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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    For the rest of #29, please see the thread...BARRY showed up!! Bless his heart.

    I am probably just going to make a couple of comments that have rolled around in my head.

    Heavenly, I am 11 years older than my brother. That puts a whole new slant on you and your
    husband for me....:) I vividly remember when he was born, preschool years and I left home
    when he was 6 years old. hahaha Too funny.

    30th post. It has gone by fast. Not as fast as 457 or whatever it is. (other ongoing chitchat)..but still fast.

    I see us as role models for the ones who are still working. (I can hardly keep from typing
    snicker). We let them see how fun life can be while we are miserable. Or maybe ...having a
    flat day as Barry said.

    I know no one likes going to the doc appt. What are some of the things you do to take you
    mind off of it?

    GYN visits are much better since I started taking a pair of flannel pj bottoms
    with me to put on. (I took the scissors and made the appropriate slit for the exam part.


    Love you kids so so much!! Thinking about Fay..she said she would be out of touch for a few.

  2. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Or are we in .....

    Back again. It works for me. Where are you invisible posters?[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2010]
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I tried it about an hour ago and still couldn't post...

    but now it looks like I can!

    BUT well.... nothing new much with me, LOL.
    All that fuss and I forgot what I was going to say last night.

    Except to comment on Spacee's new uniform for visiting her doctor.

    But, I got the wallboard trim done yesterday, and repotted a few plants,
    and a few other things. We didn't have power for about 5 hours. Makes
    me think I should pretend maybe that I don't have power for a while
    everyday, maybe... ?

    I got a call this AM from our cc bank, somebody charged a room in DUBAI of
    all places, over $500! LOL, obviously we're not there, don't think I ever want
    to go there, either.

    There were a few other fraudulent charges, all in the US for under $20 each.
    Makes me think whoever got it in the US is much more cautious than that someone
    in Dubai!

    I really wonder how it was gotten, none of the charges have been in Mexico,
    interestingly. At any rate, it is no money out of our pocket.

    But it has caused major hassles because I have to finish ordering some stuff---
    since I couldn't do it yesterday afternoon and too tired last night to mess with it!

    Now, because that number is officially closed, I have to call the bank every time
    with place and amount before I actually click 'place order' so they don't automatically
    reject it.

    MAJOR Sigh!

    Hope everybody's got good weather at the very least...

    and that nobody's being disappeared anymore on this thread!


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  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    at least now we know why many haven't been posting, like Rock...

    glad PH worked out the kinks...

    or should I be thanking the cyber-gremlins out there...?
  5. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Thanks for your west coast welcome.

    Spacee were you kidding about the flannel pj's at the Gyn? What a vision.lol

  6. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Was there a problem with the last thread? I could not post for some reason. Every time I wanted to post the thread disappeared. Hopefully this thread works out better for me.

    It's a beautiful, sunny, windy, cool day where I live. Gorgeous day! I hope you all are well (well, as well as can be expected:)) Yes, I agree there is something to be learned from us in that we can still laugh and have a good time even though we are feeling miserable for the most part. I think we are learning from each other too that it's okay to laugh and have fun. We've found an outlet. "Life is good".

    How to get my mind off of doctor's appointments? hmmm...I need to think about that. I read in the waiting room. I make sure I write down all my questions and concerns so that I'm prepared for my appointment, because I know I'll be too nervous to think once I get in the exam room. I don't think I do anything else to make things easier. Maybe I'll learn some tricks from you guys. I no longer see a GYN, so I don't need the flannel pj idea. But, I'm happy that works for Spacee. How ingenious! Where did you get the idea?

    I had a doctor appointment this week. Because I've been having a hard time, my doc increased my Cymbalta for my depression. If it doesn't help in 6 weeks, he's going to change my med. He mentioned Pristiq and I will research that. Oh how I wish there were meds. that actually helped us!

    My love to all of you.

  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Good to hear from all the peeps and a good post from Fay I sure hope you find something
    for depression...as a few of us have walked down that road, it isn't easy. After about 15 years
    of it, I finally came up with elavil. It's an old one but helps.

    How did I come up with the idea for the Gyn's that I really think I ought to patent. My temp is 96 and I just finally had it with freezing. I think the entire set of pj's, including the top could be worn. I think we all remember cloth things we use to wear for appts. Just whoever wants, have their own set and the doc's office doesn't have to pay for laundry for cloth or expensie of paper.

    How green of me!!

    Oh, Vic has been to Dubai and didn't tell us. You're a sneaky pete. And then to say you don't want to return. I think they have a mall that sells the most gold in the world. I think I saw that on the news. That's what Vic was doing in Dubai for one night....stocking up on gold incase the prices go higher! Hey, we didn't fall off the potato truck last night!

