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    New Year's Day seems like a good day to start a new thread.

    Pretty quiet here today. A few firecrackers were
    heard last night. The new neighbors came home about 4 AM.
    They were a bit noisy for a few minutes. Not what I'd call drunk
    and disorderly though.

    Barry, I put a book by Gladys Mitchell on hold.
    She was writing when I was just a kid.

    Fight, I read Tammy Wynette's bio some years
    back. The first time she went to Nashville, she
    performed. Sang to a few people from the back
    of a pick up truck. Once she met Billly Sherrill,
    she was on her way to stardom.

    Billy was a recording engineer, musician who
    played several instruments, song writer and
    record producer. My favorite song by Billy and
    Tammy is "My Illusive Dreams."

    Victoria, I just found out about the sequel to
    Freakonomics. It's called Superfreakonomics.
    I put it on hold. The LA library has 43 copies.
    I am number 337 on the list.

    Jole, I like nature and farms and animals, but
    I would never want to live on a farm. Too much
    labor that never ends. And one is tied down by
    the daily chores. Can't go running off to
    Nashville or anywhere else, unless you arrange
    for someone to milk the cows, etc. Of course
    you already know all that.

    Used to be a problem for the farm boys. They
    had to stay after school to practice sports, which
    meant they missed the school bus that
    would take them home.

    Generally speaking they were big and strong,
    the athletes of the school. Somehow their
    families accommodated them.

    I knew wolves were famous for babysitting. Never
    heard that cows did though.

    Fay, hope your flare is fading fast. Here's
    something else associated w/ PA. When I
    was a teen, Guy Mitchell had a hit w/ the
    song, "There's a Pawn Shop on the Corner
    in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

    Have never been to the Rose Parade, but I've
    been to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet a couple
    times. It is held outside the bowl. Got my ear
    pierced there couple decades ago.

    We had Shitz Tzus here, Pam. Got 3 of them
    from a rescue society 20 years ago. Chester was
    with us 17 years, and he was an adult when we got him.
    He died 2 and a half years
    ago. Still miss him and Rocky and Magnum.

    They were named when we got them. Came
    from a puppy farm that went outta business.
    Amazing how they all have their own personality.

  2. fight4acure

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    Yes, Virginia was a great singer, and the first woman to sing country. It is too bad she faced so many problems in her personal life, but that is what made her stronger!

    Pennsylvania's state song:


    Fight :)
  3. victoria

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    My mom was a U of Wisc/Madison graduate, but a very long time ago (early 1930s!)... my DH and I VERY briefly considered moving there in an almost as brief moment of insanity (before moving to Georgia) as we just wanted to get out of the city.

    We're sure glad we didn't! --Even tho I know it's a nice place - it's just the weather that isn't nice. I guess you can tell we're not winter sports participants. The winter the tires cracked in Chicago it was recorded at 26 below zero, wind chill not included. Ugh!

    I had a college roommate who grew up on a farm in Iowa... talk about stronger than she looked! I remember her easily carrying up a 'portable TV' of early 19560s vintage (they were heavy!) up the 3 flights of stairs like it was nothing more than a bag of groceries! She didn't look husky/muscular at all. It would've taken my other roommate and me to have done it, and likely with rest stops along the way LOL.

    I know cows are protective of their young... our neighbor had cows, one of our current dogs would play with some of the calves. But when they were really young, a couple times he got chased by the Mom(s).

    We should've named this dog 'Hank' after the 'Hank the Cowdog' series. (Anyone every hear of that series? My son loved them when he was little, they were pretty funny for us too.)

    He ran out once on the road here when some cows were strolling past last summer, one scared him and now he won't run out the gate anymore, TG! They're a bit tougher in general here as they're on their own much of the time doing roadside weed clearance, even overnight, with wild dogs, coyotes... no mountain lions tho. When my son was here, we took a walk down the road when there was a full moon - we walked right by the field where they'd huddled down for the night - didn't even see them the first time, even tho some were standing!

