Loungers #36...The last Thread was deleted by accident!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I was trying to delete some of my rambling ones so there would be more
    room to respond to HRN's post.

    HRN has been back in the hospital for 3 days. But doing better now.

    Now I have lost everyone's post.

    Could those who posted on the 2nd page (I think you know who you are Barry,
    pumpkinhead. Of course HRN, if you have the strength.

    I'm so sorry. In a hurry...but could have done it not in a hurry,

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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Cheer up! Worse has been done by more.

    I remember reading about novelists who left their manuscripts in taxis,
    etc. Had to write 'em all over again.

    One of the moderators told me that Pro Health had deleted hundreds of my
    posts over the years.

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I missed the post about Jan! Does anyone know why?

    Rock-- I assume PH did that by mistake??? what a shame tho.

    Nada nuevo aqui except that my 14 mo old 'puter won't turn on for more than a second - swapped out power cords & outlets, no difference :(

    I am typing this more or less 2 fingered on a tiny netbook... don't like laptops anyway, still haven't figured out how to highlight with the touchpad... booklet assumes you do. Sigh.

    Also some downloads downloaded but won't open when I click on them to finish installing. Another sigh.

    Hope everybody's ok, sorry everybody got 'erased'... and hopong you get your flowers, bulbs, bushes planted!

    buenos noches....

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    When I accidently deleted my first post, it took the whole nine yards and deleted it.

    Thanks Rock...those poor authors.

    Jan was back in the hospital for 3 days. She is getting better. But her DH had not
    told her how bad it was in the hospital for her the first time. I'm going to let her
    tell the story...hoping that she has the strength. I am going to change the title
    of this post to make it more understandable.

  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    2 different 'parties' - you AND PH (reread Rock's post)

    Must be the bouganvillea growing up inside their servers & computer equipment. Can't be kudzu since they don't grow in CA - yet.

    Poor Jan, hope she gets thru this ok!
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    But I think Mikie told him! But Rock still has over 7800 posts!
    that must be a record.

    momma said there'd be days like this, momma said.

    I sure love you guys.

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  7. jole

    jole Member

    Well, since I never got here to read the 2nd page, I don't have to worry about replying to them....lol....there's always a bright side, Spacee!

    Poor Jan! I can't imagine what all's gone wrong for her to get so ill. I too hope and pray that she will be well and back with us soon. I'm sure she'll have some good/bad stories to tell us. And her being a nurse, she'll definitely know both sides of the story......at least what she can remember of it.

    Was awake all night again. Sat outside at 2 am and listened to the sounds of nature....it's so calming! Am going to try to get some zzzzzzz's in now, but wanted to give hugs to everyone first! .........Jole
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh what a shame for poor Jan.I thought she was do for a break!

    Grilling out for supper before we get rain all weekend.Sat. have a morning xray to make sure chest is clear.I'm sure it is but will have to waste the morning since it appears no one works on Sat.

    Jole you sitting outside reminds me when my sister stayed with me and sat outside smoking early one morning before I got up.She called me on her cell to ask me to come open the back door.I asked where she was and she said wedged in between the screen with a bat circling her and locked out.

    All this talk of gardening reminds me of a friend who used to carry a spade in her stationwagon and would drive around country roads and dig up small trees or unusual bushes to replant at home.She would ask owners for cuttings if she saw something in their yard.Her yard was beautiful.Now that is a green thumb.
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Never heard of a netbook, Victoria. I have heard of a hair net and a book case.
    In fact, I used to be a case worker although I was not required to wear a hair net.

    It was Jorgie who told me that hundreds of my posts were deleted. I figured it
    was because someone thought they were inappropriate. (Well, I read nine publishers
    turned down the first Harry Potter book).

    Hope you get your computer and all workin' again.

    Jan, I didn't get to read your missing post. Did the folks at the hospital botch things
    up? I would expect they would be extra diligent when treating one of their own.
    I hope you are greatly improved. Will it take a while to know the results?

