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    I almost put Loungers and Bedbugs. hehe I am definitely a bedbug.

    Fay, I was the one whose symptoms go when a bug takes over and come back as I get well.
    I think it shows it is our immune system. I think in the Netherlands that they were able to get the CFS/FM symtpoms to leave with the Strep Vaccine. Then they stopped making the vaccine.

    On Facebook at the Whittemore-Peterson Institute site, they had a whole discussion in Dutch but I can't find it any more. I hope the Dutch can help us. I'll take help anywhere it comes from.

    Wouldn't it be crazy if something simple like another kind of vaccine could really help us a lot!

    Fight you are very creative if you like to sit and do that with lyrics. Shows "you got talent". (Wasn't there a show by that name). And watching the top 20 CMT with the closed caption.
    That never would have come to my mind.

    I loved Pretty Woman too.

    We are about to get some rain. Vic, I think most of the bouganvillas are dead as far as the branches and blooms go. They usually survive at the roots. I know that because of trying to kill them...snicker.

    The snowbirds are here enmass. A coworker a DH's office said that the priest at 8am last Sunday said, " At the 4:00pm on Sat we had 1400 people, I was suprised anyone showed up this am". Snowbirds like to go to the 4pm and then out to eat and home before dark. And call it a day.

    Love to all my sweeties and sleep tight! Yes, Fay, I reckon men don't say I love you much! (smiling).

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    We took FIL to get bloodwork and then the Mall on Fri.He and I waited in the coffee shop while hubby shopped.Those are words I never dreamed I would say.Anyway the caffeine gave me so much energy but the body lagged along.It was a very weird uncomfortable feeling let me tell you.My day crashed in on me when I got home so that was my big outing.No big plans at my daughters next week.I've learned better.Just hang out and watch grand-daughter and talk with my daughter.Hope your all doing well.DH is in Portland this week and I'm doing my thing at home as usual.
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    I really like this new format. So much easier on my rickity crickity computer :)

    Spacee, that's really interesting about our symptoms disappearing when we are sick/sick. I told it to my doctor several times, and he just thought it was because when we are ill in bed we are totally relaxed, and that relieves our muscle pain. I know better than that!

    Yes, it would be great if something as simple as the strep vaccine experiment could cure us, or at least improve our circumstances. I hate it that our medical profession always seems to be the last ones to learn about new findings. This country of ours is way behind the times in medicine. But, it's all we (or I) have. I'm locked into the medical insurance system and cannot go anywhere else due to cost. We must believe things will change, if not for us then for our children. My age is against me, I know.

    If I were a snowbird, that's exactly what I would too. 4:00 mass, supper out, and home by dark. Perfect! Here there are no early evening worship services to attend. There are a few evening services, but they begin at 7:00 p.m. and I don't like driving in the dark late-evening hours. Especially if there's snow or ice to battle. And, I've not been able to attend Sun. a.m. services for 2 years now. It's one more loss I've faced in recent years. Loss after loss after loss. But, I still have much to be grateful for, and I AM.

    No, men don't say I love you very often. But, we've got some good men here. I know both Rock and Barry are sensitive caring people. Good to know them, even if only in cyberspace.

    Have a wonderful, restful Sunday.

    P.S. It's raining and 38 degrees here today. I must look up bouganvilla. I have no idea what they look like, even what color they are. I listen to a broadcast of a local church service on my radio ever Sun. a.m. I'm glad for that!

    I love you guys.
    Fay in PA

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    Bumping to put the threads in the correct order.

    Fay :)
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    So much on tv today with the football games and back to back 24's.
    Those are so intense! I didn't watch the games but did the 24's.

    Pam, Fay and I seem to be on the same road
    only a little difference of space between us in what we
    can do. Well, life is always changing. That is for sure.

    I made Chicken Divan today. It's a casserole with Chicken
    broccoli, cheese and cr of mushroom soup/evap. milk and
    fried onion rings. I really don't care if I never have that
    again! haha.