    More cow stories... the first time our pit saw cows, he was only 6 months old. Two were standing next to each other in the woods, staring at our newly set up mobile home in curiosity... Smokey ran around them barking crazily, but they just stood there totally unafraid, then simultaneously looked at each other as if to say, "Get a load of that crazy dog!" (He's the one who always wanted to play ball with the UPS guy)

    I'm not surprised there's such a long waiting list for SuperFreakonomics, btw... I'm sure it's written as well as the first. 'Nickled and Dimed' was also a good read.

    Barry, I don't think anybody thought anything really bad happened to your animals... but it sounded like quite a menagerie in small quarters, I can't imagine many of us COULD imagine having to supervise all of them. What kind of birds do you have? I've never heard of them.

    Fight - LOL- you didn't bother me with the taco soup creativity, was just being sarcastic right back at ya, myself...

    Hope everybody's aches and pains disappear for even a little while, with/without help of meds...

    buenos noches!

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    LOL! But Spacee hasn't responded, lol, and she might not be laughing at the reference of taco soup and jalepeno peppers, lol. Don't get me wrong, I love Jalepeno peppers, and taco food!

    Tonight it is -5 degrees F, and the windchill is -20 to -25 degrees F, and its not going to warm up until maybe mid-next-week sometime. When people walk by the house look like robbers, lol, as no one could pick them out in a line up, especially because everyone is wearing the same clothing, or at least so bundled up we cannot even see their faces.

    I bet it was in the late 70s when that happened, when we had our record *now totals and it was so bitter cold. Now I'm wondering if I should hyphenate the word cold too. From now on, cold is a swear word, lol. Now I must say *now & *old.

    Was Hank the Cowdog series on the radio??? LOL!

    Barry was reacting to my comment. I joke too much and have to be careful how I joke. I will try to behave now, lol. I was just reacting to how many, but thought I'd make a joke with it, but I guess I'm funny in a sarcastic joking way. I mean no harm.

    Fight :)

    P.S. Pain? What's that? LOL!
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    Rock, so you're now sharing the fireworks with Victoria? Kansas doesn't do NY fireworks that I know of.

    Fay, I need to look up the book and Ks author you mentioned. No, I haven't heard of her, but you certainly have me intrigued.

    Ranigar, hope your pain is letting up. This past week has not been good here either. It's like these DDs threaten us with "Just try to be human y see what'll happen". And of course, we always take a dare!

    Fight, okay am I losing it? Did you just put your pic in your profile? 'Cause I know I've read everyone's many times, y suddenly tonight I see your picture! You are beautiful! (And young...sigh...) Could be my daughter, yes, easily..as a matter of fact my daughter that's your age has your sense of humor even...lol!

    I bundled up y stood out on the steps for a few minutes before coming on the computer. It's a beautiful night out...so clear y crisp, with the moon y stars reflecting off the *now making it look like diamonds. Unfortunately it's too *old to stay out for more than a few minutes.

    Just had to try out the new words!!! Good nite all...sleep well............Jole
  6. fight4acure

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    Yes, I've decided to reveal a little more of myself. I have in the past but then took it down. I think I'll keep it up this time. Plus I updated a few things on there. Thank you for the compliments! I don't get many nowadays. Then again, I don't get out much either, especially in the winter. That pic was taken two years ago, so I've aged a touch and gained weight this past year, but I still sort of look like that still.

    "We should have a Chicago style dropping of the ball, just like NY has," my dad told me, and I agreed. I would take an hour to get to Chicago (or 2 if I'm not speeding, driving like... well, an inside joke that only Wisconsinites know, lol)... (I'm trying to keep it nice, and back off on some of my sarcastic jokes, lol)... Anyway, it would be cool! I know Mad-city has a bigger ball since the year before, but I'd like to see more folks there as there would be in Chicago, as I would watch it from home, on WGN ....brb, cat eating plastic. Bad kitty, lol.

    Well, I have to say I'm pooped out today and I did hardly a thing. I have been lonely for attention, and it seems I've soaked up a lot here the last past week. Thank you for being so kind to me, even with my odd sarcasm and jokes. I will bite my fingers more often. Bad kitty eating plastic again.

