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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Remember to wear green or your might
    get pinched! Thankfully, I have a pair of pj's with green in them :)

    This is a weird day. Ppl coming over for supper and a friend calling in early
    afternoon. We made an appt for it. How much 'normals' take for granted.

    In yeu of reading books, I have become a checkers addict. The thrill of
    beating the computer! The agnony when the computer blocks my every

    We purchased a new toilet seat a while back. Still in its wrapper, leaning
    against the wall in the bathroom. I like the effect. It says 'we know the
    current one needs replacing, we have bought the new one and one of these
    days, yes, we are going to install it. So far, only the two plumbers have
    witnessed our intentions. They were here for the kitchen.

    I am working on the 'wave the magic wand and we will all be well' theory,
    You haven't heard of it? I just invented it! Let you know how it goes.



  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Send me a bit of your magical wand, pleeeeeze!

    Interesting research I recently read showed that if a person just held the part of their body that was hurting, the pain patterns showing up in the brain actually changed...

    some researcher got interested because he noticed that when someone was hurting, they would usually be holding that part of the body (if possible, sigh).

    My mother used to always send me to school wearing a bit of orange AND green on St. Pat's Day... I had no clue what a political statement that (still is and was) if I were in Ireland or England.

    Well, haven't left yet, still looking at houses, we have realized there is a "game" going on for houses in foreclosures that stinks. We have won bids only to lose it because the other agent conveniently doesn't tell our agent we need to have some kind of addendum or other added. I am not kidding.

    Long story short, it makes it really hard unless you have an "in" with the realtor that is selling it because they have investors in "their pocket" waiting to buy at lowest possible price. An agent laughed at our agent, said that is exactly what is going on.

    Other fronts... beautiful days... and this Saturday the moon will appear extra large, last time it did was 30 years ago!

    haven't had a chance to come here and read much, will have to catch up on everyone. Hope you're all doing ok....

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  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    there's a fun minigolf game you can play online:

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Wave it this way please.

    Doing more then I was so I'm thankful for that.I made corned beef for Reuben sandwiches today.I don't want them.DS won't be here til 9 tonight to eat and huz is out for work eating.See no real point of cooking anyway is there?

    A house in our neighborhood just got foreclosed on for the second time.How these people got loans is beyond me.Both owners didn't have it long.Another neighbors DH died and she can't sell her house.She said she isn't going to give it away.I've been in it and it looks nice just won't sell.

    Huz is wanting me to go on business trip next month too.This time Chicago.I haven't been back there since my feet and legs stopped working 8 or 9yrs. ago when illness started.Makes me sad because I walked all over that city many a time.Not possible now.I get the feeling huz wants to pretend we're back to a different time in our life.I would like that too right?Nah can't make it happen.

    Enjoy your company Linda sounds like fun.
    Glad you're not on the road yet Victoria that is not fun.
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    That certain areas of our country are open game to "investors" to get the houses
    while normal ppl who want to live in them, can't get them. That's not right I
    can see why your area, Victoria, 'investors' would want to buy.

    In Tampa, sports players were buying houses some years back. Those that
    needed upgrading. Not to flip but to rent.

    I just held my knee and it now feels better than the other one. Got to keep
    doing more of that.

    Yes, Pam, walking all over Chicago...the good old days.

    Oops...gotta run for now. Later.

    Love you kids

  6. jole

    jole Member

    Is a dream of mine....I think! Life is just too confusing anymore. I love the tranquility of country living and nature, but crave human interaction. Yet if we moved, I'd crave the tranquility and beauty of nature, and probably be overstimulated from people......

    House Hunters is a favorite tv show of mine.....especially House Hunters International...lol. I dream of being the owner of one of those gorgeous beach homes, just long enough to remember the price of the utilities that I'm sure comes with it......hahaha.

    Magic wand, please.....holding the part doesn't seem to help here. But then maybe 'holding' and 'massaging' aren't the same? Hubby gets tired of watching me rub my arms and thighs, and I don't even know I'm doing it....sigh.