    But brother wants chicken so that was chosen. Tomorrow it is back
    to Taco Soup. That is high on my list now. Love using the crock pot.

    Winston brought his poodle "Patrick". Small in size and apricot.
    Was Mother's and before her her brother's. He is a good little dog.
    We bought him his own ice cream. Haganda's vanilla. In the one serving size.

    I would love to have a dog if Winston would stay and take care of him.
    But he has responsibilities in B'ham. Mainly his 92 yo mother in law.
    And his medical treatment is at the VA there. He has had detached retinas
    that have had to be lazered back on while he was awake. Yikes! It was
    not without some discomfort.

    Son who is working at home on his Thesis got an email from his advisor
    "So sorry! I have been reading your paper late at nite and have found
    I am very grumpy then. I have been too hard on you. You have done excellent
    work. I wanted to let you know this."

    Nice! Son said he was just about ready to "throw in the towel".
    Advisor was also writing a recommendation for job!!
    Will keep you posted.

    It's cooling off a bit tomorrow to 68. We can handle that!

    Sleep well, my dear ones. My companions on this journey!

    Love you so much....


  6. sues1

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    I had Cancer.....had operation, chemo, radiation and all. My Fibro and CFS was BETTER during all of this.

    Drs. and nurses that I mentioned this to said they hear that often.....

    I said it should be part of research on WHY? What part of it helped?

    Fibro came back to "normal" strength after I was no longer going through all. Fibro is WORSE than Cancer treatments....harder to live with.

    To Everyone I send Blessings.........Susan

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    When Rockgor asked if I studied lyrics, I never thought of creating words and making new songs as studying how to make lyrics. I've always been writing or making up songs. I sing new songs in my head all of the time, and that's how they come to me. It really takes a lot of patience and the right time for a song that doesn't just come to me, however, I can write songs about whatever. It is harder to write a song than it is to just sing a new song in my head and grab the pen and a pad of paper ASAP, writing it down before I forget it two seconds later.

    It was never a talent that I tried to perfect. However, I did get really bored reading a few books that talked about how to write a song. They really did not know how to write one, but just liked to look like they knew how.

    Writing songs just comes naturally, as does writing poetry. The more I try to fit my songs into a box of "How Everyone Thinks Songs Should Be Written," the less I want to write down new songs I've created in my head.

    Well, this new med, Savella, has me pretty tired. Slept 12 hours today and yesterday too.

    Roy Orbison sung 8 different sets of octaves. You don't see that much nowadays.

    Fight :)
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  8. rockgor

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    On the topic of love, let me quote Dorothy Parker.

    "Oh, life is a joyous and wonderful song,
    a medley of extemporanea,
    and love is a dream that can never go wrong,
    and I am the Queen of Rumania."

    This was highly topical when Dorothy wrote it, because Queen Marie
    was visiting this country. She had dinner at the White House w/
    the President and first spouse.

    Sometime later, when Calvin Coolidge died and Dorothy was informed
    of same, she asked, "How can they tell?"

    This was in response to the Coolidge reputation as silent and

    Of course Dorothy was writing about romantic love. As far as love
    of friends and comrades, I love all my pals here on the board. I wish we
    could get together in a real location as opposed to cyberspace.

    Spacee, what is son's thesis about? One of my college roommates went
    to grad school and got a Masters. His field was art/ceramics. His "thesis"
    was about 3 pages long on the topic, "What my pots mean to me."
    It was sufficient for its purpose, and he subsequently taught at Ohio
    State University.

    Fight, what do you mean by Roy Oberson and 8 octaves. Even a piano doesn't
    have that many. Pretty Woman, BTW, was a big hit the year I was graduated.
    Roy's voice reminded me of Hank Snow's. A sort of black tenor.

    Better go before all this goes puff.

  9. FibroFay

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    If we could meet in one specific location like Rock wishes we could, where would you all choose? For me, it would have to be a warm place with low humidity. How about Phoenix?