    Fight :)[This Message was Edited on 01/01/2010]
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    Hi All, Hope the weather is nice where you are. I am having a cool and grey day. I ate too much dinner last night (Richard --"But you must eat, you know the doctor doesn't want you to lose any weight.....") and am still feeling stuffed. Lamb, peas, mashed spuds and Hokkaido winter squash, and the inevitable fruit cake, albeit soaked in Meyer's Rum!

    Fight: I took no offense at your remarks; I have always enjoyed your posts on both boards, and I like your sense of humor! It really wasn't necessary to edit your post for me you silly girl! It made ME laugh, anyway!

    Rock: I hope you like Gladys Mitchell. I think her earlier works are considered the best. At times her plots are so convoluted that I forget who's who, what's what, and where's there. So I just read for the amusing dialog and forget about the plot, if that is the case! I should like to see G's orchids. I have a Miltonia in bloom.

    Victoria; You ask about my birds. Just google Goldies Lorikeet and the images displayed look I took them! I used to breed these, but they have been egged out for a number of years. They are native to Papua-New Guinea.

    All for now, today is orchid-watering day, walking the dog, and ????

    Hugs to All,

  8. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I'm so glad you took no offense. And thank you for the compliment about my posts! I'm really glad I do not need to edit things, as I sometimes share too much of my goofy thoughts, lol.

    It is too cold here, and I won't even go outside and enjoy the sun. Maybe I should get out to get a little sun, but I will bundle up big time, so my muscles don't get even more stiff.

    I've never had lamb before, but I love venison!

    I tried fruit cake years ago and the person who made it did not do a good job in my opinion as it has me never wanting to try it again, lol. Or maybe it was the recipe. I do, however, love pumpkin bars and carrot cake. I love strawberry anything as well.

    Chocolate though, I go crazy for that... oh wait, not too far from crazy now, lol.

    I asked about your birds, if what you said was birds, as I do not know the different types of birds that well. Can you post them on the picture thingy on here, on your profile?

    Orchid-watering day? Where are the Orchids, lol! I guess down south maybe.

    My grandmother, the one who is deceased (as the other one is alive and is a witch), use to have huge flower gardens in the spring through fall seasons. Orchids and tulips, and just about any flower that grows well up here.

    New Year's Resolutions... lets see... I hate to make one because I never fulfill them then. I'll just hope for a better year this year than last.

    I need to keep my chin up. I've been dealing with a lot of chaos lately. Some of it I put on myself. Depression has set in and I am so glad I can come here and be understood. Although I wish the boards would move faster like they did before I took almost a year break from the board. Its nice to come here, joke around, and be serious as well. Nobody understands us quite the way we understand each other and what we go through each day.

    I have a really hard time dealing with the new news about CFS. So many unanswered questions. I want to be excited, but so many emotions are flooding my heart. I'm upset that it took them this long to find out what we have. I'm upset that it may take a year for some kind of treatment to be established. I'm upset about all of the confusion everyone is having. What will people feel like if they've had CFS for a long time and then they do not test positive to the XMRV? I can just imagine the pain they will have when doctors wonder what to do with those who do not test positive, not knowing what treatment to give them. So many questions unanswered. And what about the 6 sublevels of CFS? Does the virus affect people differently as well? Probably. It's all soooooo confusing. I've emailed some questions to the lady doctor who is going to have an question-answer thing. Please email her questions that you have.

    Anyway, I cannot focus right now because someone in another room has the TV so loud. I cannot focus well today. I've got my music on and earphones on to block out the TV, but its not working.

    Fight :)
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  9. jole

    jole Member

    Where is everybody???

    Just have a minute since our youngest daughter/family should be here any minute. Will stay until tomorrow evening, so will see you after that.

    Fight, I too wonder about all the xmrv stuff, and try to keep up with it all....but at my age (63) I don't hold out any hope for me. I've had "whatever" since childhood, and it escillated out of control in 2003, so I feel it's been too long....and I'm too old. BUT at your age, you should be very optimistic!!

