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  1. spacee

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    Victoria, now matter where we roam... it costs somehow. Oh, well, I guess there is a place somewhere it doesn't but then no direct tv, etc. If our cable had left things the way they had been all these years, we would not have had to increase our channels. Thinking they needed to generate more income. We finally gave in and upgraded.

    Rockgor. You tried to google about the raintree here in Florida. I found it but, sadly, no pics of it. It is called the Golden Raintree. It turns yellow first (the flowering part), but not for long, then it turns pink. Those are the seed pods. They stay for several weeks. Just beautiful and then they slowly dry and fall off. Because these trees grow so big, it suggested that any trees around them be removed.

    There is our nature lesson! If part of that was wrong..sorry. I hate it when I wake up this early. I will be back asleep soon!

    Hope the flu patients are recovering and the over done it's are resting and everyone has a better day!

  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I need to get a haircut but as usual I don't want to get out of comfortable clothes and get in the car.Every 4wks. I have to talk myself into this isn't that weird?
    It confuses me as to why I do this so much that I looked up social phobia after seeing a magazine.No none of it really applied to me.
    I feel more rested today and DH seems to be fine now.
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I have just stayed home all day, but w/ a purpose. Was waiting for the landlord,
    the gas man, and the plumber. Over a space of 2 hours they all showed up
    and now we have functioning utilities again.

    Well, the raintree sounds intriguing, Linda. I got a book on the boabab tree from the
    library. Can't remember how to spell it; if I look I'll lose my post. It is an
    enormous tree and comes in different shapes. Found in Africa and somewhere
    else like New Zealand.

    Reminds me of the WWII soldier who wrote home. Trying to convey his
    whereabouts despite the fact that letters were censored, he wrote,
    "Can't tell you where I am, but since I've been here I've been filled with
    lots of new zeal and energy."

    I need a haircut too, Pam. I get mine from Gordon. He has no training, but
    you know the Chinese are very dextrous. He can pick up a single grain of
    rice w/ his chopsticks. Musta saved me a thousand dollars over the years.

    Well, I think it's about time for a nap. Will check in later to see what's up.

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Well Rock I wish my DH could cut it for me but he's bald!He pays good money for a barber to trim his around the bottom.Gets mad if I don't notice or I say nice haircut when the barber wasn't even open.I can't win.
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    I dislike getting my hair done too. So it is long and I go every 2 months.

    I didn't know Gordon was Chinese! What are you Rock, if I may be personal? I am so English it is really boring...really. I lived on Okinawa for 9 months. The Orientals abound with dexterity and persistance to the work ethic. Makes me wish I were one.

    That guy in WWII was clever! When my son got married 10 years ago, his wife started cutting his hair, now he buzzes it himself. He is also proud of the money he has saved. Now, that is making me wish I had buzzed my hair and saved that money too. Oh, well, the stock market would have lost it all for me. So, not to worry.

    I think these Golden Raintrees are not native to the US. They are spread across the lower, lower south from the article. I never saw one til I moved here 23ish years ago.

    I can't remember if I told you all, but I saw about 10 wild turkeys this am. I had to get my haircut (you know) and I had to drive on a road through a small orange grove. They ran out and I had to slow down for them . It was a beautiful morning.

    Tonite, it's the grocery store challenge. The challenge is to not get the stuff that is bad for you.

  6. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hi Everyone! Hope all the flu patients and overdoers are recovering well, and that Rock is sleeping like a baby these nights. Saw Rock's Antihistamine for sleep thread on the medical board. And something about GABA for anxiety by Spacee. Spacee is that a supplement or an herbal product or what? I need to find something natural for anxiety myself. I asked ProHealth to send me a catalog.

    It's still Indian Summer weather here, warm days and cold nights. At least it's sunny and that's wonderful after all the rain we've had. I've managed to make short trips out each day for a few days. Little shopping trips and to the post office to mail a small wedding gift to a dear friend who just married for the second time at age 65. She was a widow for 2 years, he was a widower for 2 years, so they tied the knot. Terrific people!

    My youngest daughter called this morning to say she will bring me Thanksgiving dinner unless I want to come to her place. I chose to have her bring it to me. I just don't think I can handle being away for the Holiday, even to my daughter's house. Too stressful.