    Hi Jole, glad to see you here. I know you and your sister are having a rough time.

    I can remember having insomnia when I was a kid. Used to lie awake on freezing
    Minnesota nights and hear the mournful wail of the locomotive. A sound now gone
    from the American landscape. Lives on in memory and recordings.

    You're right, Pam. We all need a break. Guess most of us have to settle for a

    Jean, radio was a lot different from TV. It stimulated your imagination to form
    mental pictures. Radio schedules didn't change much from year to year. Shows were on for years. Jack Benny was on Sun. night at 8 from the early 30s to 1955 when he switched to TV.

    Shows often had the same holiday program year after year. It was all live and flubs
    were part of the fun. Jack would sometimes say, "I don't know why we bother
    to have rehearsals." Of course a mistake in a dramatic show was a bigger problem.

    You can buy old radio shows. They're practically free. You can get hundreds of
    programs on a single CD. (I bought one. Only problem is I can't get the new
    technology to play the old technology.)

    Rebecca, used to see lots of wildlife when I was a kid. In the backyard; on drives
    in the country. Fairly common to be driving at night and see eyes shining along
    side the road. Or to have a deer run across the road and jump a fence in front
    of the headlights.

    Never heard of a butterfly bush. My mother had 4 o'clocks in her garden. The
    moths used to come and sip nectar. Sphinx moths. Brown and orange. Kinda
    like slow hummingbirds.

    My current project is to get my car smogged so I can renew my car registration.
    Was gonna try a couple days ago, but the testing shop was closed all week.
    State of CA is desperate for money. Registration fee went up about 60%. A
    ticket for a moving violation now costs hundreds of dollars. Utility fees going up.
    Workers laid off. Library hours cut.

    The country is collapsing, and our leaders are fiddling around like Nero. Doesn't
    seem to be possible to say Whoa to all this woe. Alas, there is no actual town
    of Lake Woebegone where we can seek sanctuary.

    But at least we can read Garrison Keillor and get a few laughs.

  10. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    I am worried about Jan. I hope to here from her soon. She has been thru hell poor baby.

    Victoria i am glad the swallow found his way out. You were smart to remove the dogs so he could escape. I was going to say good thing it wasn't a bat. Then Jole told her sisters story
    made me chuckle.

    Pam it is nice you have so many that truly care about you. I understand the fatigue issue. Let us know how the xray turns out.

    With all this talk about bouganvilla i had to look it up on the internet. The one i saw had fuchsia colored flowers very pretty. Spacee you can order a plant or a bonsai for around 40-60+ dollars. he he.

    Jole i agree with you nature is calming. Had to chuckle about the bat and your sister sorry it is a funny story now.

    Rebecca Good on you for feeding the hummingbirds they are one of my my favorite birds. Lucky you having Pear Trees yummy.

    Rock my dh is a Garrison Keillor fan also. We got to see him at the St Michelle winery. He puts on a great show. We get his radio show here on public radio. He is a hoot. I have
    never heard of 4 o'clocks hmm. Hubby and i had had a good laugh with your post. Good luck with your car..

    Have a great day,
  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    A beautiful day here in NW Calif., unlike yesterday which was too darn windy and cold.

    I have been watching birds -- just came in -- and have seen loads of warblers, heard some vireos and towhees, and once again had turkeys in the front yard. My neighbour is a bird lover and has a nest box which is occupied by flycatchers.

    Butterfly bushes are also known as Buddleia (sometimes spelled Buddleja) and are one of my favorites. We've got a number in our yard, and they do indeed attract the butterflies. Easy from cuttings too.

    Is anyone growing any tomatoes this year? Or any thing else edible? I hope for tomatoes, but fighting the deer is a constant pain in the butt in the summer. And as much as I like venison, I am beyond the days of home butchery! The last was a goose, 25 yrs. ago, and it broke my heart, so never again. Oh, and the goose was dry and tough too!

