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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Nope the other one didn't go through. Darn, wish I could remember what I posted.

    One thing I remember was feeling sorry for the tourists who are at the theme parks in bad weather. Then I remembered that I met a woman about a year ago who has been to Epcot every DAY since about 1985. Her hubby still works (maybe not full time) but that probably means, that they just go in the evening for a walk or something. She said she liked to go there (daily) cause the people were so happy there ;)

    Takes all kinds, doesn't it?

    Hope you are having a good day. Weather here is overcast and temp is great!

  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    It's interesting to see what's ailing everyone here. I have both severe CFS and severe FMS.

    I wonder about those who have only CFS but have all the tender points. I still wonder if these 2 diseases are the same but on different ends of a spectrum or something.

    I'm feeling really awful today. I feel like I just want to sleep for the rest of my life.

    I managed to get some thank yous out to the doctors and researchers that are helping us and staying on top of XMRV. That's all I could do so far. Been reading up a storm online as usual.

    Sorry you lost your original post Spacee. That's so maddening. Maybe next time type it in Open Office or something like that first?

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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry you lost your post, Spacee. I think that list of life's stressors should
    be amended to put "My post vanished" near the top.

    I don't think I've grasped all the nuances of that lady in Epcot story. Of
    maybe it's the old-ances I don't get. EVERY DAY?! Don't they
    charge admission?

    Did her husband work at Epcot? Does Epcot have a policy: after your
    500th visit, it's free.?

    I did two things today. Went to Walmart. Then came home and napped
    about 8 hours. Only thing I bought of any significance was 3 big bags of
    kibble for the feral cats.

    Hope you're feeling peppier tomorrow, Tee. Does your energy level
    fluctuate? Mine does. Goes from low to really low.

    Well, time for a pick-up supper. Ever hear that expression? I heard it on a tape
    of a radio show from the 1930s. Means "leftovers".

    The radio show BTW was Vic 'N Sade. Once one of radio's most popular shows.
    Now pretty much forgotten. This teaches us that fame is fleeting as are many other
    things: youth, beauty, and beer at a picnic.

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I thought Ph board had a glitch in it - I can post, then when I hit 'submit' there's nothing there. Have to go back a page, copy it, then re-sign in! and start a whole new reply or post.

    I finally figured out that PH has a time limit- you're locked out after a certain period if you happen to wander off elsewhere (figuratively or literally). Not sure how long it is, but certainly too short for me, LOL!

    I spent most of my time today looking at interesting painting ideas for walls (tree silhouttes and the like) and alternative funky Christmas trees etc. thus my separate post about it all. You know how it goes - to get that handful, I looked at likely at least 30 more sites. And other unrelated things...

    The real problem for me is getting sidetracked by other 'things' that look neat, then remembering to come back to the point of my search, LOL. I think that's why I post some things, that way I can't lose it.

    OK my significant activity today was washing/drying/putting away all the dishes. Every dish was dirty- true story. Took me 1.5 hours-- intermittant rests not included... LOL my DH can do the pots/pans now!

    Yesterday I actually got things dusted, sorted, and put away in the great room, so he could vacuum/mop. Note, this did NOT include the room where my computer is!

    but the highlight of today was being able to look at all the inspiring things online...

    Rock, that's one show I've never heard of... have you looked to see if CDs are available? We like old mysteries, and have listened to a lot of old ones, including of course the famous Sherlock/Dr. Watson duo with Basil Rathbone.

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  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think Vic started her own thread on Christmas trees. The plant idea was great!

    Thank YOU Tee for getting out the thank you's. When none of my congressmen's email addys worked, I got too frustrated to continue.

    And Thank YOU Rock for thinking about vanished posts should be at the top of the list. It happens far too often on this board.

    No, I had not heard the expression "pick up supper". Don't you have to have "firsts" before you can have "left overs"! We don't have many "firsts" around here. Hubster has noticed. Took him a while. He said that our fridge looks near empty all the time. I just said "oh, we are eating a lot of salads now and they are in the bins". ;)

    The Epcot daily visitor seemed a sandwich short of a picnic. She should try to work there and maybe have more insight as to why the people there are so happy. Then write a book, sell the movie rights....something more than just show up every day!

    Kids, you cannot imagine my surprise when I went out to get the mail and it was in the 60's. That is winter here.

    Ok, everyone who posted on Vic's thread...get over here! Chortle. Just kidding. Three is a good number, right?

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, that was what happened to my post, I think, Vic. The first one. My sis called in the middle of it. My time limit was up.

    Ok, we are a foursome. Bridge, anyone? Imaginary Tennis?

