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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Is that a good saying??? I think it was around when I was a child.

    PLZ read the posts you didn't before this one started.

    You know, most of you are paranoid about using your real name and I am the one who should worry about it. My relative had a for real stalker, who wrote love poems about them and published it and donated the profits (none) to CFS research. No wonder they didn't find XMRV sooner. Much more I could add but won't.

    That is why I started with Spacee.

    Anyway...good news. Have deep cleaned the kitchen today. Well, a good bit of it. First time
    in two years. Are we seeing a pattern??? Hmmm. Must be that B-12 Extreme. It doesn't work the first day I use it but the 2nd. But we are all different...so, if you tried it, who knows. I am wondering if I should take it daily. Might give it a test run to see if it gives me serious PEM. (Post Exertional Malaise).

    I dreamed a dream last nite. It was terrible. A gator was chasing me and trying to bite me. Never did. Kept waking up and going back to the same dream.

    Ok...back to the B-12. Don't think the energy lasts more than a few hours.

    Gotta finish the kitchen. Oh and YES, I am listening to music while I scrub. That is a rare thing too with sound sensitivity.

    I'm having Gordon's Meatloaf for dinner. All ready cooked and defrosted from
    when I made it. (It was what DH called *a welcome relief* snicker. Gotta love him.

    Love you all!!


  2. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Time for my steaming cup of Bigelow Lemon Lift Decaffeinated Tea. Wish you all could join me.
    I've had a pretty good day. Last night's 3 inches of snow is about gone. Cleaned up and somewhat melted. Will refreeze tonight on the roadways though. Schools opened two hours late this a.m. due to slippery roads. But, all's well for now.

    Pam, I'm thinking of you and hope you are feeling a little better. Better yet tomorrow. Take care of you.

    Spacee, is the B-12 the stuff you place under your tongue? Are you taking it every other day? I'm glad it's working for you. Congrats on getting your kitchen cleaned. That's a real accomplishment for any of us.

    Jole, I'd love to see a pic of your Aussie with the kitties all piled around her to keep warm. Sounds like a calendar picture! Oh, and I love rice pudding and bread pudding too. Used to make them for my family. Nowadays I buy a little at the deli when I'm hungry for it. I cook no more.

    Do any of you guys have one of the "T" cars that have been recalled? That's quite scarey, isn't it? And a real break for American made vehicles! It's always one thing or another.

    Hope you are all doing well. That last Lounger's Thread will remain in the archives indefinitely. Quite a thread, don't you think? What got into us??? hahaha.

    Love ya,
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Chortle, chortle.

    She leads us down the primrose path til Vic asks her name and she won't give it.

    Then Fay, you won't either. (hanging my head).

    Nah, just being silly. I perfectly understand why anyone would not want to give
    their real names here. Perhaps even I have gotten too comfortable...can't be
    too careful, you know. I mean we have people right here in our little town
    being arrested with machines in their home to duplicate all sorts of documents.

    One little old lady (bout my age!), was at the bank and (she is kinda short) a woman
    was trying to copy her bank acct # over her shoulder. The police came and arrested
    her....found those machines in her home.

    This is sorta a rant here but I amazes me how people will sit and try to figure out
    how to get money without having to go to work. Stealing is what I am talking about.

    Ok, enough of that. Small towns are not what they used to be!

    Back to the thread. I found it extremely funny and alot of us did but I don't think it
    is everyone's sense of humor.

    Another example...flatulence. My dil (according to my son on FB) has for the past
    11 years that he has known her, never failed to crack up at flatulence jokes. That
    type of humor is definitely not my cup of tea (not even lemon decaf!). I would
    smile politely but definitely not crack up.

    Maybe we could have a "not your real name" thread every so often! That does make
    me laugh. LOL

    Idol is just about on. Gotta see how wrong I get it this time!

    Love you all!!

    Col Mustard
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I know I've said this before, but, the weather here is reallllly strange! what a night last night especially.

    It started raining yesterday around noon.... got worse, pouring buckets... & lots of thunder & lightning at night, about every 45 minutes or so- Just enough to keep me & the dogs awake (more about that later).

    It is STILL raining. I think we've gotten 12" in this time period (wonder what that equals to in snow????) More than a few we've met who have lived here all their lives have never seen weather like this.

