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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. rockgor

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    Here we go. If you have not done so already, see the last issue for
    posts by Fight, Spacee, Fay and Fight.

    Gordon and I have been so busy the last 3 days. Going to the library,
    several stores and only this morning, to two doctor's offices.

    I had a checkup w/ the doctor who did my eye surgery several months
    back. He said everything was fine. Then asked me who my opthalmologist
    was. I said, "I thought you were." He said, "Well, I only do lids and
    tear ducts. Because of your diabetes, you should see another

    Good grief! Pretty soon you'll have to see a different dr. depending
    on which finger gets fractured.

    Gordon had a blood test at the podiatrist's office. Didn't cure anything,
    but it was a step in the right direction.

    Saw a documentary on the Grand Ole Opry 10-15 years ago. Minnesota's
    most famous citizen, Garrison Keillor, was the host. He said his own radio
    show was inspired the the Opry when he did a story about it for National
    Public Radio.

    Garrison sometimes refers to himself as the tallest host on radio.

    And so, Listeners. It's time for us to say adios once again. See you here
    next week; same station, same time.

    (Music up and out)
  2. fight4acure

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    I laughed at you posting my name twice, lol.

    Yes, there are so many practices that are so limited in the medical field. Seems like there are very few general practitioners, mostly because they don't get paid as much.

    Garrison sounds like an interesting man.

  3. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    I totally agree Rock, i think there must be a different doc for each of our toes and each of our fingers. I think somewhere there was a post of different ology, ologist or something of the sort referring to different professions. oh well, i can't think, so maybe i need to see a
    memoryologist if their is such a thing.

    Hey Rock wanted to say your right about chocolate therapy, i had posted i love chocolate and i sure do. Good to know there is positives of eating chocolate. i think that was on Valentine's day i posted. Thinking is not the greatest today.

    Fight are you setting a goal time of relocating, do your research and all will be fine.

    I've been looking forward to Mondays....tonight the Bachelor is nearing his final decisions of who stays and who goes home. I've never seen so many gals leave the show so early.
    THis has been a interesting episode.

    Everyone have a good evening.
    Hugs for all

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    I used to not like ice cream and since brother was here things have changed. And I don't need
    to be eating it!

    Gordon's blood test was a step in the right direction at the podiatrist. (I got it!! Most proud of
    my brain tonight!)

    We will be watching House and 24. My heart can barely stand 24 but I still watch it.

    Fight, why did my son leave? Money. His wife wanted to be the stay at home mom. He had been the stay at home dad. So the university in the NL (I used to know the name of it...maybe Radbound) offered him a 2.5 year post doctorate research job (position). So, everyone gets
    what they want. Except for the *now.

    Something is melting....

    Nitey nite! Thanks Rock for starting over. Glad you got some errands done. Tomorrow, I am going to become a redhead!

  5. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Rock, you crack me up!!

    Spacee, your son sounds like a genius. You must be so proud of him.

    I have a nephew who got all the degrees he could get and now works as a marine biologist off the coast of Washington State and Alaska (Is it the Puget Sound ?). He finds new diseases in fish. Married a sweet lady from Washington state. She's a marine biologist too. No kids. They live out on the water a lot. I haven't seen them in years.

    Fight, I found something at dailystrength.org, I think. So far I've just been lurking.

    Oh yes, Garrison Keillor is an interesting man. He's a brilliant writer and host of Prairie Home Companion. Founded the program and has hosted it ever since. I would love to read his biography, but I'm not sure it's in print. He has an amazing talent as a storyteller, and I never know for sure if what he is saying in his monologues is true or fiction.


  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Since the pengys were making baths y stirring up the Pacific etc on the last thread.... can anyone explain this joke to me? (FIGHT?) I cross-posted it on my joke thread:

    There are two penguins in a bathtub.
    The first penguin looks at the second and says,
    “Hey! Will you hand me the soap?”
    The second penguin replies,
    “What do I look like, a typewriter?”

    Now these I get:
    2 Penguins are trained to sit on a perch.
    One hot day, one says to the other
    "What smells so fishy around here?"

    BTW, the pengys are detouring to wherever Seal is singing, he's their favorite singer ya know...

    OK enuf of them!
    Another beautiful day here, but which flew by about as fast as a pengy can fly thru the air. Which should tell you a lot about how my day was. Yes, I'm back to herxing. hard to concentrate to even read much on here, TV is even hard to follow. I like A.D.D. short-attention span stuff, like looking up puns & jokes obviously, LOL. My new motto will have to be Relish today... Ketchup tomorrow!

