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  1. spacee

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    Rock, I need you to fill in the rest cause my brain is tired from my cold meds.

    Thanks, Dear.

    Love to ALL!!!! And hope the MIA's are improving.

  2. jole

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    I just go for the easy reading...murder mysteries, intrigue, etc. Nothing true or memorable...that way when I forget what I've read I haven't forgotten anything at all....lol...
    But I do enjoy hearing about all the informative bits 'n peices the rest of you read!

    Fay, I think you're right, a tobogan might be a little hard to sleep on, especially with those penjys swaying it around every direction....but it might be fun trying to hold on! Although our muscles may really be ready for the warmth of the sun by the time we arrive at our destination.

    This reminds me of the time on the Porch that we all went to visit Rock...we partied out in the street in front of his house for an entire weekend....and he didn't even know we were there!!!! Funny, funny!! So I hope Victoria checks in and sees we're coming, or we may miss her. Wouldn't that be horrid, to go that far and not get to see her???!! (Plus with our luck there'd probably be a heat wave HERE while we were THERE..lol)

    Okay, off to bed. Sleep well everyone...see you tomorrow. Love ya.......Jole

  3. victoria

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    I lost my post somehow. I didn't have much on it, and still won't,
    but, grrrrrrr!

    Jole, I am the same. I am listening to a book right now that sounds
    like something I've heard, but still not sure. But I guess there's no
    reason to care, LOL, if I can't remember?

    OK all you snowbirds, get here before the pengys!
    - they might try to illegally bring in some cold air or *now to tide
    them over until they get to the south pole. We do NOT want them
    importing anything illegal, LOL! Much less something nobody wants...

    I'm trying to put together a Spanish phrase list that might be helpful
    to all of you along the way, so LISTEN UP, kidz:

    (I am sleepy. Please don't disturb me.)
    "Tengo sueño. Por favor, no me moleste."

    (I am very tired right now.)
    "Estoy muy cansado ahora."

    (Where is the couch?)
    "¿Dónde hay un sofá?"

    (or) "o"

    (Where is the bed?)
    "¿Dónde hay un cama?"

    (You look so strong...Can you carry me to it?)
    "Te ves tan fuerte ¿Puedes llevarme a ella?"

    (Where is the beach?)
    "¿Dónde está la playa?"

    ---and then to follow the directions:

    straight ahead: "derecho"

    right: "derechA"

    left: "izquierda"

    and, for when we actually GET to the beach,
    which is about 82 degrees right now:

    (Please bring me the biggest pina colada.)
    "Por favor, tráigame la piña colada más grande."

    (and naturally:)
    "y, naturalmente":

    "gracias" (thank you),

    "de nada" (you're welcome),

    "Aprecio el servicio, son muy agradables."
    (Thank you for the service, you are very kind.)

    My brain has stopped working.... can't think of anything else necessary,
    LOL. That should get us a long way, however, with a few charades.

    I agree, the US gov't should pay my way as well, they bankrupted us
    (well nearly) between our having to pay our son's med bills and then
    the big recession...

    "Dulces sueños a todo el mundo"
    (Sweet dreams to everyone!),

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria-Thanks so much for the Spanish phrases.See I said I wanted to know another language.I will practice before we arrive.

    Lots of snow here and getting colder instead of warmer.Ahh life in Ohio!

    I hope DH feels up to take out tonight.I hurt and am to wore out to cook.I told him this morning I don't know if that treadmill is a good idea.Evenings I hurt worse and my legs feel so weak,I feel breathless,and I wake up early with electric shocks from my toes to my thighs.Not sure if it's a flare,weather related or the exercise but I would hate to stop and it not be the walking.Husband said to skip it today and maybe do it every couple days.What do you think?

    I don't expect to get well I just would like to build up some leg strength to be able to walk in stores,daughters,and the neighborhood this Spring.Maybe I'm still in denial even after all these yrs.I don't know.Thanks for listening.
  5. jole

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    I took Spanish in high school, and none of it looks familiar...lol...I would be in soooo much trouble down there, Vic! No wonder so many immigrants don't speak English!

    Pam, that's exactly how I felt when I tried the treadmill. It made me so much worse! My legs were like rubber during the day. I always wondered if they would hold me up. The pain was worse, the fatigue was much worse. And it made the RLS so much worse at night.

    Plus the fact that I fell off it too many times....lol.. It simply wasn't working. I think if we have some CFS along with our FM and don't know it, it will only make us worse. If other things you do causes you severe fatigue, it's pretty much a given that you also have CFS, 'cause FM is suppose to be pain only the way I understand it...but could be wrong. Does anyone else know for sure?

