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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Step right up. See the wonder of the age. It walks; it talks; it crawls on its
    belly like a reptile.

    For only one thin dime, a tenth of a dollar, you will be admitted to the
    most amazing tent on the midway. P. T. Barnum had nothing like this.
    Alive! Breathing! Fresh from the jungles of Borneo. It will astonish you
    with its feats of magic and daring do. It will answer your questions.

    Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Do not delay. Be the first to witness this scientific
    wonder. You will want to come back and bring your friends.

    Well, what are you waiting for?


  2. jole

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    This is getting to be a total habit of mine.....posting on the wrong thread!!!! I just added to the old one again, after all your work.

    Well, what do you have in your tent???? For a dime???? That answers questions even! Okay, I'm game.....my question is.....sljfpqwupur vpewq,bwer quaktnmb lbuergpal lambuere gupblerpy?
    (Asked in the language of Borneo...which is...???)

    Have a great day, everyone...........Jole
  3. spacee

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    !st. Please go to last thread and read Jole's touching thread. She says really sweet things about us al. And I might have to change our name to "Mutual Admirers Club". Thanks Jole, I speak for the gang that We All Love You Too. Everyone does bring their own "stuff" to our thread and that makes it work!

    Ok, Rock, one thing about me is I was born a total skeptic. So, I might send you $.10 just cause it is you, but that is about all. I can't for the life of me think of what you are talking about unless it is once of those robotic toys they sell on QVC.

    I am still in shock over the cold. The orange trees are too. We don't have heat in our basement. I forgot when the family was here that we used to have everyone sleep upstairs when it was below 35. Oppps. We have blow up mattresses and they could have just brought them up. Day late, dollar short was what mother would have said.

    This is my story, this is my song, praising Elavil all the day long. It makes me sleep deeper and don't we all need that? That and the tylenol (regular, white capsule). Yes the T. is a key to the puzzle. I don't really do any more but I am awake for it....snicker. No, lying again. I am reading and doing my word puzzle book. Maybe the word I am searching for is...less grogginess.

    Fight, just for you, I looked through the threads back to 10 and I can't find the taco recipe. It wasn't really a recipe. I just listed the ingredients..turkey (can use beef), taco seasoning, can of black bean, pinton and kidney beans. Can of plain diced low sodium tomatoes and can of tomatoes with the halopenas, dried ranch dressing. Cook in slow cooker and have grated cheese and sour cream for toppers. Oh, and...line the soup bowl with frito scoops and put soup over it.

    A Nebraska recipie....that is a hoot! I bet it can be found by googling Taco Soup recipe.

    Saw Fights remark about the halopeno soup....tut, tut, tut!!!

    Vic, could you try to find an enormous fan and send some warmth our way????

    Fay, Pam, Barry, Jole, STAY WARM!!

    Hugs to all!!

  4. FibroFay

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    Whatcha got in that there tent?? Is it bigger than a breadbox?? Where do you want my money order sent? I'd like to see the critter!

    I hope everyone is doing okay. I hope, too, the oranges and strawberries in FLA are not freezing. Spacede, would you please see to those crops? haha. I think this winter is exceptionally cold. We had a light dusting of snow on the grtound this a.m. and they are calling for measurable snow beginning tomorrow night.

    I baked a large Acorn squash today and had some at dinnertime. Have enough left for two or three more meals. It's delicious.

    Yes, everyone on this thread is special in their own way. And all are such wonderful people. I wish we could all meet each other and see what we all look like. I love the way we are spread evenly over the US and Mexico. Speaking of Mexico, where's Victoria? I hope she's okay.

    Fight, your anger will be strength and energy to get your disability accomplished. You go, Girl! I hope too that you get it on the first try. It does happen. I understand your anger about the wasted money over the years when research failed us badly. Doctors have not understood us and didn't care to learn from us. It's been unfair, and it's been very hard. I can't wait to see what you plan to do in the near future.

    I've never eaten Taco soup. I'm not very fond of Tacos. We have a Taco Bell near where I live. I think I've been there twice. I prefer PA Dutch cooking, which is more like meat and potatoes.

    But, I see there's a STEW thread underway and I'm going to be watching that for new recipes. I do like a good stew.

    My love to all of you.

