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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hokee Dokee! Upward and onward! Excelsior!

    Golly gee! With all these pesky DDs, I can't do much of
    anything. Very frustrating.

    On the other hand, one can always do one's best.

    Back shortly.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, it's been a productive day so far. I did the dishes
    and brought in the trash cans. Uff-da!

    And I fed a new kitty. It stopped once a couple months ago.
    Came back today. A big, long haired tabby. Very friendly.
    Must be somebody's pet; or former pet.

    Let's see. I made some notes yesterday. Never got anything
    posted though.

    Jole, were you talking about St. Croix in the Virgin Islands
    or St. Croix, Wisconsin? In Wisconsin, it's a county, a city
    (St. Croix Falls) and a river that is part of the boundary bewteen
    Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    Oop! Hit a wrong key and the post just disappeared. I was
    typing in my mail box. Missing post showed up in the save as
    a draft folder. Guess I'll hang it up for a while.


    Jeepers Creepers! Took 4 or 5 tries to post this scrawny little message.
  3. jole

    jole Member

    I've been restitching a quilt. Finally finished it. Belonged to one of the kids, and must have been bought in a Dollar Store or WalMart...def not made in the US. Cheapest cotton fabric I've ever seen. Don't even think my stitches will hold through one washing (and yes, it says machine washable). They didn't have the time to fix it, and I have nothing but time, so....

    Yes Rock, the Virgin Islands....lol. Guys, I wish I could post a couple pictures for you to see, although they would embarrass me to death. The GSons teenage hormones must have been on high alert, 'cause they made 'sand people' on the beach. Very graphic. Their proudest artwork to date. So glad I raised my kids a few years back....lol. Also glad I don't know everything they did!

    Sorry Linda....I cannot go a month waiting on my hair to recondition itself. I always thought it would have been fun to have lived in the olden days, but alas, I would have had to be royalty..with someone fetching and heating my water daily!

    Hope everyone is doing well......need to look up ratbane again........Jole
  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    I was not totally off in my thinking. There is a St. Croix in a cold climate. Whew...haha.

    Yep, those sand people were probably antonomically correct, right? too funny.

    Well, disappointed that I am that we are not going a month without washing, I think
    I am going to try a week. The French do. They use "dry shampoo to freshen". We
    used water for dry shampoo as a teenager. (When rolling our hair for the nite).

    Starbucks has a brand new parttime employee!! DS. Told him to watch for the
    regulars...they could be interesting.

    When I think of living in the old days, I always picture myself in the kitchen, scrubbing.
    hehe. At least it would be near the food.

    I have gotten out my two pairs of shorts I got in 2005 after the hurricanes when through.
    (to have incase the electricity went out again). This is going to be the year to wear them
    because I'm hot.

    I kid you not, it seems to me that women get hotter as they get older and men colder.
    I base this science on two couples that spend some months in North Carolina and the winter
    in our little town. The women would like to live in NC all year long and the men can't stand
    the winters up there.

    I feel this is an important discovery. (SOL)

  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have researched Blood pudding and I am seriously afraid I have eaten some in a
    restaurant that had a menu in another language. It looked just like it....but prob.
    wasn't. I hope.

  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Jan posted on other thread.You're sounding so much better Jan.I'm happy for you.

    Linda that was the med he mentioned Methotrexete.I have seen others on it.I'm not rushing to the Rheumy before my appt. in April.Most meds and me don't mix well.I'll talk things over with her and see if we're doing the best we can with what I've got.I suspect that's so.Man if I could take that Medrol and get that energy every month it would be nice but anything that makes you feel that good can't be good for you with this illness.

    Sorry I can't go that long without washing my hair either.They had that dry shampoo when I was a teen.I didn't like it at all.

    Today I did a few chores.Still adjusting to the fact I only need to take care of me.Huz had to keep reminding me through this flare.

