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  1. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hello all. I thought the thread was getting too long, especially with this new pagination that I do NOT like, but oh well.....

    O.K. I've just forgotten what you all said. Except that I and Jole are MIA's. I am more of an MII -- if you get my meaning.

    Here in N.W. Calif. it is a cool 48 degrees, with showers expected. A few days ago we had a warm 60 degrees. It brought the painted ladies (butterflies, that is) out of hibernation, and I saw a number sunning themselves on the warm south side of the house. I'st hummingbird of year looked in the window yesterday. They cheer me up.

    Lots of daffodils and tulips and et-ceteras in bloom in the yard, and I saw the first trilliums in the forest when I walked with my dog yesterday.

    Lots of birds come to the seed I scatter, and chipmunks too. The cat watches, but the cat is fat.

    Jole: Hope all is well with you.

    Rock: I bet you are surrounded by orchids aren't you? Is Gordon going to many shows this year?

    Fay: Keep warm, my dear, and thanks for your kind thoughts.

    To Linda, Pam, Victoria and others -- Hugs and best wishes -- gotta go now, because I'm tired, fatigued, frustrated with same, etc., etc. You all know what I mean, I know.

  2. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Good to hear from you, Calif. Pal!

    Love back,
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    That was a beautiful description of where you live. Thanks for posting it!

    It's in the 70's for a few more days then back to the 60's. I haven't seen any butterflies
    yet. Probably the bushes that have the flowers they love are not putting out flowers this
    year. Two sandhills were in my back yard. They are not very afraid of people...I think
    that they think...we own the place (all of Florida).

    I had to admit to the guy at Lowes that we don't own a camera. (I know he thinks we are
    O L D). He wanted me to take a pic of a problem area of the kitchen. Then I remembered
    that my phone takes pics so I told him that. It led to a worse admission. I don't know how
    to take a pic with it. He had been so excited too. He thought I could take one and email
    it to him at work. HA!

    Well, on the bright side. DH and I did manage to take a pic of the area and now it is the wallpaper for my phone. It seemed that would be the easiest place to find it.

    Heavenly, I am concerned about you. Hope you post tomorrow.
    Jole, you too!

    It's pretty quiet hear. I feel sleepy and it is only 10:30pm. I bet that means I wake up
    to enjoy 3am. Maybe get some reading done then.

    Nitey nite, my loved ones.

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, I agree to more frequent posts and shorter volumes. Barry agrees too!

    And it is the simple life for me too.

    Since I get to talk to you kids here, I find I no longer put any effort in explaining my
    situation. I feel understood here.


  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Glad to hear from you Barry...
    hope everybody else shows up sooner or later.
    I too am worried about Jan/heavenlyRN

    The only problem I see with shorter threads is that if one of us is off
    for a few days, it might be harder to figure out... Well, that is,
    assuming that we're even able to catch up when we do come back, right?
    --not that we have to catch up tho happily ;)

    Most of the time I think we all 'scan'... but at least it's all in one place
    for a while. But either way should work... I do wish they hadn't broken it
    up into pages tho, I find it irritating for some reason.

    I miss the daffodils, I have to say. I don't know if they're not permitted
    here or just don't adapt well since we don't get any freeze. Tomorrow
    we're supposed to go to Morelia, I'll have to see if they have any for sale
    already blooming in front of Home Depot, LOL. I know they weren't selling
    any bulbs of any kind last fall tho.

    It seems like everybody knows how to propagate what they want and pass
    on for the most part, LOL. I'll have to try to post a photo sometime of how
    so many flowers (usually geraniums) are blooming at even the poorest of
    homes. They just paint & recycle large cans as pots, very colorful and
    livens up the bleakest of spaces, all lined up on shelves along the outside


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  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Well I'm over my flu, but DH was still suffering. He got really annoyed with it at 4 AM
    today because he was feeling so miserable and not sleeping well, so he got up and
    rifled thru his files.

    We belonged to Life Extension for a long time, in 2005 they sent out a bulletin as to
    what to do if you got avian flu (big scare that year).

