Loungers # 20 (Folks short of energy)

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    Spacee started this series. It's for those of us who don't gots much pep.
    But she thought it sounded better to say we lounge around the house rather
    than saying we just drag ourselves around and never get much done.

    Guests, friends, newcomers and the curious are always welcome. Since
    I retired 5 years ago, the board has been my social life.

    Just woke up (awake most of the night as usual). There was so much
    commotion going on I thought the neighbors were moving out. Be
    kinda strange since they just moved in last month. Well, anyhoo, it's
    quiet now.

    My goals for the day are to water the plants and do the dishes.

    Hugs and waves to all

  2. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    How are you all doing?

    I'm trying to listen to the video on XMRV. It's too big for my computer to handle. My computer is 12 years old, time for a new one but no money for one. Plus the sound quality is so bad that I don't understand why they even recorded it. I wish I could watch it and wish I could at least hear it. Sounds like its a million miles away.

    Well, time to get something done today. Probably clean up this messy office, go to the store to buy expensive printer inks both in black and color, and then create a booklet out of staff paper for my songs, so that I don't have to draw the notes on regular paper.

    I re-read your bio Rocky, and I see that moving away helped you out a lot. I think it will help me to move away from my family. I have almost always been blamed as the root cause of ALL of their problems.

    My mother is acting out because she sees I'm serious in moving. She says my father stirs the pot and creates all of the rumors about me, but I know she stirs it more than he does. My mother is acting all depressed because I'm moving, and trying like heck to talk me out of my dream to write songs. She's thrown every negative scenerio. But at least she didn't insult me like my father did when he heard the news, not wanting me to move away.

    I'm having a down day after a visit with my bf. I can feel his emotions, even though he avoids talking about them, in regards to my moving. But, it may be the best thing for me, and him, to move on. Sometimes one doesn't know what they have until it's gone. So, my heart is breaking, but I really want to pursue my dreams.

    Got an appt with my doc sometime next week. I have to call them up to find out when, as I don't remember what day or time. I hate going to the doctor, as nothing good comes out of it anymore. No further tests to find out why my previous blood levels had some abnormalities. No continuation of other tests that came back abnormal. There's always some excuse to not continue to find out why my tests were abnormal. And, he'd rather not have me as a patient anymore, as he's made this clear with the way I've been treated lately.

    It's sunny outside, but the cold and the windchill are in the single digits. Another two nights of below zero temps.

    I've got so much to plan and do, but I don't know what should be done first. I have to force myself to do things like go out once in a while, and clean my office, etc. I have lots of motivation, but don't want to feel the pain and fatigue. That's why I have to do a little at a time. You wouldn't want to see my messy place that looks liek a tornado hit it.

    Don't have much time to devote to my music the next few days, and that doesn't please me... as I'm so much better emotionally when I write my diary, my soul, into music.

    Fight :)

    Maybe I should take a nap, but my cousin is coming home, and he blares the TV loudly. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I tried to lay down already, but my muscles are jumping all over the place, keeping me awake. So I guess I'll take some tylenol and hope I can get through the pain of cleaning. I'll take several breaks.

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  3. jole

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    Oh my gosh...heehee...you won't believe what I just put! Looners! I'm so sorry, have a migraine and can't think, but wanted to let you know I'm still alive at least. Love to all...Jole
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Sorry Jole, that you have a migraine... that was similar to the beginning of the week for me except it's sinus - but feels similar to migraine imho. (I've had both).

    Yes, I think we could call ourselves looners too, certainly manyothers think we ARE, right? LOL.

    'Loungers".... as in sitting around eating chocolates watching soaps... that's what it always conjures up in my mind as meaning....! LOL - as if! Altho we might look the part except for the part about eating all those chocolates.

    Toxic families and relationships - for sure they are a stress.... I have read so many posts on the main board about those whose marriages have broken up to find that afterwards they are better off... and also the same about leaving toxic family members.

    I know that I made sure to never live near my in-laws as they were the type to try to run our lives... except they followed us ultimately! My DH had to finally strongly encourage them to move back to Florida where they were happier with so many more people their own age and no longer dependent on us - and we were happier having them out of our hair.

    At the time we had no kids, and were pretty active between work and friends. TG they'd signed a contract to buy a house 3 weeks before I found out I was pg with our first kid, or they'd likely have never left.... LOL. Granted, we took care of them the last 2 years of their lives at our house, but at that point it was a different story of course.