    I'm spending my time cross stitching a dresser scarf, reading 2 books, cooking a little, watching TV and cleaning a little here and there. On Thanksgiving Day I'm going to put out my few Christmas decorations.

    That's about all for now.

    Hugs to all,
  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Your week has been somewhat like mine. Really nice weather, able to run short errands. To the post office twice cause I forgot to ask the 2nd questions when I was there the first time! Good news is that the food shipped to the Netherlands made it. I had about given up. I think it was delayed in customs.

    Yes, take care of yourself during the holidays and if it is better to have dinner brought to you, then that is the way to go. Sounds like you have plenty to occupy your time!

    GABA is a supplement. In our brains we have neurotransmitters. And mine are barely working...I thought I would not be able to think of that word. GABA is a precursor to something that is necessary in our brains. Does that sound brilliant or what? It has helped me and hubster a lot as far as anxiety, stressfulness.

    You can go to the store here and look at it online or do the catalogue. I like getting the catalogue and looking at the bestsellers.

    We had a slice of ham tonite with supper. I think I have found the "secret". Cook it until it is almost burned...added flavor! hehe.

    Nite all.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The day is running down like a tired clock. (Who said that and in what play?)

    Linda, your DH gets his hair trimmed around the bottom? I'd like to get
    a look at the barber chair.

    Gordon was born in a village near Canton. Came here in 1950 when he was
    an infant. I am English (like you) plus. Have ancestors from Wales, Ireland,
    Scotland, England, France and Norway.

    Decade or two ago I called my second cousin whom I hadn't seen for many
    years. He got married to a Black women when he was around 60. I told him
    I had an interracial relationship too. He paused for a moment and then asked,
    "Which one of you is Black?"

    I looked up GABA a while back. Can't remember what I read. That's pretty
    much the way it goes these days. What are you reading, Fay? I just
    finished rereading a book by Bailey White: Mama Makes Up Her Mind.

    The author has the knack of making an interesting essay outta nothing. Maybe
    a trip to the store to buy eggs or the antics of an old bed. Am also reading a
    thriller and have to pick up a Garrison Keillor book at the library tomorrow.

    As usual, I didn't leave the house today, but had gentlemen callers: the landlord, the
    plumber, the gasman. They weren't very entertaining, but they got the job done.


  9. nah.stacey

    nah.stacey Member

    You guys are killing me. Indian Summer, a little rain, beautiful morning???????

    I'm up to my ankles in powder, ok, now it's turned to ice.

    Peewee here had a big adventure tonight.

    I took myself to the Olive Garden (ok, the "to go") for dinner.
    I have been sick with the nasty flu like everyone else it sounds like and was soooo mad that not one of my four loving children had popped in to see if I was still alive and not bringing me chicken soup, and my husband is dodging me because it's bad enough to watch me suffer with CFS/FM, but the flu toooooo? Anyway I took some drugs and drove myself to dinner and home again.
    Then I qualified for the overdoers club and had to lay down before I could eat. Sheeesh, I'm pathetic.

    Heya, if you are curious about the GABA transmitter explanation? On the Fibro Board under a post titled: NEWS FLASH: SAVELLA IS JUST ANOTHER AD. I put a link to where you can read about what GABA's do in an illustrated story titled: GABAs in the Hood, pretty explanatory. I'd post the web site for you but I would lose this post.

    I heard that, "that would be a loss"? LOL
    Going to try for sleep,
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's all in the delivery.

    "That WOULD be a loss!"

  11. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Almost burned ham...yummy. Just the way I like it!
    About the GABA, can I take it along with my prescription meds.?

    Rock, I'm getting close to the end of The Kite Runner. You like Garrison Keillor? He's my favorite author. Did you know he suffered a mild stroke on Labor Day weekend? Was hospitalized all week. He's doing well and back on the radio. I listen to Prairie Home Companion every Sat. night. I cannot wait to read his new novel Pilgrims when I can finally get hold of it. I can't afford to buy new books, and it will be some time until it shows up in the used book store. The public library is not buying new books this year due to budget cutbacks.

