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    On a sad note, our neighbor's daughter was in a horrible wreck yesterday afternoon. She had her two small children with her, ages 3 and 14 months. A semi hit her broadside, killing both her children. No way can I begin to imagine what that family is going through. For all of you who pray, I ask for prayers of peace and comfort and healing. For the rest of you, please think good thoughts, send out special energy or whatever. Thank you all.
  2. freida

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    That surely is a VERY sad happening, and must effect you as well, Jole,
    even though like you said, it must be unspeakably difficult for that family.
    SO sorry ....

    Couldn't not let you know I am responding to that, Jole. xo

    Hi to everyone...and I suggest anyone who is able to, to check on some nice posts on 2nd page or near the end of our last lounge holiday thread.....

    I washed 1 jammie bottom in a small tub, this morning, and wrote one check, and am now totally head-swimming, drained , and ill.

    At least I did do something.

    ANd i'm sending my warm hopes to each one of you here.

    Leah Freida
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    What a horrible thing to havae happened to this family. I can't imagine how the surviving family must feel. Those children was so young too. Wonder if the driver was drunk ! Seems that always comes to mind when I hear of such an awful tragedy.

    Prayers going up for this family. You didnt mention the mom or daughter or neighbor was she hurt too?

    Leah - Even if you just did wash your jammies and wrote a check it is something ! Hope you get a little more strength in your body. I don't seem to have much either but I must have more than you since i am up and about. It is the pain for me that I think slows me down.

    God bless you all as well as the family of those lost babies.

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    brought back memories of when my 5 yr old nephew was killed by a trash truck while riding his christmas bike.....I tear up talking about him, he would be 30something.

    The poor little children who never had a chance for more life....so sorry to hear this news.....

    Mikie: On your Grape Seed comment, no one is more glader than me, one of the BEST things that ever happened in my life...I forget all the misery of allergies/sinus/sore throats/headaches......and for them to be GONE....in a couple short weeks and never to return....I was at the right place at the right time....so much of life is timing. [This Message was Edited on 01/04/2013]
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    Just popping in for a bit.

    Diane - So sorry you aren't and haven't been feeling well. Do you have a fever or what. I know sometimes you get subnormal temps and feel badly too. Hope your tunny is doing OK. Sleep is good so keep on doing that, with lots of soups and liquids. I'm sure you already know that. This is "mommy" talking :)!!!

    Jole - Hoping you are doing OK. I am sure there is alot going on with your neighbor and daughter who lost her babies in that crash. That is just horrible .
    I cannot imagine how awful the family must feel and you too,

    Freida - Hope you are feeling alittle better. Any sun your way? It s raining and cold today in the 40's.

    Gotta run for now. DH wants me to go watch some football with him but not sure I want to go see them lose again. We'll see !!

    Hugz to everydobby,
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    A cold and grey day here in far northern Calif. It really is called the Lost Coast by the way! Also the "Emerald Triangle" and the "Redwood Empire". Emerald Triangle so named because of marijuana industry here!

    I'm sitting here, feeling moody, drinking a cup of Oolong tea -- a mild and refreshing variety. I start the day off with a couple of cups of English or Irish Breakfast tea (my culture, Leah!), and drink herbals through the day -- especially Chamomile. I also drink a lot of green teas, and roasted green teas like Bancha Hojicha. Guess I'm a tea head! Not really a coffee drinker, though.

    I won't dwell on sadness or loss today, but am sending prayers to all of you.

    Yesterday there was a flock of 15 turkeys in the front yard -- a startling sight. We hadn't seen any since late last summer. We always have quail; often as soon as bird seed is spread a flock (covey?) will come out of the woods and run around maniacally pecking. I think we must have the fattest quail in this neck of the woods. These are California quail, with the funny forward facing plume of feathers as a topknot.

    Rain today, so no sitting in the backyard (the only sunny spot this time of year). I try every sunny day to sit in my chair under the quince; a quiet time for not-thinking, just being open to the sun and sounds and sights of birds. Yesterday I was able to be out; the wrentits were singing, and I saw a hutton's vireo, the only vireo that overwinters here.

    I do hope all my bird-talk isn't too boring to you all.