    Hey Rock, have you ever tried listening to an audio book when you can't sleep at night? I find at least I'm entertained and can lay down.... and usually it puts me to sleep as long as it's not too intriguing/exciting.

    LOL some philosophy 'greats' and history subjects are really good at putting me to sleep. Especially if I try to concentrate on what they're saying. Weird how that works, even tho I'm often actually interested in the subject.

    Listening also helps me to stop thinking about any worries I might have that would otherwise keep me up. I also have a white sound machine since we're out in the country and it is SO quiet otherwise, can hear every move anybody (well, my DH) or any of the dogs make, worse-- one of my dogs snores. Not even my DH snores, lolol...

    Well, we got our renewed visas today and some shopping done for the next 3 weeks, Yay! SO glad the visas were ready when they said they'd be.

    now I'm exhausted and gonna lay down and listen to a book...

  5. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Jole, I hope your headache lets up soon. When I was a kid I used to get terrible migraines, and then I'd throw up and the headache would let up. Then I'd feel so tired and sleep for awhile. I outgrew that eventually, thank goodness. In adult life I would occasionally get a migraine with visual disturbances. My mother always got migraines too. I guess I inherited it from her.

    Yes, Fight it might be good for you to be on your own. At least you can give it a try. You are an adult and need your own space and your own life. Being a mother, I do understand your parents' worries about you. They know you have health problems and they don't want you to be far away because they think you may need them. And you WILL need them. But, it will be more of an adult/adult relationship, rather than parents/child. Right? You have a right to your independence. You will find your way. And you can still stay in close touch with healthy boundaries.

    For myself, splitting with my abusive husband was the best thing for me. I'm far better off alone. The stress was crippling! Yes, it's hard being alone. But, it's harder being where you are not safe!

    Jole, about us being "Looners", or "Loonies", tomorrow night is Full Moon. So, maybe that term applies. haha. LOL.

    It's 17 degrees here and will dip lower over night. Fight, you are sending that frigid air over my way, aren't you? :) So nice of you to share:)

    I still have sore throat and head cold but I've been going to bed early at night and I can tell I'm recovering slowly. Lots of hot tea, and honey/lemon throat lozenges.

    Everyone have the best weekend you can. Catch you later.

  6. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Thanks for understanding. Yes... all is true. One thing is, if Nashville and Memphis were in WI, that would be the only reason I would put up with this FF, lol... F...... Freezing, temps.

    Don't blame me about the Winter Storm and cold! The pengys caused a big uproar with father weather... as they prefer the cold. Guess they're heading to the bible belt too, because they're having a Winter Storm Warning now, lol.

    Fight :)


  7. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I'm sure that my parents will find a way to try to control my life, lol, even if I'm miles away from them, lol.

    My family has been good to me at times, for certain things..., but it's one of those things that makes space a better option when there are so many difficulties.

    As far as my bf goes, I'll have a lot of love songs to write about him. He knows he'll be my inspiration... as will my silly family.

    Glad you got your visas renewed! Did you remember that the pengys need their renewed? Maybe Georgia can renew them, since she's apparently bringing them down to your place when visiting with you, lol!


    Fight :)
  8. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    It's a very beautiful snow and I don't know how much they are calling for as I haven't checked the forecast. I think most of it will be south from where I live.

    I did laundry and read the newspaper and had lunch. Going to read a bit this afternoon, but first want to check in with all of you. Hope everyone is holding their own as far as pain and fatigue goes. I'm stiff as a board today! That's probably due to the storm system that's upon us.

    Rock, I think I remember something from when I was a small child about "Pep" being the name of a breakfast cereal. Do you recall that?

    Warm Hugs,
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria-I had to laugh as I read your post because here I sit eating chocolates!

    Jole-I'm sorry about your migraine.My SIL gets them and I can't imagine how you cope.Fay-My throat has been sore for the last few days but doesn't seem to be turning into anything.Honey lemon Hall's helps though.

    Fight- good luck with your plans.Sounds very adventurous.

    Been lounging around all week after my trip and pacing myself to get my routine back.Had breakfast out this morning with husband before my weekly outing of grocery shopping.Yea!
    I came home and slept from all the excitement.I'm such a wimp.
    Your Looney friend Pam
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    I survived the day of sleeping yesterday, woke up this am at 11am. Feel pretty rested here at 10:30pm.