    Grandsons to be here this week for spring break. Looking forward to it! Believe it or not, they're the happiest when kept busy, and actually ask if we have work for them to do!! Well, these two do....the other 8, not so much...lol. So hopefully the weather is nice and they can help hubby clean out the garage, and get my flower garden ready for me. Ahhhh....life is grand! Love those boys! And they don't even mind if I rest most of the day :)

    My other DD called at 8 this morning....the 4 yr old has a terrible ear ache and sore throat....trying to get ready to go to the doc, and he was crying so hard she couldn't make any headway with him and the 2 yr. old. Thought he would talk to me a bit while she got the younger one ready, but he just cried. Know he's hurting bad, 'cause he loves to talk. Wishing I didn't live nearly 5 hours away, and hating even worse that I wouldn't be much help even if I were there......sometimes I forget the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.......Jole
  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think of it. But I know that I would not like living so close to ppl after not for 22 years.
    Even before that our lot backed up to acres of land where cows were...so not so closed
    in. I knew that was why you said you and Barry were cuzes. Because of living/growing
    up on farms.

    We have heard there is a bidding war on the house next door...was a foreclosure. I
    hope I don't get a chatty older woman!! But since I live in my pj's, I think it would
    be pretty easy to see I don't "visit".

    That's so cute the asking if you have work for them to do. I read a book to mine that
    has a page "I like it when you let me help". And it shows the little penquin with a red
    handled broom with black bristles. Next I knew the not yet 2 yr old got out her broom
    *exactly* like the one in the picture. She was all business sweeping the floor.

    I ache for those who ache. I have periods of pain but usually due to something. Like
    the NT Factor was the last thing to cause it. Being in pain and cold doesn't not make
    me want to move around, that is for sure. Come on Spring and garden time!

    Huz worked today (after work) on getting our new daylilies into pots so they can grow
    and replant them in the yard. These are a reblooming kind. We will see if we have
    a green thumb or brown :)

    Oh, those earaches. I used to ask my pediatrican for the codiene syrup to keep on
    hand. They gave it to me. Now a days, don't know if they would.But it hurts so bad
    and it can help till they get to doc and on antibiotic.

    Everyone in the NL is throwing up. Thought I would end on a pleasant thought :)


  8. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Last Monday Jole and I went to the doc. My visit was just for refills and whining, though.

    JOLE: The first paragraph of your last post could have been written by me. I swear, the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, doesn't it? When I lived in England I wanted to be in the U.S., and vice versa! As for country living, I've lived in the country both here and in England. As for city living, I've lived in both London and San Francisco, and was not happy in either of them....

    Heavy rains here, and we were without power yesterday. Mon. I went to the doc, and thursday I went back to the dentist and was told a bunch of horrible things that involve $$$$. Bah!

    ROCK: My corgi is a Pembroke; I never thought that Cardies looked liked corgis. Over the years we've had many dogs, including another Pembroke, golden retriever, English bull terrier, and rescue puppies and dogs. They are all buried here, with flowers planted on their graves. I've got to stop now before I get maudlin.

    Fevered out today, after a bit of house-cleaning (1 sq. foot perhaps!)

    Love you all
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Looks like you summed up a lot of our feelings Jole.I know this house is to big for us and I want to go south but the thought of it makes me want to just stay put.

    Lucky you your little ones like to work.Mine always had to be paid!

    Went with huz to check out tile and flooring this morning.Need to replace those carpets with wood.My legs ached and felt like I was dragging them.Must be part of this stupid flare I can't seem to shake.Spring is coming and huz is full of plans as usual.He loves projects for sure.

    Going to see great grandbabies next weekend.I'm way to young for greats but a 3yr. old and newborn are waiting for me to smother with love in Indiana.Taking the MH to sleep in.DS and DIL are heavy smokers and the house reeks of it.My other two never took up the habit.

    Planning my flower bed already.Making it bigger this yr. out back.I'll have the beds and mulch done by landscaping then I'll put in flowers.I need some sturdy flowers that takes full sun and heat.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Rainy here today. Well, it was predicted for today, but it
    actually showed up Friday. So windy you could hear the wind
    whistle. Sounded like a scary movie.

    We also have some new dogs in the neighborhood who howl
    now and then. They sound like an old horror movie from
    Universal Studios.

    Not much going on here today. Zippy usually spends the day
    in charge of the back yard. Occasionally gets off his pillow
    to bark at a passing dog. Today he is lolling on the sofa.

    Gordon made cream of broccoli soup. He whizzed it all up
    in the blender so I could partake w/o chewing. He did all
    the work. I added the gourmet touch. Lemon juice!