    Jole: I forgot to ask you how Jessi was doing. Update please. Phoebe, our Welsh corgi is getting older-- 13 yrs,-- but is still very perky. Her sight is a little off, and her hearing too, but she can run faster than I can, and seems very happy!

    Mikie, bless you for taking care of the cats. Is the mad anti-cat woman still giving you guys problems, or has it been resolved? We just have one cat, officially named Slinky (NOT by me, lol), but generally called Kitty, or KAT!!!! when I'm shouting at her to stop rucking up the kilim rug.

    Leah, you mention head-swimming. That is a constant curse with me, especially in the mornings. Really horrible, ain't it. Ah well, we endure.

    Love to all,
    Hopefully non-boring Barry

    p.s. Thanks to whoever cleaned up my last post that had about 2 feet of blank space at the end! I just couldn't do it....

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    Nice to see you Barry. You are not boring, even if your head feels like it is swimming !! Hope you are not feeling to badly.

    I just went on the Porch and Spring Water was there telling us that she had to put down her dear old doggie Hobbs that they all loved so much. I know it was very hard for her/them to have to do and deal with but know he was suffering much to much now and couldn't eat or keep anything much down. Please send her good thoughts and prayers

    Well everyone, I need to go get ready for church but had to peek in to the Porch and Lounge for a bit.

    MY DH will be out to a meeting this afternoon . So I will probably be back to check on ALL. Bye for now.

    Love to awl even those not mentioned.
  8. freida

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    Good to drop in and see all of you here.

    I'm struggling along, here in North country.
    Able to do so little, that I have to work hard to ward off depression.

    nice to hear about your triangle and your culture. LOL
    And about wild turkeys. ;)
    I've loved to see them, a few times in the past. I don't think I've seen a flock as large as you mentioned.

    Mikie, are you feeling any better?

    And Diane, I am wondering the same about you, and need to read yourlatest post, in a minute, to see if you already answered the question. LOL

    Granni, your team won, but now that they play my team next week, I apologize and am very sorry (well, maybe not "very" LOL
    that I will not be able to root for your team next weekend. ;))

    Okay, now I read a few more of the previous posts.
    Granni, you made pea soup? Yum.

    BTW, Granni, did you see on our previous holiday lounge thread page 2, that I gave some ideas for you for ground turkey. It also would be good with beans mixed in, or in soup.

    Diane, I am sorry that you are still feeling icky. !

    Nice, though, to hear about your mystery animal footprints in the snow. Let us know if you gather any additional clues. :)

    We have a lot of squirrel prints in our snow!
    They love our bird-feeding area, of course. ;)

    They may not think of it as a bird-feeding area. LOL

    Our kitty does love to watch the wild birds, and so do we. OUr best pastime, in these years.

    Thinking of each of you!
    Pam, you too, and your huz.

    Jole, you too, and your sis, and mil and neighbor and family. And is your doggie's nose better??

    Leah Freida

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  9. Granniluvsu

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    Leah - that split pea soup I made is so smosoth, at least the way we like it thick and smooching the veggies that are so soft anyway. You don;t need teeth for theis on unless you are having cread with it like we did. Let me know if you need the recipe. Do you have a crock pot? If not you can make it with just a big pot but the proportions esp the water will be different and much more. I used to make it just in a pot before. DH used to love it when his mom made it and I have done it for years. This way just put everything together and then put the pot on and go do whatever else you want for the day. This can make a very thick soup or add more water or broth afterwards.

    I will look for those possibilities of recipes with ground turkey. I would think most recipes calling from ground beef could also have ground turkey. Of course then some ingredients might need to be changed or switched out, depending on the ingredients called for.

    As far as critters go there are many esp squirrels but ther are also racoons that like to hide under our deck. There used to be lots of deer but they have been chased away. However, if you take aride at night you may see some hiding in the forests area or trying to cross the road. If so be careful they can cause awful damage to your car and get themselves killed in the process too.

    Diane - sorry you are still not feeling well. Hope you get to feeling better sooner rather than later :)!! MIKIE too. This weather surely doesn't help especially in trying to stay warm and get better !

    Hi also to Pam, Barry, Jole and anyone else I might have missed. Bye for now. Made a different type of bean and sausage soup. I tried to double the recipe as it didn't sound like it had enough it . So, we will see how it turns out. I may have added to much broth but can remove some I guess. I didn't have enough sausage exactly to double the recipe but everything else was doubled.

