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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I guess it is that time.

    Frankly, I cannot believe that Fight is 'speechless' today! Does the cat have your tongue?
    (Where did that saying come from?) Yes, I was very alarmed about the attempted terrorist strike again. Very disturbing.

    Finally Christmas is over here and DH is back at work. My adrenaline kicked in and things were pretty peaceful. Isn't that what we hope for "peace".

    So, several of us have tried Elavil. And no one is still on it, correct? I tried it many years ago before I was actually depressed. It was given to me by a urologist for the IC that I don't actually have..:) I think docs feel better if they hand you an rx.

    So, I took 1/2 a tablet and didn't wake up til 1pm the next day and never took it again. But, I got the rx but I think it is best to try it after the holidays. Sleeping well sounds grand at this point of my life. Thanks for the hint that one gets tolerant to it. The rx is for 10mg and I will probably start at 5mg again. I am really sensitive to things.

    Hey, guess what! I read on FaceBook last night that the FDA is fastracking AZT trial on XMRV. My twin said that sounded like an oxymoron to her..FDA/Fastracking. But maybe so.
    Times they are achanging.

    I think this is going to be short. I caught that "I can't think of anything to say" from Fight.

    And if I wait too long this will go to Neverland....

    Love you kids!!

  2. jole

    jole Member

    You know, when you tell a kid not to do something, so they do it anyway? Well, when Victoria posted on the last volume saying she couldn't post on THIS one, I had to try it....lol....

    Sorry Vic, it's you, hon!! Those migraines are getting to ya...and keeping you from posting!
  3. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    FDA fastracting???? LOLOLOLOL!!!

    I'm so pooped today. I need the pengys to do my chores and help me get up the stairs to come chat with you all more often!

    Georgia took off with half of them, I think, and the other half said they were going to go visit both Elizabeth and Judy, after running into my cats.

    I wonder what the pengy's are going to help Georgia weave?

    Fight :)
  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    What are pengys? If they help with chores, I want some. Was this something I missed on the other thread. I will go back and read.

    I ordered Blink from Amazon. It's a trial run to see if I can read it. I've got my hopes up but if I can't I will give it to Twin. Same author as Tipping Point and she loved it. it is about how we make decisions without thinking. duh!

    House is quiet. Only the hum of the faulty fan in the refridge. (It can drive you nuts). A swift blow to the said object, usually gets it to quit.

    Ok, started the Elavil last nite despite my posting to the contrary. No bad side effects. Maybe a little more groggy. That one is a tough one to call with me. But I will call it a so far so good. 10mg so it isn't much.

    Off for a nap....so far so good. haha.

    Hugs to all...


  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    of course it's working now... I'd really like to understand what happens when I can't post! Maybe there's just a separate cyber parallel reality between Mexico and the US... sort of a 'no man's land' at times?

    Pengys = penguins.

    back later...................
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Have you heard of it? The purple 16oz 110 calories per 8oz "antienergy" drink.

    One of the comments was: "it is for after you have had 3 diet Mt. Dew's during the day and a ritalin pill at 6pm and you need to chill.

    It has melatonin in it and a syrup for coughs. Someone else said they perferred their nyquil.
    All over the counter stuff.

    I don't think it is for us unless it is bedtime.

    Thanks for the explanation of Pengys. Vic.

    Also, I did the thermostat thing cause of my friend who likes it so cold. Well, none of us like it in the 50's like she does. I told her she was not normal and we have proven it. (We normal people!)

    The nap almost worked, phone rang. Uncanny how it knows when I am asleep. Son in the NL''s. He can call for $.02 a minute. Of course my brain was thinking $2 a minute and was trying to hurry up the call. They are fine. There are more bicycles then people over there.
    In the town they have a place to keep your bike for you for free. How green.

    You know bikes were invented before cars and I am thinking those people thought "good enough". Why didn't we? Too late now. We know what it is like to ride sheltered from wind, rain and snow.

    I am feeling pretty up right now but I don't think elavil works that fast. It's probably the 5 cookies I just ate. rats.