    Other than the 'usual' they recommended cimetidine/tagamet, dose 800 mg.

    He took it, was able to sleep til 11 AM (unusual), and--
    18 hours later he is suddenly and dramatically 75-80% better!

    I've written about it before helping shingles, so this makes sense as it's apparently
    quite good at killing viruses. (That said, of course some people cannot take it.)

    well... gotta try to get some sleep... if I can. My ulcer is kicking up, I'm trying cimetidine today myself, but for that, but it hasn't had time to help. If it doesn't work, I just
    found an apparently 'old' remedy that no one's ever mentioned to me before - Carafate -
    that seems really harmless.

    dulce suenos!

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I get my haircuts by Mr. Gordon these days. But back in the
    70s I had a Dorothy Hamil. I looked as perky as Debbie Reynolds.

    Was not so talented, sad to say.

    The weekend has been quiet w/ a sprinkle of rain every day.
    Gordon transplanted several orchids to bigger pots. It is a
    tedious process involving lots of equipment: an aluminum pipe
    (for banging the pot to loosen the dirt); foot-long tweezers; dental pick;
    knife; scissors; newspapers; plastic labels and magic marker.

    Takes about half an hour per plant. Way too much work for me.

    Vic, I remember porcupine meatballs at the school cafeteria too.
    In fact, that's the only place I've ever seen them. Glad you
    are thru w/ the flu.

    Who was talking about extra teeth? Fay? I have notes, but
    I made them this morning. They are kinda confusing. People
    should have teeth like sharks. New ones just keep growing in.
    The floor of the ocean is said to be covered w/ sharks teeth.

    Yes, chocolate is one of the blessings of civilization. The Frugal
    Gourmet said in one of his programs he though the native S.
    Americans made a brew of chicken broth and chocolate.

    If this is true, it would answer the question: which came first?
    The chocolate chicken broth or the chocolate egg?

    Did he give any reason for this bizarre belief? Nope.

    Speaking of which, (the ocean, that is),if you get out your globe and examine it, you will note there is only one ocean no matter how many
    names the parts have. Just like the Great Lakes. Which are
    also part of the ocean.

    Spacee, I'm glad you started this thread too. Betcha everydobby
    is. Wallpaper for your phone?

    I once knew a gal who furnished her apartment to look like a
    60s boutique. Peacock feathers and macrame and candles
    and incense, etc. Anyway she was obsessed w/ contact paper.
    Even covered the keys of her typewriter w/ little blobs of
    flowered contact paper.

    Her husband was a very patient sorta guy.

    Barry, tnx 4 starting us up. Am I to take it that MII is Missing
    In Inaction? I looked up Trillium flowers and found pics. But
    my attempt to copy and paste the URL was not successful.

    I did read that the trillium is the official flower of Ontario, Canada.
    No, Gordon and I don't go to many orchid shows anymore. The
    two big ones in S. CA were in LA at the Otani Hotel and in
    Santa Barbara. The one is LA is gone. It's been 5 or 6 years
    since we went to Santa Boobara. It's a 200 miles round trip.
    Too long for two frail old men.

    How many birds are you feeding? Do you use feeders or do
    you scatter your seed upon the ground?

    Butterfly, there was a post last year about the nettie pot. Said
    they were not advised for long term use. Never tried one. I am a big
    fan of Vaposteam myself.

    The free chicken at Wal*mart reminds me of the old hotel
    in N. Minnesota on the shore of Leech Lake. Had a chicken
    dinner special every Sunday. In the evening you could drop by
    and pick up any left over chicken: ten cents @. (That was back
    in the 60s; pre Dorothy Hamil.)

    How are the new books, Pam? I just discovered a good author
    of detective stories. Her name is Susan Hill and she lives
    in England.

    Well, tried to post this a while ago. Couldn't get a "Reply" button.
    Am trying again. OK, took 3 tries. Seems to have worked. If you are
    not reading this, it didn't work.