    Heavenly...ok, I am going to ask it. What does NRG mean? I thought I might get it from the
    context but it never came.

    Jeepers, creepers, where's you get those peepers, Jeeper's, creeper's where did you get
    those eyes. That just popped in my head.

    We need more songs like that.

    Love you kids!!! Glad we all found each other!! Rock posted on the alternative universe thread...and a few others.


  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    NRG = energy....
    lol I don't text but figured it out, but obviously you don't text either, jejejejeje.

    A friend told me she tried to text a message to her daughter but made up her own texting language and her daughter had no idea what it meant.

    I'm thinking that the languages of the world will ultimately be greatly reduced to the texting alfabet.

    OK I admit it, you caught me Spacee--

    In reality (my reality) -
    I texted myself to Dubai.

    If you want to know how, pay me $1 million, us dollars not pesos. ;)

    Fay, hope this one works for you. It must be really hard to have to give everything 6 weeks to see if it works. Sometimes the old ones work the best, I've known many people who found that out. That said, Prosac has saved the lives of at least 2 friends, probably.

    Diane, you are officially NOT a lurker anymore, so post away.... you're on call!

    You too, Patty/Pumkinhead!

    Now that Barry's "appeared", waiting to see if Rock will be able to as well, and Jole, and all others MIA. I guess nobody needs to do any 'splaining, in any case, except for PH!

    buenos noches y'all...

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Things are pretty quiet here. Doing a little reading. Listening to some CDs. Tried to
    play bridge on line, but the modem went out 3 times. Started 2 new books. Didn't
    find them interesting. Am rereading a couple of old books. Know they're good.
    Watched Mama's Family on Youtube.

    No matter what episode is shown, somebody usually says, "This is my favorite
    episode." Have to wonder about some people. They say they'd like to live w/
    that crazy, dysfunctional bunch.

    They're funny to watch, but I wouldn't want to live w/ them.

    Ya know what? I think our DDs have thrown us onto the wrong board in life. Things
    weren't supposed to turn out this way. Whaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!

    y #2:

    Just read about the Harry Potter theme park that's opening soon in Orlando.
    19 pics of it. Awesome!

    BUT, this is a terrible time to be opening any business. Probably be lots of
    heartbroken kids saying, "But we want to go." And lots of heartbroken parents
    saying, "Well, we can't afford it this year, kids."

    I suppose it cost $500,000,000 to build the place. Tickets will be $100 for those
    under 6 and a lot more for those over.

    Time to go walk Zippy.

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  10. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Yup....energy. I got that one from Rock.

    Texting - oh my! I'm one of those people who still spells everything out because I don't know the abreviations! Well, maybe a few of them, but not many! Glad I don't have any "apps" on my phone because I don't think I'd know how to use them either. Or, maybe I DO have apps and don't even know it!

    I just wrote something on our parallel thread and think I'll copy and paste it over here because I know that you are all looking forward to it and waiting with baited breath!!

  11. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Well, my sleep was not, in fact, very restorative last night. Unfortunately, my dear hubby tried to sleep without his C-pap machine and the snoring started about 10 minutes later!! When I pointed out that he was snoring he mumbled something like, "It'll be OK." Well, it wasn't!! Anyway, ended up sleeping on the couch for about 3 hours and had really weird, vivid dreams. I think it's the Klonipin to blame for that. Finally went back to bed and was able to get some pretty good sleep for about 3 hours. Woke up with some pain, not a lot, but decided to take something for pain anyway. Now, I feel pretty good and have already changed the sheets on the bed AND got dressed in real clothes! Who knew?

    This whole "post" thing is driving me crazy. I've checked some other threads where I have posted and noticed that there have been posts after mine, but when I go to see what they are.....they're not there! This.....on top of the fact that I can't put any "friends" on my profile has me feeling very bummed. I think it's a conspiracy!

    Maybe we're all being punished for what we wrote on the PH survey!

    It's a beautiful sunny day here in western NY. However, after last week's temps in the 60's, it feels like it's about 30 degrees below zero today. Oh well, at least the sun is out! For me, that makes all the difference. That, and knowing that it's supposed to be in the mid-60's by the end of the week!

    Had to spend about 4 hours yesterday fighting with my supplemental disability insurance company. I think they purposely drag things out to see who will stay and fight and who will curl up in a ball in the corner and give up. I almost ended up in the corner yesterday, but my DH kept me going.