    I honestly got some sleep last night for the first time in ages, and have some energy today, so am trying to sort through some containers and get rid of things. My keeping things "just in case I might need them some day" days are over.

    Don't have the energy most days to need any more than what's in front of me, and can't remember what's in storage anyway, so it's going. Goodwill should be happy :) Unfortunately, I'll be back down tomorrow, so better make good use of today. Why do we do that????? 'Cause a good day is sooo rare we don't want to waste it, no matter how we pay the next day, I guess. Love to all.............Jole...(packed 'n ready)
  6. spacee

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    I dragged out to the doc's office only to find this out. And this is important:

    They don't test for H1N1 in our county until you are dead.

    So that leaves you no opportunity to get a a large hospital that has a lung specialist who can open up your lung and scrap the infections (via tiny camera to see) and have you on a ventilator so you can breathe.

    Last count 4 more people are sick from our visitor this past weekend. One being my 14 month old granddaughter.

    Vic, your spanish lessons are exactly what I need!!! The mexicans across the street have a dog that barks incessantly. So, I can tell them that I am very sleepy and need a bed por favor. Gracias.

    My kids do not like for me to call them mexicans. Well, they are and I don't think that is insulting. It doesn't mean that I don't like them. I love them. I had this fear of an 80 yo american woman moving in and wanting to visit with me all the time. These neighbors are perfect, except for the dog. Toby. And that is his barking, not Toby himself.

    I have been sorting through things too (well it was last fall). At our age and health I want to get rid of stuff while I can.

    Yes, I can remember odd things when I am writing but I really feel like Rip Van Winkle who woke up after 20 years had gone by and everything had changed. So much knowledge that has gotten by me.

    Off for a morning bath.

    Love you kids.


  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I looked at the weather report so I could tell you what's up in LA today. Already
    forgot what it said. Oh, well. It's a typical warm winter day.

    The URL above is for devotees of treadmills and/or dance. I think the performers
    are some English rock band. Anyway the video inspired a parody (it's really
    an imitation) and some kids dancing on escalators. Maybe we can
    work up to this, Pam.

    Yes, Jole, it would be ironic if you went South and warm weather showed up
    at home. As the old saying goes, my ship finally came in. I was at the airport.

    As it says in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everything. I am Reading Outliers,`
    Malcolm Gladwell's latest bestseller on the importance of time and
    success. Gladwell is one of those people whose looks at the world w/ a fresh

    I have said for many years that luck is necessary for any kind of success. Had
    Bill Gates been born a thousand years ago, he might have been a shepherd.

    Gladwell is more precise. The ideal time to be born if you wanted to become a
    computer expert/pioneer/millionaire was 1955. Gates and Steve Jobs and several
    others were born in '55 or w/in a year of '55.

    Sorry you lost your post, Victoria. Had the same rotten luck a day or two ago.
    About the only Spanish I know is menu Spanish. But I guess that's the best
    kind. Haven't been to my favorite restaurant since I retired. It's called Mucho
    Mas (Much More). Out in the San Fernando Valley.

    Spacee, sorry your brain is tired. Mine is defective. Put them together and
    what have you got? Bibbity Bobbity Boo Hoo Hoo.

    Well, I think it's nap time. I have 4 chores to do today. If I accomplish two of
    them, I'll be satisfied.

    Speaking of Can't Get No Satisfaction, a couple years ago, somebody posted
    about Keith Richards. How come he's apparently healthy, and we're not?
    The following day Keith fell out of a palm tree. Or had a boating accident.
    As I recall there were conflicting accounts. Usually the case w/ celebrities.

  8. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    The snow amounted to about 2 inches. Now the wind is picking up and the temperature is dropping fast. I made some baked ham and I'n still enjoying my acorn squash. So, I'm eating well.

    I cannot pronounce any of those Spanish words! Don't even know what they should sound like. I have some Mexican people in my neighborhood. The woman sells Avon products at her workplace. I tried to communicate with her son and asked for an Avon catalogue to look through. He gave me one, and it was written in Spanish. I couldn't understand it at all.

    Pam, I'm sorry the treadmill is making you worse. I had one years ago, but I finally sold it. After I got sick I just never could use it. Just cannot build up stamana. I'd try and try but would always end up in bed worn out and in such pain. And, I was taking it very slow. I didn't push hard, just slow gradual increase in distance.