    Love you all!!

  7. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Now that's funny. My doctor told me it will be two years before they develop a treatment. Of course, with the FDA 2 years IS fastracking. haha. I have a question for you guys. What are we gonna do while we wait? Same things we've been doing?

    Sorry I woke up the Old Man! We are going to get precipitation tomorrow, a mixed bag. This is the time of the year when a weather system can go haywire and turn into the blizzard of the century in no time at all. So, I won't say how much we are expecting. Who knows?

    Victoria, isn't that frustrating about your posts? I know when I have a post disappear I could just disolve into tears! We put alot of work into posting. Then to have it flit out the window is the pits. I can identify.

    Today was cleaning day and my daughter and granddaughter left a few minutes ago. The apartment is all fresh and clean and I've put Christmas decorations away except for my poinsettia which still graces my entertainment center. Oh, and my Christmas cards I received are still on display. It's very peaceful. Yes, Spacee, peace is what we were and are hoping for. Peace and goodwill to all.

    I'm having leftover hamloaf for supper and greenbean casserole. So, I'm still eating Christmas food.

    Victoria, how many dogs do you have? I'd love to have a dog. But, alas, they need to go out and I just cannot be in and out when the weather is cold or wet. So, I cannot do a dog. Unless of course I can find one that does not piddle or doodoo! hahaha

    Hey Everybody, have a super evening!

  8. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Its a little inside joke me and others on here have. Those pengys get into so much trouble, and run away when we need them. We can never keep good tract of them and where they go and what they're up to, but through our communications we can tell each other if we have had any contact with the pengys.

    I guess I'm the only one joking about the pengys. The others who have seen them must be busy keeping tract of them, too busy to post!!!

    Spacee, I hope the Elavil helps! Everyone needs relief of this dreaded disease.

    Fight :)
  9. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Boy am I happy to see Elliespad again! Long time no see, gal! I hope she sees this post!

    Fight :)
  10. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    TeaBisquit on the CFS/ME website message board could use some extra support. If you happen to see this message, please give her some extra support to make it through the horrible flare she is having.

    Fight :)
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't gots much energy for posting. Used up what I had to pay a bill and write
    a couple postcards.

    Roasted a ham steak and some potatoes this afternoon. Julia Child would say
    all you need to complete the meal is a loaf of French bread and a red wine.
    I'd rather add a canned vegetable and some chocolate for desert.

    We had a little sprinkle this morning. Los Angeles is practically in the tropics.
    We have a semi-monsoon season. All our rain falls in the winter. But the
    heavy stuff hasn't started yet.

    Hope everdobby is safe and dry and warm.

  12. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Wish I was there! The food sounds delicious!

    I'd rather have rain than *now, lol.

    What book have you been reading? Watch any good movies lately?

    Fight :)

    P.S. What happened to the book worm, I think his name was kendal, oh wait, that's not it. was it kholmes? Is he still a member on here?

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  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I think the coyotes got all the pengys here.... haven't seen any, but thought I heard one once. don't think they could fly over our wall tho the gophers certainly dig underneath it.

    Fay, you asked me how many dogs we have? - the answer is 4. All time low, used to have 7 (outside dogs) for many, many years. I'd like to get down to 1-2. We wouldn't have any if we had to walk them LOL. We just open the door. Here we have a concrete wall around the property (about 1/3 ac) - back in the US we had 40 acres, so no problem either way.

    When I lived in Chicago I had a dog - & always lived on the 3rd floor. My poor pound puppy used to have a seizure 1X/month in the middle of the night (of course). Afterwards I'd have to carry him down all 3 flights of stairs to the alley so he could do 'his business' - he was too uncoordinated to walk down the stairs.

    He was only 26 lbs, thankfully, and he could walk back up. But NO FUN in the middle of winter, ALWAYS at 3 AM. He lived for 10 years like that, finally had to be euthanized since finally it wouldn't stop (- it was a slow growing brain tumor all those years). One of my most favorite dogs ever.

