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    'Our' house is going up! Pam, keep the rest of your family here updated. I know it's the only new house I'll ever have, so it's all really interesting. Sorry the doc didn't turn out for you. It gets so frustrating that after awhile the anxiety sets in even thinking of going to a new one.

    This is going to be a short stop today. All the weather pattern changes has really thrown a wrench in everything. Pain and exhaustion on the top rung the past couple days. Knots in muscles, Rice Krispie neck, and major headache. No energy for a shower yesterday, but stood in there today forever, oping the heat would undo some knots. Nope. Today we had rain, fog and cold. Tomorrow 50+ mph winds forecasted. Our snow is disappearing also, Diane, and although I don't want to wish time away, I sure wish it were spring.

    Mikie, good to see you back, and know you must be happy to see your friends again.

    Leah, I understand your cleaning. A half shelf is good. I would have tried the whole shelf, scattered it about, and not had the energy or concentration to finish. I've never been ADD, but with the fibro I sure feel like it when it comes to keeping my mind focused.

    Granni, Barry et all...thinking of you. Where's Rock?? Hope he's doing well. Hope you're all doing well!

    I hope we all sleep well tonight. Hugs.
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    Leah, as I said before, every little thing we accomplish is a gain for us. I have a BIG mess here and I finally just started in and got a wee part of it done. Of course, yesterday, I slept all day. Oy! Seems we can never get ahead.

    Pam, glad the house is going up. It's exciting to read about even though I know it's not fast enough for you. It always seems like it takes forever when a house is being built. It's kinda like being pregnant and wanting to get it over with and having the baby. Keep watching and take pics. Hope you find a good doc.

    Granni, good to see you here. Wish I had the gumption to get up and make some soup. It's about all I can do to open a can of soup.

    Jole, so sorry to hear of all your pain. Weather really plays a huge part in how we feel. Hope you feel better. We had some rain which came with that big cold front and it even had my arthritis, which I had thought was gone, to flare up.

    Diane, that's all I need is a way to shop with my remote. Yikes! I usually call because, instead of my new HSN card, they still have my old credit card as the default card online. Somehow, the toothbrushes I ordered got sent back by the post office but, the same day, they delivered the extra brushheads--separate order. I called HSN cust. svs. and they said they would send out the brushes at the sale price with no S&H. They arrived a couple of days later. Wow! There was no charge and only a "pc" on the bill. I don't know whether that means there was no charge due to the mistake or, they had already charged me once. Probably the latter. In any case, I still LOVE them.

    I am having some symptoms, including dry mouth, fatigue, pain and arthritis but these are not severe. I may have to get another shot. I certainly cannot keep them up like before but I may be able to get by with one every three months or so. It's discouraging because I had thought the injections would put an end to my miseries. I slept all day yesterday and am about to get into the shower to see whether that makes me feel better. I think I was exposed to something because while I was out shopping, I got that stabbing sore throat which often signals a cold. I ran home and took vitamin C, zinc, and eccinacea. I slept it off and woke up sweating. There is soooo much going around that I hate to leave my condo.

    I did manage to go to Wal-Mart and they figured out how to get the warranty for the TV I bought 90 days ago. I had asked for it but the clerk forgot it. I went to register the warranty and no receipt for it. Yikes! I'll have to register this one and call the warranty people to fix the old one. It's always something. I'm in the process of moving electronics around. I've never been able to get my wi-fi printer to work unless it's connected by the ethernet cord to my router. I should be able to unplug it but it won't work without it. I'm going to make one last effort to reinstall it and if it still won't work, consider replacing it. I'll keep it until I use all the new ink cartridges up.

    I took all my DVD's and put them in sleeves in a three-ring binder. It freed up a ton of shelf space. Don't know why I ever thought I needed them. Now, we can get most movies On Demand or through Netflix or one of the other services. I'm going to put my CD's in sleeves too. I reinstalled my CD player/radio in the TV armoire in the livingroom. It's working but it took some effort to get it all done. The hardest part was getting the speaker wires in just the right spot to drag them through the hold I drilled in the back of the armoire. I was looking behind the cabinet when I saw a white paw sticking out through the hole. Then, I saw a little white snout sticking out. If I could have positioned the wires just right, Tweety could have pulled them through. I finally got it without help from my geek cat.

    Despite being tired and sleeping a lot, I wake between 4:00 and 5:00 each morning. I put Simon's breakfast on the balcony. He's always waiting for me. We exchange looks but I don't speak to him. Poor little guy; it scares him away. His expectant look breaks my heart. I doubt he will ever trust that his breakfast will show up. After I put it down, I could swear he gives me a grateful look. I mentally send him love and hope he can feel it.