    Today I was standing in the laundry room with my hand resting on DS's robe wondering where that darn vacuum could be.Suddenly I realized it was under the robe I was resting my hand on!I crack myself up.
  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    The robe/vacuum. :) You were going to vacuum? I can't imagine doing that anymore.
    Funny that I can go to the exercise class but vacuuming seems out of reach. I think
    the exercise class is like a "cheap" chiropractor visit. I feel more "inlign" and I think
    the vacuuming would throw it out.

    Do ya'll wake up in the night with radom joint aches? The boss's wife at work was
    hospitalized with stomach pains. It was her celebrex. On the ad last nite it said
    "elderly ppl can experience stomach pain". She is my age :)

    The doxycycline/ flagyl will bring my ANA and sed rate down. But it doesn't really
    make me feel better. But I guess I don't feel worse.

    I like the way Rock calls these the pesky diseases. They ARE pesky. Get in the way
    of most everything. Except eating (for most of us...Pam gets the sores in her mouth).
    The groc. store stopped selling the brand of cookies I like. Typical. Always seems what
    I like, no one else does :). So I bought another kind. I ate 6 of them yesterday.
    Which is what I liked about the other kind, I didn't crave them. Just had one every
    few days. Shortbread type.

    There is a new employee at Starbucks in Durham NC. Oh, Boy!!

    Quest has a test for XMRV in trials. Funny that the NIH ppl can't find it. SOL.
    It's all about the money.

    Good mood today. I cleaned my bathroom. And bundled the trash yesterday. Progress!

    Lindy Lou who.
    PS Don't miss the newsy post from Jan on the last thread. She is making
    progress and has a DS wedding coming up. Glad you will be feeling better for
    the event!!
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  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I vacuum.I have two cats!I tried a lot of vacuums til I found a lightweight one I could handle.

    So FIL found a lady friend and was in a good mood yesterday.I knew it wouldn't take him long to scope out a woman,blind or not.I'm glad for him.

    Huz invited me to Las Vegas later this month.M-Th.Business for him and a co-worker.Naturally I jumped at the offer.Late day flight and over 4hrs. will be tough.Staying at the Wynn no less.I'll like poking around by myself a couple of days.

    Not a big gambler but I like me some slots.

    Sis called yesterday and asked how soon I can come back to visit in Fl.My sisters and I did have a good visit I must say.

    Several weddings going on this yr.Jan's DS and mine has his coming up in Sept.
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    that's for sure! Very sad. That's the kind of stuff gov't $ should be spent on, pure research, but I don't know if it is possible to be "pure" anymore - looking at the controversy between the different "arms"of the gov't on most everything. Especially after reading that independent report about gov't spending.

    Sure hope your boss's wife is ok Linda. A friend of ours nearly died from taking NSAIDS regularly, ate a hole in her stomach quite quickly & without warning-- she was in the hospital for a month!

    Pam, do you have carpeting? We don't... it makes it easier. We also purposefully do not have anything but leather furniture. I often walk around every few days and just pick up handfulls of dog hair. Then 1/week it gets swept for the "rest of the story". If I don't, they are really huge handfuls within 2 more days.

    Chilly day today, raining... perfect flu weather if you ask me.

    TGIF I guess, tho it doesn't really make a diff...

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    FIL has a new friend! And Pam is getting some well deserved vacations!! My son likes
    roulette cause choosing between red and black it is harder for the House to win. FYI. hahahaha

    A gambler I am not...too skeptical.

    We are mostly noncarpet. Oddly enough, we have carpet in the family/dining room. Which
    is the main room, most would not have carpet, if that could have a choice. We didn't, house
    came this way. I don't mind it since Huz vacuums :)

    We have a mobile phone family plan. 2 kids/1 spouse and me. I make 30 texts a month.
    They make between 400 and 475. I hope their fingers/thumbs are still operational when
    they are in middle age. How do they get anything done???

