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    Opening a new post.Hope this makes it,I've been posting and reading a week now but nothing has shown up.I get no signal in the RV and have to come in on the lanai with my laptop.BIL is always here with loud TV and voice so I've avoided coming in here.

    Adjusting to the move pretty well,love the weather and pain levels went down almost immediately yea!Breaking ground for the house next week.Been pretty busy running here and there.Traffic with snowbirds is challenging.It takes four hrs. just to get something done due to traffic.

    A new poster,great and welcome.Glad to hear about your kiitties.Leah,Mikie,Jole,Diane,Rock,and Barry sad you all aren't feeling good but happy to see you checking in.Write more when I see this actually go through

    Missed you all Pam