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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, Fellow Loungers. Pull up your chez lounge, and let's
    get started.

    Gordon is at an orchid club meeting. Zippy and I are
    holding down the fort.

    I made tuna salad yesterday. Am looking at one of Gordon's
    Betty Crocker books. Has a recipe for skillet chicken w/
    vegetables. Sounds simple and tasty. (I'll leave out the paprika
    and the bell pepper.)

    Had a long-time suspicion confirmed on the news today. I
    read a decade or two ago that many cities require their
    residents to sort their trash into different colored bins. But...
    regardless of which bin, the cities do not recycle. Everything
    gets dumped into the same trash fill.

    I figured that was what LA was doing. One can't find an LA
    recycling plant on the internet. And one never hears about
    it. For example: the LA Recycling dept. reported it recycled
    72 tons of ...etc.

    Jole, I remember when I lived in a state w/ 4 seasons. In the
    fall the leaves turned color. I think Minnesota and New England
    have the most colorful foliage. So we kids raked leaves and
    jumped in the piles and burned them and had a good old time.

    It was common to see the ducks and geese flying south. Usually
    saw them at dusk or later. Sometimes outlined against a
    harvest moon. Often could hear their cries.

    We used to drive down dirt roads in the country. My mother
    collected red sumac. She grew straw flowers which she dried,
    and Indian corn. Made wonderful arrangements.

    And I remember Spring, Barry. The crocus (the plural is
    crocus or crocuses or croci depending on which site you
    visit) and the grape hyacinths poked their noses out while the
    snow was still melting. The tulips and daffodils soon followed.

    What is Richard up to? Cooking. Does he make Hamburger
    helper? Ha Ha! Betty Crocker has a recipe in which "
    " is an ingreediment. The finished product is a modified
    Greek Spanokopita (spinach-cheese pie).

    Have run outta steam. Hafta come back tomorrow.

    Hugs to all
  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    What vacation?I forgot how much work there is camping!

    Had great weather going down.Dodged all the fronts.First day was cold and dismal but that was ok we were tired from driving.Huz liked driving the RV.We both really liked traveling in it.Dad was a whole other story I won't even bother reliving.Some his own fault some not.Bottom line he can't go on another journey even by motorhome.His legs have completely given out and I don't know what is going to happen.Maybe after a couple days he'll walk again I don't know.

    We enjoyed our visit with DD,SIL and Gd.She's still asking for her playmate Nanna.Went to a beautiful white sandy beach on Sun. with DD and family and sisters.We had a wonderful exciting day.On Wed. sisters and I sat around the "campground",which was sisters side lot and talked about growing up.I learned stuff I didn't know and they learned stuff I knew about that they didn't.We were like little old ladies sitting on the porch.Gone are the drama and jealousies
    of youth.
    I really liked the traveling and am grateful I am in the best health I've been in for yrs.I know it will end but I'm ok with that.
    Oh you should see me.Sunburned head to toe,well important parts were covered,I over did it big time.Rash and swelling on legs,arms,face.Huz teased me that I look like I botoxed my lips.

    Funny stories later.
    Big Red
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Rock took the bull by the horns and started the new thread! You sound like you
    have a bit more energy with the cooking a bit and all.

    Me too, I haven't felt like cooking for quite a while. Thought I had about given up.
    Like a seed in the ground, the sun warmed it and it sprouted again. I'm shocked
    at myself. haha The K. sink stopped right up so now have to deal with that.

    Oh, boy, oh boy. Pam is back and she had funny stories for us. Glad you enjoyed
    the traveling!! FIL may have to stay with DS??? Or cross that bridge when you
    come to it, maybe. You didn't feel sick out in the sun? I didn't til last year.
    But it was in the hotter (like 95 degree) not the 70's. Glad the sister's behaved

    BIL is home from hospital with his knee replacement. Things are going better now.

    Think I will play a game of checkers and call it a night.



  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Most everyone is resting, I think.

    Sigh, I was going to 'cook'. Ya'll know how unusual that is for me. But the kitchen
    sink decided to stop draining last nite. We have had a lot of plumbing problems
    over the years but never a stopped up kitchen sink.