    How's the humidity in Mexico? (we could still go to Vic's) I looked up bouganvillea and saw the beautiful viney, bushey plants with blooms from deep, deep pink shades all the way to white. Simply gorgeous!

    Welcome Susan! Newcomers are always welcome here. Hope you can post often.

    Spacee, that chicken dish sounds good to me. I love gooey casseroles. Your poor brother with his eye problems. Detatched retinas are a terrible thing to go through. Bless his heart! The poodle sounds sweet. I had a miniature poodle once. He was black in color, and it was fitting. He was the poodle from hell! He crippled the neighbor's duck, and he tore up the linoleum on our kitchen floor so that the floor was ruined. We eventually gave up on him and gave him away to someone who lived in another state.

    It rained all day yesterday, but today is much nicer. Sunny, breezy and cool, but not too cold.

    Has anyone heard from Victoria lately? I'm sure Jole had a big weekend, but she'll post soon. Barry has computer issues, but maybe he will check in soon too.

    Yes, Pam, Spacee, and I seem to be pretty well disabled. It sucks. But, you know what? I shouldn't complain. I've had an active life. Now it's my down time. There are much worse things to have than my illness. I should be content.

    Fight, I love Roy Orbison too! He had a tremendous vocal range. Is he still around?

    Pam, I haven't been to the HUGE mall in years. I admire your spunk in going there.

    That's all for now.

  10. fight4acure

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    He passed away long ago, but his musical gift and memories live on forever...



    He is my ultimate favorite singer and song writer.

    Fight :)

    By the way, I'm not replying on here much due to enormous pain and fatigue. The meds I've started aren't helping like they should. Maybe I just need dopamine levels boosted rather than serotonin too,... maybe some other med, other than Savella? Anyone know of just simple dopamine meds?

  11. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member


    Looks like Hank made Elvis Presley famous!

    I've fallen in love with many Canadian singer/songwriters, including Celine Dion and others, especially Bryan Adams.

    Fight :)
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    We made it through another day! How about we make it through one more,
    then one more again and so on!

    I vote that we still meet at Vic's house and see her place. It sound lovely.
    Phenix is my second choice. I really wish we could have our own 'conference.
    I have been to a couple and they are great.

    Fay, I take ritalin that raises my dopamine. I google Mayoclinic.com CFS
    and they have it under experimental drugs for CFS. Copied it and took
    it to Dr. G and he ordered it. Course, you have FM. I will look under Mayo for you.

    That Dorothy Parker. She was fearless in what she said, wasn't she?
    How could they tell Calvin Cool. was dead?

    My mother was kinda like that. She didn't care what she said to get
    a laugh out of people. They seemed to like her anyway!

    Rock your friend on the three page thesis about his Pots too funny.

    One of these days I will do a post just on the sons. It is too complicated
    for anyone to remember or care about...really. Let's just say, they sure
    have surprised me. And one of their teachers just breaks out laughing
    when she thinks of them going to the schools they have gone to. They
    were not scholars before college. Really not till post college.

    Fight, you little song writer you!! I love your interest in music. I
    wish I had had any strong interest in ANYTHING.

    Guess what. My twin called and we chatted while Winston was in the
    room watching tv. She thinks that Winston is more like her than I am like her.
    Now, I called that first. He is more like me! snicker. I think we could
    just tear him in half and she take hers and I will take mine!

    That is confusing too!


  13. spacee

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    I think the way the CFS/FM recedes when we have the flu, colds, cancer, chemo shows that
    it could be reversed pretty easily if someone could just figure out how.

    Meaning, it isn't irreversable. We could be cured. It is like a switch is turned on
    that could be turned off. But finding how to is the $60,000 question.


    Next time you meet a doctor, and you sit down in his office and he starts to talk, if you
    have the sense that he isn't listening to you, that he's talking down to you, and that he
    isn't treating you with respect, LISTEN TO THAT FEELING. You have thin-sliced him and
    found him wanting.

    Malcolm Gladwell

    A quote from the book I'm reading. It explained to me how I could back off from an Eye doc
    after 3 visits only to find that he was voted Doctor of the Year. My medical diagnosis of CFS
    was too much for him. He wanted nothing to do with me.