    Everyone please rest well and get better !!! If you not sickER just take it easy and try and rest anway. I know you all need it.

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    Well, maybe I should change that to family reunion with gifts for the little ones. We're finally going to get together this weekend, and hope everyone stays well. My youngest DD was a handful when she was little...very stubborn and opinionated. I always told her she'd get paid back, and she has. When we missed NY, she threw a fit! Told her mom they were going to at least go to Nana and Papa's house. Mom said they couldn't because of all the snow. DD said she pouted and was in a nasty mood for 2 days...she's 3....lots of those days ahead, I'm afraid.

    They love getting together with their cousins :) I'm sure she's packed her little suitcase by now, even if it holds nothing but her swimsuit and her dolly.

    Diane, I hope you feel much better soon. It seems when I get sick now (which is rarely) it only lasts for a few days. Think it depends on whether our immune systems are on overdrive constantly, or don't work at all. We're finally getting rid of our snow. Just enough sunshine to hear it dripping from the gutters and the top of the carport the last few days. The roads are still slick, but it wasn't a very wet snow. Hoping for some more once this is gone!

    Mikie, I'm missing you, and assume you're under the weather as well.

    Pam, we're ready for another update on 'our' house. Exciting time for you!

    Barry, I love picturing you sitting outside watching your wildlife. That's my favorite thing to do in the spring, and wish it was an all-year-round thing. Can't wait for spring. As for Jessi, it definitely is not an immune thing. The double treatment of antibiotics and steroids did nothing, and I'm not happy about all the steroids. She just finished her last of the medication yesterday, so as soon as we have a decent weather day she will go back to the vet once again. He's to take a biopsy this time. Wish he'd done it the first trip over.

    I too love hearing about your birds! I'm not seeing anything around our buildings but skunks and raccoons this winter, well and the always present coyotes. BIL saw a wolf by his shed in the country a couple months ago, but no sign of him since.

    Jam, good to see you here, and hope things continue to go well for you with the accupuncture, etc.

    Leah, glad you have your squirrels to watch. My sis has a lot of them in her backyard, and they love watching them as well. They also had two baby owls in a knothole of their tree, and got to watch them grow. They were so disappointed when they flew away.

    I sure understand the depression this time of year when the weather is cold and dreary, and we're stuck in the house forever. Although mine seems to be a bit better this winter than in the past. Why, I don't know, but it sure is nice! Hope your days get better. Glad you're a sports fan. At least it gives you something to look forward to.

    Nothing new here. Rock and Pam, miss you! Hugs to all.
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Hope all goes well with your get together coming up. Hope the weather stays as nice as it can be for this time of year. I know it was hard for them all not to come during Christmas time. Your DGD sounds so funny, like one of my daughters, very opinionated, even at a young age.

    Yes, it fun to watch the birds and the squirrels although we have so many trees and to many squirrels. DH has been trying to cut down some of the big branches and all where they love to hop onto the roof and then get in a small space we think they are gettinginto a tiny place just under the roof. Sometimes you hear them romping around up there andhope not causing damage. They are very cute but they can cause damage with their teeth to the house. They have already ruined our bird feeder. Geez !! Hope they can't get up there any more even if they are cute.

    Mikie - Hope you are feeling alittle bit better and Pam too. Already spoke to Diane on the Porch. She was trying to take a nice nap.

    BTW, I put the recipe for Split Pea soup in the crock pot if anyone is interested. Diane asked me to post it.

    Hope the weather clears up for you guys. I know what you mean about no sun and cold. It is easy to get depressed even if you just feel badly.

    Gotta a run and make dinner with more soup from the crock pot. and hot bread.. Anyone want any ???

    Hugz to everyone,
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    Came over to the house for Internet connection two bitty bars isn't enough except to read posts.Thanks sweet Leah for asking about hus vertigo.Don't know why it comes and goes or he doesn't feel right but we are checking out. New Dr. Thurs.That is a hard job and overwhelming one to pick all the specialties we need.Starting with GP first.The walls are up on the house and framing was delivered today.A couple guys are down there now but hus is in the RV dejected the pumper with cement to pour in the walls is a no show so far today.Not enough action for him.My back is causing me misery probably from all the overdoing so I am on restriction.Saying no to any invitations from sis and friend for a day trip and no to hus to run errands.I'm a hurting and need rest.So nice to hear from you all and miss Rock.Take care all I'm sorry if. I didn't get to all the posts but I read them and respond in thought.Love the soups today is Chili in 80's weather just because it is winter after all.
  13. freida

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    it is so good to hear from you,
    and about your huz, and the house "we" are all building. ;)
    We don't have to do our share, I can't figure out why, but I couldn't anyway, and you understand. :)

    And yes, YOU need some time off as well!!