    Jole, I believe if we cannot build endurance and everything we try puts us in bed, then we do have CFS. I've always believed I have it. My doctor calls it FMS, but I have all kinds of traits of CFS. I'm sure I'll test positive for xmrv. But, even though I may feel better, I do not believe I'll ever get well. I've had this too long and I'm to old. BUT, I believe Fight has an excellent chance of recovering! Go Fight!!

    I used to get a catalogue in the mail for Paula's Wigs. I never bought from it, but I got it for a long time. Haven't received one lately. Back in the 70's I had a wig. Brunette, short and wavy. It was nice, but very hot to wear. I gave it to my sister. It was one of those wash and wear wigs.

    Reading. Spacee, I'm happy you've taken up reading again. There's so much enjoyment at your fingertips. Glad it came right back to you. Don't listen to Susie O. What does she know? I will always buy books, though I buy them used not new. Much cheaper.

    Victoria, are you feeling better? You've been having a hard time. And Spacee, what are you folks all coming down with? Poor 14 mo. old baby too! They don't test for H1N1 because the test is only 30% to 70% accurate, at least that's what my doctor said. I was not tested. He diagnosed me on symptoms. (back in Oct. when I had H1N1) Take care of yourself. I hope you guys get better quickly.

    Good to see you back Rock. If you get 2 of your 4 chores done, that's perfectly alright. Nobody's counting.

    Hope you are doing well, Barry. Fight, how are you?

    Love ya all,
  9. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    This will be quick, because my computer is being slow -- hopefully fixed by someone soon. I called my provider and they said they were looking into it.

    Victoria: I think you've got the best weather of all of us right now! Yes, my Goldies are quite like parakeets, but feed on nectar and fruit -- no seeds. Consequently they are like little living water pistols, without the water, if you know what I mean....lol. I should love to go bird-watching in your back yard. I've never been to Mexico, but have been to Costa Rica, and had lots of fun there in the rainforests near Turrialba, etc., where I saw my first oropendolas.

    I enjoyed the brief Spanish lesson. I remembered some of it from my two yrs. of same. I wish I could remember my German and Latin as well! Actually, I guess I did best with Latin.

    Rock: I should love to have a Dracula but I should hate to kill it. You haven't told me
    whether Gordon is a specialist or a general collector. Which is it? At the moment I am glumly looking at an aborted oncidium spike (for the second year) and am thinking of tossing it. If a plant makes me feel bad, then OFF WITH IT'S HEAD, sort of.

    I can't complain about the weather here, but I will --- it is grey and gloomy!

    Food: Tonight will be shepherd's pie, so I better start peeling potatoes and dicing up some onions and lamb. Easy to make. My mum always used ground beef, but that surely would be cowherd's pie?

    Well, computer is too slow, and so am I.

    Cheers, All,

  10. jole

    jole Member

    It's still cold, but no drafts going through the house. I even went out for awhile and got some fresh air. It's still *nowy and icy, but the sidewalk is clear and made several trips up and down before coming back in. My doggy thinks I'm nuts!!

    Spacee, stomach flu? Or something else? I agree, it's so sad when those little ones are sick. They don't have any idea what's wrong, and to see them miserable is such a helpless feeling.

    Rock, haven't looked at your site yet, but will. Sounds interesting! I agree with the luck theory. Otherwise, if positive thinking and hard work were all it took, there would be a lot more of us with money! My bro thinks we are in charge of our destiny, and if we fail it's our fault....then his wife divorced him and took him for everything........

    Fay, I'm fixing ham for tonight. Hungry for stew, but need to get to the grocery store first. I put cabbage in my stew....haven't seen anybody mention that yet. No carrots here either :(

    Barry, it's good to see you back. Sorry you're having computer problems. Really bad when they're slower than we are! I took Latin my sophmore year in HS. We had a really "aggressive" teacher, who was like a drill Sgt. Latin is a hard but interesting language, and makes a person appreciate English more, don't you think?

    Cowherd's pie really doesn't sound as appealing for some reason...sorry, Barry! But I do use ground beef in mine also, like your mother. Haven't made it in a long time, thanks for the idea.
    Need to write it down before I forget again.

    Fight, Vic..hope you're both feeling well. Need to get back to work while the energy is still here. Wishing all a good day....stay warm and safe! ............Jole

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Barry, are you from across the pond? You called your mother "mum".

    I think we really have a large collective intellegence here. Course, one of us can't spell the intel word. Ok, spealling doesn't cont.

    Faye, I personally agree with you. I do not think that I will get better. That Fight has the best chance cause of her youth. Sometimes, I think, maybe something will slow down the process of getting worse.