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  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    This is not unusual in my case lol.I am remembering the Frugal Gourmet as the Galloping Gourmet.We watched it regularly and thought it hysterical he could sip wine on TV.

    I've already read two of my books and on another.I hate when they
    re done but can't put them down when they catch my interest.

    Very interesting about the Tagmet thanks for that.I remember taking it yrs. ago.

    Orchids are so beautiful and I remember reading about all the work and patience required but the results are worth it.

    Today I need to clean out dusty TV cabinets for Flatscreen TV's.DH researched what he wanted for a yr. or more and waited to get a price he wanted.On the way out I spied a deal on a smaller one for the bedroom which is where I am most often so we added it.Can't wait for hook up tomorrow.
  9. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I had to laugh over Spacee's encounter with the guy at Lowes. I don't know how to take a pic with a phone either. My phone is the simpler version, a cheap pre-paid one. It serves the purpose for which I bought it, which is for emergency calls when I'm out and about. But, I know you can text with a phone, photograph scenery, check your email account, all kinds of stuff-for a price. I'm cheap! Oh, I do have one of those disposable cameras on hand for when I want to photograph something. That's all.

    I don't think I know of anyone around here who grows orchids. I wonder if they can't be grown in my area. But, it sounds almost like a surgical proceedure the way Gordon re-pots orchids. He must be a patient man.

    We do a neat thing (I think) here. When I was still able to attend church I took part in this. A group of friends from my church had flower gardens. We'd all trade our plants or just hand them out freely whenever wh had an abundance. I rarely bought plants, just got lots of them by trading with friends. It's economical.

    Speaking of economical. The Frugral Gourmet reminds me of a book I bought one time and still pull off the shelf and use from time to time called "The Tightwad Gazette". All kinds of cheap ways to do things. In this economy I probably should use the book more than I do.

    Pam, you're like me. I devour a good book. Cannot take my eyes off it until it's finished. I'm glad you found some good ones.

    Vic, I don't think I can quite say "bueno" the way it's supposed to sound. Speaking Spanish with a PA Dutch accent sounds rather strange! I'm practicing some of the words you post. You'd laugh if you heard me! hahaha.

    Yes, we know now that Barry's okay, but it's not like Jole to be away so long. I'm worried. And about Jan too. I'm just hoping things are okay.

    Spacee, I don't know about Tiger Woods. I think he's sorry he got caught. Time will tell if he means it.

    Maintenance man was here to repair two shelves in my kitchen. Now that he's gone, I can finally shower. It's warmer here today, about 40 degrees, rain this evening and all night. I must do some laundry. My daughter's family will be home this evening from The Outer Banks.

    That's all folks,
    Love, Fay
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    We seem to cover a variety of subjects. This is going to be quick cause supper need to be

    If orchids had to depend on me to thrive, they would be extinct. Which makes me glad
    all humans have their own "likes".

    I had forgotten that when I was a child, people on our street would come to Mother to get
    St. Augustine grass to transplant to their yards. Mother would edge our yard with a hoe.
    She was very strong. Now they go to Walmart, I guess.

    I will have a pay as you go plan for a mobile phone as soon as all the son's have jobs!
    I have to have one that has an alarm because that is what I use the most..or did.
    Don't seem to use that feature any more. I do like the big numbers one can see without

    Talk to you later!! Bueno Love! (That is either 'much love' or 'good love')

  11. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Have you ever seen that "Jitterbug" phone made easy to use, and large numbers, for seniors? Anyone have one?

  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Don't have one yet but it looks interesting!

  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Especially for my DH who wears very thick glasses... you don't have to be old to not
    be able to see those tiny letters, much less numbers, on the keypad.

    We went for our monthly supply pickup at Costco etc... I really wanted to put it off
    but DH insisted. We both relapsed a bit :( but at least the dogs are happy as we
    got their favorite dogfood.

    So I'm very very tired... gonna go to bed early tonight!

    downloaded a few books to listen to since I got home... I'm surprised at the basically
    small selection of books in the geographical area that I'm downloading from, it's way
    less than I know is available at the library 'in hand'. But they're at least getting new
    ones in regularly. I'll have to look up the author you mentioned, Rock.