    Linda, we have a bathroom similar to yours. Gordon bought
    a toilet seat. Then when we had a plumbing emergency he
    bought a complete fixture. I suppose a spare can't do any

    Victoria, did you ever hear the Irish song "The Orange and
    the Green"? You can hear it on Youtube. Father was a
    Protestant from Ulster. He wore orange. Mother was a
    Catholic from Cork. She wore green. Despite the tragic
    history, the song is a jolly one.

    I've been to Chicago, Pam. When I was young our senior
    class took a trip to the Windy City every year. The big treat
    was to see the new movie: This is Cinerama.

    My grandmother lived there so the family occasionally visited.
    The Riverview amusement park was still in operation. Cost
    2 cents to get in.

    Jole and Pam, hope you have wonderful visits w/ the grandkids.
    Sorry you are both feeling so punk. Maybe the warmer
    weather (should be here in a couple weeks) will be beneficial.

    Barry, do you grow feverfew? Looks like daisies and was
    a traditional treatment for fever, headache, etc.

    Glad to hear you cleaned a square foot. Maybe you can
    work up to a cubic foot. I put in a full day's work too. Did
    the dishes.

    The calla lilies are in bloom again. They were about 3 months
    ago too. Also hollyhocks, lavender, roses, some succulents,
    nasturtiums, geraniums, trumpet flowers, camelias, several
    orchids, and various things of which I knoweth not.

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Zippy in charge of the back yard. I can just imagine what it going on in Zip's mind...that
    he IS taking charge of it.

    Love hearing from all. So everyone would like to think about moving except for Rock and
    Gordon who have already moved. And Victoria who will be moving to another house.

    I really had a fun hour. We watch the Amazing Race and tonight it was in Kumning China.
    Where my son was some months ago (can't remember dates to save my life). So I called
    him and told him it was on. Then the texts started. He saying where he had been and
    what he had pictures of...in his phone. It was like a guided tour. Nope, he hadn't said
    much about the trip at all before. It was such a treat to be able to see the city. His
    wife loved watching it too...don't think she had heard much either. haha

    It's going to be in the 80's all this week. Good thing you have the MH, Pam. It is a
    darn shame when kids decide to smoke, but it is their life as you well know. And, yes
    you are too young to have great grands!!

    Hugs to all!!
  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I hope everyone is having a lovely day. It's a bit cool here in Humboldt County, with scattered rain showers, snow above 2000'. It's been a very cool and wet spring; the creek behind the house is rushing, and I imagine has salmon swimming up it to spawn.

    ROCK: Yes, I do grow feverfew: gold-leafed, and both single and double flowered green leaf forms. I will try them for my fevers and see what happens! I also grow lemon balm and chamomile, so I shall brew up a mixture a la Brother Caedfael and see what happens! Brother C. the protagonist of the Ellis Peter's medieval British mystery series; most enjoyable reading!

    I envoy you guys in warmer climes right now, mainly because of the warmth. We've got plenty of flowers in bloom though -- Camellias, rhododendrons, rosemary, daffodils, and the tulips are showing buds. I pick a new Camellia every few days to float in a black dish; a few daffs. for another vase. I like to have flowers in the house. Our high temp. for this year so far has been 60 degrees -- pretty darn cool. On the other hand, the coldest it has been was 28 degrees........

    Best to All,

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Loved the story of your guided tour through your DS's eyes Linda.How exciting for all of you to see it through his experience.

    Ahh to early to dream of gardens and landscapes.30's again in the forcast this week.I'll have to be content to enjoy Barry,Rock and Linda's sightings for a while longer.

    I used to enjoy the Today morning show until I could wake up and get moving mornings but not anymore.Now once it gets past the world news I can't stand all the silliness.I've watched it for yrs.

    DS is talking of postponing their Sept. wedding a yr.The date is coming to quick and to many uncertainties about jobs and where to live.I don't have a problem with it.

    Time to get busy.Trying to do a little something every day instead of waiting for a big surge of energy that never comes.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    For a wedding. Lot's of uncertainties these days. More than I would have thought possible.

    For one thing. I think several of us have Camrys. We have two with lots of miles one them.
    Now, the news is saying parts for Japanese cars may be scarce for some time. I guess
    we should have bought American.

    The pretty Double Impatiens plant that we bought doesn't seem to like the porch. It says
    *shade* on the care card. That's about as shady as it gets. Maybe more water. It
    says *moist*. If this plant doesn't work, I'm getting marigolds and putting them
    in the sun beside the porch. Nothing kills them, right??? It's a tiny little porch.