    Dysfunctional. I did manage to leave the state and all my relatives when I got married. THAT helped. But not as much as when the older general all passed could I really breathe a sigh of relief. Such dominating people...I don't get it. My twin can be that way but I just back off. She stays pretty busy so that helps.

    Thanx for starting the new thread Rock. I haven't been back to read the other posts yet. That was so enjoyable reading the crazy lyrics.

    Brain is out of whack more than usual. Kept trying to think of doctor's names that I couldn't remember. Then while resting I remember that the kid is going to graduate in May and I couldn't remember the name of the hotel where I made reservations. Whew, that was nerve racking. I think it is a Marriott. We were told to make them before Thanksgiving.

    Then I remembered that I have folders for CFS stuff (Red) and his college stuff is in a blue folder so I am hoping it is there. Oh, crap no. Just his medical stuff. Rolling my eyes. Oh boy, a new project.

    Fight. darn it. Having to go to a doctor who doesn't want you as a patient. I mean, it is bad enough going anyway. That is soooo bad.

    Kids, just want to warn you there is a med out there for tickle coughs. It has codiene in it and costs $99. Why doesn't it cost so much. They have been making tylenol and codiene forever. But I guess this is something new and no generic. DIL had to get it cause of coughing for 3 weeks and finally not sleeping for 3 nites. Of course, dr. office had closed and no way to say "what were you thinking". She has to pay for rx's and then submit...that is harkening back to the old ways.

    Vic, your dog snores but your DH doesn't. Haven't heard that before. Cracks me up.

    I have cut out my chocolate habit since I am over the flu now.

    Have ya'll seen the little can's of coke? 7.5 oz. So cute. I have one diet and maybe one regular one. It's the little things that perk me up!!

    Love you all!!!

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  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Vic, did you say that we don't have bobcats here? (Alright to plead the 5th!). We do and they are not even endangered.

    Barry, you have an idylic sounding place. Very beautiful.

    We won't be pretty again til spring is here for sure. Too much freeze damage.

    Seeing a LOT of birds stopping by for a bite. Where are they off to...not up north yet! Just looking for food, I guess.

    More energy tomorrow for everyone, I hope. This is my social life too (except sis and brother). It is so nice to have everyone....even the lurkers!!


  12. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Hey! I got 14 hours of sleep today... 6 1/2 the first time, then I was only up for an hour or two, and then went back to bed until 8 p.m. central time. I'm still pretty tired, but at least I don't look it as much and my body got some needed rest. Haven't been sleeping well with all the change that's been on my mind, and I've always had probs with my bf, but that will change when I move. If he wants me as a friend anymore, he's going to have to prove it... which he hasn't done well previously. I've done my part and keep on getting hurt. He's a nice guy when he wants to be.

    I've been avoiding my mother because I know she will attempt to control my plans on my move to TN. It's okay for a mother to be concerned, but when she gets demanding and controlling and tells me exactly how to live my life all of the time, it bothers me a lot. I've told her this many times and she never gets it. If we train people to treat us a certain way, then maybe I need to learn how to train better. Yes, it is nice to escape dominating people.

    Most dominating people would prefer to live other people's lives because they are depressed with their own and would prefer to act like their lives are perfect, or it is someone else's fault. They just do not get how intrusive and overbearing that they are to us. Don't we all love people who stuff advice down our throats constantly, especially when we do not ask for it. Then when we tell them to stop doing that, and we tell them why, they just don't get it. Once in a while I'll either hang up on them or scream at them, or write them a nasty email. I try not to be that way, but when they don't let you breath and live your life the way you think it should be, and constantly act like you couldn't do without them, that's what really gets me upset.

    Now my mother is going through that phase, wondering how I'll be able to live without her. I know she's still try to control me from far away, but she won't have as much influence. When I told her to just move down to TN, I didn't mean it. And when she said she might, I'm hoping she doesn't, and will not tell her this, because she will do whatever I ask her not to do.

    Congrats to Brian!!!! You're one proud Mama! Does he mention his plans after graduating?

    I'm glad the funny poem/song made your day! .... and other crazy songs too, lol!

    Yes, my doc is not one that people are too fond of... so it really is no surprise.

    I'm making banana bread tomorrow. Does anyone have a good recipe????

    Fight :)
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Fight, my 1st dil loves living overseas cause it puts an ocean between her and her dominating Dad. I call it "he hasn't stopped parenting" but really parents shouldn't dominate their young kids either.