    Oh, the second book I'm reading is a divorce recovery book. Anybody else been thru that? [This Message was Edited on 11/18/2009]
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm a firm believe in well-done ham. Otherwise it has a rubbery texture.
    I baked a ham steak and potatoes last night. I've decided the cheaper Von's
    brand is better than Farmer John.

    I don't know why so many people are crazy about that honey baked ham.
    I think it's right up there w/ Starbucks coffee. Way overpriced!

    Yes, I read "Pilgrims". It's his usual funny stuff. What's kinda weird though, is
    that Garrison is a character in his own novel. The book before (forgot the
    name, of course,) is even funnier w/ the big scene at the lake w/ the bowling
    ball and the hot air balloon and the boat full of pastors, etc. As we
    say in The Old County (Minnesota): Uff-da!

    I have 3 books on hold at the library. One is by Garrison.

    I think Los Angeles has the biggest library system in the country. It used to have
    77 branches. A few years ago several were closed due to lack of money.
    In the last 3 years LA has built 3 new libraries w/in a mile of my house.

    And it has revamped its computer system twice in the last few years. I think
    somebody's brother in law gets the contract. Every time they work on it,
    it gets worse.

    Library has a book sale every Wed for a couple hours. Couldn't go today cause
    I'm waiting for a dr. to call. The books are even cheaper than the thrift shop.
    I haven't bought a new book in years, Fay. I like paperbacks. Easier to hold
    and if I drop it in the bathtub, nobody cares.

    If you like books about small town life, check out Philp Gulley.

  13. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    You mean, Front Porch Tales, by Phillip Gulley?

    Fay :)
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yup. He wrote several books. They seem to have "porch" or "Harmony" in
    the title. I grew up in Harmony, MN (pop 1000). I read somewhere that
    17 states have a Harmony.

    Have you read Fannie Flagg? "Standing in the Rainbow" and its sequel are
    good small town books.

  15. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Is Harmony, MN close to where Garrison Keillor grew up? Maybe you guys were neighbors.

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Isn't everyone from MN related. Or is that only small towns in the south?

    Bear with me. But since we can't scroll back through the posts, I took notes...my intelligence staggers me sometimes. So, I will deal with the most urgent first.

    GABA does not interact with any meds/supplements. That was the most important...now randomly. And most geared toward Rock cause he can mention so much in not so long posts.

    Rock, no idea of the line in the play. I think I have been to 3 plays in my lifetime (to my shame). And it seems most of us are small towners so educate us!

    Divorce Recovery. Have not read it but sis in law has been through it twice and it is H*ll as you must know by now. She has a SO but won't marry and I don't blame her a bit. After you have been burned, you just won't go there more than 2 times unless you are Johnny Carson.

    Darn, your name! Ranigar? You want me to feel bad cause you have snow but had Olive Garden take out....no way. snicker. You probably have a fireplace too. That and a slanket, what more do you need?? Your kids should have done better but Rock knows how you feel. I got the "Mom, I need $1000 cause we have no money in our acct, call today." So, as long as they need $, we will hear from them. After that, we are on our own, I predict.

    I commend Rock for enjoying his visitors (plumber etc). Personally, if I have to change from my robe and sunglasses, it it would be annoying. Thankfully, I almost never have to.

    Your 2nd cousin is a scream, Rock. My sis's grandkids are interracial (black) and I want to report that on FaceBook, our B'ham, Ala highschool friends have all commented favorably on the pics. We can learn something!

    Keep up the literarry talk. If I see someone, I will toss out "have you read?". Rock, lives in the mecca of libraries and a lot of other things, methinks.

    While I kinda like Honey Baked, I agree it is too high. I do love their barbeque roast. It makes a whole bunch of sandwiches for a long weekend when your guests expect "something special" for lunch. It is yummy. And I live in the land of barbeque restaurants.

    Canton. Well, why did they leave, if I may ask. Or maybe I should ask "who let them leave?" The Communists? I had a penpal in China but then the Tenanen Square thing happened and we lost contact. Just curious.

    Sleep well....

  17. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hope everyone is doing well today. I'm up and having my coffee. That's my "kick in the butt to get me going" for the day. It's going to rain today the weatherman is saying, but it hasn't begun yet. I hope to run an errand this afternoon, but will only take a few minutes.

