too ridiculous. I swear as i live and breathe...if a doctor wants to order a test for a patient...who the heck is the insurance co to say no? Ooo dont get me started. Oldest dd txts me and says grandson has hand foot and mouth disease. I have foot and mouth disease but it usually involves the insertion of one into the other. I had to google it...had never heard of it. Its not serious. Jeez...the stuff thats out there. Poor baby. He just needs his gannys lovins. Might help ganny out too. Theres healing properties in childrens and babies hugs.
  13. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Well, at least Pammy was WEARING panties!!!
  14. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    OK, I have now gotten my mind out of the gutter and I’m ready to resume normal conversation.

    Well, I guess maybe we shouldn’t get together after all. Perhaps we should just continue to admire each other from afar.

    And Becky, what is this “cooking” of which you speak!?? Actually, my DH does the cooking here. I am the official laundress! I wonder how I’d look in a French maid’s outfit? I almost spit out my turd….I mean my breakfast when you mentioned frying food. But cha gotta admit……diner food’s the best! My ex-DH was from Southern Illinois. Gravyville, I think that was the name of the place! I’m not a real gravy fan either. Except turkey gravy. That’s the only way I can eat turkey. I’m not a real fan of Thanksgiving either!

    Spacee, here’s my professional advice on the backsplash………just don’t ever clean it. If it’s like my house, it will eventually get cruddy enough and you won’t be able to even tell what color it is! Problem solved.

    I had a horrible night’s sleep last night. I was awake more than I slept. So…..I was giving the new “Pammy’s Panties” underwear line a lot of thought. I like the idea of a stick figure. Here’s one idea: a stick figure bride bending over so that you can see her panties and on the panties are the words - “no, help ME” It would be the equivalent to the old joke where the best man writes “help me” on the bottom of the groom’s shoes. And, of course the stick figure and writing would have to be dark enough to be seen through a pure white virginal wedding dress.

    Becky, my youngest son got hand and mouth disease when we were camping once. I went to check him in the tent and he was burning hot. He ended up getting some blisters in his mouth and on his hands.

    Oh, I agree with the insurance thing……don’t get me started either. When my husband was initially denied his SSDI, I “demanded’ to know who had made the decision. Yeah….like they’re gonna tell me THAT! It was a stupid thing to ask but I was fumin’ mad. If the “doctors” who made the decision were anything like the “doctor” who did my hubby’s SSDI physical (what a joke THAT was!), they had probably never even heard of Cushings Disease.

    I’m having bad feelings about going to weight watchers tomorrow. I went on a feeding frenzy last night. I was like a piranha in a goldfish bowl!! I don’t know what happened. I had been so careful all week and felt very proud of my accomplishment of going 5 days without potato chips. I think it may have been the pain and just good ol’ depression. Oh well, back on track today. I think I’ll run a marathon or something.

    Ok, well, I gotta go put on my $500 running shoes and my spandex running outfit so I look good when I run into the kitchen for something to eat.

    More later my friends.

    Runnin’ Rhonda

    By the way....did you know that "Pammy" is not in spell-check? Here are their suggestions: Pam my, Sammy, Mammy, Tammy, Pam, Gammy, Hammy, Amy, Pamir, and here's my favorite.....Pygmy!!! Just thought I'd share those with you.
  15. Ranigar

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    Good point Jan.Good idea Becky,look at the money I could be making.My own Victoria Secret line.Mine would be granny panties now.
    That is really interesting about getting together Becky and having it turn out like that.I think Rock had a similar experience but can't remember.I have a good radar when it comes to people I meet.I can usually tell if they are phoney or a jerk.Not wrong very often but I don't know how I'd do from the internet.I like you all and know I would like you in person.I can see some postings on some of the boards that I would consider to strong of a personality for me or to opinionated so I wonder about how much you can tell.Was it a let down to meet up?

    Fri. we usually order in but DH will be later then usual and tired so I have to assemble as Linda says.Going to straighten up the upstairs today then I can read.Have a nice weekend.We're going to Sam's to stock up on supplies.Hope I make it through with no soda.Diet no regular ugg.
  16. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Hey...dont let my experience stop you all from meeting! Just cos it didnt work out that time doesnt mean it couldnt you know. Pam i cant say it was a let down...it sure changed how i view msg boards tho. I now know that i might THINK i wouldnt get along with certain posters but they can be very different in real life. I can relate to the soda thing. Dropped it like a hot potato when i got sick. Apparently NO sugars allowed for me anymore. Even some fruits. Im going to cry real tears when its watermelon season and i cant have any. . . Spacee sorry you dont like your backsplash. Why dont men leave those decisions to the person thats IN the kitchen? In jans case that would be her dh...lucky her. My dh doesnt cook...he just grills. Ill take what i can get. I told dh last nite hes GOT to get me outta the house this wknd. His mouth said "sure baby whatever you want" but his face said "are you nuts?" Yes im nuts. So? Im going to slug my way into the kitchen now. Tummys growling. Cant have that y'know. Hugs!
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  17. spacee

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    Look at the money Pammy could be making! We can have a joint venture.