    Worse tho- my one really neurotic dog just was wild, seems to get crazier with each storm in this past year. Seriously I've always thought he had lyme since he has gone lame every so often in one leg every few months since a pup, a typical symptom, tho no test ever showed it. I'm beginning to wonder if at 9 yo he has it in the brain?

    I took your suggestion (again), Barry, and used valium (on him, not me!)
    ... 1st time I'd tried 5 mg, but it didn't do anything. This time i gave him 3/4 of a 10 mg pill.... well, he 'sorta' relaxed as long as I was sitting up, but by 4 AM when the t-storms were gone, he got crazy again when I wanted to get in bed. I finally had 3 of the dogs up on my bed (reminds me of Jole talking about the aussie with the kitties!?), but had to hold onto him for about an hour before he relaxed and slept a few hours!

    I really don't know how much longer I can deal with it, sigh, makes my heart break because I'm not seeing any solutions. If we make a kennel for him outside, he'll just howl. I am going to seriously research psychotropics for dogs to see if there's a cheap one here that might help... anyone have any experience?

    Anyway, my internet has been really wonky. Due to my elevation and the fact that the mountain that I get my signal from is even higher, the clouds are continually interfering with my signals :( It took me 30 minutes to finally get a message sent from google. So thought I'd pop in here quickly from my rainy universe and say "Hi y'all"...

    altho I sympathize with you, Rock, re your modem... so if it broke, how did you make your post here? did you have an extra computer or modem?

    (who seriously wishes there was a door she could crawl thru to get somewhere else right now-- where it's not raining and no neurotic dogs!)

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  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Vic is fine... LOL... almost anything is as long as it's not insulting.

    Fight: I had a friend intercept them (edited to say, 'them' are the PENGYS) and demagnetize their compasses... I TOLD you they'll be seeing you soon, unless you're hiding in a snowbank they forget to slide down... but find them, because they're bring you some of my special wry bread...

    (who wants to believe in Santa...)

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  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think that is a song...probably not though.

    Poor doggies. I feel for you and them. Sounds like you are having a monsoon season. Like they have in the Orient. Only the year I lived there...never came. Just as well (for me).

    Ginny, I cannot promise to not insult, mock or make fun of. ;)

    Anything can happen on this board.

    Fayette, yes, the B-12 is sublingual. I have tried others but none have worked like this one.
    I took another today and never took a nap or *brain rest*. Hope I sleep tonite. This one from
    ProHealth is the 5,000mcgs. They sell another but it is weaker. Can't vouch for it.

    Methinks it is niteynite time!

    Love to all,

    Tequila (Makes Her Clothes Fall Off)

  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    you should at least have all that fruit on your head to distract as your clothes fall off, plus it goes with the 'south of the border' theme.

    mocking & making fun of are ok, not too sure about the insult part LOL...

    Make that Marilyn when you talk to me, I am blonde, hehehehe....

    The only type of B12 that ever worked for me was injectible IM. I had to sit down in order to stab myself; if I stood, I always jumped out of my way...

    You were lucky to miss the monsoon - where did you go? It is still raining steadily, but the clouds must be higher since I'm getting a better signal. This place is NOT supposed to have monsoons. Especially in winter - traditionally very dry.

    speaking of signals... perhaps I need to learn a new way of communicating, just in case... ham radios still work don't they?

    So, here's a start, anybody know what this is:

    ... .-- . . - -.. .-. . .- -- ...

    Rosie the Welder

  8. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Because I haven't got once ounce of sleep.

    I sirened off the pengy call. They're going to have to drive me down to TN this weekend for a short trip, as I'm too tired to drive myself.


  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    You all have been very busy on here and gave me a laugh.I'm over my meltdown and resigned to waiting out the winter until I feel somewhat better.Although 6 more weeks of winter were predicted by the groundhog.

    I have a question though.Someone suggested a nice bath but are any of you able to really get into a bath comfortably?I get in and feel all my bones poking into the hard tub and then I'm a turtle on my back trying to get out.Showers for me but I sure miss a soak.