    Went out do dinner with some of the girls from work on Thursday night. It was their treat. Even though I was really tired before my friend came to pick me up, I ended up having a good time. It was so good to see them. It's the first time I've been out of the house for fun in 3 months! Oh, and here's the amazing thing.....I actually had real clothes on until 9 PM!! But, I couldn't wait to get out of them and put my uniform on!

    I hope this cyst on my kidney is pushing on my adrenal gland and affecting my hormones. Otherwise, I have no excuse for my horrible mood swings and behavior towards my husband. He's been nothing but great during this whole "thing" and when I'm not feeling good or am upset at places like my insurance company, he gets the brunt of my wrath. I hate it. It's not me. And, it takes so much NRG. And it seems like once I'm on a roll I can't stop. Does this happen to anyone else?

    OK, we'll I've bored you with my life for the last 48 hours. Stay tuned for the next installment!!

    Have a great day everyone!

  12. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hi everyone! It's cold today. I wore my winter coat to go to the mailbox. Still sunny though. Rain tomorrow, they say.

    We have a pair of foxes living in our community. Someone sent video to the local news station and they in turn showed it on a segment of last evenings news. The foxes are living in an abandoned groundhog hole in someone's back yard. Hopefully, the female is pregnant and will produce 4 or 5 babies shortly. I hope these folks send more video of the babies when they emerge from the den so we can all see them playing. How lucky are we???

    Restorative sleep, what's that? I sleep alot of hours, but I wake up just as tired as when I went to bed. Once in a blue moon I do get an actual restful night's sleep. But, it's an elusive thing for me too.

    Re texting: I don't do it. I email or call, but I've never felt the need to text anybody. Like Jan, I write everything out in full. However, I did take shorthand in high school business course and I achieved an award for taking dictation at 120 words per minute. The award was a certificate. I kept it for many years and then eventually threw it away. I could always take shorthand fast, it was my typing that I struggled with. I made alot of errors.

    Spacee, thanks for the curler info. I'm not going to curl my hair. I made the decision after my doctor's appointment this past week. I decided if I live another couple of years I don't want to spend it fixing my hair. I'd rather be reading a good book. Haha.

    I was on Elavil early on in my illness. I had to go off it because it made my heart race. But, I do agree that sometimes the old medicines work the best. If you find something that works stay with it, no matter if it's old or new.

    I washed my sheets and took a shower. Now I'm exhausted. But, I hope you all are having a good weekend. And I'll talk with you later.

  13. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Just want you all to know how glad i am to find this group of nice people.

    Fay i hope the Cymbalta increase works for you. I too have suffered with depression for a long time. I am going back on cymbalta after trying savella. At 30mg now and will increase

    Victoria Thanks for graduating me from lurker to poster. NRG that is new for me. Takes me
    forever to write a text.

    Jan sorry about that cyst. I hope it will just go away.

    Spacee about the flannel pjs sounds like a great idea. Maybe you could start a new business. Hmm what would you call them?

    It is a beautiful day here.
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I see I couldn't have posted anyway with problems on here.
    !0days of the crud and three doctors later I'm back to the starting point.I think there are several different things going around in all the states.Xray and Dr. today with a med that cost $100 co-pay!2nd different med so it's gotta flush it out.

    I have been so sick I've apologized to my DH everyday.No cooking,cleaning,nothing and guess what?Everybody is pitching in and making do.We've had more meals brought since nobody else wants to cook.

    I have to state my opinion on Peeps.Don't like them either but microwaved has me intrigued.

    My Dr. story is that I wore two different shoes for my appt. today and came a half hr. late because I heard the time wrong.One round toe and one square toe and wouldn't you'ld have thought I would have wondered about the limp since one heel was longer?DH didn't notice but he and Dr. got a good chuckle.I was not in the right frame of mind for merriment or even embarrasment.

    I want to give out warm hugs to pumpkinhead and springwater for popping in.Sit down and set a spell.

    Glad to see most of reg. friends and I hope everybody gets a good day at the same time to post wouldn't that be something to read?

    Keep your heads up everybody and don't go out with mismatched shoes!

  15. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I didn't know you had gotten sicker. Thought you were on the mend. What did the doctor say was wrong? Could be the flu. You rest and take care. Listen to your doctor.

    Warm Hugs,
  16. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Thanks for your good wishes. I went off Cymbalta last August and onto Savella. I couldn't tolerate the sweating that was a side effect. It was awful. Plus, I needed something for depression and there's not much you can take with Savella for depression. Savella isn't used for depression. So, doc and I decided to go gack to Cymbalta in November.

    I hope you are having a good weekend. Enjoy the beautiful weather!


  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Well, as the blind man said as he picked up his hammer and
    saw, We'll see what happens this time.