    Thanks about congrats to Brian. We call him Parker but, hey, Brian is close enough! He is going to do an internship in Hospital Chaplaincy. He does NOT want to be a Chaplain but you have to do some sort of internship to open other doors. Don't ask me any more than this..cause I am feeling darn lucky that he has told me this much! He keeps things to himself. Personally, I think working with the CIA would be a great choice, they would never get him to give up information...snicker.

    I FOUND the hotel reservation!!!!! I put it in the Itunes folder on Hotmail! WooHoo. I think that file is going to be MY top secret one to go to!

    Fight, as the mother of 3 sons, I have a bit of motherly advice. Lower your expectations! I know I have. Just kidding about you doing it, Fight. Serious about me. My sister has started a support group called MoM's Mother's of Men Support.

    My oldest son isn't like that but his wife had to do some serious retraining of him for 5 years or so after they got married. He's a great husband.

    Why didn't I train. Well, I was sick and they never stay home long enough...sports, sports, sports.

    Ok, Kids....have an relaxing Sunday. And if your ice cream is too hard to scoop out to a bowl, eating straight from the container is easier. That is the late nite munches though.

    Love you all!!!

  14. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    This is new for me. I showered and then went to trim my toenails and I just barely was able to reach my toes no matter how I positioned my legs and feet. Oh Dear! Don't tell me I'm losing yet more independence. I've got to make it through this year though, then I can go to a podiatrist to get my nails cut since Medicare will pay. Or, will they? We just never know anymore about Medicare, do we? Bummer! It's so hard.

    Parental Issues: My youngest daughter and I struggled for a long time with my "helping" her in every way I possibly could. She just couldn't seem to get her life together, and I, being the loving mother I am, helped financially, gave her the food out of my cupboards and the clothes off my back. The problem was she was being terribly disrespectful toward me. Ungrateful and verbally abusive. Finally, I just stopped helping her. Didn't give her a penny. Nothing. It was hard for several months as she was very shocked and confused by my actions. She withheld my granddaughters from me for months at a time. I didn't give in. I don't know how it came about, but it's several years later and we have a mutually respectful relationship. I do not help unless she asks and it's a ligitmate need. Then I do what I can. I think we get along much better.

    Pam, that's the kind of throat lozenges I have on hand. I always stock up in September with cold meds. so I'm prepared for the winter. Sorry you have a sore throat too. It does sound like you are taking care of yourself. I'm trying to do the same.

    Spacee, aren't those little cans of Coke nice? I get the Pepsi though. I keep them on hand for when the kids come to visit. I haven't bought ice cream much over the cold months. Brrr! Too cold for it. Florida would be sooo nice today. I have friends who are there now (snowbirds). They are about 2/3 of the way down, about one hour from the Everglades. She sent me a card last week and made me so jealous! :)

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

  15. jole

    jole Member

    Hi dear friends! Spacee, yes we've had those little cans around for a few years now. Wish they were cheaper, because they're actually just the right size for me! Takes me all day to get a can of soda down.

    Fight, the issue with parents is world-wide I think, and every child feels the same somewhat. Although some parents hold on tighter than others. I had a hard time if I felt one of my kids were making a wrong decision that might affect them negatively, otherwise I was very happy for them, even if it meant they were farther away.

    My youngest daughter and I butted heads about her marriage at 18, but we gave her a nice wedding and our blessings...after explaining to her why we felt it was wrong for her. Well, it was, and after the divorce we helped her for a year until she became independent for herself and daughter. Now she is our pride and joy!!

    So although things might not seem the best right now, don't give up. Do what you need to do, and remember they may always come around later and love you more once you prove to them just how strong you really are! Parents just worry, it's the nature of things. Wishing you the very best!

    Fay, shoot! Each little step of our independence gone is a real loss, isn't it? I'm hoping it's just the weather and a little extra stiffness causing your problem, and the next trim will go much better. No one ever warns people as to the mental anguish of getting older. It always just looks like it comes easily. Wish I'd known all this when my mother was going through it so I could have been more understanding. Although she never talked about anything.

    Pam, hope you and Fay get to feeling better soon. Sore throats are miserable and can make you hurt all over. Do you have lots of pictures from your trip to look at and bring good thoughts back? I love pictures for that!