    Yes, there are a lot of questions, and honestly I think it'll be more than a year for any treatment to actually be out that will really work for most people, but it's a start at least. For me, the best part is my daughters are your age, and showing symptoms, so I have hope for them. It is very confusing and frustrating, you are sooooo right there!

    I'm sorry you're having a hard time right now. I too deal with depression. They tried to tell me I'm bipolar depressive only, but changed their minds. Now the depression is sporadic, and is certainly no fun. Hang in there, we'll see you through, you know!

    Barry, the meal sounds wonderful! No wonder you're still full....I would have over-indulged for sure. Although I'm not a fan of fruitcake either....my hubby's grandma used to make it and used that candied fruit. It was horrible!!!

    Rock, have you ever read The Ambler Warning by Robert Ludlum? I read it years ago and found it really hard to follow then. Am going to try it again, since I remember liking it, and see if I can get through it. I also read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, given to me by my daughter. It's about the old circus days, and was really good. Lots of stuff about the way the people and animals were treated.

    Think we're having boughten pizza for supper tonite so I don't have to cook, and can spend more time with the kids. Will send the guys the 14 miles to pick it up :) Oh, the joys of country life!! Will do ham steaks and potatoes with veggie tomorrow. Simple and quick...my kind of cooking these days.

    Gotta go. Dog's barking, which means they're nearly here. Love to all.........Jole
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Fight, Fight, Fight...are you ever in my doghouse!! LOLOLOL. Nope, haven't gotten a chance to even read what your wrote but I can't wait! I have a very sarcastic sense of humor...so I imagine I will love it!!

    I have some splaining to do. We had to go to #2 son's place for a nite. But in about a hour is "Meet the Parents" but #3's girlfriend. My son has been nervous about this small town we live in. He keeps trying to think of places to take her to see...but they are few. We do have Spool Hill which was on ABC News one Halloween. I guess you would say ABC was desparate.

    Uof Wis, Mich. sure gets around. My nephew attended there but transfered to Emory when he and his wife split. He liked it. Just hop on a train and no driving or traffic.

    Every one with aches, pains and depression. I hope the New Year gets much better!

    I don't usually have New Years resolutions but I am kinda thinking of trying to dust a room a week. Just kinda thinking about it.

    Ok....later will go back to thread 13 and see what all the joking was about!

    I really like country music and I can't figure out why. My parents never listened to it. And I didn't as a teenager or young adult. There is just something catchy about "I like my women on the Trashy side". Just makes you smile.


  11. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I actually LIKE fruitcake, along with a cup of hot coffee. (But not the store bought variety with the candied fruit) A really good home made version is a real treat. However, I'd only want it once a year. Has anyone ever had plum Pudding? I believe it's an English treat. I've never had it.

    I hate to complain. But, let me complain. It is sooo cold! The wind is just roaring all day and the wind chill is 10 degrees. There is no keeping warm. I have the heat turned up to 78 and I'm wearing a fleece to keep warm, but I dread going to bed because I ache so badly. This is no fun and I want Spring right now!!! I had to go out to pick up a couple of things at the store today and at least the sun was bright at that point. But, now it's dark out and sooo cold. Grumble, Grumble, Grumble:(

    I don't want the board to go any faster than it does. I just cannot keep up with it. I'm old. Really old. I do miss so many of the people who left here though. I wonder if some will return. I'm sad about the xmrv issue. I believe I have CFS though my doctor diagosed me as fibromyalgia. And, like Jole, I'm going on 64 yrs. and I wonder if knowing what I have and any coming treatments will make any difference for me. I want to be hopeful, but realistically there isn't much chance for me. I don't believe I'll make it to 70.

    Spacee, so good to see you post! I was worried about you. Sounds like you're going strong.

    Did I mention it's terribly cold? And windy? giggle, giggle.

    Victoria, I'm, booking the next flight to Mexico! haha.