    I hope the dr appt goes ....well, better than we all have come to expect, at this point. MUCH better, is what I hope.

    Really, I hope they will do some bloodwork and tests on hubby...I don't think he should have that persistent vertigo. (He's not on bp med or other, is he?)
    If all his tests are fine, then it still could be something in the immediate environment. Difficult to figure out what.
    But a dr would be a good idea, to at least rule out some things, at this point.

    Granni, thanks, I will look at your pea soup recipe!

    And so sorry, you are chilly, and PAM too. LOL
    How could I be sorry that others are chilly when I live in the northern, and eastern, states. ;)
    Well, I am sorry....a little bit. LOL

    I'm not a "real" sports fan, just 'desperate' for ANY interest I can muster in any light entertaining subject, and something to watch on tv ocassionally, and what I actually enjoy more, is just chatting and joking (humor) about sports as just one of the lighter topics.

    Gee, that reminds me, that at least Granni and I know who to root for this next weekend,
    but poor Diane,
    now you must choose between Granni's team and mine, of who to root for now,
    and I am going to take it seriously which you pick. LOL
    (Of course I won't really...
    unless you don't pick mine. ;)

    This is more serious to me than who wins. LOL

    But Diane, I do honestly hope you are feeling a bit better!!

    I hope your get-together goes well, this time.
    I hope it actually "goes" this time, is what I mean,
    AND that you are able to enjoy it!!

    Baby owls...wow...that must have been nice for them to watch!
    I've enjoyed seeing owls, sometimes in the past...but not ever seen young ones.

    And Granni, and all,
    I do enjoy the birds much more than the squirrels,
    and I would not love the squirrels in the rafters either!
    I didn't like it much, and tried to discourage them,
    one year when they were running up the side of the apartment building,
    and across the window screens, which I'm sure they could rip easily ( and step indoors, I feared.)
    They also were leaping from the tree branches, onto the windowboxes, against 2 of the screens.
    That was not fun to watch.

    Wildlife is....um....wild. :)

    Raccoons are wonderful animals too...but not at the house. I met one face-to-face, on more than one occasion, when I lived in the woods. Their hands are amazing with fine motor skills! (Taking apart whatever I tied the garbage can lid on with.)

    How do you like those sentences ending in double prepositions? ;)
    I'm glad I'm not teaching any more. :)

    Hello to each of you!

    Leah Freida

  14. freida

    freida Active Member

    ....where is your pea soup recipe, that I thought you said you did post?
    I can't find it.

    It is probably right in front of me, like everything else I am missing. LOL

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    The Split Pea soup recipe should be on the tail end of the present Porch. Hurry up before they change numbers. I forget the number . Let me know you found it. I know SW was going to try it in the pressure cooker and Julie was going to try it in her slow cooker.

    No teeth needed for this one for sure :)!! Hope this helps and that you like the soup.


    P.S. I JUST LOOKED IT UP AND THE RECIPE IS TOWARDS THE END OF PORCH VOLUME 603 !!!![This Message was Edited on 01/08/2013]
  16. Mikie

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    With my online family. Sorry to be gone so long. It's really nothing extreme, just a combination of having that stomach bug, having two of our Snowbird families arrive, and some outside work which needed attending to. I finally took Pepto Bismol every time I ate one day and slept the whole day away. Since then, the stomach thing has been gone (knocking on wood). Still, it has left me exhausted. Of course, I have to spend some time with my friends, whom I haven't seen since last spring.

    I cleaned up some overgrown foliage down in the stairwell atrium. That's when my exposed skin started to burn and itch and the old light bulb went on. I think it's fungi on the plants which cause problems for me. I came in and washed my skin with soap and water. The red circle on my face is much dimmer but still there. I am getting used to going out in public without makeup on. Yikes!