    The plumber is very busy and can come out a week from Monday. Yep. Over
    a week. They said they couldn't understand why they are so busy. What?
    I know that answer: Snowbirds.

    I read online to boil some water and pour it in the sink and see if that works.

    Ok, that's what I'm doing today.

    On the jewelry front. Check out "Howlight" on eBay. Jewelery straight from China
    with no middleman. I think I would have named it "Howcheap". $3 or less. Sometimes
    99 cents. A lot of turquoise.

    Stay tuned.

  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Do you think it is real turquoise or faked? Guess I'm a bit suspicious if it's coming from China. Who knows, the color might rub off onto your clothes or skin, lol? Did you order any?

    "Chez" - funny you mention that name, was just thinking today about a coffeehouse I worked at while in college called that, in Columbia MO. It was fun, all volunteer... hey those were the days when there were such things as a "free university" where people gave all kinds of esoteric and not so esoteric courses for free.

    Anyway, they had folksingers on Fri/Sat & Wed nights and I'd hang out there even when not working. My home away from the dorm. ;)

    Cooking, haha... I brined some pork yesterday and still haven't cooked it. Wonder if it will spoil before I get a chance to do so.

    Beautiful day/night today, warm, sunny, balmy, the daffodils are growing quickly and starting to form buds... tho the next week isn't supposed to be quite as warm, darn. DD's BF's parents are coming down from Michigan, they need to escape the snow and cloudy days. (No there's no room at the inn here, LOL, they're staying at a hotel)

    Well, mi perro is doing fine, not even limping, just extra cautious about anytime he enters the great room or goes outside. Needs lots of reassurance, understandably.

    Pam, hope your FIL is able to get back on his feet... will he be able to stay with you if he cannot? My MIL got so bad she had to be bodily lifted, but, she was never very tall and ended up about 4'10" so my DH was at least able to get leverage plus he's very strong. I don't think he could've done it with his dad as he was taller than my DH.

    Hope everybody is weathering whatever weather you're having...

  6. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    My post turned up on the Health Board. How do I move it?

    Help me, I'm crawling!
  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Don't know how you did what you did! As you can guess, I'm not computer-compatible. I can't find the post on the Health board! Most amusing; I had to trail my posts to find myself!

    Again, many thanks, and best wishes,
  8. jole

    jole Member

    I'll share some of my sisters...lol. Talked to her the other day. Her son (my nephew) sells planes all over the world. He delivered a plane to Hong Kong last week and was met by the new owner and translator in a limo. My nephew and the pilot were to be taken out to dinner. On the way, the driver stopped, and the owner got out. They said "this doesn't look like a resturant". He said. "No, no...it's a ### house". They told him no thanks, and asked to be taken to their hotel.

    Well, he asked if they minded waiting....he went in. Off they go again, and another stop. This time at a massage parlor! The new plane owner was not too happy with them when they again refused. Guess that's how you show your appreciation over there. Anyway, he insisted on taking them for a meal....finally. My nephew said it was buffet, and they still went to their hotel hungry, 'cause they didn't recognize a single thing there and were afraid to try it....lol. Do have to admit he's naturally a picky eater in the best of circumstances. Bet he doesn't sell another plane to that guy....lol.

    The trip to another country (forgot) didn't turn out well either. He arrived; translator was ill and didn't show up, and neither did his luggage. He called and told his mom the worst part of the entire trip was going shopping for underwear...can't do charades without getting arrested!

    Next week he'll be in Africa. His wife hates his job....I would too with the world like it is, but he's good at it and happy. Seems it's always the wife that suffers......

    All the talk of food has me hungry. My cooking is very seldom also. Hubby misses that, 'cause he only fries eggs and grills hamburgers. Bet you wonder what we eat.... Think we'll have frozen pizza for tonight :) Jole
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thankful we got back in time.

    FIL is in the hosp.Some congestion in his chest and the legs not holding him up.He's giving the nurses a run for their money.They think he's cute but think it could get old quick,they're right.Huz had trouble lifting him and no way could I do it today so Sat. we took him to ER.

    We all agreed it was time for the next phaser of his life,even him.He thanked us for our hospitality and personally told me I was very good to him but he's ready for whatever happens.It made it so much easier for us.