    I had seen that look way too many times to not turn and run.

    Well, I love you kids, as usual! My Buddies!

    Nitey nite!

  14. jole

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    Had a great weekend with all the families...but was majorily overstimulated, and on the move. My brain was zipping back and forth, I couldn't focus on anything, couldn't sit down. Felt like my grandson looks who has ADD so bad. Wonder if Concerta or something would help slow my brain down in stressful situations?

    I felt like an outsider looking in, but totally wired and ready to break into a dead run if I but had the energy to do so...lol... It's just that I HATE meds and am already on more than I want to count, and adding one more might be my breaking point.

    The kids had a really good time together. I'd sneak to the basement to spend time with the grands...they were so busy playing we didn't even know they existed! :) And the adults were playing cards or Farkle...getting as loud and boisterous as the little ones!! After resting awhile I'd manage to make it back up the stairs.

    Was so sad watching them all leave family by family. We're a huggy bunch, and it takes awhile to leave our house...lol...one son-in-law the first time he was here said we were like a bunch of hillibillies...now he says we're more like the Waltons or just "different in a good way"...haha...so he's coming around!

    Then my oldest daughter stayed today and cleaned my ENTIRE house for me before she left....I cried, and felt so useless. I love her dearly for being so thoughtful, but Fay and Pam, I so understand how you feel. Yes, I'm thankful for what I have, but I sooo still miss the old me. This is all so hard!

    Seems there were changes to the format I wasn't aware of...feeling stupid about now. I posted on the porch...didn't know we now had pages, and couldn't understand why no one had been there since the 12th. So I need to go back and admit my stupidity...lol...

    Sue, glad (well, sorry actually) to see another lounger. Hope you stay with us!! I'm like the rest of you...sicker means feeling better! Isn't that the hardest thing to explain to family? "Oh, I have the flu, I'm having a pretty good day, actually!" Right....like they believe anything you say after that..haha.

    Spacee, you must be very proud of your son! It sounds like he did a great job to actually get a compliment and recommendation from his thesis. That takes a lot of work for most people...(excluding Rock's roommate!).

    Fay, I too have given up going to church, and really miss it. Besides the pain/fatigue the panic attacks don't allow it for me. I barely made it through my daughter's wedding 2 years ago...and I won't tell anyone how much meds I took in order to do that, but it's a wonder I was still standing. Sometimes we do whatever it takes, but I won't do that again!!

    Fight, good to hear you're writing songs...and composing? Did I get that right? Anyway, it sounds like fun. I love music. Used to be able to play piano pretty good by ear (no comments, Rock). Unfortunately, I can't do that anymore. Fingers and brain seem to go in different directions. You know I wish you well.

    Rock, I too wish we could all meet. Such great people with big hearts and wonderful acceptance of others are hard to find in the "real" world. How'd we ever get so lucky?

    Vic, missing you! Hope you're well.

    I'm anticipating a flare and hoping I'm wrong, so if I'm not here for a day or so, don't be alarmed. Oh, got a call Friday that my glasses are waiting for me to pick up...now I have to get the energy to go one day this week whenever hubby is free to take me and I can stay awake...:) Love to all...........Jole
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    physically, if not mentally all of the time...

    Just stopped in briefly to say 'hi'... very tired, too busy (which isn't saying much as to how much is getting done). We're in the process of renewing things such as insurance and our visas, plus figuring out details for my DH to take a bus to Brownsville to pick up his med before he runs out (customs takes too long, 3-4 weeks!).

    Most of the problems in getting the info we need wouldn't be hard if I had a printer that worked with this computer at home. Trying to get pdf downloads printed out was impossible in town today, tho I did get the basic info printed in that jumbled sort of way that happens otherwise. Have to find a place that can actually print out the pdf in its regular form, maybe in the big city....

    (I did find a place that had a (working) fax however, that may work better/easier. Economy is bad, I guess that's why things aren't being fixed.)