    Not much to say, except at least it was a nice day - clear/sunny/70s/low humidity :)

    Oh - no daffodils in pots anywhere!

    Pam, lucky you to get a flat screen TV in your bedroom. I had a wonderful 22" monitor
    that would work for me, except it broke sigh. Now I'm using my son's very old maybe 16" monitor. I don't like it, got spoiled! Did you know Youtube has a lot of movies/
    documentaries available free? (I want a flat TV/monitor that is PC compatible!)

    Faye, there is a program here called "GEM"/Gringo en Mexico. It's a older retired-age
    guy from US or Canada who is very fluent, but totally does NOT have an ounce of a
    spanish accent, who travels around MX sort of like a travelogue.

    Some day I'm going to understand everything (I hope) that he says, as ultimately I
    have no excuse LOL. So don't feel bad, don't stop trying LOL.

    When I moved south from Chicago there were people I couldn't understand at all
    even tho we had a common language (tho the midwestern accent seems to be
    understood almost everywhere).

    Orchids are beautiful, but I too would kill them quickly. I can barely keep alive what
    I do have, and they're the easy ones like geraniums LOL!

    Oddly what is doing really well outside are Jade plants/trees - it grew over the side of the
    pot, rooted into the ground; and I've put cuttings into pots that have easily taken
    hold. I can't tell you how many times I tried when I lived in Chicago, LOL - no matter
    how much they got misted, they always died!

    I wonder how big it will ultimately get!

    dulces suenos!

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria-I would really enjoy the Travelogue program.I enjoy seeing all the different scenery and learning of their customs.

    I look forward to the new TV put in this morning.The picture should be great.DH likes the planing and the chase for a good deal more then actually having the item.It used to drive my kids nuts.

    Dog gets groomed today and she hates it.Shakes and shivers the whole way there.If she even sees me and son together with shoes on she hides.You would think they beat her but I've had this same lady thoughout the yrs. and know better.

    There is a glitch with my pain med Tramadol. The Dr. won't refill because it increases risk for seizures if your on Paxil.I've been on both a yr. together.Great.I don't know what to do yet.

    Where are all our MIA people?

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think our MIA's might be feeling like I do...only worse.

    My sole purpose here is to tell you how bad I feel...LOL.
    But it is true.

    I am now considering the talking books seriously. I guess
    it means a trip to the library. These with words are not getting

    Really hate that we thought the kitchen needed some love.
    It could have made it without any. Haven't heard from the
    painter...so it just may not get painted and see if I care.

    I now cannot survive without ritalin. I tried today but decided
    to take 1/2 tab. Personally feel that a lot of CFS folks could
    benefit from that tiny amount. Helps pain, mood. You need
    more to actually have energy.

    Pam, that is a rock and a hard place (bet Rock has heard that
    one many a time). Picky docs who read the fine print. Not
    my kind. snicker. Twin takes Paxil and I take ultram. Neither
    of us thinks we can be without those too.
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Now for the scientific part.


    I think they flew it in to get under some clouds. It shook the
    entire house twice.

    At DH's office a 17 yo daughter yelled for her mom...scared
    the daylights out of her.

    We live about a hour as the crow flies from Kennedy Space Center.

    I acutally opened the front door to see if there were any signs in the
    sky from it. Nope cause it was dark.

    Crap. I hate this DD. No one should have to live like we do.

    That's why we are buddies. We all know this.

    Love to all and I miss you MIA's.

  17. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    about the Space Shuttle! I'm sure it was terrifying for many people. Now why did they have to dive-bomb the community? With the terrible things happening everywhere these days, I can understand how that 17 yr. old young girl was scared silly! Poor child! I guess it could have been worse if it had flown over during the middle of the night. I hate to be scared awake by anything.