  5. jole

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    You're exactly right....the thing that made filling out the papers so hard was facing up to the truth. Every night for so long I would go to bed "convinced" that when I woke up the next day I'd be fine...such denial!! Then to have to actually write down how bad things really were, well, there it was smack in my face.

    But the worst was when I got the letter saying I had been approved. So many people say how happy they are....I was devistated! Disabled was not a word I would have ever used to describe myself...yet, here it was in black and white. Took me a long time to adjust to that fact, even though I knew it was true.

    Maybe your mother will remember the names of some of the docs you've seen. If they were specialists, I would definitely get copies of your reports. You'll have to either go pick them up or sign a form and have it witnessed in order to get them. If it's someone you only saw once, and the outcome wasn't particularily informative, I wouldn't worry about it. Any therapy...(physical therapy, psychiatric, etc.) is especially helpful. Psych won't turn over records to you, but you will need to know the dates fairly approximate.

    Rate your pain as to how it is during activities of daily living....dishes, sweeping floors, laundry, etc. State how many rest breaks you need during the day and for how long. Give as many specifics as possible, and if you can't, state why. And don't forget your cognitive problems.

    Your places of employment should have record of your dates of employment on file, and they have to give you that information. You can always threaten to have your "attorney" contact them.

    I wish you the best of luck. You'll do fine. If I could make it through that process, anyone can. Mostly it takes support, and you have all of us!!!

    And when you get that first big hit song, we'll be the first to cheer then too!!! :)

    Today is a better day for me...less fatigue. We're having the wind and snow also...brrrr. Hate to think what our heating bill will be this winter!

    Yes, I too would love it if we could all get together....I vote Victoria's house...lol.... Jole
  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Hey all, made it back for quick moments but couldn't post much. Still can't really. I'm back on my protocol full blast, which of course is causing mucho herxing = utter fatigue and migrating muscle pain. yesterday my legs and calves were aching as if I'd run a 25 mile marathon, yuck. Soaked in a hot epsom bath which helped, I think, to detox a bit. Have yet to try the often talked about olive oil/lemon juice drink which is supposed to help detox, but I am put off by the thought. I don't know why, my son found it worked quite well for him.

    We did make it to immigracion to renew our visas Monday, found we were a week too early, LOL! But we would've had to make 2 trips anyway as we knew we didn't have one piece quite right (wording in a letter). Happily they now have 3 guys behind the desk that all speak English, so he corrected it for me, I just have to retype and show up after the 9th now.

    Haven't had a chance to check back on last thread... but.... I love y'all too! 'Mutual admirer's society', LOL, that could be a good name but would sound exclusive?

    fight, I take it you're having problems with filing... my son did too - well he was only 18. He is officially disabled now, at 22 yo. A male friend over 50 also took about 6 months from coming to our support group back home for us to convince him to file. It IS hard no matter what. What also helps is a letter from a close friend or family member who has observed you. I did this for both my son and DH. If you have to go thru appeals, bring your Mom or someone also.... I also testified at my son's hearing when he finally got his appeal heard, they tell you to bring someone with you.

    AND/BUT remember, this is why you paid into SS. And the point is, WHEN you get better, you won't need it. And also you are allowed to make about $900/mo legally with SSD without losing any benefits, so, you can always do what you can to expand income... plus of course the 'ticket to work' program is fairly well thought out.

    BTW, who mentioned the dog?... I think whomever it was spelled it 'chiquaqua'?, that sounds really dirty in spanish LOL... I assume it was chihuahua?

    Barry I looked up the Goldie's Lorikeets - they are really beautiful! How intelligent are they, similar to parakeets I wonder?

    My house right now isn't the best place, it's been overcast all day and a raw- feeling 65. LOL I know, I know, I'm spoiled..... by comparison it ain't bad! BUT 3 hours away it's a lovely 82 on the west coast (Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo).

    About 2 weeks ago I saw the int' weather radar - there was a huge strong band of clouds coming from SW of us from the Pacific, up diagonally thru Mexico and into the whole southeast, including Georgia! I wondered briefly if I sent up a balloon if it would come down in my kids' back yard, LOL.

    Sorry I'm rather out of the swing here... but you know what it's like, right...?

    Oh yes, Rock, is that a dime in US or can I pay 10 centavos, LOL...

    all the best to y'all, & stay warm!

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    How warm are you??? How warm is it outside? Me and Jole are heading your way soon, lol.

