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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    The new thread.

    I have bad news. Winston reports that there were no sunspots in August. The last time that happen in the 1770's, there was a 'mini ice age'. It sure feels like one now. I have a vintage fur coat on that I picked up for $25 years ago and my gloves on. I am sleeping with my day clothes on cause they are warmer than pj's. Haven't done that since I was in Conn and it was 6 degrees.

    The bug is still with me. I am beginning to think it takes 10 days to get over it.
    Thinking that coughing up nasty stuff is a good sign of the healing process.

    Don't think I got flu's until I started with kutapressin and transfer factors. hmmm.
    Might be they are down regulating my up regulated system enough to catch things.

    Just saw on Facebook Prohealth's site. People post there about their products.
    Looks like ppl who would have found the messageboard might be there and adds to
    our dwindling population.

    Sleep Well,


  2. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Can you plug in a heater of some sort? Gosh, I feel sorry for you with you having a bug and so chilly! Not good for you! I sleep in flannel pjs and warm fuzzy socks, under 3 blankets, on an electric mattress pad. Ha! (I'm a survivor). Keep warm, Spacee.

    Are any of our CA friends near the earthquake area? Did it happen Sat. or Sun.? What were the damages? Hope it wasn't too bad.

    Yes, I've been thinking about you, Fight. Thought maybe you were up to your neck in SSDI paperwork. Glad to hear it was just a winter vacation in CO. haha

    Hope the rest of you are doing well. We will need to have a huge celebration of some sort when spring finally arrives. This winter is rediculous. Bone-chilling temps. all over the place.

    Nothing new on my end. Leftovers for dinner and a hot shower. Both sound good to me. I'm reading the Sunday News and catalog shopping for spring clothes. Watching some TV.

    Talk to you later.

    Hugs to all,
  3. jole

    jole Member

    Brrr....those pengys just can't get away from the cold, can they, Fight?? Glad you had your "man" and the warm fire though...lol... Like Fay, I just thought you and mom were burried under papers about now!

    Well, Fay, nothing new here either, although I do have to admit it's a bit warmer today. Got out of the house, only because I had an eye appt. He finally gave up on my eyes improving and went ahead and had my glasses ordered. I'm anxious to see what they look like....lol! Can't see well enough to actually pick them out....the gal did it for me, so it's always a suprise. They looked black, but she said they're actually a dark turquoise that changes color a bit with the light. Sorta squarish...the ones that change color in the sunlight. Should get a call to go get them fitted next week. Hope I like them.

    Spacee, I've been known to sleep in sweatshirts and sweatpants when it's really cold, so whatever clothes it takes, stay warm, okay? And get to feeling better! Lots of hot tea, okay?

    Hi to everyone. Going to try to sleep off my headache, then check the FB Prohealth page...thanks for the heads up!!...............Love to all...........Jole
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    We have no central heat either... so I heartily recommend wearing whatever you need with as many blankets as needed! If you have a dog or cat at least, invite them to snuggle up!

    Nothing new much here either... continues to be cooler than average and cloudy, very unusual year.

    Is it because of the sunspots or because of the El Nino way out in the pacific? (PS: Linda, what/who is Winston?)

    I know they've said we're overdue for the sunspot storms, due by 2012? (Coincidentally with the Mayan Calendar 'ending', LOL);

    But, I'm sure it will wreck our telecommunications infrastructure. Which means... you guessed it... no internet, no banking, etc. They've had since 1998 to protect it - the last time there was one, and it did wreak some havoc then - but, they haven't. I did read that even in 1856 solar storms caused telegraphs to malfunction.

    We'll see. This may be scarier than Y2K? Don't know whether to laugh or not (didn't really think anything WAS going to happen then, tho --- not sure now).

    I read this in wikipedia:

    Sunspot populations quickly rise and more slowly fall on an irregular cycle about every 11 years. Significant variations of the 11-year period are known over longer spans of time.

    For example,
    from 1900 to the 1960s the solar maxima trend of sunspot count has been upward;
    from the 1960s to the present, it has diminished somewhat.[2]

    Over the last decades the Sun has had a markedly high average level of sunspot activity; it was last similarly active over 8,000 years ago.[3] (!!!)

    ...Sunspots were rarely observed during the Maunder Minimum in the second part of the 17th century (approximately 1645 to 1715). This coincides with the middle (and coldest) part of a period of cooling known as the Little Ice Age.

    There may be a resonant gravitational link between a photospheric tidal force exerted by the planets and the sunspot cycle.[6][7]


    OK realmadscientist mrbill... what say you about all that??? --Weather and telecommunications.... can you or anyone else put our minds (or at least mine) to rest easy?

    dulces suenos

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  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Jole, gee, you have something to look forward to next week, your surprise re glasses! Actually they sound very pretty. But that's because it sounds like they're in my favorite color(s). What was your doctor doing when trying to improve your eyes?