    Love, Fay
  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Cold is all relative. I know someone in Florida complaining because the high was only 50, LOL. Uh-oh, that wasn't Spacee, was it? Tho I think she'd think it was cold too when you're used to warmer temps. Anyway, I think it was a friend on FB, but finding it hard to keep track what I read where.

    Yes Fay, there might be some really good deals at all the resorts, including the Caribbean islands. Last year a friend in Vancouver found a great deal - round-trip tickets to the Dominican Republic PLUS 5 nights at a resort for about $400 Canadian each.

    I get cold here too, feel like such a baby just like my friends in Florida, but my excuse is that we don't have central heat (or air) as most of the time you don't need it. It's just that it regularly gets down to the low 40s right now, occasionally colder, and the house by the morning is only 10 degrees warmer than the lowest outside temp. 51 is just a tad too cold for me inside. Often I open the door to let the dogs out to find it's actually already warmer by 9 AM outside if it's sunny.

    My DH is a bear about me leaving the gas fireplace on. So I have a small electric heater by my computer, with the door closed so he can freeze LOL.

    BTW, never had plum pudding (is that made with prunes????) but we used to make fig pudding in a steam mold... with a great brandy-cream hard sauce, LOL. I always loved it, but it takes a lot of work and I would only do it maybe if my daughter were here.

    Everybody's usually happy with chocolate chip cookies tho, as I make the 'Original-Original Toll House" recipe, which is crisp (not soft). (the secret is to add a bit of water, which used to be in the recipe until 'public taste' swung to softer cookies.)

    One time my Mom made a 'Jamaican' fruit cake - very dark, & it was great. The thing is that she didn't follow the recipe exactly, without knowing it, so the next year it was different.

    We could never figure out what she did the first year despite experimenting; I still have it (the recipe, not the fruitcake LOL), but haven't experimented in years. We had a Jamaican friend who really liked that first year's fruitcake LOL... said it was exactly like she had in Jamaica, tho I've never since found a recipe that seemed like it would work. (Never thought to ask her if she had a recipe tho, dangit!)

    OK why am I talking about all this sweet stuff???? Must be because I re-eliminated all the sugar out of my diet.... sigh. Why does stuff so bad for one's health have to taste so good?! Oh yeah, that pizza sounds good too - did I mention I can only rarely eat anything with yeast or mold (ie, pizza!)?

    And yes Barry, that dinner sounded good to me too... I would love for someone to cook me up food like that! But I understand - I have been on both sides of the coin - where it's been very hard to eat, as well as, hard not to eat. Neither is easier or better in my experience.

    I continue to feel there will never be a 'magic bullet' re a diagnosis or treatment, & that XMRV will just be another 'factor' to be considered for us all, and ruled in or out depending on tests, clinical diagnosis, etc., along with all the other 'stuff'.

    Gee almost all I've written about is food, and I just got done eating... LOL


  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Above is the site for a picture of the dracula
    orchid. Barry, Gordon says the dracula will
    probably do well in your climate. I posted sites
    for the Miltonia, but I put them the other thread.

    I can't keep the Porch and Loungers straight.
    They are both threads w/o a specific topic.

    When I got up this morning Gordon was using
    a clever on a squash. I thought maybe it was
    the Hokkaido squash you posted about, but
    he said it was something that started w/ "K"
    like kawabunga.

    Jole, have not read Ambler Warning. We did
    read Water for Elephants on the book club
    thread a year or two ago. I never finished it.
    Made me uneasy.

    Hope you're having a nice visit w/ daughter and

    Fight, you have a kitty that eats plastic? What
    kind? I read a book by a vet. A guy left his
    girlfriend's dog and the leash in the same area. The dog
    ate the leash and had to have multiple surgeries.

    Was that dog suicidal or just stupid?

    Victoria, I first wrote your name as Virginia.
    You can see I'm having trouble w/ novels now.
    Keep forgetting which character goes w/ what

    The recipe on the Arm and Hammer Baking
    Soda box is what I always use for chocolate
    chip cookies. But I haven't made any for years.
    Can't remember to take them outta the oven.