    Drs. understood immediately and are working on PT and Nursing home placement.FIL picked the home he prefers.He is telling everyone of his travels to FL. so I guess he liked it.

    I'm not moving a thing until I'm sure he's not coming back for sure.I feel a weight lifted and just in time.My energy is kaput.Huz was feeling guilty but came around quick and sees it's for the best in more then one way.

    I'm in my Pj's ready to hang out.

    Linda and Mikie I got bit by Nosees.Is my sis pulling my leg?Is there an unseen bug in FL. you call that?Itches like crazy.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, there is such a thing but you usually don't see them, hence the name. They do bite. In FL, it's best to avoid being out near dawn and dusk but you can be bitten any time.

    Glad FIL is so good about moving where they can take good care of him. I know it's not easy but at some point in life, it's the best for everyone. If I get to where I can't live alone, I'll go.

    For years, we've been good little recyclers only to find out that our county was burning everything together. Now that they've been caught, they've revamped the recycling. We can put everything in together and they sort it for recycling. I don't trust them but the TV news which caught them in the first place will keep an eye on them.

    Love and prayers for good health to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Funny how posts stick in your mind...later. The one Rock posted about the recycling has
    been in my mind. Wow!! Someone had some splaining to do, I would think!!

    Jole, that nephew would love his job, I would think. It is hard, hard on the wife. Somehow
    a relative of a inlaw has the same type of job, sorta. As their kids get old enough to go
    to college, they send them to the state that the parents want to retire in. And hope they
    like it there and stay. Has worked for one of the kids, other got a scholarship to another

    Dear FIL, it is a new stage of life. You did good Pam. Better than I would have with my FIL.
    That was funny, Victoria about the leverage with your MIL. And I would think your DH's
    boxing strength came in handy too!

    The sink is unstopped. Drano, plunger and 6 big pots of boiling water. Voila!

    Barry. I have to ask. How do you know so much about food? Were you raised with
    eating that much variety. You talk about things I have never heard of!! lol But
    mother didn't like to cook and though I did, I think my tastes were limited to the
    ordinary. Not the extraordinary.

    BIL is back at the ER this am. They knew they were going to go last night. PT guy came
    assessed things, called told the surgeon's ppl and they are to meet them there with a
    plan. I hope the plan isn't to put him back in the hospital. He can't ride in a car so
    medical transport will have to be called. At least Nephew is off for Pres. Day and will
    be there to help.

    That was all caused for BIL that was started when the RN delayed getting his meds to
    him by 4 hours. Then because of that about 5 more things happened and now this.
    I don't want to ever be in the position of having to be dependent on a nurse for meds.
    Been there before and it doesn't work out well for me either. I'm a baby and I need
    to stay 'on schedule'.

    That Hong Kong ways of entertaining was so....well, I'm speechless!! Too much!! lol

  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member


    Linda, I guess my interest in food came from my parents initially. My father's family were farmers in east Texas, so I developed a taste for cornbread, black-eyed peas, okra, crawdads, frog's legs, hominy, etc. All the usual stuff. I was born in England and my mum was English (I have duel citizenship); I lived in England for four periods of time -- a military brat. In England I was exposed to liver, tongue, kidneys (lamb are best), etc. Black (blood) pudding -- a sausage. In England I ate my first winkles, whelks, and cockles (all shellfish), and little fried fish called sprats. Irish strawberries that grow on trees, lychees, and kiwi fruit (called Chinese gooseberries there.) When we finally settled in the States I went to college and had to cook for myself. I became very interested in Chinese and European cuisines, and have a horribly large collection of cook books. The oldest is called Farmhouse Fare that my mum brought with her -- it tells you how to cook a sheep's head, and other wacky recipes, like dandelion tart and dandelion wine.

    So, I have probably grossed you out with some of my tastes. I have done a lot of weird stuff. The most horrible was helping neighbours butcher a pig many years ago so I could get a quart or so of blood for the black pudding I wanted to make. I had already gotten the casings from the friendly butcher at the market, so just a matter of the blood (mixed with a little vinegar to prevent clotting) and rice and other solids, and voila!