    BIL isn't recooping so well from knee replacement. I guess it takes time. He is exhausted
    and nauseus. I think it's been 3 weeks this Monday. Three more joints to go.

    Oh, hope no one gets the flu, Victoria!! Overcast here but more and more plants ablooming
    and putting out leaves (crepe myrtles).

    TGIF and nope, no difference here. Think I'll nap.

  11. jole

    jole Member

    Have you noticed how many knee and hip replacement parts are being recalled? DuPruy and Stryker both are having horrible results lately...I believe the Zimmer is part of those also. With an attorney, you can get a new replacement for free....think you still have to pay the doc and the surgery bill though. So not right! Some don't fit together right from the start; others wear out entirely too soon or cause the femur bone to splinter. Depressing and painful.

    Whoops! My little GD just called so I need to go. Hugs to all.....Jole
  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Start of another week.It was a busy weekend.Some home show huz insisted on going to,visiting FIL,shopping for dress pants for dad,and buying food for the church food bank.Did I mention it was pouring rain and cold?Yesterday a trip to Sam's Club in 2in. of snow.Crazy weather!

    Aching joints and muscles.Spring can't get here fast enough.

    We have mostly carpeting but plan to replace most of it with wood.It will be worth it in resale.

    I have not noticed the recalls.A lot of the ladies at the nursing home lunch table were all there after breaking hips in falls.I felt so bad for them.All had lived on there own and were elderly.I admired their positive natures.

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    That women (men too) who have had to live through snow all their lives have acquired
    a more positive outlook when the time comes for a nursing home. It just crossed by mind
    because of the snow and the positive outlook were in the same post. I have heard of one
    where the ladies only talk about dying. I don't want to go there :(. FIl sounds like he is
    in a good place.

    Two Bdays in the family this week, so I "had" to buy cupcakes to help celebrate. One
    turned 4 and one turned 26.

    Awake 2.5 hours last nite. Haven't done that since Winter started. Hmmm maybe it's not
    cold enough at nite and I wake up hot. Thigh muscles still feel very inflammed. Weird.
    Is it time to sleep in the room with the room a/c so I can make it colder, already? It's
    still March.

    Izzy Kat and I have decided to start playing the Lotto to win some money to pay for medical
    treatments. Will let you know how that goes. I have never played before because my brain
    doesn't like numbers. sheesh.

    I vote that wood floors will help with the resale too.

    I don't own any of Joan Rivers jewelry but her Reality show is so silly I would be embarrassed
    to say I bought something of hers. She is probably laughing all the way to the bank though.

    I think it is going to be a quiet day. Unless I get a pedicure.

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Never have gotten one or a manicure either.DD loves them both.

    We have a lot of March b-days plus GD is due anytime now.I should have thought of eating cupcakes in all of their honor.Still time though.

    Did you watch Amazing Race Linda?I like the cowboys,they are so polite and calm.I tried to watch Joan Rivers and thought it was silly too.I did watch her documentary on Netflix and liked that.

    Really should get my haircut today but to darn lazy.Rain next two days is my next excuse.Read two books since Th. and will start a third today but first some chores lazy or not.

    Hope everyone is good today.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's never too late for a cupcake in someone else's honor :) I finished our little batch
    last night. Seems your GD will beat my DS here. He is due in 3 weeks.

    I wanted Rock to know that I didn't miss his mention of acquiring a tatoo. I really
    need to know how you chose it and where it is...unless it is too delicate :) I happened
    to just read in my book of rules. No 319. Never select a tattoo simply because it's
    on sale.

    Now, I am not sure about that because the same book says that if one is under 80
    we should never utter the phrase "the whole kit and kaboodle". That for me is a
    very nice saying. Personally, I disagree!

    Yesterday, dead battery in the drive thru of the bank. Trying to explain to the young
    man in India just where my car was located. I explained that banks over here have
    'drive thrus so you can do your banking while sitting in your car". I could just
    see the eyes rolling about that one. I'm sure it was listed on a board somewhere of
    'Crazy things Americans do". Or "I want to move to American and have a car to drive thru the bank with!!"