    Fay, what do you mean you like fruitcake w/o
    candied fruit? Doesn't it all have candied fruit?
    I've come across fruitcake w/ icing on it in a
    couple books. Think they had an English setting.

    Yes, there may be great breakthroughs coming
    on the DDs front, but I think they will come too
    late for me. I will be 70 next birthday. Of course,
    I'm still immature, but still....

    Spacee, if your son has a guest visiting in a
    small town, he can take her to small town stuff.

    There's always something going on
    in my brother's village or in one of the neighboring
    towns: basket social; church supper; American Legion breakfast;
    Open house at the fire station; Boy Scout Day;
    High school program, Cake and cookie raffle, quilt and sweater
    auction, etc.

    When I was a kid the farmer's came to town
    on Sat.night. The stores stayed open till 9 PM.
    People bought popcorn from the popcorn stand
    and walked up and down Main Street and chatted w/
    the folks they met.

    The movie theater and the bowling alley were open.
    In the summer the H. S. band played in the park. A good
    time was had by all.

    Had the goofiest e mails from my brother. He
    has a new granddaughter. Born in a snowdrift,
    I guess. Anyway, first he said she would be
    named Elizabeth, but called Elle.

    Today's e mail says she will be named Grace,
    but called Eli.

    Hell-looooo?! Anybody ever hear of the name

    I am not asking any questions. My crazy relatives seldom write,
    and when they do, they do not answer questions.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Faye, you do my sympathy. I don't think I could survive in the northland.

    Vic, yes I did catch that snide remark about it being 50 and me not liking it. So the weatherman sent us worse weather. It has been in the 30's at nite...I hope he sends some your way...hehehehe.

    Rock, now I know why I have had trouble making friends here. I have not been going to any of those places. I am going to put a list on the fridge.

    But you kids probably don't know that we are invalids. I mean we know we feel indescribably bad and no one much understands. But I saw it on Cheney's site....37 yo sick with cfs 20 years and invalid because her activities of daily living were a 4. Well, mine are between a 3 and 4. Probably more toward 3. If I were to actually ever describe myself to a person (in person) as invalid....they would think I had lost my mind. Even if I used semi invalid. But I think I am going to give it a try. Especially to the people trying to collect funds for people in dire straits by calling at meal times.

    Ok, Nite All. You are all doing a splendid job of taking care of us!! I miss you!!


  15. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Jole, thank you... I just have so many questions unanswered, and I like to know things, you know? I'm uneasy not knowing things. Hopefully we will not have to wait forever for more answers.

    Spacee, lol... I loved your taco soup, look back at the last thread and you'll see, lol.

    Also, I think it is, "I like my women, a little on the trashy side." You just missed out the "a little" part out, lol. I never remember songs perfectly either, but I always let someone know if they do not have the line right.

    It drove me nuts last year when Wayne Brady's show, "Who's Line is it anyway" show was on at the same time of American idol and other favorite shows. I would jump back and forth. Now I'm angry with ABC. Jerks! No Wayne Brady this year. What's up with that??? This new woman on this show called some stupid name is doing a show just like his, and now I'm upset that he's not on, so I'm going to ban it from my TV. I will be one less rating, lol. She doesn't have the charisma he does. I heard from someone that he's getting a divorce. Will someone set me up with him already???

    Also, which one of you gals or guys stole my pengy whistle??? Or did I lose it??? Stolen, lost, same thing right? Those darn pengys probably did it. Maybe it was Sly, the head pengy. If you see Sly let me know. He's black with white on him, or was that... hmm... white with black on him. Anyway, he has a long neck and loves the water, so be on the look out.
    They all took off, and now I have no help taking down the foot and a half long Christmas tree. Plus, they left my bedroom and office after messing it all up. I think Sly was responsible. Please look in all bodies of water to find him!!!!

    Fight :)
  16. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    My cat loves the plastic on her tongue I guess, and bites it too. Both cats love to lick the tape that is on the windows, keeping plastic on the windows.