    Mama Kitty is visiting. She is chirping like a bird and making it
    very clear that she wants to sit in my lap. I have provided a
    lovely kitchen towel for her to like on. On TOP of the carpet.
    Now where does she have it better?

    Spacee, your musings on time reminded me of an old
    George Burns and Gracie Allen joke. George explains Einstein's
    theory of relativity to Gracie by pointing out that it is time
    that is relative. A minute feels a lot different to a young man
    if he is sitting on a hot stove than if he is sparking in the dark.

    Note to young people. "Sparking" is an old fashioned term for
    making out. "Making out" is an old fashioned term for foolin'
    around. "Foolin' around" is an...never mind.

    Anyhoo, after George's explanation of Einstein's theory, Gracie
    asks, "From this he makes a living?"

    Haven't heard "Jeepers Creepers" for a coon's age. Was a
    pop tune when I was a kid. (You can hear it on Youtube, of

    Victoria, thanks for moving my posts. Glad you had a nice
    trip to Dubai. I believe Dubai holds the record for the tallest
    building that doesn't work.

    If Dubai had been around a century ago, some tin pan alley
    tune smith might have written a song, maybe something like

    So long, Dubai.
    I have to say goodbye.
    But I still wonder why.
    It's gonna make me cry.

    Etc., Ad. lib., Adagio,

    Patti, did you take your nickname from the Pumkinhead movies?
    From "The Frost is on the Punkin" by James Whitcomb Riley?

    Fay, yes the electronic gremlins have been hard at work lately.
    Good to see you back.

    Barry, I am not an "invisible poster", but you can't see me. HaHa!
    You sure have a lot of plants that I never heard of before. What
    was that latest one? Scilla, I think. Looks like the kinda word
    that would show up in an opera libretto.

    Note: For more regarding "The sweethearts, they sat in the
    dark and they sparked", see the old folk song by Woodie Guthrie.

    Ok, countdown to posting time.

    Kugs and hisses

  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Jole said I think she couldn't post here either. Maybe I will add her post here too. Maybe tomorrow one of us will start a new gremlin-free thread in this cyber-universe.

    Wow Pam you are still sick? Do you have a cough as well? I know lots of people who have had flu/cold but with coughs still hanging on, like my DH... also has a decrease in NRG and a general low-level malaise, even tho he did do a course of abx. Nice everybody's stepping up to the plate and helping out tho!

    And not sure what to wish for you Jan... something that is obviously causing the problem but is easier to solve? Friend of mine found she had a TB tumor on her liver, figures she got it 15 years ago in China maybe since her health started to slowly decline since then. Just had surgery 5 months ago, slowly doing better day by day. It was a very weird story how she found out, she thought she had a pheochromocytosis (think that was the name) that is usually on the adrenal gland.

    What happened to Diane's post?

    Patty, post away! the more the merrier!

    Fay, hope you have some better days soon, glad the sun is shining. Which makes me wonder have you tried light therapy? Are summers any better?

  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Hmmm, thought you were gonna do a ditty about
    "Don't Cry for Me Du-bai-ai..."

    Wish I could remember what I saw when I showed up on somebody's iPhone in Dubai, LOL...
    A pupil of Einstein said:
    It's rotten
    To find I'd completely forgotten
    That by living so fast,
    All my future's my past,
    And I buried before I'm begotten.

    Spacee... hmmm, we should hold a contest on what to name your new patient uniform for visiting the doctor! "Depends" is already taken... can't think of anything right now!

    forgot to add - Jan - you go girl, fight that disability company to the end! So glad to see them pay you back for what you've paid for!

    I thought I saw Jole's post somewhere else but here? Or is it here but it's just me who can't 'see' it anywhere?

    guess it's time to quit -

    All the NRG I had, left tonight...

    buenos noches & dulce suenos to everyone!

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yep Victoria,it's still the same ole junk appearing to leave and turn around again and come right back.I think the last big dip was the med itself making me sicker.Sounds like my crud is similar to your DH's though.The cough has kicked back in again and I think it will prolly stay awhile.

    Main doc said H1N1 and sinus but the cough has them doing chest xray to make sure nothing serious has developed.There the end of this sick sob story.On the mend,kick back and enjoy the scenery through the downpour of a rainstorm going on outside.

    I was on Cymbalta awhile for Fibro.It seemed to work awhile but fizzled out.I didn't know it then but I think it had some depression under control.Once I went off boom depression came on full force and it took me forever to figure out to ask for help.Nasty,wicked stuff that depression.

    Big burning question of the day here is "Whaaat's for supper"words I swear I will be hearing to my grave.Right now my DH and I are having a standoff on who will actually cook it.Silence on both our parts.Hope I win.


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