    Funny story my DD told me.SIL was scolding my 2yr. old GD and he started to give the 123 count we've all used as a warning.He said one and she said twooo and he said no no,one,two three and she yelled four.He put her in time out and had her say sorry to mommy but I asked my DD if she even understood and she laughed and said she probably though she miscounted Mom lol.

    All of you NMRN folks.I use my name but usually use my daughters birthstone elsewhere.

    Edith Bunker
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mama Kitty is here. Usually the cats won't come in the house
    during the day, but this morning, she insisted. She is napping
    on the carpet. Every now and then she lifts her head and makes
    a little chirp.

    When I get done w/ this post, I will give her some chicken Gordon
    brought down from the freezer. He said give it to the cats. I
    tasted it. Seemed alright to me.

    Did you make your meat loaf, Spacee? Did I tell you about
    the friend who invited us to dinner and served meat loaf. It
    was very good. He put mushroom soup in it. He was a member
    of our bridge club. Was Rita Coolidge's manager. Gave us
    several of her tapes when he moved to Hawaii. Haven't heard
    from him since.

    How do you like this for a meatloaf recipe. Put three whole,
    hard-boiled eggs in the center of the loaf. "A delightful surprise
    for your guests." Sounds a tad on the loony side to me.

    Fay, Gordon and I both have "T" cars, but they have not been
    recalled. His is 20 years old. Mine is 2 years older. Now that
    I don't work, I hardly put any mileage on it at all.

    Pam, your 2 year old granddaughter can count? Good for her.
    I taught my son to read when he was 3. Made flashcards. It
    was a game. He learned to recognize a few dozen words. Could
    arrange them to form sentences.

    Victoria, my modem stops working for brief periods. Usually
    just a couple minutes. Happens 0 to 6 times a day.

    RE: dogs, I just started a dog book. Better check. Yes, it's
    called Merle's Door by Ted Kerasote. I bet his name gets
    misspelled as creosote a lot. Probably puts him in a black

    Jole, what kind of crane did you see? I saw a cattle egret in
    the San Fernando Valley once. They are white, miniature
    cranes, about 2 feet high. They hang around the hoofed
    animals in Africa and catch any bugs that are stirred up.

    Speaking of Wild Life

    It was a grey marsupial
    Who stopped last night and paid a call.
    It crunched the kibble rather loud,
    Then left as softly as a cloud.

    Most possums are shy, but this one wasn't. I opened the
    front door, and there it was. A foot away. It just kept on

    Well, I have very little that needs to be done today. That's
    probably what I'll do: very little.

  11. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Coastal Storm is on the way. Up to 12 inches of snow tomorrow night (Fri.) and Saturday. Oiy, Oiy, Oiy! I picked up my pain meds. at the pharmacy today, have bread and milk, eggs, cheese, the basics on hand. So, bring it on! I'm ready. Gosh, I'm achey today. Tells me the storm is on the way.

    Glad you are up and at em, Edith Bunker (not your real name). No, I cannot get up and down in the tub anymore either. Everything is getting harder. I'm the one who suggested the epsom salts soak. They advise that on the other board alot, so I thought it might be helpful.

    How are your mini rose bushes surviving the monsoon rains, Vic? You planted them out, didn't you? I hope they aren't drowning. Wierd weather is everywhere. If it isn't wierd weather, it's earthquakes or ? I feel sorry for your nervous dogs, but I feel for you having to cope with them too. I have no advice, just hope you can find some way to help your dogs.

    Rock, who was the male singer who sang with Rita Coolidge? I know her name, but I cannot recall who she sang with and what songs the pair made popular. I know I really liked her singing.

    I never ate meatloaf I didn't like, and everyone makes it differently. I never heard of putting hard boiled eggs in it though. I don't know if I'd like that. But, you can make all meatloaf better by smothering it in ketchup :)

    I must deep condition my hair. It's so dry because I have the heat vents that blow warm air,and as cold as it's been the heat runs most of the time. It drys my skin too. So, I'm always conditioning and moisturizing. BUT, not to worry. Spring is on its' way (somewhere). Someone needs to shoot that stupid groundhog! (just kidding!)

    Everybody have a good afternoon.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    here's a kawinkydink from today's news. Try this URL. Should take
    you to today's news photo of a...................Cattle Egret!


    The address is almost bigger than the bird.