    Fight :)
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  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Sorry, Fight, the closest body of water with fish in it is about 20 miles away, so can't spot the pengys from my roof. Maybe set a 'live trap' box with fish inside? Of course you might end up with a few extra cats or racoons or... whatever else lives in your neck of the woods!

    Linda - LOL actually you're one of at least 4 I know who live in Florida... and they are all complaining. Hey I am too if the high isn't at least 60 here - it usually makes it and then some.

    Can anyone explain WHY it can be exactly the same temperature (say, 60 degrees F) at times, but the level of comfort can be so different - ie, why can it feel 'balmy' OR 'raw'? I have never understood it nor heard weathermen explain it, but have experienced it everywhere I've been.

    The weather people always factor in the 'chill factor' in the winter, but never talk about that phenomena... LOL what about the 'comfort factor'...? Hmmm do they figure in heat factor ever (like, "Hey folks, it's 90 degrees today but it feels like 100?)

    but I really want to know about the mid-range temps, why they can 'feel' so radically different and yet not affect the actual air temp.

    Rock, you can call me anything as long as it's 'nice' LOL. I've also been called Valerie as well (wonder if Virginia's and Valerie's ever get called Victoria) along with 'Amy' because the first syllable is similar to to the beginning of my last name. I started to also get asked if I was middle-eastern in HS despite my being blonde/blue & green-eyed (color depended on what I wore LOL). I couldn't figure it out since my last name is very German... but then via internet found it IS used commonly as a middle-eastern first name LOL. I have wondered a few times if I and my suitcase got singled out for searches in the early 2000s as a result.

    Speaking of names, maybe they decided on 'Grace' because it's a family name?

  18. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Vic, I think our comfort level when the weather is 60 degrees has to do with the barometric pressure and the humidity as well as the air temperature. Also, the condition of our bodies (older people cannot take colder temps. as well as younger people). I'm sure there's more to it than that, but those are the factors that come to mind.

    If there are any pengys around my community, I am NOT going out looking for them. It's still bitterly cold and very windy. If one comes to my door though I will let the poor little thing in and fix hot cocoa for him/her.

    Rock, I just meant that those cheap fruitcakes you can easily find in most stores are made with poor quality candied fruit. A good homemade fruitcake where you add your own dates, figs, nuts, raisins, and a touch of rum are so much better. Don't you think?

    I don't know if there are prunes in plum pudding or dried plums. Is there a difference? My mother used to make cherry pudding and she used fresh cherries. It was a kind of cake type thing, almost like a coffee cake, no icing. You spooned it into a bowl and put milk on it. Delicious. I never knew why it was called "pudding" as it wasn't like pudding at all. I think plum pudding must be somewhat like this.

    I think we talk about food alot because it's one thing we all can still do--eat.

    Spacee, my level of functioning is about like yours. 3-4. I'm totally disabled and unemployable. Isn't that a real kick in the self-esteem? I hate the term invalid. Are you going to try LDN? I cannot take it because I'm on Vicodin. I sure wish we could all find something that helps us.

    Vic, how the heck would we have ended up with numerous infections? I mean I could understand 1 or 2 infections. But, more than that blows my understanding.

    I'm drinking lots of hot tea today in an effort to keep warm. Fight, I don't know how you are surviving up there in WI. It's brutal up there!

    Hugs to all,
  19. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Hey gal! I created a new invention. It is called a Pengyscope. It helps us to see pengys from 500 miles away. I tried to make it at least 700 miles away, but one of the pengys stole some of the glass inserts while I was sleeping in between inventions. Too bad my cats were sound asleep too. I think it was Sly. He knew I was onto him. I'll send the pengyscope via UPS. Please be home!

    Fight :)
  20. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    It is brutal. I went to my mother's, got a nice turkey dinner... even played some Euchre, and won, and then got a massage, and then talked to my mother about CFS. Then had to venture out to the grocery store. It was really cold, and luckily I got the shoulder massage or I would've been in real bad shape.

    Yes, I'm moving south once I can get the pengys back here to help me.

    Fight :)

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