  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I never did learn that.Played in lots of card clubs though.Another one I never played was Bunko is that spelling right?My parents played cribbage but I never picked it up.
    Tomorrow I go to the eye Dr.I love when it's time for new glasses.I want something different and fashionable.Something that transforms me.I always imagine that and pick out the same old style,gold wire frames with maybe a dash of color on the stem eek.I used to wear contacts but now with the dry eye the Dr. says no not even the moisture kind.I hope I find a new style for a little pick me up.
  8. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Rainy, windy, 54 degrees here. We are still under the influence of a northeaster. I really wish we would soon get some sunshine. It's been a long time since I've seen the sun.

    My doctor's appointment is done for another 6 weeks. Groceries are in. And I made a trip to the bank. So, I can relax for a couple of days with a book and my computer. Sunday my daughter's family is coming to visit.

    Pam-Isn't it exciting to get new glasses? When I was getting my newest pair, everyone was asking my eye doctor if he had Sarah Palin frames. I think the interest in that style has faded with Mrs. Palin's less than victorious campaign.

    This is my letter writing weekend. I have a dear friend who is like a mother to me who I've been writing to for over 17 years. We always wrote every week until about a year ago when we both had to admit we simply cannot accomplish that every week any longer, so now we write every two weeks. That feels right. I remember when people used to have pen-pals. I had a pen-pal for a long time who lived in Louisiana. We eventually drifted apart, but that was fun. Does anyone else actually write letters anymore? I love letter writing!

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I made the post (BELOW) here about 10 minutes ago... it's still there fully printed in another open window in its already submitted 'final format'... yet when I went to another page and resigned in on that one, it isn't! Is this because it's Friday the 13th? Seems more appropriate for Halloween, if you ask me! So lets see if this posts.... hope I don't end up double-posting -- the way things are going, it may be in a time-warp in its own 'string' contained in this board....

    LOL Fay -- Isn't posting like writing letters?

    I think the only time I DO write actual letters now, meaning by hand, is what will fit on a Christmas card! But I used to love having pen-pals in different countries... (at different times) I had pen-pals in Germany, India, Iran, one or 2 others... but they didn't last more than a year or so, for what ever reasons. But maybe that's how inconsistent teens can be?

    &, still on the subject of writing--
    Tee, thanks for writing... I do write our state's fed & local officials when necessary, but just never seem to get around to thanking others, it's a good idea. They do know tho that every letter stands for at least 40 more people (well, voters) however- at least that's the stat I've heard.

    Hope you and everybody feels better today and have a good weekend!

    Usually my energy level is low to lower also! But occasionally I get a bit manic. 1 Day last summer (it deserves a capital 'D') I cleaned for 12 hours! down to the refrigerator and everything else that needed it. Yes, I crashed afterwards... but at least everything was clean.

    It's weird, I think I've mentioned this, but when I feel bad I want things cleaned - and will do it. Well, some of it at least. Enough to make me feel better/less irritated. If I feel really bad and can't do anything to make a dent, I just get in a very very bad mood.

    After I had mono + the mono-related meningitis for a year combined, I became obsessively neat (opposite of what I was). I really do think it's a brain thing - the extreme neatness slowly 'wore off'.... but reactivates when I feel bad. During the cycles of my life where I was feeling good, messes didn't bother me at all. Anybody else find that's true?

    What helps me to get things done is to turn on the 'upbeat oldies' on satellite TV. There is something about a really good beat that gets me going!

    BTW, how do those of you who wear glasses really 'see' what a new pair of frames will look like on you? I know they have those large magnifiers, but I've found they're not really powerful enough to really 'see' me... I've only been wearing glasses for the past 6 years, this has been the most frustrating part!

    A 'pick-up supper'? Isn't that the same as 'take-out'???? LOL....

    LOL, the only card game I play is solitaire on the computer when the internet connection isn't working well, usually at night. And I just learned how to play that this past summer while internet-less -- I was so bored with TV, solitaire was actually more interesting...<grin>

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  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    this post bumped up to the top as it should've done before. Wonder if my lost first post will ever show up eventually? If it does, well, now you know why!

    LOL I wish I could show you all my seemingly bona-fide post STILL open on the other window!!!!

    edited to add... ok I posted to my other post in the other open window... it appeared like it should... but now doesn't show up when I 'refreshed' that window/ page. I was getting really confused 2nd guessing myself at that point, that maybe Fay had started a 2nd post that I responded to, but obviously she didn't.


    I think I need a nap now!

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  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    I don't know why but my brain is working better today. I am actually able to read each post and understand it!! That is really rare.