    There is a product that Cheney uses that I am going to try after I get tested for XMRV. And since I won't be tested for 3 months, it will be awhile. Probably bout the time it arrives from the company....I mean, they are certainly taking the slow boat to america. Artemisinin. He thinks it is the best thing he has ever tried...course he uses stronger stuff and monitors his patients. But the weaker might be good enough. You just take it twice a week!

    Cheney also just fell in love with Cucurmin. That's the spice that India uses in their cooking alot and they don't have much alzheimer's there. He thinks that is why.

    Rock, I hate to whine but you never told us the thing that was like a reptile. I thought it was a croc but then I remember croc's don't talk. Were you just make believing???

    No treadmill for me either, kids. I think it is just about unanimous. We need to put it in the 'criteria'...Can't do treadmills! I wish they would listen to us more!

    Since Pam or Jole mentioned wigs, I will confess that this very day I purchased a little thingy that you put over your pony tail to make it look like you have more hair. I have long, fine, thin hair...lovely. And the Fla humidity doesn't help but I think I like this thingy in a pinch....when I need to look respectable. And that is seldom. But it does occur at times. I'm set. Might even bring it to Vic's.

  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thank you, the one of us, who was happy about my reading!! I am just glowing that I am about to read a book that another human being I know has hear of...Rock! Blink. Yes, that guy looks at life in the words that Rock said (can't remember).

    Ok, but I must finish telling you about Max Factor. He got old (61) and died. Heart, I think. One of his 4 son's changed his name to Max, Jr and they all continued the sucessful business. The next generation didn't want the business and Proctor Gamble bought it.

    But now (QVC watchers), a couple of his descendents have started a cosmetic company called Smashbox. I don't think it will ever be what the original company was, how could it? But it is unique and successful.

    I always get one tip from a magazine when I have my hair done. One time it was about a Smashbox product called photofinish. It was really good. Then I decided that makeup was overrated...haha. And quit it for the most part.

    I am feeling better despite the fever this am. Baby and her mom had one rough night but are mending too.

    Gotta go find the taco soup recipe. Brother arrives tomorrow and he doesn't eat beef either...what is it with people! Can't they put a morsel in their mouths!! haha.

    Love you sweeties....

    Wondering about Fight. Isn't it time for a bill, Rock? It was for me today.

  13. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I slept 10 hours today. Now I've got to exercise a little, as I have to lose weight. Then I will do some chores, and may come back online here later tonight. I'm exhausted and sore, but doing okay.

    Will catch up soon!

    Fight :)

    P.S. The pengys haven't showed up with the Tabogin, so I called them using the pengy whistle that I created, since the last one was stolen by Sly, and now they should be on their way. I just hope they're not enjoying all of this cold weather, or we'll never get to Victoria's in time.
  14. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    LOLOLOL! Your poor Brother!

  15. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    He got old (61)???

  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    61 is not so old! But maybe it depends on what decade or century in which you reached that age? Altho I read that in the 1700s (maybe?) that if a male lived thru the childhood diseases and reached his 20s, he stood a pretty good chance of at least reaching his 60s. Of course you were female and having babies, all bets were off back then.

    Barry (I think) - you took German and Latin? If you took Latin, that's why the spanish of course would be easier to remember since it is a 'latin language' like Italian. My daughter took latin in HS, and could at least do numbers in spanish without trying, LOL. My DH's friend is from Sicily, and also could make himself understood and vice versa.

    OOOPs have to get back to using 'y' for 'and'...

    Tort, I mean Spacee, or Linda... just yell
    CALLATE (Kah-ya-tay!)
    at the dog. It means, SHUT UP!

    Uh, you need to stick to Linda or spacee, evertime I see the word 'tort' I get hungry for something sweet LOL.

    Speaking of food, the mention of "shepherd's pie" is making me want some, but then I know what it is. At any rate, even if I didn't, it sounds way better than "cowherder's pie" - the latter sounds like something you'd find on the ground....

    Rock, mein grosmutter came from Alemania when she was 8. Her last name I've never been able to find, even tho I know she had a couple of brothers who inherited the Wisconsin farm (don't remember where in WI, tho) an have her name on my Dad's birth certificat as well as US census from way back when she moved to Chicago. Their last name was 'Pavs' (not Paves).

    Well it has rained for 24+ hours now... that is a GOOD and WELCOME thing here as we get very little rain in winter and even less in spring. We're hoping this continues to be an atypical year- and we continue to get more of the infrequent rain...

    maybe it's all due to the el nino being so far out into the Pacific, who knows...

    dulces suenos!