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I think Rita Coolidge sang with Kris Kristofferson. Can't look anything up today.
    The computer is ina flare. When I try and look up something I get a white page
    with "Done" at the bottom.

    Sometimes it won't even open up messages on the board.

    Kris wrote some great songs like "Me and Bobby McGee". He was one of
    the writers of "One Day at a Time" which is the 12 step program set to
    music. Was a gold record for Christie Lane, a pop singer w/ an unusually
    beautifully voice.

    Now how could your message get on top of mine. It wasn't there when I
    previously posted. If I live to be 70, I will never understand computers.

  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Gosh, what a CFS flare since I went to town last week!

    Just had a shower -- thank god that's over with; now I must try to cajole Richard into cutting my hair.

    Oh Just having a big e-quake.

    OK, back again, it was big, whole house rocked, dog freaked and and so did I. I expect aftershocks, going to be short.

    Rock: check out Scotch Eggs on google for pics. They are hard boiled eggs (shelled!) wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs and deep fried. I used to have them all the time when I was in England.

    Victoria: So sorry about your dog, re thunder. I would call my vet and ask if there is anything else that might work. Maybe Xanax?

    Gotta check for damage,
    Bye for now

    Hugs to all,

    <Newsflash : the earthequake of 15 mins. ago was a preliminary 6.0, epicenter about 45 miles from me. I'm waiting to hear if there are any reports of damage in Eureka, the county seat, this time. The last quake, about two weeks ago, did lots of damage, but no deaths. It was a 6.5.

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  15. jole

    jole Member

    Sleepless...hope you've gotten a little rest by now. Nope, can't travel without sleep, even with the pengys taking you!

    Fayette (I like that), we also had *now, about the same amount. Ours is slowly melting. Was very wet this time. Our one daughter hydroplaned this morning, and said she was going sideways for awhile before her wheels caught again.

    Marilyn, I've always pictured you with dark hair. Sorry about the storms. Wish I had an answer for you with your doggy. Poor thing!

    I use to give myself B12 shots. Couldn't tell any difference, but lots of people do. Had to laugh at you jumping away from the needle:)

    Tequila, it's Jeanie with the light brown hair, you silly girl :) but you were really close! Wonder if Fight would have caught that one? Nah, she's still a baby!

    Ranigar, hang in there hon. Winter is horrible and it seems like spring will never get here (I'm actually doubting it also). The time seems to crawl and it's like we're quickly aging with nothing to show for our time. But warmer weather HAS to come eventually. Feel better!

    Rock, yes, we've seen whooping cranes a few times. They stay overnight at the Platte River in NE, which is north of us. A couple times they were at a pond about 4 miles from here, and we saw them up at the Platte once when we visited some relatives.

    The other cranes go over our area a lot. They are so loud that we hear them long before we see them. The honking noise and "V" formation is unmistakable. It seems like everyone has to just stop and stare....never see them enough, even though it's 6-10 sightings each spring and fall.

    They're so funny. We watch them go over, then the weather will change and a couple days later they'll be heading back the other direction again. Poor things get as confused by the weather changes as we do. The put in an awful lot of extra miles...lol.

    Amelia, flying with the birds
  16. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Oh, Now I remember Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge! Yes! I loved them. How do we keep on forgetting these things that mean sooo much to us.

    "Busted flat in Baton Rouge with nothing left to lose..."

    I'm getting that white page alot too with "done" at the bottom. I hit "Refresh" and it usually produces the page. I'm getting that error message alot too that seems to be a problem at ProHealth. I don't have the problems at other sites.

    See ya,
  17. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Are you okay???

  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    As far as resigning until the winter is over, I agree.

    In Madison, WI, there was a groundhog that said, "Leave me alone, quit hanging me up in the air.... I have no shadow you nit-wits!" Of course it was cloudy out. So winter in WI will end soon, lol, NOT!!!! We have winter here 9 months out of a year it seems!

    In Pennsylvania, the groundhog was happy to come out, he said, "You fools! Just for messing with me, I'm going to make my shadow!"