    So, now I need to share a secret about Vic. She is really weird! Meningitis made her a neat freak! We aren't buying that one are we? (Just had to pick on you Vic).

    Also, I want to know the names of the card games you PLAYED a lot of...not those you didn't learn. (Boy, I am in a weird mood today). I didn't learn to play bridge either, sadly. Loved Rook. Loved it. I think it is like a very easy Bridge. That is where my competitive nature shows. Anything else...I really don't care who wins. I'm kinda sorry that I am that way cause Rook never got me any where and I think being competitive in say like school, would have been good.

    Pam, new glasses!! Didn't you read that I am a proponent of the aviator sunglass indoors look? Ok, it isn't a great look but if I could get more people onboard, we could start something!

    It was kinda surprising to me how many of us also have sjogrens. Too much of a coincidence. I have tested positive for it for the past 2 years.

    And Tee to have both CFS and FM badly is just plain awful. You have inspired me to send copies of the New York Times by snail mail to my congressmen and tell them that they need to be worried about our blood supply. That is the 2nd thing I tell someone when I tell them the reason for CFS has been discovered (like they care about that)...but the blood supply gets the look of "OH NO!" (that I was looking for) on their face. (I have a way about me!!)

    An 8 hour nap, Rock. WAKE UP! haha!! Did you sleep at night too??

    Love you kids,

  12. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Huh? What? Your post is where???

    How I can relate. I spent last weekend in a posting dilemma. If you get too stuck, Holly can help you if you email Tech Support.

    Yeah, letter writing is very much like posting. I think much more personal though as you are not limited in what you say and how much you say. But, very similiar.

    Oh, Spacee...no naughty gossip about Victoria :) :) :) Glad you are in a good mood. I'm getting there too, but it's slow going.

    Best to you.
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  13. jole

    jole Member

    Writing letters? Nope. This is as close as it gets. In my past life I loved it though...long, catch-up holiday letters (nope, hated those braggy ones), lots of "thinking of you" cards, etc. Now I can't even remember my kids' birthday cards..lol!

    Seriously, my handwriting these days is so poor that I can't even read it. My mother had beautiful penmanship. So did my FIL, which was amazing being 1) a man, and 2) having only attended school through 8th grade. Come to think of it, my dad's was also. Have any of you ever tried to read a teenagers writing now? What an experience....looks like mine!

    Card games..okay, I play Old Maid extremely well with the grandkids, Gin fairly well on my better days, Bunko for the fun of it when our family is all here and they've had a few drinks so nobody cares........

    Okay, I'm taking my brownie from the other thread and heading down the hall to bed now. Ta-ta for now.

  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    in my dreams last night, LOL.

    Ha- Linda - if you saw my house on a daily basis and had to live with me, you'd believe every word that I typed! I could at times drive everyone, ill or not ill, insane as why would anyone feeling bad WANT to clean and get irritable if they couldn't.

    Well today is a good day. Nothing bad (that I know of) happened yesterday (Friday the 13th) maybe because I was wishing some a 'happy' Friday the 13th?

    And today is another beautiful day and I get to have a massage in a little bit! The massage therapist has his office in his home, it's 1/2 way up a hill at the top of which is a beautiful gazebo. I'm taking the truck so I can drive all the way up (cobblestone road) so I can take photos as it's such a beautiful day. I wished I lived on that road with that view... even tho I would have closeby neighbors and likely noise. He also has a magnificent view from the massage room... he should just hold meditation classes there, LOL.

    PS: I used to play 'Go Fish' with my kids, does that count? I think my daughter taught me gin, but I don't really remember the name...

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  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I picked out plastic lenses instead of wire frames which is actually just going back in time.Remember the plastic big frames in the 90's?These are small frames now.I stayed within the allowable ins.but opted for all the pricey add ins like darkening lenses,glare proof ect.DH did too so racked up a fortune like always.
    Victoria,now they have it where you pick out frames and they have a computer picture of your head wearing the styles you try on.How cool is that?
    Spacee,aviator glasses would be perfect for me.It would cut the glare and wind but I would stumble around in the dark inside but hey wait a min. I do that anyway!I should cancel that order.
    DH and I saw the GP today too and Dr. says my husband may have the H1N1 virus but rest for now unless he gets worse.His only symptom is severe exhaustion and feels terrible all week.Excuse me but don't all of us here fit that criteria all the time lol.
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    That computer showing the frames is awesome! I know some people that it would be hard to get them out of the store....playing with that thingy.