    Well, I rambled on about something yesterday, so I'm trying to keep up with you guys. I did do a 150 mile round trip on monday to Eureka, the county seat for a doctor's appt. Am still tired from that. Costco was a nightmare, but got some nice Mexican mangoes of a variety I like.

    All for now I guess.
  12. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Crack me up! Thanks for that. Since all I can do is lie around right now its a wonderful distraction. I did a lot of reading b4 posting and I felt I got to kno HRN just a bit. Been wondering about her. Im going 2 have to write everyones names down so I can respond since I cant see the whole page. Just want to let you all kmw how much I appreciate your sense of humor. Salve for the soul. Oh--Im growing tomatoes and peppers. Rebecca
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    We'll put in tomatoes for sure 4to6 plants so I can spaghetti sauce.It's a lot of work but worth it.

    I'm still eating freezer pickles and dill pickles from last yr. so I haven't decided on cukes.

    Green peppers for sure.I'm thinking of using the other garden
    box for melons this yr.

    Carrots and radishes go to waste because the only one eating them is me.Lettuce and herbs I always do.

    My method is look at the seed direction make a dent,cover it up and that's it.Lines every which way.DH does a completely straight and measured row with string and wire cages.My stuff grew last yr. his didn't.I'm still laughing.It was a bad yr. for tomatoes and peppers in our area last yr. poor guy.

    Rebecca that's what I did on here is write the names down with a line about what they posted.I had paper scrapes next to the chair every day until I got used to who was who.
  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Mikie probably has the record since she was a moderator for so many years....

    EEEK about the bat - Pam I think & your sister? I'd be scared if I were in such close quarters. My DH and I used to lake sail on moonlit nights on Lake hartwell in GA-- BK/before kids - on wonderful summer nights.... bats used to buzz around our sails tho never came nearer than 6 ft, kind of neat.

    1X we suddenly saw all these sails emerge out of the distant darkness - visibility was only so far anyway with all the bends - the sails suddenly were lit up by the moon, & coming our way without any sound. Til we got closer. Turns out they were from the SC side's marina having a group moonlight sail.

    Yesterday I found the female bluebird in our casita/small cabin - we hardly go in there right now, have no idea how it got in there as there are no openings. Happily it was easy to get to go oyt the door since the casita is so small.

    A netbook is between a laptop & a blackberry - I don't need a stylus to type but end uo using 3-4 fingers even tho I have small hands. It has all the 'features - touchpad & no mouse - like a laptop. It was only supposed to be for trips.... beginning to wish I'd spent more (got it on sale). Then again maybe not if my newish pc ends up not fixable - but I can't imagine it. BUT I don't want to buy a new one here as then I'ad have a spanish keyboard and all info wouuld bee in spanish - hard to change it over I've been told.

    TTY'all later - soooo flustrated with this dang thing!

    Hi to everybody = can't remember specifics, but love reading your posts & so glad everybody's here!

  15. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Would it freak yall out to know that my DH built 2 bat boxes 2 attract bats? Its hard to tell how many have taken up residence but I know theyre there. The guano gives them away. One bat can consume up to 5,000 mosquitos in ONE night. I live in Okla. 'Nuff said lol. Rebecca
  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I definitely appreciate nature in balance! Used to watch them swoop around back in GA at dusk else where besides the lake - + the chimney swifts that we always let nest in our chimney! But I get scared if they get too close as they don't unless they're sick (scared of rabies)

    The swallows seem to take care of mosquitos here - don't see as many bats at least at dusk.

    Driving at night along X-ways in states, I see bunches of bats going after all the bugs attracted by billboard lights - any 1 else notice that??

    (I may need 2 learn 2 text at the rate this is going... but I don't think I'd be able to read it either after 'translating' it...)

  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    When the tide of life is against you
    and your spirit upsets your boat
    Don't waste your tears on what might have been
    Just lay on your back and float...