    However, my DH went out y* bought some nice looking pots Y* some more rose bushes today. Wow, I'd never have guessed he'd get into this. Tho our worker does the work LOL, I'm just amazed he's buying this stuff for me on his own y* surprising me with it.

    Faye, Happy Belated birthday! I hope you're feeling better by now... I hope your body will celebrate belatedly with feeling good as its present to itself & you...

    speaking of specialists... I agree. Too many doctors are too 'specialized', in turn costing us all much more money. I wouldn't be upset if it meant better care, but I've found that just because someone is a specialist it doesn't necessarily mean they get the whole picture. Example: There was a Radiologist who married one of his patients -- everybody wondered what he saw in her....

    Ice cream........... mmmmmmmmmmmm. Tho I'm holding out for Godiva dark chocolate, which is not sold here happily. No sundae schools here too, so I haven't had one of those in a long time either. Spacee I take it you're not eating diet icecream, that's truly an oxymoron.

    Seriously, how many of you in the *now want ice cream right now, tho??? (brrr, I'm cold just thinking about it!) All white then, it' S'no joke....I'm getting seriously flakey here. And I don't even have any *now.


    *reminder LOL: 'y' is Spanish for 'and'
  7. jole

    jole Member

    Just stopped by for a sec before bed. Rock and Victoria, you two are soooo funny! I'm not fast enough to keep up with either of you...lol

    Butterfly, I have a friend who doesn't like chocolate OR chips. How could she not, 'cause she likes vegetables!

    Everyone, I love ya, but will have to visit tomorrow, K? .......Jole
  8. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Greetings new friends. While I can't comments too much on anyone's posts - 'cause I don't know you all that well yet - I can bore you with my life!!

    My 30 year old son called me on Sunday to tell me that he finally proposed to his girlfriend! I am so happy for both of them. His wonderful girl is his first long-term relationship. They've been living together for about 2 years. I'm glad he has waited as long as he has. His dad (my EX-husband) and I were married when I was 19 and he was 21. Yikes, I don't even think I knew where babies came from at that point - but I sure thought I was the most mature person in the world! WRONG! So, I think my son learned an unfortunate lesson from his dad and I. Of course, the beginning of our separation was pretty ugly (23 years ago) but we are friends now. He and his wife don't live too far from us.

    Anyhoooooooo, I am so excited. I've never been a mother-in-law before. I hope I can do a good job!

    I spoke with my other son tonight. He's 27 and lives in Oregon. He told me that his brother has asked him to be his best man. As a mother, it made me feel so good.

    My 2 boys are as different as night and day. It's almost as if they have different parents! My older son is sort of preppy. Short hair, plays golf and wears golf shirts and sweaters (not necessaily at the same time). My younger son is the quintessential free spirit. Always has been. He's looks like what people used to be called a goth. OK, yeah, he likes to wear black. His hair is in dred-locks and goes to his butt. But I must say, he is not what he LOOKS like. People usually aren't, are they? He is the most gentle soul I have ever met. He will still pick up an injured bird and try to nurse it back to health. He never ends a conversation without telling me that he loves me. He is not embarrassed to hug me and tell me he loves me in front of his friends.

    I am a very lucky woman to have so different, yet absolutely wonderful, sons.

    Oh, a funny story about my 27 year old. I think he went 3 straight years when he was younger surviving on nothing byt hot-dogs and mac and cheese. Wouldn't touch a vegetable. He is now a very strict vegan!! And he has been helping me in my effort to eat healthier. Who knew?!!

    Well, it's 2:22 AM and I think I'm beginning to wander a little bit. Thank you for listening to part of my life-story, and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Jan I like hearing about your sons.My 32yr. old son just got engaged too.

    I spent all day yesterday with my sick doggy.She must have swallowed one of FIL's pills he dropped.I try and keep an eye out but I'm sure she found one.She was pretty sick poor thing and wanted me with her all day.I waited on taking her to the vet and she's better today.

    Fay I missed your B-day so Happy Belated.That sounds so lame doesn't it?Hope you had a good day anyway.Are you able to get out to get the things you need in this bad weather?Good luck with the tooth I hate to have dental work.

    Jole I watched the last part of Pretty Woman too.I've seen it before but I flipped across it and it caught my eye.

    Victoria I love Godiva choc.I have some kind of choc everyday.I crave it.