    AND.... I've been wondering what to do with my rear bumper of my car. I got rear-ended back in the states last winter, the vinyl cover tore off (and the culprit sped off), very ugly, was thinking about what I could do to divert attention.

    I found this site:

    which is giving me ideas, much to my husband's dismay as he drives that car too, LOL. Actually I was thinking all mirrors (if I could afford it) so everyone could see us coming, going, or stopped to turn left! Other than that, I think I like the bones or the garden on top, jejejeje!


  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    One of the movies I watched was I've been missing you for so long with Emma Thompson.So good and so sad I cried.It was a free one on Netflix.My DS ordered me the Tudors Showtime series.Love that.DH went to work today so he's better.

    I was joking about book withdrawal,well sort of.I'm sure I'll be able to stock up again and thanks for telling me about renewing online that sounds workable.

    More glasses in our group!That's interesting because I thought everyone wears contacts these days or has had that surgery.My SIL had tried to talk me into the surgery but the whole thought of being awake and working on my eyes freaked me out.The chance of a bad outcome too.Now I have Sjogren's so no contacts anymore.

    Hope your staying warm and getting well Spacee.
  7. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    That would be terrible!

  8. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    My computer is still running slow -- my provider has crashed/whatever, so I am at much lower speed.

    I am so upset about Carla I had tears in my eyes -- still do.

    I am still rattled by the 6.5 earthquake -- it was centered about 45 miles from me. The strongest I've felt, I guess. It was scary and seemed to go on forever. No damage here, except to my nerves.

    I'm feeling moody and mopey today. Just wanted to reach out and say hello to you all.

    Love to All,
  9. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Yes, it's very sad about Carla's terrible loss. So hard to imagine losing everything. We can just be glad she escaped with her life. And, thank goodness everything was insured. That's huge. Of course, there's no way to replace her dear pets. So sad.

    Barry, I had a feeling the earthquake was near you. I'm sure you are very shaken up. I think I'd be fearful that there will be another quake. I hope you can find some sense of calmness even at this tense time. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Today is not as cold and I got out a little to shop. My fibro has been really bad and it's a little frightening as I know I'm losing ground this winter. I fear the future. Increased disability is a scarey thing.

    Do all of you use Prohealth's page on Facebook? I have not signed up for Facebook. I tried to once but it wouldn't take my information for some reason, so I gave up on it.

    I must figure out something easy for supper.

    My love to all of you.

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Barry!!! 45 miles from the earthquake. I am so glad you are ok. I should have quessed someone was near there. What about Rock?

    Yes, I just can't comprehend what CK is going through...so terrible. I feel so sorry for her.

    Vic, you are excellent at looking up science stuff. You have a lot of interests!
    Winston is my brother, I should have introduced him. It has been nice to have him here while I have had flu. I am doing better. Brain still fuzzy.

    Another one of us with new glasses! I figured it was about time. So Jole, your doc gave up on getting your eyes better? What does that mean? A lot of people down here don't get the surgery. I mentioned once that a doc needed glasses and didn't used them. Since then I have done a little "study" in my area of doctors who need glasses and don't wear them. There are
    several in my little "study".

    I gotta go, the tv is too loud for me to thinkg!!

    Love you all!!

  11. jole

    jole Member

    Barry, I so agree with you about the tears. Isn't it amazing how we can feel so close to each other here? Carla has such a specialness to her, and reading about her house/Missy was like having a phone call with bad news from my sister! The only difference is we know how to find my sis, and I can't just jump into the car and head to Carla's.

    Well, I don't jump in the car and head anywhere, actually, unless hubby drives me. Oh, my glasses. My refractory vision is way off kilter because of such dry eyes, so first I was on just moisturizer drops for a month, then Restasis (talk about expensive!!) for 6 weeks, with very little change.

    When I see a light, instead of seeing a "light" it splinters off into all directions, so I can't really tell when one light stops and another starts in towns. Street lights, etc. are a total blur. Even looking at stars at night, and the moon does the same thing. I think perhaps that plays a part in my overstimulation in stores, etc. and why I hate leaving home so bad that I panic.

    So, I'm anxious to see if the glasses will help this at all, but it doesn't sound like it will a lot. He was hoping it would clear up some so my testing would improve in other areas. Didn't work. Will continue on the cheaper drops though, 'cause they sure make my eyes feel much more comfortable.