    Ham sure sounds good. Someone just told us we could find the honey baked spiral sliced ham at Walmart here...

    I've been trying to listen to a book by Dave Barry, he writes in the style of Carl Hiassen who I think can be pretty wild/funny.... but having problems with the cable to tape it to audio cassette...

    If I were to actually read, I'd probably stay up all night.
    dulce suenos y'all!

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  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I think I'm babysitting tonight.Well listening would be more accurate.They'll put him to bed ,he's 18mos.,and will leave around 10 for a couple hrs.Don't expect he'll wake up.

    We'll just have snacks for dinner tonight.I doubt I'll be awake at midnight if I'm lucky.

    Four dogs?I can't imagine.I have a Shi Tsu who weighs 7lbs. and is 3yrs. old.We've had dogs but this little one has stolen our hearts.DH is worse then me in spoiling her.

    Sauerkraut and pork tomorrow for good luck and DH has to have his New Years pretzel.A sweet egg bread thing that I don't like.It makes good bread pudding though.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, I babysit like you do....listen. I don't know what I would do if the 15 month old were actually awake other than cry with her for her mommy!

    It is so weird. Everytime Rock pays a bill. I remember that I need to pay bills. It is like an thing on the calendar that comes up to remind you. Thanks Rock!

    One kid is still here and everyone is going to come back Jan 2 and be here til Jan 5 so my brain is totally confused about necessary things.

    The kid made the most delicious soup last nite. Well, most delicious if you like beans and tacos.

    It has black beans, pinto and kidney beans, ground turkey (instead of beef), taco seasoning, dried ranch dressing seasoning, tomatoes (canned) and tomatoes with jalopena peppers (canned). You make it in a crock pot. Line your bowl with frito "scoops" and ladle the soup over it. He bought everything low sodium too. FYI. I thought it might need some salt until I tasted it over the fritos and it was grand.

    Makes my mouth water thinking about it.

    Some people get up early in the am. The plumber has already been out to unplumb the stuck washing machine drain. Oh, Thank Heaven...for plumbers.

    How is the *now going sweet thangs? I think about you!!!

    Love you all....

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Haven't had much energy last few days. Did
    a post that vanished. Jean, who used a library
    computer, found it on the Health Board. Now
    how the heck did it get there?

    I have found one way to reduce (but not totally
    eliminate) posts that go puff into cyberspace,
    is to type the post as an e mail. Then cut and
    paste it to the message board.

    Then, if it disappears, you still have the backup in
    your mail box.

    Victoria, I am a big fan of both Dave Barry and
    Carl Hiaasen. You can tell Carl has Norwegian
    ancestors by that double "a".

    I used to correspond w/ Dave. I think he is
    the greatest American humorist. Certainly the
    most prolific.

    Fight, Kholmes was Ken. From Minnesota but
    leaving in Santa Fe, I think. Anyway he pretty
    much left the board over a year ago because of
    poor health. He came back a couple times tho
    to say Hi.

    He was the founder of the book club. Drew on
    his background as a teacher to pose thoughtful
    questions. I have thought of starting it up, but
    we only had 3 or 4 posters last time. Probably
    work just as well to post about books here or
    on the porch.

    I am reading 4 books now: a thriller, a book on
    movie directors by Charles Higham, the biography of
    Nancy Cartwright (the voice of
    Bart Simpson) and a book of essays by Bailey

    I was reading a true crime, but it's not written very well.
    Probably won't finish it.

    Back later.
  17. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    The snow/freezing rain didn't amount to much. It turned to all rain this afternoon but it's only 33 degrees so we could have more ice this evening. I worry about icy roads on New Years Eve because there are always accidents related to drunk driving. Ice and drunk driving, bad combination.

    I do nothing on New Years Eve. I'll be in bed at ten oclock. Tomorrow I'm making pork and sauerkraut for good luck like Pam. I've been doing this every New Years day for 40 years. I wonder when the good luck begins? hahaha

    That's alot of dogs, Vic. If I got one, I'd like a little chihuaua. Used to have one, but he grew old and got frequent seizures and had to be put down. So heartbreaking.