    And now off to eat an apple!

    Regards to all,

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's the name No see ums.Learn something new everyday.

    Barry that is an unusual palate you have.Interesting foods indeed.I enjoy hearing about them even if I wouldn't eat any of them.

    We did a very foolish thing on vacation.The men sent the women to the concession to bring back lunch,on the beach.One by one we trooped back with food carriers full of FF and burgers,and fish.The seagulls swooped down on us like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.Up the beach we ran amidst beachgoers comments and laughter.Tourists and idiots were a few of their chants.DD saw the gulls tonsils and they stole food from our trays as we ran.

    We didn't think and still held our heads up coming back to the beach after we ate in a secure spot.We faced the people who taunted us and laughed because we were idiots.Thought for sure it would be on You Tube.Could have been a day on the beach but now it's a story.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Barry, it helps to have a family that farms and a mother from another country to get your
    palette started. Then a talent in cooking and willing to even butcher a pig for it's blood.
    Yep, I can see where you got your things that I have never even heard of from! My father's
    family was from east Texas too! My grandfather was a sharecropper and quit school in
    4th grade. (I guess to help sharecrop. They had just come down from Missouri).

    I think I am with Pam that I wouldn't eat a lot of those things!! All those cookbooks.
    Some must be collectibles. If you ever decide to sell any on eBay, put the "Buy it Now"
    price instead of letting ppl bid. That way, if they don't want to pay what they are worth,
    you won't give them away for 99cents. Just a thought. :)

    That was a very funny story about the seagulls, Pam. Seems like the concession ppl would
    have warned you and had something to cover it with when they sold it. Someone missed
    out by not putting it on utube!!! Oh, what an experience!! Barry might have liked the tonsils
    to cook...snicker. (Sorry Victoria).

    I have had to stop my gum chewing habit. Victoria said it contained aspartame. Well, I started
    having a lot of pain and today on the front page of this site, it told of a woman whose
    FM was caused by aspartame. The pain went away when she went overseas and forgot to
    take her aspartame with her. So glad you looked it up, Victoria!!

    Huz has said that my cooking was the reason he couldn't lose weight. A number of times.
    For example, spaghetti had enough for leftovers for lunch. So I quit making spaghetti.
    Made nothing that had leftovers. Then he wanted to know why we never had left overs.
    So, I'm making some meals I made long ago and they have leftovers. I'll let you know
    when I'm told about the weight. haha I know this dance.

    Really nice down here now. More and more things are blooming. I don't their names so you
    will just have to take my word for it!

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    No, Victoria. I don't think the Howlite tourqouise is real. I don't think the stuff in the
    stores is real either.

    Circle disks are being worn by Hollywood (if you watch tv) because of the good karma
    they bring. They show up well too. Neat but not gaudy as mother would say.

  16. jole

    jole Member

    When my mother died 6 years ago she had lots of jewelry (like some people are with shoes!). We divided it among us kids, and then divided it among our kids (yes, that much...lol). I did keep some for myself for sentimental reasons, although I wear very little and it must be simple.

    I was looking through her things the other day and was amazed to see the jewelry she had is totally in style right now! The chunkier, long, colorful pieces are beautiful.....but do nothing on me in jammies *sigh*.

    My SIL was in OK ths past weekend with a bunch of guys hunting wild boar. Another thing I wouldn't want to eat, but my DD says the meat is delicious. The wild boar have taken over OK and TX, and are eating anything they can get. They are vicious animals and wreak havoc not only on crops but livestock, and on people's pets, just as our coyotes do. TG no one eats coyotes!

    Jammy glammy

  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz is waffling on FIL staying long term in facility.He met with the PT team today and they asked what his plan was and he said for the short term getting his dad walking again and then we'll see.Dad asked to come home yesterday.

    Huz boss is talking him through to keep dad there as he just went through it with his mom before she passed.

    I'm trying to stay quiet as he knows my feelings and gets angry and I get depressed and resentful.It's a process I know but I can't go back.The Drs. were so helpful to get us to this point we can't blow it.He is complaining about everything and I am so relieved it's not at me.