    Which is it? Does a shadow mean shorter winter or longer? I cannot remember. Every year I have to ask. Who ever thought of doing that anyway? I know that a potatoe was used in the old days to predict time, but at least that was an accurate way to do so. They would boil the potatoe, and according to how long it took to boil and get mushy, they could tell what time it was. I wonder how many folks did that, and how they would tell? What if the fire was hotter one day than the other, especially on colder days? Anyway, at least that was half-way scientific, but who's the fool who thought of a groundhog to tell if the winter weather was going to let up early or not? dumb, but comical!

    Nice hot bath.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. It usually works for my body, to get it to relax at night before bedtime. My cousin has an average sized ceramic tub. The house here is as old as early 1800s. It's nice, except for the expense to heat up the big house. I've always loved big houses, and old ones with bigger tiger claw tubs... but his isn't a tiger paw ceramic tub, but it suits me just fine. He has a hot tub too, but I haven't bothered to use it, as it is dirty, and he doesn't have all the connections hooked up so that I could shower after the bath, as I would feel like I'd have to go downstairs to shower after using the hot tub, as I like to be really clean, otherwise my skin starts itching like mad when I'm sleeping.

    Anyway, I haven't too much of a problem getting comfortable in the bath since the water is about 110 degrees, or maybe more than that, as I've never really checked, but it is pretty hot. I usually make the bath water really hot and let it sit for an hour or two to let the temps go down, and to make it a nice suana in the bathroom. I nearly pass out from the heat, but it is worth it to get my muscles to relax! As long as I drink enough water and get out after 15 - 20 minutes, I'm fine. I keep a water bottle handy, along with my pad of paper... a pen... my shower chair to fit inside the tub in case I want to use it as a desk to write on when I'm singing songs to myself, which is often. The only thing I would improve on that tub is to put a shower head right above my neck and shoulders and head, that would run as I'm relaxing... and I'd put a nice cushion behind my neck. I had an inflatable cushion that I bought from Wal-Mart, but it was hard to clean... so I tossed it when I could no longer clean it good enough.

    Anyway, I do have to move around a lot to get comfortable and to make sure the hot water hits me well.

    I'm sorry you aren't comfortable in the tub. Here's a few tips that may or may not help....

    -Make the water warm enough to withstand being in it for at least ten minutes, but then make sure that it's not too hot or too cold.

    -Use towels in the tub if the bathtub is poking into your body. Any bit of extra comfort is needed in this case!

    -Buy an inflatable cushion, you can easily get at Wal-Mart, to put behind your back and or neck and shoulders!

    -Fill the tub up enough to where you will somewhat float your upper half in the water. Maybe your tub cannot fill up too far, or maybe it can. My cousin has the overflow drain thing upsidedown so that it can fill up to a higher level. The lower levels of water are not comfortable for me.

    I hope those help. If not, let me know, as I will try to come up with more options for you.

    Fight :)
  19. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I never did get those 6 loaves of banana bread made. I got too sore and tired. I had to use my resource energy to cleaning my office.

    The bananas got moldy, so I had to throw them out. Oh well. Maybe next time.

    Amelia Earheart (not my real name)

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  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I was the first one to post after the earthquake? Can't remember too much now.

    Barry, let us know how you are doing! I know you must have a lot more on your mind though!
    Sending prayers your way.

    Ok, I have figured out the B-12. It only works if you have a toxic build up in your brain...or maybe I should say you feel it more. It gives my body a bit more energy, not every day. Anything is welcome. But before I was needing to sleep cause my brain was tired (during the
    day). That feels better...at least today.

    We have egrets in Florida!! We have big cattle farms here. I have a pic of an egret in my
    livingroom. haha.

    Me too! I was imagining Jeanie with dark brown hair like my mothers...now I have to reformulate my thinking.

    My meatloaf wasn't so good. I think it was the cook. Or maybe I missed having potatoes with

    Fight...if you get off, have a great trip! Be safe!!

    Good tips on the bathing. I have never tried this but wondering about putting a couple of
    towels down lengthwise, filling the tub and sitting on them. It would be a something to have to wring them out though. You might could squeeze some of the water out, put the wet towels on a dry one. Then carry it to your washing machine and put them on spin and get the water
    out that way. Hey, my mother didn't raise a fool! Well, let me think about that last statement.

    Gotta hit the hay. Spring will be here in a few more weeks and it will be glorious!!

    Love you all!!