    (Ed Norton to Ralph Kramden on the old Honeymooners' series in the 1950s....
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Cept I'm from Florida. But you all are funny.

    Barry, you must know how to live totally on nature. How neat is that? Well, ok, clothes.
    but you could barter venison for that.

    I will go ahead and tell you what I remember from HRN. It was what her DH told her
    about her hospital experience that she didn't know.

    When she started bleeding after the surgery, they had to get her surgeon who was
    about to operate on another person. Then they sent for the urologist who was to
    assist him in the 2nd operation. Then they sent for a doctor from another
    hospital. They almost lost her during that time. Vast amount of blood
    and fluids she received.

    That sure was rough for HRN and her DH too. She said she was on the mend but had
    been back in the hospital for 3 days. Didn't say why.

    Oh a brighter note. DH didn't have to watch "What Not to Wear" tonite. It wasn't on.
    "Say Yes to the Dress" was. And I don't care for that one. He is so tired on Friday nite
    no matter what is on, he can't keep his eyes open. So I get to pick. But the pickings
    are slim.

    On the kitchen. They don't make things to last. In hindsight, a new microwave and
    a George Foreman might have been enough of a change. (I used cast iron on the
    new stove...evidently a no no.) It's ok...doesn't look that bad. I've read there are
    products that help. It could have been much, much worse.

    Hey kids who don't sleep at nite. Have you had your liver's checked. I read somewhere
    that liver enzymes play a part in the day/nite sleep thing.

    Now that I have scared you....I will say Hope you sleep! I wake up way too much for
    the amount of Klonopin I take. I am awaiting my liver test. Plus some others.

    Love you all!!


  19. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Victoria the Honeymooners Ed to Ralph, is something to think about, thanks for the encouragement. I've not seen any rerun shows of the honeymooners in a very long time.
    I'll have to look into finding that show again.

    Butterfly bushes are beautiful to me. Each year they seem to make a wider bush and can be started with just a few stems in the ground or in a pot. Bees like the Butterfly bush too.
    Maybe a new name for the bush, the triple B. Oh how creative of me, Butterfly Bee Bush.
    sounds silly naming that, but they are beautiful changing colors too.

    i found planting green bean seeds in the long flower pot planter. No weeding and so simple to do.
    Found a bargain at the dollar store with these long planters, very sturdy, not flimsy and they even have a drain button on bottom of the planter. Planter has legs so they are a bit decorative too. Also in these many planters i have radishes, onions, carrots, green peppers.
    Tomatoes and zucchini are planted in the ground. My dear nephew shares his tomato plants that he starts with seed in plastic cups and soil. Wonderful for him to do this, as we very much appreciate the plants.

    Netbook computer.. i recentley strolled thru the electronics at wal-mart. Netbook computer was $300 and they also have Laptop 15 inch screen for$350. Netbook screen would be too small for me and i think the Laptop for $350 is a bargain. Those Roll back prices need to keep rolling back since increases of so much is happening these days. A dollar these days just doesn't seem to stretch so far anymore.

    Bats.. scared to death of bats. i no longer drive at night so i haven't seen the bats around billboards as someone had mentioned. I think lights draw the attention to bats, maybe that's a possibility for the bats near billboards.

    Hope all have a restful evening.
  20. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Ok that does it. Have to locate a butterfly bush. I have a type of holly bush that has the tiniest but pungent flowers on it. Bees by the jillions! Hubby wanted to cut it down but my wonderful tree hugger of a 9yo son wouldnt let him. Told him the bees need those flowers for food. So it stays. Jeez I wish I could space--how frightening for HRN and those that love her! She had a brief post after the surgery...I guess she ended up back in the hosp after that? Sure hope shes on the mend.-----my doc tests my liver enzymes once a year cause of the meds I take. Strike one there. Maybe some day all will be explained. Rest well all.--rebecca

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