    I have some friends and family who will write some letters for me. Great idea, Victoria! I'm not sure if they'll go to my hearing, if there is one... but they will write letters indeed!

    Awe, my kitty on the back of my chair just laid her front pawn and arm on my shoulder, :)

    Victoria, we will bring some taco soup if you offer us room and board, lol.

    Fight :)

    (((((((((((((((((((((Group hugs to you all))))))))))))))))))))))))
    Thank you for helping me to cope these last few weeks, and weeks ahead!
  8. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hope you soon feel better. I mentioned a Chihuaua. Did I spell it the way you said? I really do know how to spell Chihuaua:)

    Take care, Fay

    1. Chihuahua
    2. Chihuahua
    3. Chihuahua
    4. Chihuahua
    5. Chihuahua
    6. Chihuahua
    7. Chihuahua
    8. Chihuahua
    9. Chihuahua
    10.Chihuahua[This Message was Edited on 01/06/2010]
  9. FibroFay

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    I think you will feel really relieved when you've got the process underway. You won't need disability forever. You are young, and there's every chance you will get well, or at least much better. For now, it's just your income. You paid into the system for this purpose.

    It's good you are a fighter. Be prepared. SS will make it as hard as possible for you to get what is rightfully yours. There are many here on the board who can support you and help you to find your way through the process. Some recommend getting an attorney right off the bat. Read the SS thread at the top of the medical board. It's like a full-time job just applying for your benefits.

    Please don't be down on yourself or feel ashamed for needing to go on disability for the time being. It's tempory but necessary.

    Much Love, Fay
  10. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Thanks Hon! Hugs!

    I feel much better now that I got that load off my chest that I had been dealing with for about a year now!

    I'll let you know when I get stuck again. Thanks for letting me vent!

    How have you been doing?

    Are you going to go with me and Jole to Victoria's house? She needs the company, and we need warmer weather, lol.

    Fight :)
  11. spacee

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    We gotta try to keep it clean here on the thread ROFL!! I know it wasn't me cause I would never attempt to spell it...hehehe

    Rock's gone missing in actions after teasing us with that post. Rock, I hope you are ok. Kinda worried cause I think you would be ragging us, I mean teasing us.

    Our collective intellect is pretty good here! I'm really glad you have someone who will vouch for you Fight. I was concerned you might not since the roommate doesn't treat you well. He might have voiced his opinion to others. You know how that goes.

    I love stew. It's kinda hard to make cause you have to peel potatoes, carrots and watch over it.
    I can't remember the last time I made it. Maybe that thread will have some good suggestions.

    This is late. But I wanted to agree with Fay on the post about the organic not being so good and costing more, etc. We had a small support group here for a couple of months! haha One young woman lived at home and they always had had a garden. She noticed that if she ate something straight out of the garden...like a carrot...she felt better. But if she ate a bag of chips, she felt bad. Cheney would say she did something to her "free energy" by eating the chips.

    My point is, if we were all well and could garden, I think that would be the best way to get the things Cheney talks about. By the time they are picked, shipped to a warehouse, rinsed, packaged, sold. Well, that takes a long time.

    Unless, unless I could snatch a few oranges off the trees like I saw a couple of women doing. Nope, that won't work either...fructose in it.

    I going to start again. (Tort)
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope you feel well enough to do so, Vic!

    Cheney says "Is XMRV actually chronic Lyme Disease?" Well, don't you know I can't understand the article at all. But somewhere it says that he has had talks with Lyme docs who said they rarely saw Lyme until HIV appeared on the scene. And what that has to do with XMRV, I am not sure. Hopefully, I will read it in the near future.

    Ok, brain is kinda working. Cheney says it is going to be interesting to see what co-infections
    appear with XMRV.

    RocK, could you please come along a give us a laugh!

    I can't take care of the fruit. The farmers make a bundle of money from the gov'tment everytime this happens...so plz, don't fall for the "we will lose everything" song.

    Fight...could put some lyrics to that!

    Loveyou gang...going to watch some HGTV.

  13. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I'm doing okay. Alot of pain, but it's this darn winter weather!

    Yes, of course I'm going to Vic's with you guys! Let's don't tell her were coming. We'll just show up with some wine and cheese and a loaf of bread. We can party at Vics!!

    I'm getting cabin fever. I hate January.

    God bless you,
  14. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Okay, Rock. Where are you??? Are you alright? We are missing you over here.