    I'm in a huge flare as expected and trying to take care of myself but feel so alone right now.Thanks all for listening I'll get through it.
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, I guess a day would be long enough for FIL to want to be "home". A mother of a
    childhood friend was really mad that she got put in one of those places. But after they
    got her on some meds for demetia, she got really happy. Wonder what those meds are??
    I would ask Twin since it is her husband's cousin, but the cousin is having his prostate
    removed this week. I don't think you are well enough to handle FIL and you know that.
    The only other alternative that I can think of, is IF FIL came back, to have a sitter to
    handle him during the day. But I really don't think he should come back.

    Not into jewelry either since jammies are my thing. Lake Wales is too laid back.
    Never see anyone wearing any. City girls (Atlanta) like Victoria would need some!!

    Did you hear about the 82 yo woman who ordered from Domino's Pizza everyday.
    When she didn't call three days in a row, the delivery woman had the police go.
    Yep, she had fallen and couldn't get to the phone. I am going to try to remember
    that one when I can't cook anymore. Here, if you can't get out, pizza is the only
    place that delivers.

    ((((Huggies ))))) to Pam and Jole and anyone else, Barry? who is in a flare. Mikie?
    And the rest of us loungers who just don't feel welll.

    Lucie Linda
  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I really hope the doctors get your husband to see the light, Pam, and your FIL. I'd think one day back at home might be enough however to make them realize he does need to go, this might be something to bring up. I'm so sorry they're having second thoughts. If I reach that point in my life, I surely hope I have enough mind left to know what's best for everyone all around.

    LOL I'm no city gal... I live in the country. We moved from Chicago metro area to get away from the city. While Atlanta does dress up a lot more than many cities, Chicago generally did not, it was always more casual. It's something my Chicago friend always notices when she visits Atlanta, and I notice when I go back to Chicago.

    Well in any case I don't think too many are showing off their diamonds these days. Really bad taste, all things considered.

    Working on details to get to the house closing... amazing what stupid stuff showed up on our credit report that was not true. It's cleared up as I have all the documents proving it, but I guess it pays to check your credit reports every few years. We hadn't checked since 2005 and early '06.

    Amazingly things have been easy with email. Just 3 years ago even our insurance company would not accept a document scanned & emailed-- but would accept a fax. Now everybody accepts scanned emailed documents. I never did see the diff.

    Weather's been great, the daffodils are blooming - they went from dormant to blossoming in about a week. I guess they couldn't wait!

    I know someone who diets by just eating as many veggies as he can til he's full, plus a bit of meat. It works well for him. I guess he doesn't care about taste as long as he can chew? I'd get tired of just plain veggies, but I guess he doesn't.

    I looked up the gum's ingredients because I realized aspartame gave me brain fog! It did for my DH as well. We found out independently of each other, and long before it was even talked about. Bad stuff, at least for us.

    Only other news is that we are now 1 car less. Our up-til-now trusted worker totalled the truck we left in MX. He did not have permission, besides it is illegal for him to drive a foreign plated car; he knew all this, because he did it while our neighbors were gone (they also employ him). It is just a loss we have to write off as it was an old but working truck, and he has nothing to pay for it. Huge SIGH.

    And today somehow I totally lost my glasses between the car in the drive and when I walked in the door; I took my sunglasses off and dug for my regular glasses. I am always careful to put them in a holder in my purse.... but 4 different people have now searched the car, searched the sidewalk and dead grass along it, and emptied my purse --- nada! I guess I get to go tomorrow to pick out some new frames. Another big sigh.

    This has just been one of those weeks... not much is " just right" LOL

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    It's just one of those winters I guess.

    I don't wear jewelry anymore.Not even my wedding rings.I wore diamond studs to Fl. but took them off they hurt my ears.My body is to sensitive to wear anything.

    GD is due to have her baby boy the 7th so we'll be able to drive up to Indiana to meet him.That's exciting!I see the GP on Tues. and hope he can offer something to feel better.I don't know how many times you can take the Medrol pack and I hope he can tell me.He may just send me back to Rheumy to find out.

    I'm trying to be more positive today.Sometimes when you feel bad it seems like the end of the world but it's not things eventually turn around don't they?

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