    Rock and Vic, I think I must be missing posts, 'cause I can't remember seeing either one of you for awhile. But then I wasn't thinking for a few days, so maybe that's it. Miss ya!

    Today I'm having a fairly productive day. Did a load of laundry, a load of dishes, and actually cooked a meal!!! Should have seen the look on hubby's face :) But it probably won't last long 'cause another front is moving through with fog and sleet for tomorrow morning, which means more pain again.

    One thing I haven't noticed this winter like most is the lack of tumbleweeds blowing through the yard. Yes, we have them in the summer and winter. But not this year for some reason. Never missed them until now.

    Also haven't seen many rabbits outside. Guess it's even too cold for them. But the other morning when it was windstill the birds were singing so pretty.....almost gave me spring fever instead of cabin fever for an instant...lol...

    But the coyotes are howling every night! Sounds like hundreds of them off in the pastures. I worry about peoples calves, but know the mommy cows keep them safe. We won't have calves until March. We time it closer to warm weather so they don't have the stress of the winter weather, and they seem to do well. I love those little ones!

    I finally finished reading the book The Red Tent. I cried sooo much from the middle of the book to the end. It seemed slow at the beginning, but turned out to be an exceptional book.

    Okay, all for now, since I seem to have written a book of my own...lol...wishing all a good day and a better week ahead! Love to all.............Jole
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Jole...so good to read your long, newsy post. Means you are feeling better. Glad for that.
    Living where there are coyotes seems like a different world to me. Guess it is. And I don't think I have ever seen a tumbleweed in person. Haven't heard of the Red Tent either...bet Rock and maybe Vic and Fay have. What was it about?

    Thinking that Fight and some of the rest of us are watching the Grammy's. Very, very entertaining. They do a great job.

    Can you believe this one: I mailed my twin a brown velour jogging suit that I bought a couple of years ago. Thought it would get me out of my pj's more. Never wore it. I used a priority box cause it was easier (why else?). Well, I didn't check the weather in Virginia. I didn't expect snow...rarely does where she lives.

    So, she is out making a snowman in the snow (see how much energy the girl has) and the postman honks and gives her my priority package. She has her DH take a pic of her out in the snow and holding the package up. Posts it on FB and makes fun of me for sending the pack. priority mail.

    I wish the post office accepted garbage bags! Boy, the Grammy's are really good. Hope everyone is watching!!

    Love and hugs to all.

  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    never heard of the Red Tent... not sure I want to. I make a point of not reading sad stories or movies if I can escape it. It's not a good escape for me....

    Currently listening to a Donald Westlake book, "Get Real'; he writes kind of crazy stuff sort of like Hiassen & Dave Barry. This is only 2nd book of his I've read (well, listened to) - the first one was hilarious, I thought. It was........ wait a sec, gotta look it up: Trust Me on This, about a sort of Nat'l Inquirer type reporter. Now that I looked him up, I see how much he wrote- sure wish the libraries had more on audio!

    Yesterday was a big herx, spent most of the day laying down and listening to the above book... and dozing. I find that often I don't miss much since these are unabridged novels, LOL and most are not that tightly written.

    Spacee, no, I said "no cougars/mountain lions"!!!! TG! Tho you're in Florida, so you might occasionally see one if you're not lucky. The only time I (think) I heard bobcats it sent the hair standing up on my neck, eeriest cries I've ever heard - 2 nights in a row at dusk. Our dogs went crazy but didn't venture down to the spring LOL. Lots of coyotes here in Mexico, they especially like to howl at just after sundown.

    What is Brian/Parker (sounds like his whole name LOL) 's degree in? Sounds like he's off to a good start in gaining experience, even if it isn't exactly what he thought he wanted to do... Is your twin fraternal? Even if she is female, lol? I've read about lots of twins who thought they were identical found out they were actually fraternal, just looked very similar.... you 2 don't sound that identical?

    Yep, one of my dogs snores, but not too badly plus, since i use a white noise machine, it's not bothersome. We had a 135# Great Pyrenees once that slept on the balcony outside my daughter's room - she'd have to get up and shoo her off the balcony because her snoring actually made the windows in her room rattle, LOL!

    RE controlling families... the other reason why some are so controlling is they want their kids to take advantage of opportunities they never had. My BF from grade school has seen her mother about 2X in the past 25 years because of this. To her mother, she is a failure because she did not 'do as well' financially as her younger sister, who became a corporate lawyer and lives in the Hancock Tower in Chicago. Never mind anything else.