    It was an old battery. Odd that it started right up when I left home. Anyway got Huz's
    car when he came to get me at the dealership (other things needed to be done, we
    had been procrastinating). And went on to the toe/nail place.

    I was surprised how good I felt in the evening after that stress. It must have been the
    rest I got this weekend. And the fact that I picked up a pizza and didn't cook. Another
    drive thru.

    Chilly here but I slept much better!!

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  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I could go for some right now. that and a winning lottery ticket!

    Well, no house. Bank is making it impossible, they upped their demands on documents several times in past 3 days until it was impossible, at least in a timely manner -documents that we don't have here and can't get easily. End of that. Several friends have now told us this has happened to other friends. Looks like the banks want to hold onto the bailout $. Doesn't matter if you can pay or not ANd have an excellent credit record. In fact I think we'd have been better off with a lousy credit record.

    So... We'll be going back and still retrieving our stuff in a few days... sigh. This sux.

    Sorry, don't have much good to say.

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  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    So sorry Victoria.I've heard similar stories.I just don't understand this thinking.Now they are encouraging people to rent and not buy.So much for the American dream.

    GD is three days past due date for the birth of her baby.Remember those days?She's so miserable.Ds has surgery on his tendon in his right arm tomorrow.He's tried everything to avoid this including two out of pocket experimental blood injections insurance wouldn't cover.He was trying for less recovery time but it's cost him more time.

    Dark,dreary and rainy here.Typical March weather.
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Heck yeah! They let you move your stuff in and then did that. Those bankers are not
    humans. They will get it back in bad karma, trust me. Doesn't help right now though :(

    Pam, not good news from you either. Lot's of misery there too. Hope it will be better soon!!

    Not much here. The Discovery landed. Stood outside and hear the sonic boom. Tried to
    explain to the young woman across the street what it was but I don't think my hand
    signs were good enough. At least she didn't look worried any more.

    The news about cloudless skies for the Discovery landing was only true at the coast. Here
    cloudy. Maybe that's why it didn't seem to come in so low.

    El Monterey frozen foods. That was the brand of bean and burritos that I found at Walmart
    that we like. Not to be seen again. Finally got the idea to look at Walmart.com. All three
    Walmarts near us have "unavailable. Due date uncertain". Kinda reminds me of Pam's

    Well, I'm having ice cream to cheer me up over all of ya'll's woes. I hope it helps.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    After I read that I thought what me?The dreary rain?Oh DS surgery.That's just everyday life isn't it?I just called him and wished him well for tomorrow.They'll fix it and he'll recover.

    We'll try and get up there the 26th of this month to celebrate babies,birthday's and surgeries I think.

    I hate to find something really yummy and then it's gone.My BIL is really good at finding good and different things he introduces us to.Last trip to Fl. was a steak dust that made the steaks we grilled out so good.He sent us some home.Can't wait until we can grill here.
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    To go along with our theme, it's dreary and grey here, with rain on its way. However, the spring bulbs are starting to bloom along with the spring chores. The snow last week did lots of damage; I will need to find someone to deal with the mess with a chainsaw. I've been dragging the smaller branches into piles to be burnt when dry,

    Last week I got my first New Year's resolution out of the way --- a dental check-up. Yikes! Two crowns are needed (one a replacement). This came as a real shock! There go my savings.

    Rock, I tried a Honeycrisp apple; pretty good. Also tried Braeburn, but didn't like it very much; seemed a bit mealy. My favorite apple is the Fuji. My corgi agrees.

    I've just cut up a very large winter squash (a pale blue-green-skinned variety that I forget the name of) and put it in the oven. That will be a healthy veg. for quite a few days.

    Tired, Over and ......
    Hugs from Barry

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