    I forgot who was talking of newspapers but I look forward to my USA Today that comes in the mail.I have a confession to make I ordered books and I'm waiting like a kid at Christmas waiting for them to arrive.I couldn't hold out any longer.

    Fight don't overdo with all that packing.

    I'm so far behind I can't remember what your up to Spacee and Rock but I'm thinking of you.

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Jan, glad your puppy is feeling well, that must've been a bit scary! My DH drops vitamin pills on the floor all the time, but none of our dogs have ever eaten on. But I think that's cuz most supplements are bitter. Then again some dogs will swallow anything people drop, figuring it must be good if a human had it?

    And congrats to your son and Pam's! We're in sort of a reversed situation with one of my kids... hoping it will resolve sooner than later, thankfully there's nothing legally involved. Not that it makes it any easier tho.

    SO where is everyone else today??? Hope you're feeling better EVERYBODY!- Not that I'm staying long myself ... just about to lay down and listen to a story. TG for audiobooks, again!

    BUT I'm craving those shortbread type cookies you can get at bakeries... must be the lyme and or other critters in me starving? Anyway, I turned down a trip to the big city today as I know I would've bought a few at the bakery... OH -and gotten myself a mocha frio cafe too, LOL. Unlike you Pam, I never keep chocolate in the house... ;)

    so-HI to everybody, hope you're all ok, tho I'm not going to try to name names as I know I'll leave out more than someone; there's a few who've really been MIA... Barry and a few others...?

    buenos tardes!*

    *Anyone know why it's always said 'plurally'?

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    I love hearing about families and daily lives. I love reading Rock and Vic too even though
    they are often over my head and I might catch it the third time I read it! And who doesn't like reading about Fight...feel like I am making the decision with her!

    Congrats on the engagements. Doesn't that put a smile on a mother's face??? Spoken as the mother of 3 sons. The weddings were alot easier on us (emotionally) than the father's of the brides...who might as well have been at a funeral!! My 3rd son isn't married.

    DH and I were married at 19 and 21 too. I just knew I didn't want to marry anyone from
    Alabama and he was the first one I met who wasn't! Well, it was more than that but a lot
    of truth there. And I don't know why I was biased toward the Alabama guys but I was. Instinct,
    I guess.

    I rather be dead than red on my head...Old saying isn't it. Especially since there are a LOT of
    bottle redheads these days. I plan to join the group (of redheads) fell through. It was a failure to communicate. However, hairdresser did a darn good job and I am well pleased.

    Hairdresser's 3yo has been at the shop last time and this one. This time she asked me if she
    could sit on my lap. Wasn't that just precious! She had an etch a sketch and she wanted me
    to draw faces. I fell in love with that little girl.

    I love all of you and hope the mia's can show up soon! (I don't know the answer to your
    question, Vic so I give up...why?)


    Edited to correct "who does like" to "who doesn't like Fight's messages"...So sorry about that mistake, Fight!
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  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I dunno Spacee, I was hoping someone could enlighten me LOL!

    And while my mind's on it... about the torrential rains 2 weeks ago that caused a lot of flooding and mudslides........... that event closed the closest monarch butterfly refuge, El Rosario, about a 3 hour drive from here. I'd hope to go in a planned group drive to there, but the towns nearest it plus it had mudslides and they're digging out. I feel sorry for them all, people and the butterflies... plus they're going to lose a lot of $ from tourism alone, what little there is during this recession. This refuse is not as well known as the bigger one, but if you want to read more about it:

    Everyone seems to be MIA today... are y'all asleep?

    It's raining again here, tho not heavy like a couple weeks ago TG and not expected to last. Well, according to the weather forecast, it wasn't even supposed to rain LOL - I have yet to look up the radar.

    This is extremely unusual weather, usually it's bone dry here by now. But, maybe we won't have to buy any water this year during the hottest/driest months, April-May.... well's usually dry then.

    Nada mas nuevo... same-old same-old.

    There IS some comfort in that some days, you know?!?

    dulces suenos if y'all are napping...

    PS: LOL spacee... most people are proudto be from whatever state they're from... never mind that Georgia residents pass around jokes about people from Alabama and vice versa!

    I always laugh when I say Dh & I are from the Chicago area (somebody asked me here recently)- the "Chicago Political Machine" being what it is and Illinois politics in general. One recent candidate lost in governor election likely because he had the same name as a recent prior governor who's in jail... my DH knew him when young, felt bad for him. (the candidate, not the guy in jail that is!)