    Rock, good to see you posting. And, nice of you to remind us to pay our bills:)

    I no longer have babies to babysit. My grands are 13 yrs. old and 10 yrs. old. (2 of each age). They are almost now able to babysit me! haha

    I don't know how you read so fast, Rock. I'll be reading East of Eden all winter. Plus now I'm reading GK's Happy to be Here. My daughter speed reads. But not me. I just love to read. Just to hold a book in my hands and enjoy it one page at a time is such a pleasure. I cherish the ability to read.

    I'm making egg and olive for sandwiches. It's about lunchtime for me and I'm ravenous.

    God bless you all. Oh, and Happy New Year to you!!

  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    First and Foremost, I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!

    Listening to books is so much easier to do.

    Too bad Ken doesn't visit the site much anymore. Guess maybe he needed the break that I took too. I loved how he would get people to read more books together and discuss them.

    I've been watching some movies. Hostage (Bruce Willis-I've loved him since he was on Moonlighting, and I was a little girl glaring at the screen, wanting him to kiss Oh oh, I forgot her name even though she's a terrific actress.), and I watch scary movies that get my adrenaline up a little, to the point that I forget about pain until I breath again, lol.

    I love reading biographies, well, when I do read, lol. Most my reading now is just on research on CFS and FMS, and stuff on the news, all read on a computer.

    Fay - I've never heard of an egg and olive sandwhich, but it does sound delicious! Did you know that the sandwhich is an American style of eating, and that Europe copied us after we started the tradition of eating this way?

    Victoria - Chicago is just about as cold as it is here. I was picking on you... lol. I'm not too far from Chicago, only an hour (or 2 if I drive slow). Of course we Wisconsinites had a cute name for Illinois drivers, but I won't mention it on here... lol.

    When I move I won't miss the cold, that's for sure, but I will miss all of the Wisconsinites, and even some of the wanna-be-Wisconsinites hanging out with us on the boarder, lol.

    Fight :)

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  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I've been mia but I'm here today. It's raining too hard to do anything outside -- thank god. Yesterday I pruned back some catnips in the garden, and today I reached up to hang a hanging plant and ZING! went my back. ACK! ACHE!.

    Well, lots of wildlife here; turkeys in the yard, big flocks of quail, lots of smaller birds like juncos and towhees. Yesterday a coyote (only the second I've seen) ran by carrying something. My intrepid Corgi and I chased it away. We trailed it, it ran fast, dropping what it had. Inspection showed a very large salmon's tail, must have weighed a couple of pounds. So I threw that down a steep hill; don't want it close to the house!

    Reading: Yes I remember Ken and the book-club. I'm afraid it was a bit like herding cats, and I feel sorry that it didn't pot out....
    On a more positive note, I always have a pile of books from the library or Amazon (it's amazing what you can find for a penny!), and plenty of magazines. At the moment I am reading Gladys Mitchell novels. She has been compared to Agatha C. and Dorothy S. She is quite funny, and has written an enormous number or books. I just discovered her this year.

    When Richard and I first moved here, in a tiny 14 foot trailer, we had four dogs, two cats, and a parrot. Now just one dog, one cat, and two Goldies Lorikeets (that are 25 yrs. old).
    It was crowded to say the least! But we were young then, and it was fun......

    Well my darn back is hurting me now (why, why, why did I do it!) and so I am have to do my back exercises and do some horizontal time. At least it's not a sunny day to make me feel guilty. I've had more energy since my hormone therapy seems to have started kicking in, but I really have to watch the pacing.

    Hugs to All

  20. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    What are Goldies Lorikeets, birds???

    Too bad about your back. If it helps any, my whole body hurts like a backache all over.

    I liked Agatha Christy books when I was reading them as they were at my grandmothers house, a place I visited often as a little girl.

    I still remember the fascinating Nancy Drew books.

    I wish I could get into reading fiction again. I have gotten rid of a lot of books these past few months, since I don't read them.

    Fight :)
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