    Pam, Hoda and KathyLee are really silly at noon. Sometimes I have to mute it til it goes
    on to the next segment.

    Off to hair appt.

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Not me for a change,the weather.I woke up sore and stiff so figured it was rainy.I was right and chilly out too.It's a pj day for sure.

    Lily goes to the groomer tomorrow.I chopped up her fur to last this long now they can fix it.I give up I have no talent with that.

    Sis called from Fl. yesterday to chat.I think we'll drive down again Memorial Day weekend.DS and DIL might travel with us.I've always liked to travel so glad to still have that option now.

    No wildlife or flowers to report.
  16. jole

    jole Member

    Is starting to peek through the earth. My tulips are starting up, the grass is beginning to green, and the buds are starting on the trees......oh my gosh! Must be spring! And then comes the hail......yes, this little shower moves through yesterday afternoon and it hails! The hubby and GSs were all outside huddled together in the pickup...lol. It's not made for 4 in the front seat. Good memories.

    Making a little headway on the outdoor cleaning. The boys are a big help......hubby is a near-hoarder. Turns loose of things slowly. So the boys play awhile then come see what they can throw in the truck for him. Tomorrow is suppose to be my day for them to help me....and of course, it's to be in the 40s. Don't think I'll be out there supervising the prep work for my flower bed.

    Linda, I bet your son totally enjoyed the 'guided tour' with you. Had to make it so much easier for him to explain what he'd seen while you were actually seeing it too. It's so hard to visualize otherwise.

    I read an article about the news.....how what is now 'news' use to be considered commentary. I agree. Seems to me news is now strictly the anchorperson's opinion. No one really knows what is 'real' anymore. Which may be why they follow it up with foolishness, Pam.

    Rock/Barry, I love hearing you talk about all the plants. I must be a texture person...love the feel, color and smell, but not so good at remembering all the names to go with them. Some I can picture in my mind and they make me happy. The others....I wonder who ever came up with such silly names for plants. Hugs to all.....Jole

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    The Hubby and the GS's huddled together while it hailed. So sweet. Did it put any
    dings in the truck? There is nothing like a farm. My inlaws retired to 15 acres and
    it was out in the boonies. Nothing to do there but dishes! And eating:)

    Jole that is an excellent point about the news. I have been noticing for years
    that they call someone up that they say they want to interview...that person is
    lucky if they get a whole sentence put on air. And then I think how disappointed
    they must be. Personally, I don't think I would bother meeting with the News bunch.

    The brain was not working today. Trying with NL son to make arrangements for
    a holiday in Orlando. I was on the phone talking to the reservations....they were
    insisting that there were no rooms for that week. Son says"our computer says
    there are rooms". I had the wrong month. I have been on a lot of ultram and i
    can tell why you are not suppose to make decisions when on a lot of pain meds.

    I'm better now...so no need to worry.

    Thats enough for now....
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    I need one. Not that I am going to Tweet but so I can read Tweets.

    #winning has already been chosen (think charlie sheen).

    datass2fat has an owner too.

    See my problem??


  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Vibration. You heat the area that is in pain. (Perhaps with a bedbuddy that you microwave?)
    then you apply the vibrator. It is believed that it changes the signal of pain to the brain.

    I don't think our town sells vibrators anywhere but online just about anything can be found.

    Once a I found a new A/c for our old van at eBay.

    You just never know.

    I was kidding about the name for tweeting :)

    and I will add this. How can a show that is so politically incorrect (not sure if that is the
    right term) but you know what I mean. It insults ppl (other than Charlies character) on
    so many levels. I'm surprised the ppl who watch out for that stuff allow it to be aired.
    I guess it is called Freedom of Speech. Yet they wonder why kids kill themselfs.

    My soapbox for today.

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I took Lily to the groomer this morning then went to WalMart.The lighting in that place really does a number on my balance.I staggered out of there and had to sit in the car before driving home.I waited for DS to drive me to pick Lily up.So strange.

    Tomorrow we'll head up to Indiana to see the babies.Mon. we fly to Vegas.I need to concentrate on pacing myself with all these activities.Learned my lesson the last time.

    Found a recipe for honey mustard glazed chic thighs and red pot. roasted together in the oven.One pan,easy and no mess.That's supper tonight.


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