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  13. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I'm back with my achey-breaky body, minus a tooth. Now that was a real experience! Was in the dentist's chair an hour and fifteen minutes. Two fillings and one extraction. The tooth he pulled, he cut it into pieces and removed the pieces. I had lots of Novacaine, so it didn't hurt much. But, it was weird feeling the tooth coming apart and out of my gum. Hard to explain the feeling. Sort of crunchy! haha. I'm glad that's over.

    Went to bed at 8:30 p.m. last night and slept like a baby. (Sorry to those with insomnia. I don't always sleep well). Today my daughter and granddaughter came and helped me clean. Afterward, I went for some groceries. I'm bushed!

    The weather was a little milder today but it was cloudy. Maybe sunshine tomorrow.

    I hope you guys are well and keeping the faith, so to speak. Where is the rest of the group?

    Hi, Victoria. Looks like it's you and me Kid. hahaha

  14. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Oh Fay - I can feel your pain from here (Western NY - don't know where you are). I've had my share of time in the dentist's chair. I think it was in another thread that I mentioned that once I was in the chair so long that my restless legs actually started acting up! I kid you not. I was never so happy to get out of the dentist's chair as I was that day!

    So, let see.....what did I do today that would be worth sharing? NOTHING!!

    Well, I lied. I had my aquatherapy today - for my back pain. Oh my....I love it. It's never long enough. I could just sit in thee for hours. Unfortunately - I don't feel much better tonight. I'm having left flank pain. Muscles? Kidneys? Stress? Yup, probably!!!

    I'm watching the Olympics right now. Watching one of my favorites, Shaun White (my other favorite is Apollo Ohno). Sounds kinda sick doesn't it? I'm 55 freakin' years old. But really, I don't like them in THAT way. I think I just like watching them because they remind me of my youngest son. He lives in Oregon and I don't get to see him very often, so I'm using the aforementioned Shaun and Apollo vicariously to "see" my son.

    OK.....enough of that......it's getting weird!

    Well, the stress level around my house is building by leaps and bounds every day. And I know that people may not really feel like reading about it, but it helps me to "talk" about it. On Feb. 3rd, my husband had his Social Security Disability hearing (18 months after being initially denied). My husband has Cushings Disease. Lawyer thought it would go well. It didn't. Judge wanted further information. We got the information and the lawyer sent that info plus a wonderful letter explaining our situation (I am currently on short term disability from my job). Of course, courts were closed Monday and my husband thought that we would get an answer from the judge yesterday. Of course we haven't heard a thing yet. We have NO money left. We've been selling old coins and some silver candlesticks to get by. Sounds Dickensonian doesn't it? I'm scared to death. I wonder why I'm not sleeping at night. Any ideas?!! :)

    I'm really sorry to "let loose" like that. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, because my guess is that 99% of people here have also gone through something similar. It's just sort of therapeutic for me to write it out.

    Thank you for being my friends.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been a quiet day. HaHa! All my days are pretty quiet now.
    Napped a while. Just took a long bath. Read a paperback.
    I only read paperbacks that I own in the bathtub. Am not
    risking a library book.

    Hi Fight, I looked at the Honky Tonk Angels on Youtube. I love
    their CD. Especially the song about sittin' on the porch. But
    those girls need help from the wardrobe dept. Dolly looked fine,
    but Loretta Lynn looked like she belonged on top of a wedding

    And Tammy Wynette looked even worse. Like something
    from a 1930s Buck Rogers movie.

    Did I tell you about the Texas Silver Zephyr? I can't remember
    what I've posted anymore. Anyhoo, it's a great song. You can
    hear Hank Snow sing it on Youtube. I don't know why nobody
    else has recorded it.

    Spacee, remember when Lucy said, "I'm not a Maharinsess.
    I'm a henna rinsess"?

    What was the communication problem at the beauty parlor? You said,
    "I want a henna rinse"? The gal thought you said, "I'm a fan of Prince"?

    Fay, yes, I think it's Puget Sound. Ran into a crossword clue:
    Sound of the ocean. The answer was "Puget".

    So far as I know, Garrison Keillor has not written a biography.
    Have to check the library. See if someone wrote one about him.
    Anyway his book "Homegrown Democrat" has a couple of
    chapters about his life when he was young.

    Never heard the joke about the radiologist before. Pretty
    funny. I guess he was able to appreciate her inner beauty.

    Thanks for sharing part of your life story, Jan. We are all the
    hero of our own story. You might be able to read my profile.
    Last time I tried, the lines were too wide for the screen.