    Spacee, thank you for your info about the GABA. I'm going to order and try it. I've had generalized anxiety disorder all my adult life. I found Xanax to be most helpful, but was on it for 10 yrs. and got dependent on it. Was hard to get off. Now doctors won't prescribe benzos. for me. Maybe GABA will be helpful. Thanks!

    Yes, the divorce issue is very, very painful. It's been 6 yrs. I'm still healing. It's the worst thing I've ever been through. Feel like a total failure and reject. But, I know there are many others who have been through it too. I find that no matter what you face in life, you are never alone. And, yes, I'm very gun-shy. Never want another man. I'm better off alone.

    Rock is a good conversationalist, isn't he. He's very lucky to be living close to the big library. I agree, he and Garrison Keillor may well be cousins. hahaha. It's so true, everyone in MN seems to be related. I love small town living, and small town stories. Hey Rock, how'd you get to the big city anyway?

    I see Stacey joined out thread. Welcome Stacey. We are a slow-moving bunch over here. We are always glad to see new and interesting members join our small talk. It helps to make our days more meaningful just to chat about this and that.

    Hugs to everyone,
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    One of these days I'm going to start speaking Spanglish... it's already happening in some of my conversations with my husband. Not that he understands any Spanish I throw in, nor do I understand him when he does, LOL. As if communication between spouses isn't hard enough!

    However, I propose adding the Spanish word for 'and' - which is 'y'. Ever really think how often we use the word 'and'? Wouldn't it be easy to just type 'y'???? So if it starts showing up in my posts, LOL, you'll know what I mean (caveat, do our memories extend that far?, I probably wouldn't remember if someone else started using something I wasn't familiar with, LOL)

    Bailey White - I read some of her earlier books or essays, I think she's hysterical. Nowadays I mostly listen to audiobooks, and it's just too slow paced for me to listen however. I got into reading some contemporary southern literature after living there for some time, especially Olive Burns' "Cold Sassy Tree' as she'd lived in the town I was living in (Commerce, GA). Commerce used to be called Harmony Grove ( - so much prettier & picturesque, don't ya think? -but they changed it about 100 years ago to try to sound "progressive". Trust me, it didn't help, even tho the RR tracks really do run up the main street of the town!)

    Interesting how the word 'Harmony' keeps turning up. On a side note, John Hughes (Director & writer of such movies as 16 candles, Home Alone) was a year ahead of me in my HS (Nope, I didn't know him but his sister was in some of my classes, and I can see how the Molly Ringwald character was inspired by her!). Anyway, even tho he said he hated our town, well maybe it was only the nouveau riche?-not sure... he used the old town name of Shermerville IL quite often in his movies. LOL you detectives out there can now figure out where I grew up!

    Someone recently came out with a series of books placed in the south, and made me mad that she took my favorite town's name as the name of one book: "Between, GA". She beat me to it... LOL. I always wanted to live there so I could say I lived in Between and confuse people who didn't live in the area. Sort of like a 'who's on first' skit, LOL.

    Rock, sure wish I had your library card! I can only imagine how many audiobooks would be downloadable - I'm sure the difference would be like night/day between what my town in Georgia offers compared to LA! I looked at a friend's library offerings in a suburb of Chicago and I'm very jealous as it is...

    Ummm, can't remember anything more, I think the above has used up all my brain power.

    Hope everybody who is 'under the weather' more than usual is feeling better, those who need a haircut manage to get one soon, and everybody gets treated with dinners for Thanksgiving made by someone else!

    all the best,

    PS re hair... I know exactly what y'all mean. I haven't had my hair trimmed since January! I have found someone nearby, an American with whom I can actually communicate what I want done, & who will cut for $70 pesos (about $5 USD) and included, she'll even come to your house (well, for those that actually live in the town!).

    Have I called her yet? I think you already know the answer....
    LOL.... it is past my shoulders now tho, and long overdue!

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi, nah.stacey. Nice to see you. Does you name
    have some special meaning? I once played bridge on line.
    The computer would give you a choice of names. Buckin'
    Bronco, Ace High, or Mountain Miss, for example.