    Jole, I was so saddened to hear of that young mother's being in such a horrific accident and losing her children. How is she doing physically? I sent up a prayer as soon as I just read it. I'm glad you are getting your family reunion at long last. Hope all goes well.

    Granni, I've been watching football a bit more this year. Maybe because I haven't felt well and have had nothing better to do. I have always liked football but seems that down here, with our beautiful weather, there is always something else going on. I've been thinking about the possibility of Denver's playing the Patriots in the superbowl. Geez, I'd be torn. The Pats are my adopted team but Denver is my hometown team, so I guess my loyalty would have to go to the Broncos. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself. Actually, if that happened, there's no way I could lose. Whichever team would win would by "my" team.

    Jam, again, I'm really glad you've found something which has helped you so much. How is weather on your coast? Are you still playing cards with friends. I've read that that is such a good thing to do to keep sharp. Unfortunately, I'm too antsy to sit still to play cards. Also, it's too much for me mentally. Guess I'll have to stay with playing Angry Birds :)

    Diane, so glad to see you post but I'm sorry you are fighting that bug. I hope you win soon. The only Wild Turkey here is in the liquor cabinet :) We usually have a few but not this year. We do have a mama bald eagle and the eaglet cam allows us to watch the eggs hatch. The papa eagle brought her a fish and had one for himself while she sat on the eggs. Now, that's what I call a good "husband." Our stork count is up and they are nesting. That is usually a good indicator of the health of all the birds down here.

    Barry, so good to see you posting. That was so sweet about feeding the cats. I put out Simon's bowl this morning. He now waits up on the balcony for me but goes back down a few steps until I come in and close the door. He's looking a lot healthier now that he has two people feeding him. We no longer leave food out at night so he shows up like an appointment for his first meal here. Then, Tweety came in for her daily ration of love. She sits on my lap and I pet her and then, she wants to go out to play. I like the name, Slinky. What kind of cat is she? Simon is a big Siamese, Tweety is snow white and Sylvester is long haired and looks just like his namesake.

    Pam, that's exciting about the framing materials arriving. The cement will come. Are they using metal studs in the walls? We have them to keep termites away but the roof joists are wood so I don't see the point. When I first moved in here and tried to hang pictures, it drove me nuts. Hope you are feeling better. I know about exhaustion and pain.

    Leah, my dear, anything one gets done on a day when exhaustion is present is a huge victory. When I'm tired, if I can get just one little thing done, I feel as though it's a good day. It's one less thing hanging over my head. I finally figured out that I have chronic anxiety because everything needs doing and I don't feel like doing it. I am working on relaxing and not letting it get to me. Hope you feel better.

    In fact, I pray for all of us that we feel well. I hope I haven't left anyone out. It's so hard to catch up when I've been gone. I'm usually not gone this much. I have had some pain in my hands and body and am wondering whether I am going to have to go in for a "booster" injection. So far, no Sjogren's symptoms and I'm grateful for that. We had that cold front move over the state and everyone is complaining about arthritis pain.

    I had the electrician out but he couldn't fix the fluorescent fixture on one side of my cabinet tops. I've decided that I don't need it anyway. The one against the wall is sufficient for most of my needs. I have five of the canned lights in the ceiling when I want to clean or cook. I also have other lights here and there so that one fixture isn't crucial. He did fix the outlet but my TV is still acting up so I have to find the warranty material and call for a fix. I had taken everything out of the TV cabinet because I had thought we would have to move it so he could get to the outlet. He's a skinny little guy so switched it out without our having to move the cabinet.

    I'm playing musical "chairs" with all my electronics. Since putting the big screen TV in my bedroom armoire, I have to move the stereo into the TV armoire in the livingroom. The speakers are already on top of it. I had to drill a big hole in the back of the cabinet on the bottom to string the wires through. I think I'll be moving my wi-fi into the closet in the middle bedroom to get it closer to where I use it. We complained at the condo meeting that we need Comcast to come out and get the pool wi-fi off of our box. It's slowing our wi-fi down.

    I have a tone of DVD's and CD's so went to Wal-Mart and got those plastic sleeves that hold them in a three-ring binder. It'll save a ton of much needed space. It will take time to put them in the binder. I think I'll put them in alpha order, as they are now, so I can find them. I can cut out part of the paper titles in the plastic holders to put in the sleeves with the discs.