    Nope, no surgery here of any kind if I can get away with it.............of course, if I were filthy rich, I MIGHT consider a neck lift (is there such a thing??) lol...

    Vic, I tried that website, and couldn't find anything interesting for your car....but I'll bet your imagination can come up with lots of "fix-its" on your own. Who knows, you might stumble onto a real invention while you're at it!

    Glad everybody made it through the quake in CA okay. I see they had a really bad one in Haiti also, with lots of deaths and destruction. Such a poor country to begin with. We're sending aid.........I'm certainly not against that by any means, we need to help during times of disaster, but I can't help but wonder where the money's coming from?

    Pam, your movies sound good....I would suggest a slumber party at your house, but I'm afraid after being awake all last night I'd probably just slumber! Glad to hear your hubby's better.

    Fay, I'm like you. Getting old is hard enough, and add these DDs to them and it doesn't leave a lot to be entheusiastic about, does it? Golden Years, indeed!!!

    Spacee, I'm sure you and bro are having a good catch-up. Glad he's there for you!

    Fight, are you back with the tobogan yet? Miss ya!

    Rock, where for art thou? You can lounge with us...we don't bite! .....Love to all......Jole
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    This is not a good week. So much bad news with friends and Haiti, Carla house is in the same shape Haiti seems to be.

    Jole, you are having the worst time with your eyes. I am sensitive to light (wear sunglasses all the time) but it isn't like yours. Between light and sound, that is what gets to me.

    The problem in our area since the freeze, is the farmers pulled so much water out of the ground sprinkling their fruit to keep it from freezing that we are having sink holes.

    The highway that I took to the Indoor Heated Pool is closed...bummer. Locals can get in and out for limited reasons. I know an interstate to Tampa was closed on one side yesterday. DH had to go there today and took another way. But I bet it is still backed up seriously.

    My sister's son set her an email saying that he and his fiancee were getting married (courthouse) and they might not be back in time for when her kids get home from school.
    This internet stuff makes the "personal touch" not necessary! It was no surprise they were getting married, just didn't know the exact date. 3rd marriage for each. So very low key.

    When I have the flu, the CFS symptoms seem to go away. As I get better, here they come again. Kinda weird. Anyone else like that?

    I love you kids. Hope everyone is warm and comfortable! Or, in Vic's case cool and comfortable. Not sure about LA's weather. Thinking Rock should be just right!

    Hugs to all!

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You're right, Spacee. CA is apparently the
    only part of the country that has nice weather
    this year.

    We had a shower for half an hour last night.
    Prediction for the week is no more rain and temps in
    the 70s. Followed by a week of showers.

    Winston is your brother? I though he was another of
    those pesky pengys. Do you use
    Vapo Steam for your bug? I was looking for
    some a week or two ago. Found it last night
    when I was looking for a back up bottle of pills.

    Barry and I are several hundred miles apart.
    The recent earthquake was not felt here.

    Used to have a coworker who, whenever the
    subject of earthquakes came up would say,
    "But what did it rate on the butt-o-meter?"

    Jole, I hope your new glasses are both functional
    and stylish. Had no idea your vision
    was so limited. I got my first pair of glasses
    in 1951. They cost $25. About a week's wage
    for some workers.

    Victoria, that car URL wouldn't work for me.
    Fay, fear of the future seems to be the norm
    nowadays. Wasn't that way when we were
    young though. Remember, folks?

    After the Great Depression and WWII, the
    future was rosy. Things were great and going
    to be even greater. Now all we hear is that we
    have terrible problems and we can expect them
    to get worse.

    Gordon made fried rice before he left for work.
    If I can summon up the energy I'm going to the
    library today. Am re-reading Fannie Flagg's
    book Fried Green Tomatoes. At the end of
    the book she gives the recipe. Doesn't sound
    tempting to me.

    Give me a good old BLT anyday. Couple years
    ago Gordon and I grew some tomatoes in pails.
    I told my secretary I was gonna go home and
    make a BLT. She said, "People still eat bacon?"

    Eating bacon is not eating high on the hog.

    Pam, I think the eye surgery is radial keratotomy.
    A coworker had it about ten-12
    years ago. A few days after the surgery he
    said his eyes still hurt and his vision was blurred.

    Don't know the whole story as he left the job
    shortly thereafter.

    I had cataract surgery in the
    90s. I was awake, but no pain. I could not
    see what the dr was doing. Just saw a some
    swirling blurs.

    A now it's time for me to swirl outta here.
    Adios, Kids.

  14. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Good to see that you are all safe. Barry's okay, Rock didn't feel the quake. That's great!