    Oh yes, did I mention starting IRS taxes, LOL? We need forms; again I can't download them, Dh doesn't want to do it electronically; but we do have another way to get it. For some reason most of my gringo friends here are in the same position with their printers. Sigh.

    I skimmed over posts, don't remember much except about someone wondering how dry it is here. Well it depends on the season. Usually it's quite dry in winter an lots of sun, highs in mid 60s-70ish and nights in the low 40s, occassionally high 30s. Major rains don't start 'til June and provide relief from the heat of April-May (hottest time of the year).

    But this year it's been raining quite regularly and keeping our new plants much happier than well water would.... I don't know how Phoenix is doing weather-wise this year.

    Well even tho I didn't get to read much, you're all in my thoughts, hope everybody's doing reasonably well. I am also herxing off and on in between 'getting stuff done'. It's remarkable how monumental everything becomes as a task when not feeling good/feeling bad!

    Oh yeah, love Roy Orbison too. For some reason we listened to Leonard Nimoy's rendition of "Love of the Common People" on youtube, expecting to laugh - we were amazed at how good his voice actually was tho. Somehow it seems actors/singers rarely get to have both careers tho, it seems.

    ((abrazos)) y dulces suenos to all, and to all a good night of sleep I hope! It's after midnight here and I have to get up in 7 hours... aaaargh!


  16. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I write songs, as in lyrics, and have very limited ability to play the piano, especially over the years, and since this illness. I might be able to play a song if I practice it over and over, like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

    I say that they are songs because I'm going to eventually sing the songs and record it on tape, but I'm shy to since my voice is horrible. I use to have a voice in high school, but not anymore. They are songs in that I know exactly how I want the song to play out, as I head it in my head, but writing down what I hear or recording what I hear is impossible. I just need a band, but that's out the window too.

    So I just write lyrics, but I call them songs in that they are not poetry, but have music to them. I write my poetry far different from my songs.

    So I'm not talented. I just have dreams. Anything to try to keep my mind off this horrible illness that I feel will get the best of me eventually.

    Fight :)
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  17. fight4acure

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    Hi Hon!


    He is an actor, film director, poet, musician and photographer!

    Anyway, I'm getting off these meds. They may help others, but they are not helping me out. When my convulsions increase to the point that I wake myself up after a convulsion causes me to bite my tongue, forget it!!!! I'm done with this med~!
    I'm in far more pain than I was without the med. Feels like my head is in a vice and the pressure is increasing so much. I cannot tolerate this med anymore.

    Fight :)
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    So sorry you have such bad headaches & pain, and fatigue, everybody. I've been thru about 5+ years of 24/7 intense sinus headaches...

    fight, somewhere there's a saying it's "90% perspiration and 10% inspiration" or thereabouts... I tend to think that's true.

    Most that are the most creative in any field are not child prodigies.

    John Hughes, Director/Writer of Home Alone, got the inspiration when he and his family were going to Paris and he was standing in the airport with them mentally reviewing the details, and the thought occurred, what if I was thinking so hard about all this and totally forgot one of the kids? LOL.

    Hopefully tonight I can sit down and read this whole thing entirely, honestly I'm not ignoring anyone, love y'all! TTYL!

  19. Ranigar

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    Sorry Fight I have no suggestions on meds to boost your levels.I could use some help myself.My energy level has declined so much since winter set in.There is no pushing through this wall of exhaustion.I have no idea how I'm going to fly to Fl. Fri.I can't think about it now.

    I'm laying around so may as well read.The political book out called Game Change about the Presidential race is really good.I can't put it down.Very interesting read.

    I need another haircut and I swear I just said this not long ago.Not today anyway.
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Lost my post.

    Between the vagaries of the computers and my poor befuddled mind,
    it is getting more and more difficult to post.

    I need a secretary. HaHa! More and more we need what Marthla
    (Gordon always refers to her as "Marthla") Stewart already has:
    a Staff.

    People to post for us, clean for us, cook for us, well, you get the idea.