    Crap! I hate these DDs too! It really sucks to live like a prisoner in a body that hurts so badly and is so weak and tired. It's so tiring being sick every day. It's lonely and depressing. If it would not be for the people here on these boards, no one would know how I feel.

    I'm glad we have each other. We are stronger because we have each other. We can go on because we are not alone. Community is a good thing. And, I'm happy that sometimes we can forget our sicknesses and laugh together. Really enjoy the moment. It's good that we can come here and chat. We are so much alike.

    Pam's poor doggie! I hope he/she got through her grooming appointment okay. Treats make it better. Is this the Aussie?

    Sunny/70s/and low humidity, Victoria, make room. I'm moving in! We are supposed to have a plowable *now tomorrow night into Thursday. Ugh! At least some of the last 2 storms have melted. It was 36% and rain today.

    Talking books are wonderful! Spacee, I know you'll like them. You can just play them while you rest or do your exercises or work in the kitchen.

    I'm going to bed early tonight too. I'm hurting from this cold rain. And tired. Good night all.

    Love ya,

    P.S. MIA's we love and miss you. Feel better soon!
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    If that happened over my house, I'd have all 4 dogs on top of my head! Wow.
    Guess they had to do it tho... weather does change constantly.

    I'm having a flare of sinus headache today :(

    so, it sounds like we're all in the same boat.

    Does anyone have an autopilot? I'd love to rent it...

    Linda, you can download many audio books via computer without ever having to go
    to your library. You just download the software for free, and use your library card.
    What you have access to depends on how many your library subscribes to, they
    have to pay a yearly fee apparently.

    Anyway, many can further be downloaded to an iPod or MP3 player, some can even
    be burned to a CD.

    Or you can just listen to it on your computer.

    Or you can do it the "old fashioned" way if the first 3 aren't allowed -
    buy a cable to go from the headphone jack to a tape player and record it. Somewhat
    labor intensive as you have to time it when to reverse or change the tape, but it works ;)

    I can hardly talk, the side of my face hurts so much, intense sinus pressure. Nothing is
    working today. Not sure if it's related to minor relapse of flu yesterday or what, but it
    comes and goes all on its own, often. I've been told it's lyme related...

    I love hot baths, but it takes a long time to fill our bathtub with hot water since we have
    an 'on demand' heater. You can get about 3-4 minutes of hot water and then have to wait
    for more to be heated. We have the temp turned up, but, it still takes a long time to fill even
    tho it's a modern 'contoured' bathtub with a few whirlpool jets, so it doesn't take as much
    water as the old ones. (I'm just under 5'2", and can barely sink myself under the water, usually my knee is sticking out).

    But I think I will soak in it tonight, for the steam AND the relaxation!

    TTY'all later...


  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I woke up congested with a headache.The humidifier ran out of water.I have to fill it to the top or I'm miserable come morning.

    The two guys that installed the TV's went through the instructions on the remote.Now you all know how painful that is right?I nodded intelligently right along and thought ok get out.No now there is a test!They hand it to me and asked me to go through some of the steps to get the channel they wanted.I wanted to hand it back and say what was the first thing you told me?I just poked around and got it!Now they could go home whew.Dh wanted to know the info I learned so I gave him the instruction sheet.Honestly on off and change channels is all I want to know.TV talking to the cable box,HD mode buttons I don't care .

    Two birthdays I sent cards out to.Son in law and grand-daughter on same day.Nu. one it arrived two days late but guess who got the Elmo card?I mixed up the envelopes.Such is my life sigh.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Oh, Pam....only we can understand how terrible that was for you.
    ((((((HUGS)))))) Sigh...

    The new clinic in Reno doesn't use CFS at all.
    They use Neurological Immune Disease.

    We have such Neuro problems. I mean like Victoria was being so sweet to try to tell me
    how to obtain recorded books was just overwhelming to me. ( Sorry, Vic!! You know I love
    you!!) But with the book thing, on a really good day, I could attempt it.

    But to have the men in your home expecting you to repeat what they just did. That
    doesn't work for me at all.

    Bless your heart.....

    Love you!!


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