    I am sorry that DH has the H1N1. I peaked over at the Porch and saw that Gordon (of Rockgor) has the flu. I could not tell if was the H1N1...really concerned about those with it. Have had two have it in extended fam...a 6 yr and a 13 yo. Oh, yes, right now my brother has it..darn, I forgot that. Anyway the kids got through it ok.

    Yes, Pam, how can they tell H1N1 from us??

    No kissing those with the flu, now!

    I am glad you like your new look with the plastic frames. I have some from preaviator days. Wear them at times, then wonder why I feel worse, then I put the darker ones back on. I bet if I didn't live in Florida, I could wear normal ones. But then I would be cold. Hate cold.

    Have a great nite, if you are well enough. We watched a Netflix on the building of the Panama Canal. It was really good. We almost didn't watch cause Hubster turned his nose up. I said, "Well, it has a 4 star rating." So we watched and it was great. (I think this was on my post that disapeared). The French started it but they thought that yellow fever and malaria was caused by night vapors (not mesquitos) and everyone just about died and they gave up. THAT kinda reminded me of CFS and the CDC's thinking....such an error!


  17. jole

    jole Member

    The big news here is the weather. We're under a winter storm watch...yesterday they said we'd get 6-8 inches of snow. This morning they said 2-4. I'm saying all rain with maybe some sleet and ice. Wonder who's going to be closer?? At any rate, I am certainly not ready for this. Really can feel it today.

    Okay, how can we tell H1N1 from us? Don't know. I doubt I'd even know if I were having a heart attack...lol. I know we don't get used to all the different symptoms, but I sure don't worry about any of them anymore, so no matter what happens I'm sure I'd think it was just the fibro/cfs.

    My kids preach at me to go to the doctor for things, but it's pretty worthless when they don't listen anyway. Amazing, isn't it, how as soon as they see our Dx on the chart their mind switches off? Anyway, that's what mine seems to do.

    Gee, I'm in a grumpy mood today....I apologize. Is it the weather? Is it the mud my hubby tracked in? Is it the pain? Or is it the fact that I just WANT to be a grump??? Think it must be the last...lol...so will come back later after I "change" into a different attitude..........Jole
  18. misrebel

    misrebel New Member

    Don't ya just love how the little things in life can make us feel so good. I was grumpy Friday morning, dad didn't want to be very cooperative and I'm sure he was feeling my mood then a little bit of good news changed my attitude. I received a phone call from Hospice regarding sending out a volunteer to sit with dad for 2 hours before our aide comes in......soo I'll have a total of 3 HOURS away from home. Trying not to get my hopes too high just in case it doesn't work out.

    Now my mind is going in different directions.....do I run errands or do I just do whatever I want to do? I think the latter is going to win.

    To top off the good news another call came in regarding my stepmom......MEDICAID came thru.....WOOHOO !! What a huge financial responsibilty taken off my shoulders.....my step got a little lighter and the smile crept back on my face. Me and dad celebrated with a hot fudge brownie with ice cream.
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    I feel the same way, Jole, I wouldn't know if the pain I have above my heart was an attack or not. And I would be really depressed if I had to live in your kind of weather. Right now I am in a grump cause of treatment of family members (sibs) out of state. One younger brother has kids that I have been like a grandmother to but I reckon he thinks it is best to "leave a sick person alone to rest". My twin is always asking "Did "Jack" email you this or that. Nope. I have told him how lonely I am...says he is too busy.

    I guess I am telling this to vent and to say that we all go through things like this of some sort, I believe, and how thankful I am for the internet to realize that I am not just being "crazy". It still hurts but you guys help alot.

    Miz...you are a saint! Thankfully some good news came your way. I think I am going to have to celebrate with you!! Chocolate makes anybody's mood lift too! I don't have any brownies but I have some hot chocolate...yum!

    Rock, is Gordon doing ok? And how about you? Concerned about you two.

    Well, my Saturday was spent watching Flip this House. I think I am a sucker for any "before" and "after" show.

    I have been having tummy problems and Hubster pointed to the ibuprofen and said "I think that is it". I think he is right! I have heard that mobic is easier on the tummy and can be gotten (with rx) for $10 for 3 months at Walmart. Another project!


  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I started on this a couple months ago to help with back and leg pain.It's made a big difference for me.I don't know that it would help the stomach though.I thought it was more of an Nsaid type pill.
    DH went to work today.He is coughing some and feels like a head cold after a week so I have no idea what he caught.
    I got no sleep at all last night so I'm dragging today.I tried Melatonin instead of Ambien because I'm afraid the Rheumy won't keep writing scripts for it.I only take 5mg but Drs. are getting so afraid to keep patients on anything addictive anymore for fear they'll get in trouble.

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