    As far as being a mother in law, I read somewhere the secret
    was never give the young couple advice until they beg for it.

    Hope the new books are satisfying, Pam. I picked out a real
    lulu last time. Turned out to be a comic book! It was hard
    cover, about 400 pages, and full of ugly black and white
    drawings. I can't imagine how it got published.

    Glad to hear the doggy is better. Maybe FIL better stand in
    the bathtub when he takes his pills.

    Oh Fay, re: novocaine, a dentist told me about 30 years ago
    it is not used anymore. Replaced by lidocaine. And then another
    dentist told me they don't use that anymore either.

    I asked, "Well, what do they use?" The answer was, "Oh,
    various." So now we know. Sorta.

    Vic, Gordon went to the bakery and got about $20 worth of
    bread and cake and rolls. Didn't buy a single thing I'd eat. Any-
    hoo he's taking some to work. The bakery has a connecting
    door to a Deli. Their meat was priced from $15 to $18 a pound.

    Land O Goshen! Don't these people know there's a depression
    in progress?

    Well, Gordon is in progress on his home commute. Takes him
    over an hour to get home. The time is a little shorter in the
    morning when he's going to work.


  16. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    .....just wanted to let you know I love reading your posts!
  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have divided you into two groups. The ones who don't sleep and the ones who can. And the ones who have a knack for wit (you know who you are) and the rest of us who laugh at/with you.

    Hmm. My, son, am I proud of him. Well, more surprised I guess. I would have been proud if he
    ran a McDonald's, if he did it well. Let's just say he was a very late bloomer intellectually...he wasn't that smart while at our house. But then he was rarely home..competitive type. And he seems to be more of an organizational type than research....from what I hear from him. Very
    helpful in organizing my life for me!

    Which I have noticed is a lot like Twin but twin is domineering and not helpful much to speak of and son has some good thoughts.

    That Lucy joke. I didn't remember that exact one but there were quite a few about her red hair.

    And Victoria mentioned something to me but it has slipped my mind...hope the next post I will remember.

    Tomorrow someone is coming to do the measurements for the kitchen counter. So, we have to get everything off of it. Now that we have, I told DH that the kitchen looks a lot better.
    Maybe we just had too much stuff on it. For example, we used to keep knives in a drawer, but DH wanted a block to keep them in...handy but I think they look better put away. We have about 4 and it isn't that hard to chose one in the drawer.

    Then there are the cooking utinsel in a crock thing. Again, handy but look better in a drawer.
    And I happen to have 2 empty drawers...voila. All these cooking shows make my family think we need stuff that we don't!

    I did find a cookbook while I was ratting around..has a recipe for mini meatloafs! Gotta be better than what I made.

    Oh yes, Vic, you were laughing cause I didn't want to marry anyone from Ala. I was born in
    Alabama but my father was from Texas and mother from Mississippi....so technically, I am not a real Alabamian. They had both lived in Washington DC and had both been in the military so that had knocked some of the southernist off of them.

    On 'What Not to Wear'. Today it was a 27 yo school teacher from Dallas and she gave the hosts each an apple to thank them for teaching her how to dress. One host said, "what is it
    about all the southerners....they always give you something when they leave."

    And Idol said, "Why do all the Southerners "thank us" when we tell them they are rejected at the city try outs.

    Cause, it's been drummed into us. I have gotten over it though.

    Everyone loves reading Rock's post...he is our resident wordsmith...read that on another thread.

    Any one here like Danskin clothes? I find they seem to hold up well. I like them to wear out
    but still in the flannels at home. They need to make bigger ones. I'm at the largest, I think.
    Will let you know when I get them. You know, everything shrinks some.

    Love to all! My dear friends here mean so much to me.


  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Rock, I'd probably find something I'D want to eat amongst those things!!!! I'm so glad I never became a baker! Besides, I'm allergic to yeast, hate to think what could've happened if I had because I didn't know it til later.

    Loretta Lynn always looked like a wedding cake topper, LOL, with those pretty lacy white dresses. I always think of her in them, even tho I know I've seen her in other things.

    Faye - so glad you got a good night's sleep... it gives hope for the future, LOL, that our bodies are still capable of it. It's weird, every so often I will have a perfect 'normal' day, ie feel total energy etc. And then the next day it's gone. I've always wondered why and how that can happen. Glad you got your tooth out with no bad repercussions, too!