    Fay, so sorry, it's so hard to keep losing little bits/pieces of one's independence... it's amazing how less flexible I realize I'm getting, it's scary. I used to be almost too flexible tho not double-jointed... hoping that when I start Tai Chi again this will help. Yoga's out for me, can't do even 'adjusted' positions for one reason & another.

    LOL I love hot toddys when I get the flu... a shot of whiskey with lots of honey & lemon, soak in epsom salts baths, add in the extra vitamin C, ecchinacea, thymulus and Sambucol, and I'm usually lots better by the next day IF I do it right away.

    Pam, it's okay about the chocolates LOL.... my favorite too if I could let myself eat them more often. Some of those stereotypes are too easy to 'fit', aren't they? I think we should start new stereotypes that we DON'T fit <grin>

    How much snow did you get, Fay? I have read others talking about, oh no-more *now! So I found this quote to send everyone to make them feel better:

    “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” (John Ruskin)

    Easy for me to say, I know!!!! TG!

    fIGHT - will you ever tell us your real 1st name? Seems weird to always call you that. Use a name you wished you had been named? LOL back about controlling parents - my friend that I talked about actually even changed her name because every time she heard her name said by anyone else, she always heard her mother's voice in her head...

    ANYway... what I wanted to ask... so is your boyfriend gonna visit you to give you extra inspiration? Long term relationships can work out quite well I'm told. Absence makes the heart grow fonder or so they say.

    Pengys don't need visas renewed, lucky things... what kind of income do they have to show anyway? If all the birds required visas... boy, border control would have a hard time...

    Rock, hope you're ok... and got everything watered. By the time I get done, it's usually time to start all over.

    Barry, hope you haven't run off to dance with the wolves or even the coyotes....

    Dulce Sueños a todos-

    - I hope I do, a quick thunderstorm rumbled over, hope there's no more tonight as my dogs keep me up then. You know, my kids didn't even wake me up when they were little because of that.

    So yes, my dogs
    1) keep me up like scared little kids and
    2) one snores while my DH doesn't.
    Somebody remind me why I still love these dogs.....? LOL

  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    This was the worst ever Grammy Awards... why? It was outright tacky. It's one thing to have good performances by good performers, but some were just strutting their stuff, trying to get more money and pretending that they've got the greatest bodies ever. Here I thought Lady Gaga was bad (but did you see her clown outfit?),... but then Pink got on the stage, or her performance was up in the air, in more than one ways. While the men may have liked it, it was downright nasty... especially not a kid for young girls and boys who are supposed to be taught how to be respectful of women and not treat them like meat. I cannot believe the level some of the singers are stooping to.

    I missed Keith Urban's performance... was he on there? I did like my favorite country band's performance though, Lady Antebellum. And I loved seeing one of my favorite country souloests, from Sugarland, Jennifer Nettles, singing with my 2nd favorite rock group, Bon Jovi! And I loved the duet with the great singer Mary J. Blige & Bocelli singing! Although their voices didn't always match up.

    Someone asked for my first name. I wish not to share that. I like the fact that I can come here for support and still have my annonymity, as I'm sure others feel that way too. I've given enough info, so that last thing I will do is share my name, first or last.

    Jole, thank you for the comments! I hope things work out for the best. I just wish they'd stop thinking I was some failure, and realize that this illness has a lot to do with it being so hard to do things.

    Fight :)
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  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Throat isn't hurting anymore.I suspect a flare has struck.Backache,joints ache so bad it's hard to get out of bed but can't lay there either,headaches,exhaustion.Sound familiar everyone?I know these are everyday symptoms for most of us daily but since Sat. afternoon it's 10 times worse.I can't push through today.I'm frustrated and quite sorry for myself today.Hate feeling helpless and hopeless.Can I cry on your shoulders?
  20. jole

    jole Member

    Yes, my shoulder's free...and you can cry on it anytime! I went through the same thing a few days ago and sure understand! Even though we know it'll get better, I always get very depressed during a bad flare due to that hopeless feeling. The pain/fatigue, inability to even take care of ourselves causes us to feel as though our life is over.

    But then the sun comes back out and we're given a reprieve from that terrible moment once again. Life takes on meaning again and the small things are our blessings. So lean on my shoulder, wait on the sun, and it'll get better :) Gentle (((hugs)))........Jole