    Spacee, it sounds like with the freeze and the sink holes Fla. is having a costly winter. And, yes, Haiti is in shambles. It's too bad. Such a poor country anyway, why did they have to be hit with this? Yes, I agree with Jole, the US must send aid. But, where does the money come from? There's alot of suffering in the world. So many needs. How do we help?

    Jole, I tried the Restasis too. It didn't make any difference for me. I think it's overrated.

    Rock, if Gordon has a good fried rice recipe, do you think you might post it? I'd really like to have a fried rice recipe that's easy and good. Tell Gordon thank you for me:)

    I'm nice and warm with my ceramic heater on. Today was cleaning day so my daughter and granddaughter were with me. I'm still having alot of pain. And, I'm feeling very low because I've made the decision to use Meals on Wheels over the Winter. They will begin delivering tomorrow. I could just cry. I feel so old and useless. I just hate this! But, it's so hard to get my groceries and to cook. I need help. I simply can't do it any more.

    If I cannot do my cleaning, my grocery shopping, my own cooking, then what's left? Who am I if I'm not a homemaker?

    Thank you guys for letting me say that. I wouldn't say it just anywhere. You folks understand. It feels like I'm losing everything.

    Love to all,
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Dear Fay, yes I feel really on that path. You may be a little further ahead but still same path.
    Actually, I don't think HB notices how little I do and that I need him to grocery shop with me. I think he just thinks we are doing it together. I feel like I need a companion to lean on physically and mentally.

    I guess we are retired homemakers! But really I am semi-invalid. And bout the time HB retires, I will be done in as far as things around the house.

    What I have started doing, think my mother did this in her later years, I notice people on tv and while they are on, I imagine what it is like to 'be' them. Just imagine a normal life as a well person. Nothing big and just at that moment but it takes my mind off what I can't do.

    Mother loved tennis and when the tennis matches were on she told me that she was making every hit they made. Now that I think about it, when it comes to sports, I think a lot of that is done! snicker.

    I'm so glad most of us has gotten to post.

    Wonder about you Fight! Are you getting that paper work done?

    We are going to have fried rice with double veggies next week. They sell shrimp that is seasoned and I put it in a pan for 5 minutes then on top of the fried rice. It isn't homemade but it is one of my faves.

    Love you all so much.


    PS Vic, Winston is always quoting Wikipedia too!
  16. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Isn't "Weather" the thing that everyone talks about, but never does anything about?

    About El Nino and La Nina: I haven't quite figured out what they are about, other than the names are more of a reflecton on our "two sexes" interpretation of world as shown in our language. If humans had 5 sexes, then probably we would be talking about Nino uno, NIno dos, Nina tresa, Nina quatras, nina cinca. And how they have a big affect on the weather.

    As for the future, maybe we should be planning and preparing for either global warming or for global cooling.......whichever happens. (Is god flippng a coin?) Probably the "global" part is not the important thing, compared to the importance of regional or local change in weather.

    Like the Sahara seems to alternate between wet and dry periods........but do Saharan's really care about how Canada alternates between warm periods and glaciation? And what could they do if they cared?

    Ummmm, a final scientific note: The ice ages, as recorded in the Greenland glaciers, seen to have happened very rapidly. The finer the resolution of the ice layers, the faster the glaciaton. Anyway, the switch to an Ice age seems to be less than 100 years or LESS. Yikes.

    Personally, I could use a few degress warmer in the winter where I live. Cheers, Your Mr Bill

    Oh, probably, on average, the Earth is getting warmer, from most data collected. But it's only an average.

    Ummmm, there is theory that if all the sea gophers migrated to one spot, then the earth would be unbalanced and the earth would flip over.......which explains why the magnetic north and south poles appear to flip over. I don't believe that theory.......at least not yet.

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  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    thanks for the explanations (?), I tend to agree. Tho I have read
    about how the temps figure into human history - ie the dark ages were
    during the colder period, the renaissance was when Europe was warmer.

    So from that perspective and now that we are in a global economy & world,
    maybe we do all care to some extent at least? Whoever has it best will attract more people, at any rate.

    Aw Faye, I know how you feel. I've reached that stage basically already,
    many of us have obviously, it's one step at a time from working to not
    working but doing other things, to not much of anything...

    I keep in mind there are other ways to contribute. One way is computer researching for me. Don't be hard on yourself, family and friends
    I'm sure feel differently. Those that don't, well, aren't worth your
    energy to think about.

    So are y'all warming up a bit?

    Someone sent me some Maxine cartoons, I copied some of the jokes just for fun. Sure wish I could add the cartoons - the dog especially cracks me up!