    Fay :)
  15. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I know you were writing to Vic, but I just had to say that's really interesting about Cheney and XMRV and chronic Lyme. I really believe this whole thing is soon going to come together. They are working hard to figure this out. Thanks for all the medical news you keep us up on. You'r a dear!

    The thing about the orange crop is that whenever there's a freeze the prices go sky high in the grocery store. Produce is expensive anyway, but when it's scarce it really gets pricey. I usually end up buying canned mandarin oranges when I cannot afford fresh oranges.

    Love ya, Fay

    P.S. Do you wanna go along to Vic's???
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    So what if she is herxing. I own blow up mattresses I can take for us! Do we need passaports?

    Fight. I finally remembered my sis in law had to go on disablity when she was your age. Then later improved and was an office manager. Like Fay, I have a LOT of hope for you. My poor sil has RA and Lupus. She doesn't work anymore but she did find her a really sweet man (after 2 divorces). She has had a rough life in some ways like ours, in other ways not.

    Is Pam and Barry going too...to Vics?

    Love you kids,

  17. jole

    jole Member

    Nope, they don't spell. Neither do I anymore. Actually, it was Georgia that spelled it....then deleted her post for some reason on the last volume. I just repeated the spelling...lol...so Vic, you have me totally curious as to what it "sounds" like that's not nice. Will have you explain it when we all get there!

    The XMRV and Lyme connection...wow! This is getting totally freaky, isn't it? It will be so interesting to see what develops. And the where/why/how to the beginning of the virus in the first place. I really don't even want to think some of the thoughts I've had.....

    I saw on the news today that they have identified two Autism colonies in California now. Although I'm a little skeptical, 'cause they were saying how it's affecting kids whose parents are of higher learning/intelligence and income. They are checking into their backgrounds for common denominators.

    Now, doesn't it stand to reason that "smarter" and "wealthier" people just might be taking their children to get tested more often, and by more appropriate docs? Sometimes these studies use very little common sense, IMHO. Can't quite see where the relevance is....but of course, I've been known to be wrong before...okay, maybe once! :)

    Rock, has your NRG gone on vacation again? Miss ya! Love to all.....Jole
  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I thought the pengys were heading south after the parade, so that they can pick off the oranges off the trees in Florida before it freezes! Gosh, I hope they left from FL a few days ago because by now it'll be all frozen up, and then we could only eat orange flavored popsicles... that sounds good too! Although, I have to eat the taco soup first... lol.

    Fight :)
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yup, it's the dreaded lack of energy. I wasted quite a bit y-day going to two
    Vons markets. (Gordon uses the Spanish pronunciation: Bons.)

    Neither one had chocolate milk. I often wake up w/ a raspy throat. Chocolate
    milk soothes it better than any med.

    W/ re: 2 popsicles (spellcheck doesn't think that's right, but it's good enough for
    Wikipedia), I remember when they cost a nickle. You bought one and split it
    w/ a friend.

    W/ the sticks you could do arts and crafts. Gordon and I used to go to a tiny
    Mexican restaurant called Tico Taco many years ago. It had a lamp that was
    fashioned out of a spiral staircase made outta popsicle sticks. Don't see many
    of them around these days.

    Orange was always a good flavor. We might see what novel flavors we
    can think of: pina colada; waldorf salad; beef wellington; corduroy; aluminum
    siding, ham sandwich.

    I e-mailed an on-line business two days ago. No response. The concept of
    customer service is as out of date as the elevator operator; the manual
    cash register; the slide rule.

    Guess I'll go back to bed.

    Why can't I forget you, and start my life anew?
    Instead of havin' sweet dreams about you?

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Hey Rock, welcome back! And thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.....lol....

    Okay, are we ready to go yet? First some of us need to shovel our way out of the snow drifts. Then we need to get a plane to ourselves, 'cause I can't imagine any of us being able to sit in our seats for the last hour if the pilot so decides! Besides, wouldn't it be fun? We can calm (or not) each other's fears of flying, and Fight/Spacee/Rock will be in charge of entertainment.

    When we get to Mexico we'll pick up Vic and head to the other side where the temperatures are even warmer, so she can enjoy the change of scenery also. And all of this will be paid for by the CDC!!! Yes, payback for all the years/money wasted. Condo time! Beach time! Lounger time!..........................Are we ready yet????...............Jole