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Faye, I think you were referring to my poor brother, not Joles snicker. Of course, I could be wrong. I mean OF COURSE I could be wrong . But it is my brother who is arriving tomorrow noonish. I think he heard I sleep til then. I don't know. I didn't tell him.

    Mac Factor's autobiographer felt like 61 was old. I just mimiced his style. Heck, no, I don't think of it as old...even if my pcp does. I know I have told you that he thinks 60 is the start of being elderly. I have a feeling he has more knowledge about this than us. His practice is mainly geriatic (elderly). And he is 63.

    DH and I went to the store and loaded up with chicken and fish products. No beef. I hope he likes sardines and tuna. And salads with chicken. I think he will. He is extremely thin. Why? His roommate, his first exwife, joined a diet club where you have to buy about $300 of food. She didn't like it so...he ate it. And lost weight. He didn't need to. My twin says he looks frail. But he is healthy. I told her about the diet food.

    I think I am too wordy for our thread. I need to be more suscint. And I need a dictionary!

    Ta Ta and off to Dreamland.

    Love you kids,

    PS. I took Latin and French You never would have expected that from an Alabama school, now would you. That is because you are biased toward how the media displays Alabama. LOL

    Nite Linda tort tort tort tort tort tort tort tort tort (Just harassing Vic..:)
  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    That's too bad for your brother.

    I believe in some destiny and sometimes we just need to deal with what has been given to us to make us stronger. We decide on the outcome, on how we react in any given situation. It is our attitudes that define us.

    You off to bed this soon? Okay, good night.

    Fight :)

    Hope you all know that the pengys are enjoying this weather. It's perfectly cool for them, lol.
  19. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I had trouble getting the pengys their passports. I guess they'll just drop us off at TX and then we'll go in one of those underground tunnels.

    Fight :)
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I found out late in life I was a perfectionist.
    Easier to quit if you're retired. Anyhoo, I'm
    still counting. Got 3 of my chores done. Pretty good.

    Fay, your ham and acorn squash sounds
    good. My mother used to bake it. Put some
    spice on it. Nutmeg? Don't think I've had
    it for half a century.

    Barry, I looked up the goldies lorikeets. Very
    colorful. I thought Oropendolas were orchids.
    HaHa! They are birds too. I found pictures
    of two varieties. The russet backed and the
    yellow rumped. Despite their names, they are
    not very colorful.

    I have never had shepherd's pie. Looked up
    a couple recipes. One used ground beef. One
    suggested meat loaf. Being of Irish, German
    and Norwegian descent, I figure anything w/
    mashed potatoes in it can't be too bad.

    Gordon has lots of different orchids. I think he
    mostly has cymbediums, oncidiums and epidendrums.
    His white and lavender laelia is still in bloom.

    Fight and Jole, I hope you are both feeling
    some better. If your brother thinks people can
    be masters of their fate, Jole, (See "Invictus" by Henley),
    he must be living in a parallel universe.

    How does he explain all the nincompoops who
    hold high office? Was it hard work and intelligence
    that brought them to being CEO or
    member of this and head of that?

    Spacee, Artemisinin? One of the 3 Musketeers? Athos,
    Porthos and Artmisinin?
    Or was it Aramis? No, that's a perfume.

    Well, in answer to your question, "It walks. It
    talks..." was some nonsense my uncle used
    to say.

    Have you seen Roger Miller's musical Big River?
    There's a song in it about "The Royal
    Nonsuch" which is some sort of curiosity.

    Fight, that's the same Roger Miller what wrote
    "King of the Road", etc. Last time I saw Roger
    he introduced me to his mother. We were in
    some casino on the Las Vegas strip. Mama was
    wearing a white, strapless evening gown.

    (Note: the first time I saw Roger Miller was at
    the same place. He did his show earlier in
    the evening.)

    I read a couple books re: I love Lucy. One of
    them said Max Factor got the credit for the show
    due to a contract, but he didn't actually
    do the make up.

    There used to be Max Factor museum in
    Hollywood. It closed down 15 years ago or so.
    I read the contents are now displayed at two
    different locations.

    Victoria, whenever I hear the word "tort" it
    makes my think of litigation. My Norwegian
    relatives had two farms in the area where I
    grew up. There name was Harstad. My sister
    told me both farms are still in the family.

    My brother married into the Hoag family. I told
    my sister in law her ancestor Afton Hoag had
    the first farm in Fillmore County, MN. She said
    it was news to her. So much for the concept
    of family heritage.

    OK, time to walk Zippy.