    *I'm right on schedule. Winter's half over, and I'm half frozen.*

    *Here's a helpful winter tip:
    If you leave a tortilla out for a week,
    you've got yourself a handy little ice scraper!*

    *I don't make snowmen.
    If I'd wanted to hang around with a cold man
    with slush for brains I'd still be married.*

    *I don't really wanna know WHAT that is frozen
    into guys' mustaches this time of year.*

    *I'd shovel my walk except for one reason:
    Visitors might come!*
    (a good reason for some of us to NOT hire anyone to do it
    for us- at least for a few days, maybe?)

    *It's not really cold out until
    the dog's frozen himself to the hydrant.*

    Hope you're all staying warm at least. Today here was
    beautiful - blue skies 95% of the day, gorgeous and warm!
    If only it wouldn't go below about 48 at night! (LOL I know,
    I'm a baby- but like Linda, no real heat source).

    I'm still making myself herx so haven't been on much... but
    won't take another abx til Saturday night, we've been invited
    to have dinner earlier with someone we just met.

    This way I'll be somewhat normal by then, LOL. Nothing like
    being able to plan, somewhat, how ya feel!

    ((abrazos)) y dulces suenos

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  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Save the penguins!!!! They all disappeared! Sly called me up on the pengy emergency phone and told me that he cannot talk long as the glaciers around them are melting away! He did however say he is glad he didn't feel the earthquake, as he's deathly afraid of them, as am I! Hence, the reason we won't ever move to Calif. Although, I like Calif, I prefer the nice cool drink of milk from the cows here.

    Speaking of earthquakes.... Haiti hasn't had one in how many years? Usually it deals with tropical storms and hurricanes, but rarely ever earthquakes. Another sign of global warming. I feel so badly for those in Haiti. I have for years prior to the earthquake. No one seemed to care enough about the Haitians. The Red Cross ran out of medical supplies. The USS will not be arriving there for aid until Friday. Bodies all over the place. It is heart breaking to say the least. Many more trapped and/or injured will increase the number of injured and/or dead. I pray that we unite as one and that we all give help if we can.

    Well, time for me to go to bed. Sorry I've been away. I will visit here when I'm able. I wrote a new song, by the way, aside from laying down 90% of the day/night. Time to go lay down now.

    Fight :)
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    DS came down with husbands flu bug.I'm a mess of anxiety worried I'll get it.DH leaves for the start of 3wks of trips and I still haven't told FIL I'm leaving for Fl. next Fri.Do all of you get upset and scared when viruses go around?I catch everything anyway and I just feel a sense of dread because I get it so much worse.Enough of that.

    Fay-I started reading about your getting Meals on Wheels and I was smiling because that's so great for you.Then I read the rest and feel bad you feel that way.How great your daughter and grandchild comes to clean.They must love you very much.I'm sure there are plenty of people who think you have lots to offer just by being here.

    I made the Pepper and sausage stew recipe on Chit Chat yesterday and it was so good and easy.Family loved it.I used three different sausages.I love fried rice too and hope Rock jots down the recipe.

    Prayers to the Earthquake survivors.
  20. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    You folks are so special! You always understand and support each other when you are needed. Thank you for your kind words to me. I'll be fine. I just need to grieve yet another loss. Yeah, they keep coming. No point in trying to keep a tight grip on things the way they are at the moment. They are gonna change soon enough. I love you guys!

    Yes, Pam. I worry every time viruses or sore throats and colds or whatever go around. I try so hard not to catch things. But, then I get sick. I try to make a point of going to the doctor as soon as I get sick. I always tell myself that maybe I can shorten the duration that way. I sure hope you don't catch this bug with your trip coming up next week. I'll say a prayer for you.

    Spacee, you are a sweetheart. I'm sure your hubby doesn't mind helping you with the house or shopping, etc. I'll bet there have been plenty of times he has leaned on you for support too. If he's a wise man, he sees that. It's the insensitive ones who use us and abuse us and then leave us when we need their help. Yours isn't one of them.

    Vic, those cartoon captions are soooo funny!! I needed a good laugh. Thanks for posting those.

    Mr. Bill, feel free to join us whenever you want to. We are a friendly bunch!

    Fight, feel better soon, girlfriend. We'd all like to see more of you.

    My dinner arrived. And my supper. It's a quite adequate amount of food and it looks delicious. Looks like a beef pattie and roll, scalloped potatoes, mixed veggies, a small pumpkin custard w/cool whip, half pint of low fat milk, and then for supper a tuna salad sandwich and macaroni salad, and some sort of fruit juice.

    Gotta go. I'm hungry.

    Love to all,

    P.S. My thoughts and prayers are with Haiti today, also Carla as she struggles through her c risis. Prayers go a long way. I believe that.

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