    First Pammies Panties, then Jan's Jammies, Becky's Bullwhip and Victoria's Secret..ok
    that one has been taken. Rock's socks, Barry's Berries (I'm not sure what that is yet)
    Patty's Hatties. See what I mean. I mean we have a whole store full almost!

    One last thought about the blacksplash. Used the wrong word. Classy should have been
    Glassy. Glassy modern. Tile looks like glass.

    That was interesting that your online group 'met up' and it turned out so differently.
    I have an online friend that I met some years ago. She has a very sexy voice.
    I thought of her as a very dark haired, hour glass figure. Very glam. Boy was I
    ever wrong. She is still a dear friend tho we don't email much anymore.

    Ok, someone has to get the kitchen back in order. I volunteer for the smallest
    part! How generous of me!

    Diet, no regular ugg here too. I wish it were not so bad for me but a medium
    McD's coke gives me energy for several hours. I think that I how I used to
    go out for a day....then sleep for two.

    Oh, I read on the home page what Dr. Kamaroff said about his patients with
    depression and the ones with CFS. He has never had one of his depressed
    patients say "the day after exercising, I feel like I have been run over by
    a train". Gee, why oh why doesn't the NIH and CDC get this???

    Ok, my vent for today.



  18. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    How about beckys bust stop? Comfy camis for everybody! And my mind went somewhere it shouldnt have with barrys berries. Think athletic cups. Ok...get my mind outta the gutter. I MISS my big reds! Did they HAVE to take my big red away from me? Good thing id already kicked the coffee habit. Spacee rant away. I feel much the way you do right now. Its like SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING! Ok...i can breathe now. Small son wants a quesadilla. I can actually make one today! Woot! Later peeps!
  19. victoria

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    I'm up in the middle of the night so to speak (5:15 AM) because it is raining :) ): - I'm happy it's raining, but one of my dogs is very neurotic about thunder or lightning, both of which have been minimal, but he prefers me in a vertical position so I can be on the outlook for.... something.

    I love the name"Becky's Bust Stop"... or 'Becky's Bustop'. That's really clever. (and I agree, at least you were wearing undies.) LOL this Victoria certainly have no secrets... "Victoria's Glories" might work tho. We could all take a part of the body and specialize in it maybe? Or maybe the style... Spacee's Lacies?

    Believe it or not I did wear slacks to my wedding. Tho actually I was married to my DH 2X in 3 weeks. We were married initially in a civil ceremony in the AM and at work in the afternoon (new job). Anyway I didn't even own a dress at that point, I think I hated the styles then.

    I did make my own tho (full length, simple) to wear to my 2nd wedding to the same DH 3 weeks later at my parents' house in another state. We had to do it that way because of logistics.

    Well... gonna try to see if my neurotic one will let me at least lay down and read, as long as he sees my eyes open...

    Vertical and glassy-eyed

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Missed ya and the laughs! Okay, help me think......Jole (prounced Jo Lee) so Jole's what? My wedding dress was white, long, train with a veil...very formal with a fairly large guest list and a wedding dance. Small town tradition. Not expensive though. Kept some of our receipts, and it's hilarious.....huge cake for $25...motel room for $8...cheeseburgers $10/$1 I swear!!

    Talked to my brother the other night. He and his wife just came home from a 2 week vacation. He has (had) a wonderfully expensive car with all the extras. Half way through their trip they stopped and traded in the car for a small SUV. Why???

    Well. he said whenever they'd stop, get out and walk in anywhere they were now the people that they used to laugh at when they were young. Definitely understand that! Getting back in the car presented it's own set of problems...lol...

    I know it's terrible, but I have to admit I'm one of those guilty of being in high school and snickering at old people who took 'hours' to get in/out of their car and held on to it all the way to the front of the hood before they could take a step unassisted. Anybody else???? Now I'm that person!

    I have to say I do much better riding in our pickup truck than I do the car. More leg room to stretch and move them about, and can adjust the seat easier to relieve the back pain, therefore much less stiff and sore. Can't walk fast, and balance is still off, but I can still walk upright... hahaha. Not always the case in the car.

    Cleaned out my "chest" freezer. Geez even saying that word makes me feel like I should cross my arms in front of me after all your conversations...lol...and I like the shelf bras! I'm hoping I can move tomorrow after that freezer achievement. If not, the bed works. At least I accomplished something for a change! Hugs to all........Jole
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