    OK, gang, as usual, I'm sending my love to everyone, here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Gotta turn the heater up. I miss our old wood stove, but not the wood-chopping! We had propane put in about ten yrs. ago; a lot easier as you age. Meanwhile a cold front has come down from Alaska, icing up the higher passes and stopping school bus runs. Fortunately for we live on the lower levels and have no probs. getting to town.

    Richard has gone in because he forgot to get Phoebe's Proin for urinary incontinence (very common in older female dogs). I call them her piddle pills. She loves them, and gobbles them down. She also gets a fish pill (Omega 3, etc.) for general good health and especially for dry skin. She loves them too -- her "fishy jelly beans".

    I hope R can find a nice crab at the store. We have Dungeness crab here, very sweet meat. Love them with a baguette or good country-style French bread (levain). If he can find a nice one we'll have that for dinner. They back and clean the crab for you; I used to do it myself, but got tired of the mess.

    I got one day of sun-sitting-- actually about fifteen minutes -- a couple of days back. Heaven! But cold! No more sign of turkeys, just the regular birds and the masses of quail that magically appear after I toss the seed onto the ground. Oh, and the first robin of the year in the yard yesterday.

    Leah, what kinds of birds do you get where you live? You mentioned bird-feeders I believe..... I think Mikie must see some real good things where she lives.

    Diane, I think we'll be making split pea soup this weekend. I love the stuff! Also lentil soup.

    Mikie: So sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good. Do you think the peptide injections have helped? Have you finished the course yet? I have so much hope for you about this..... About our cat Slinky: she is a tortoiseshell. She came to us from out of the woods about six or seven years ago; we took her in, telling ourselves that she would be an 'outdoors at night' cat, which she did for many yrs. Then she decided she wanted to stay in the house more, so we basically let her do what she wants... When she wants in she jumps up and stares through the window, hanging on to the sill with her claws. Like a little gremlin.

    My energy is low, my mood is medium. My back has been aching a lot. I want to blame it on the weather, so will. I've really got to get more back stretches and toe-touches to work out the kinks. That really seems to help.

    Love to all,

    ps: I just saw flower buds on a pink primrose, and on a new hellebore! If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
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    good to see your post, and will answer your question about birds, another day.

    Good to see all of everyone's posts, which I hope to answer another day.
    After writing a few posts , elsewhere on the board,
    I'm too worn out to continue, but thought I'd just glance at you, here at the lounge,
    and let you all know that I'm glancing, and saying hello.

    Leah Freida
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    and not sure if anyone else checked in or not.

    Wow, the first time I ever had Dungenous (sp?) crab was when we went to Alaska a few years ago. Oh my, they were huge and sooo great. I love most seafood. Didn'grow up with a lot of the fresh fish, etc. but I sure do love the real fresh stuff including crab, slams, oysters, shrimp - yummy !!!! Hope you get some good ones Barry (crab). Oh well, we are having pork chops tonight. Almost all of the soups I made are gone. Went shopping yesterday and they didn't have any green split peas. Ws hoping to make some more but got lots of canned peans and beans and dried lentils too.

    Barry- hope you get to make some lentil and or green split pea soon. More rains is coming and the cold weather comes back in a day or so . So then it will be back to eating soups again. I can eat soups any time but DH doesn't always like to. Whether you use my split pea soup in the crockpot of not I know it will be good. I just love split pea and lentil. Do you have a good recipe for lentil soup?

    Diane - Hope you are feeling a little better. I think we would be fighting over Barry's crab or seafood. I don't think Kevin is that much into it, is he ?

    Mikie - Hope you are starting to feel a little better. I can't remember ifyou posted or not today. DH dropped the car this morning at the dealership, they had to bring him home. It was the regular checkup they do and they found out there was a leak in the water line. So, they hada to bring him home. We've been waiting all day for the to call to say it was done. Then they will bring him back to the dealership when it is done. Thank God he paid for that extra warranaty which he usually doesn't do, when we bought the car a few years ago. So, it has been a bit of a wasted day for both of us but glad they found the problem and we were not out and about somplace. Please get well !!

    Leah - I know you are pooped today . Won't post to much else for you to read. Don't know if any of you will be back this weekend or not. I will check. Tomorrow morning we have a Memorial to go to. Then DH will be in front of the TV watching playoff football games. Hope we get our car back tonight.

    Bye for now everyone. Hope you all have a nice weekend. I probably will be checking in some or at least see if anyone has posted.

    Love to everyone,