    Novocaine, Lidocaine, candy cane... none of it ever worked on my DH for more than 5 minutes. Dentists didn't used to believe him, thought he was a nutcase, even stuck him with a drill to 'test' him. I've talked about this before I think, I just can't get over it LOL. Anyway he read that some have an enzyme that destroys some of these anesthetics, so the dentists are supposed to use a different one (again, the names have changed too). Worst, he found out the dentists knew about this condition, they just didn't believe him. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Well it is STILL raining here. Even tho the forecast Monday said 30% chance of rain today and less tomorrow, haha, and they said the same yesterday. I'd hate to be a weatherman, it must be really depressing?!

    I've been watching the radar tonight, the rain just keeps getting generated over central Mexico coming in from the Pacific. I want to run off that bad boy El Nino! You in the southeast US will be happy to know it disappears over the Gulf! AND it's not running up into TX or the heartland either. I guess the pengys are tired of making it *now for now... At least it's not torrential. I only measured an inch in 8 hours... it just doesn't stop tho.

    Rock did Lucy really say that? I don't know that I've watched all those episodes.. and they don't broadcast them down here, not even dubbed in spanish, LOL. 'Fan of Prince'... that would mean Spacee would've had to get a perm too?!

    LOL again, a rambling stream of consciousness, much like the rambling stream of moisture from the Pacific... dont' have time to make this shorter, going to go to bed MAYBE before midnight (4 minutes away!). Both DH and I are fighting off the flu, sigh.

    buenos noches!

    Jan, Given all the stress from the effects of the disease and so forth, is your DH seeing a psychologist? He can always go to the mental health center where they give a sliding scale... it might be a good idea. There is almost no way that one cannot be depressed when chronically ill and experiencing loss of lifestyle, job, etc... and SS does take that part into account to0-- if you document it.

    As I've mentioned, DH was a psychologist - he had chronic pain pts who absolutely couldn't work just due to pain levels/pain meds plus other things and yet had been refused SS; but somehow adding their depression and anxiety into the documentation made the difference. Did you &/or other family or friends also write a letter stating how it's affected him? That can help too. I really hope the judge does the right thing now, tho!

  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Linda and I were cross-posting... and I just wanted to add on, LOL

    I've experienced the same thing with my son! I fed my kids 'good food' only to
    have especially my son hate them, I don't know how he existed on what he
    would eat. My daughter was much easier. Once he realized he had to participate
    in his own health care tho (cuz of the Lyme etc), he did 180 degree turn-around
    too. Now he's telling us what we should be doing!

    Sometimes it's irritating, but mostly I'm just reallllly glad he 'got it'! When he
    visits, he makes me fresh juices, yum. I really hate all the handwork of peeling it all!

    Hmmmm, 2 groups of us divided by 'those who sleep' and 'those who can't'...
    I think it should break into 2 groups depending on WHEN we sleep.
    Some of us are night owls (we know who we are, look at the times we post)
    as opposed to the morning doves.

    Hey Fight, hope you're busy writing some lyrics...

    Butterfly, I was trying to figure out if there is such an 'ology'
    and what it's name would be, - so I started by typing in
    'memoryologist'. There were only 4 entries on google, this thread
    was 3rd! (See what happens when you use unusual words!) But I
    didn't find out what the proper term would be (if there is one).

    OK so no more research tonight, I realllly have to get to bed.
    Just too much for me today, I mean tonight...


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  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yesterday was just to dreary to do anything,even post.My books don't come til Mon. so I guess I'll try and get through one that is boring me.Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert.She wrote Eat Pray Love.Interesting facts about where marriage originated and different cultures traditions but I have trouble picking it back up again.

    Victoria-I'm a morning dove.I only fit in the sleeping at night cat. because of Ambien and xanax.I wake up a lot and can't take naps so I go to bed early.Last night I must have been crying out because I remember my DH asking what's wrong and I said pain.I had anxiety before bed and my legs and back were hurting all day.My legs hurt even as I slept.Today better so who knows.

    My SIL is from Georgia and he wants my grand-daughter to say Mam and sir in addition to please and thank-you.He says it shows respect.

    Jan I hope the judge gets back to you soon instead of keeping you in limbo.Doesn't he realize how cruel and stressful that is on top of illness?I wish you the best of luck.

    Spacee-I love clean countertops but find myself dragging more and more stuff out and leaving it out for convenience.I just put out the blender to have yogurt smoothies for lunch instead of skipping a meal and eating choc.