    I had already started cleaning out the walk-in closet in my extra room. I had to stop and get a couple more plastic bins to save space. I think I mentioned that I finally got rid of all of Mom's collectible plates and I feel good about that. They went to charity which can use the money and I can use the space. why do we have all this stuff? I keep getting rid of stuff and then, I get rid of more stuff. I organize and reorganize and it doesn't help. I'm not a hoarder by any means. I do feel for my kids, though, when they have to get rid of my stuff. Yikes! At least, I'm organized.

    Well, with all these things which need doing, I had better get going. I have to run to the store first, though. I have a $10 coupon if I spend $50. Also, they have the $50 gas cards for $40 if I spend $50. So, I figure the gas card will end up costing me $30 and save 40 percent on my next fillup.

    Hope this "W&P" post doesn't put y'all to sleep. Well, that might be a good thing for those who are exhausted. Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. freida

    freida Active Member

    I am glad to see both of the posts, Mikie and Diane,
    and glad to know how you are both doing.

    I'm writing "cliff notes" for today. LOL

    I cleared off, and cleaned out, one half of one small shelf...geez!
    And I am totally worn out.
    Well , there was a lot there, and it hadn't been tended in far too long.
    At least it is one small accomplishment.
    I mean, half of one small accomplishment. :)

    But that is much better than 1/4, right? ;)

    Yes, it's been waiting for so long, that any part of it is headway.
    And this is my forced pace.

    Perhaps I could tell myself that I accomplished more than our cat did, today.
    I'm not certain of that, though. :)

    Thinking of ALL of you!
    Leah FReida
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Leah - You should feel very happy getting done whatyou did. I have so much cleaning out I need to do of many places :)!! Getting started is the worst or hardest part and then sticking to it. Good job !!

    Diane - Let me know how the Split Pea Soup turns out in your other cooker. I forget what you said you were going to use. Spring Water was going to use her pressure cooker as she doesn't have a slow cooker and they have that black out problem all the time. You usually need much more liquid when cooking conventially that the slow cooker. I don't have a pressure cooker so I donpt know but I guess the liquid could be added, or most of it, after the other cooks. Start out with some and add more later I guess. I never cooked with apressure cooker but they are great and I know my mom used to use one a lot.

    Hope you get to feeling better real soon. Glad you think you are starting to turn the corner.

    It is raining here on and off all day, mostly on which is good as we were getting very dry again. It is trying to warm up some too which is great but is still not warm enough for me. I think the rain will be through tomorrow but then comes back in a day or two I think.

    Pam - Good luck watching your house being built. I did that many years ago and it was a very busy time with young children. Hope all goes well for you and the house. When do they think it will be finished?

    Well, I guess I had better get off here and get ready for dinner soon. Making another soup, a chicken and taco soup. It seemed to soupy so I added some more canned veggies - red beans to go with the black and chili beans.

    Bye for now.

    Blessings to all,
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Well Granni they say they said 4 to 6mos to be built but with all the delays for this reason or that I don't know when that began.The holidays took up so much time that little progress took place.The good news is framing is taking shape inside and the roof trusses are started.I really am concentrating on going day by day.The Dr. was not what we wanted more clinic then GP hrs. of waiting so we said no thanks and walked out.Try a new one in Feb it's hard to find somebody but we have enough meds to keep looking.
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    I am waiting for it to be time to drive DH to his luncheon/meeting. Then I will run to the store. This one car thing is not the easiest but we will go with the flow :)!!

    Pam - Glad that at least you can see a little bit of progress being made. I know how it is during the holidays, not a whole lot gets done during that time and then you hope the weather is good, at least for the outside stuff. Sorry the medical visit you made was not what you wanted. Unfortunatly, I am afraid we will be seeing more clinics and less of the doctors full time. Hope you do find a good doctor soon not just in a clinic setting. That is something we all need, a good and understanding doctor. Have seen to many changes lately around here and most not very good. It is a nice sunny day here and the rain is gone. However, I think more comes back either tomorrow or Saturday.

    Hi to Mikie, Frieda, Jole, Barry, Diane and everyone else. Hope those of you who were sicker than usual are starting to feel somewhat better.

    Will try and check back later after I get home from shopping.

    Hugz to everyone,