    No, Fay, Garrison Keillor and I have not met. But we are
    the perfect couple. He writes and I read. Garrison is from Anoka,
    a suburb of Minneapolis. I believe he is two years younger than I.
    He is one of my favorite writers along w/
    Dave Barry, Miss Read, E.F. Benson, etc.

    I grew up in Harmony, a village with no traffic lights, traffic, cop,
    hospital, swimming pool, pet
    store, crime, graffiti, or homeless. When I was
    ten a public phone was installed on Main street.
    That was the only public phone.

    Speaking of phones, the phone directory was
    about 10 pages. Numbers were two digits. Ours
    was 37. My dad's restaurant was 89.

    We had a volunteer fire dept., one doctor, one vet, and
    three churches. The pop. was 1000, almost everybody of
    Scandinavian or German
    descent. Stores closed at 6 pm except for Sat.
    night when the farmers came to town.

    We had a popcorn stand that had been in the
    family for 3 generations. During the summer the
    H.S. band played in the park. I played the flute.
    (Was a lousy musician.)

    The Gem theater opened the year I was born. I
    looked it up recently. It is now the only operating
    theater in Fillmore County. Still uses the same popcorn popper.

    When I was a kid it cost a quarter to go to the show. That
    covered admission, a bag of popcorn, and a box of Jujubes.
    Got 3 cents change.

    Spacee, the line is from the play "Our Town", a
    Pulitzer prize winner. Probably the country's most
    popular play. Was made into a movie the year
    I was born.

    I never saw anything except high school plays
    until I went to college in St. Paul. Saw a poster
    that said: My Fair Lady. Usher and get free

    So for the next several years I ushered for B'dway
    shows that were touring, the Metropolitan
    Opera, the Mpls Symphony and all kinds of concerts,
    etc. Saw everything from Aida to the
    Kingston Trio. And all free! If I really liked something I'd
    see it a couple times.

    In a space of 16 months I saw Hello Dolly w/
    Carol Channing, Mary Martin and Betty Grable.
    Note: There were all wonderful!

    Ours was the first generation to dance (or roller
    skate) to rock and roll music. Now I am totally
    out of touch w/ contemporary culture and plan
    to stay that way. Haha. Smiling out loud.

    Hi Victoria, you were posting the same, you know.
    I can't remember if I read Cold Sassy Tree, or just
    started it. I know I had it home from the library
    a long time ago.

    I'm pretty sure it's been made into an opera. I'd look
    it up, but then I'd probably lose my post. Well, I want
    to wish you goodbye y goodluck. I'm going to go read
    Romeo y Juliet now.

  20. jole

    jole Member

    Gee, all you literary people have me stumped...as I read the names of the books you mention, some of them sound familiar, but for the life of me I can't remember if I've read them or just heard of them...or just seen them in the previous post! lol...

    I love to read, always have. When I was a child I already had very little energy, so when my bro and sis were out riding bike on Sunday afternoon I was curled up with a book. Books actually saved my sanity...lots of Bobsey Twins, Little Women, oh, a mystery one that I can't think of...took my mind off the insanity of my family..

    Today I decided to do some cleaning. Got nowhere. The day before I tried to fix my printer y print out some photos. So had ink cartridges, photo paper, etc. scattered around y ran out of energy. The day before I started reading through medicare supplement insurance policies y have them scattered all over the guest bed...no decision made yet.

    The day before that I sorted through a box of my daughter's things that she had left here that she no longer wanted, y I got them out of the box but then couldn't decide what I want to do with them either...so they still sit.

    So my cleaning projects have my house so cluttered up I don't have room to live...haha. Wish I could stay on-track for more than 10 minutes. Does anyone else do this? It's my worst fault. My mind wants so bad to get things accomplished, but I simply can't anymore.

    Wish I could afford an "organizer" to come in and clean out, organize y "do everything" for me! I'd love to move to a totally empty house, put in the bare necessities, y keep it that way. Unfortunately, my hubby is a pack rat, y my kids think our big house still belongs to them for storage...lol...

    Okay, the "y" thingy isn't saving me any time at all...I went back y redid all my y's ...haha. Good idea though...always up for a challenge! Hope everyone has a good day!........Jole

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