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    Rhymes with Money of Pam's last post. She didn't win the Mega Lottery.
    Darn, we could have all used the million dollars she probably would have
    given us :)

    Did you hear on the news that 9 out of 10 lottery winners have gone
    through ALL their money in 5 years. That doesn't seem possible to me.
    Maybe a lot of them are winners of the scratch off which are a few
    hundreds, not millions.

    Forgot to mention my opinion of your hair, Pam. haha. On one of those
    variety shows they mentioned that John Freida home hair color was
    as good as salon. The foam kind. I imagine that it cost more than
    Nice and Easy. And might not be nice and easy.

    Twin stopped going to the salon a couple of years ago. She has grown it
    to a pony tail and I think it looks fine. I am considering what to do about
    my hair after the wedding. It's really easy now (other than the appointment)
    which I love. Hairdresser said that I couldn't be one color. I kinda think she
    is wrong. (I do have a twin that is one color and was for years when she
    colored it herself).

    Gee, another tired day. I am trying to get in the frame of mind to go
    to the grocery store with Huz by thinking of ice cream.

    Do think you are right about the McD's withdrawal, Mikie. I knew someone
    a long time ago who stopped going there cold turkey. After a while had
    lost 25 lbs. Guess she was loving one of the high calorie things...which
    most of McD's is.

    Later Gators,

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    When we start a new thread, it always throws me as some of the posts are on the last one. I'll try to remember. Leah, thanks for pasting yours here.

    Pam, I'm sorry about your Sis' job. I didn't know that the charcoal was good for gas but it works wonders when one wants to drink--no hangover!

    Leah, sorry the short stint of feeling better didn't last. It seems cruel to tease us with some energy only to let us down again. The only thing which has kept me going over the years is knowing that feeling awful never lasts either.

    Linda, I have been thinking of using a different hair color but have been afraid. I have a ton of red pigment in my Irish hair and, unless I use an ash blonde, it turns out red. As it is, it turns a pinkish light brown for two weeks before it turns blonde. I would like a more golden blonde but don't dare for fear that it will really turn red. Think I need to go to Sally's.

    I did get to Bealls yesterday. I found the perfect pair of GV Capri pants. They are cotton but a little dressier than the usual ones I find. They have some little areas of sparkly glitz on the front pockets and on the side of one leg. I got some great tops and a pair of beige dress slacks some time back, all on sale big time. The tops can also be worn with more casual pants. I wear several of them with white jeans by GV, of course. The brand is Josephine and I love most of their styles. I just saw that they have a whole store so will have to visit it. I doubt they will have Bealls prices though. With just a few pieces, I have a whole variety of things to wear when I go out. Now that I'm more energetic, I love going out.

    Stopped at Publix and got my Lotto tickets. Nothing like Mega Money but, heck, I'll take anything. I forgot to run next door to the liquor store so will have to make a booze run. I need to go to Lowe's anyway and there is no hurry for either one.

    Tried out the window cleaning attachment on my new steam cleaner yesterday. I think it did remove some stuff which never seemed to come off but I have to wait for the sun to come up to tell for sure. My guess is that I'll have to hit it again, this time with regular window cleaner. These are the sliders which had tint on them when I bought the condo. With one door open, the other one was opaque with the tinting. I just pulled the tinted film off of them but have never been able to get them clean since. The steamer is awkward to use.

    I haven't tried it to steam garments yet. I also want to try it again on the carpet but this time, I'll prespray the soiled areas with cleaner. That may be all I need. I hope so because it would save my having to buy a new carpet cleaner and find a place to store it. Today, I'll try the steam on my bathroom tile. I don't know what has gotten into all of us here in the hood, but we've been cleaning like elves. Ilona was actually ironing yesterday, something I've never witnessed. Thought I was hallucinating :)

    We are still waiting for rain. It is perfect here right now--hot, dry days. We are enjoying the temps in the 80's before they are in the 90's. Once they hit 90, they stay until after Halloween. Balmy breezes make for perfect balcony perching. I want to get over to the pool to test the sun but too many kids over there visiting their Grannies during Spring break. J wanted to bring Andy down but they fly non-rev and would never get seats home so his visit will have to wait til Summer.

    There's a lot to be said for Summers here. Summer nights are wonderful. The air is soft and humid, like a light blanket around me. Without the constant breezes, though, it would be too hot. In Summertime, the Snowbirds are gone and once again, we can get through traffic. The Gulf waters are warm and the beach isn't so crowded. We can get into restaurants and movies. By Nov., we are sick of it and welcome back our Snowbird friends and cooler weather.

    This is getting so long that you may have to start a new thread, Linda :) Before I go, just want to let y'all know I was able to wear my contact lens yesterday and the day before with no dry eye. I may go back to wearing them if my SS doesn't flare.

    Hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

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    That's the prediction anyway.Not as warm as a few weeks ago but out of the 40's anyway.We must pack the suitcases today.We have appts. M and T and huz needs to get his stuff together.I've pulled out a lot of what I think he wants already.

    I can't believe you can get contacts in Mikie!That sounds so exciting.I would love to be able to wear them instead of glasses again when going out.New capri's again?Can't have to many of those especially with some sparkle.

    Of course my friends on here would have split my millions Linda maybe next time.I read I had better odds of becoming President.

    My DD told me she borrowed The Shark steamer from work for her tile floors and was impressed.I know I saw that on TV but I'll have to Google it.Is it similar to yours?

    I've been tired and snappy the last couple days especially evenings.I need to pull myself out of it some how.Just a dip in mood and higher pain levels but it's still not nice to be around for my huz poor guy.

    I see the GP tomorrow because of his concern of my weight loss.I thought I would have gained by now but I'm maintaining and eating more so I think he'll agree it's not a problem and please no more appts.

    Sorry your energy level is back down Leah.Try to keep your spirits up and take care of yourself.

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    My body and brain. I will keep in mind your offer to cut and paste, Mikie.
    That knowledge puts you on "rocket science" level with me.

    And the charcoal is jotted down to get, Thanks Leah.

    Yes, Pam, maybe some pain med would help. It helps me a lot. Sure
    hoping I don't need more and more of it. What comes, comes.
    Pam, I hope your weight doesn't go down any further. I wonder what
    the docs do for that. Kinda don't want to know either.

    My doc and one of the nurses had a very serious conversation when I
    was there and they thought I had lost 12 lbs. Next I was back to
    my "normal".

    Yes, when they put that John Frieda home hair coloring on the girl, I though
    the hostess's of the show would freak out. I doubt seriously that everyone
    could use it. It's like our bodies, we have to know our hair too!

    I have figured out how to afford the peptide injections. It involves Huz
    giving up golf for 10 months. I haven't mentioned it to him. Waiting
    for the right time. No need to stress him out before the wedding expense.

    So happy that you have the energy to feel good to go out and have the new
    duds!, Mikie. I'm still here in the flannels but I am happy to have them
    when I don't feel well.

    It's rained here the last two Sat's. but only briefly. I remember cause it
    was when we did the grocery shopping. I did get ice cream for Sat and
    Sun nite. It was an excellent decision!

    Yes, Leah!! Hope you are getting some healing rest. I guess the pond
    has thawed!

    Pam, a co-worker of Huz was going to a volleyball tournament in Atlanta.
    They were going up I-75. Said the interstate was like a 'parking lot' from
    all the snowbirds heading north. I guess I just don't realize just how many
    ppl spend winters here and summers there. It's a lot!

    Sleep well, dear friends and family!

  5. Ranigar

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    The snowbirds are heading North is music to my ears.I just told huz that you guys said they were all leaving so I hoped I75 wouldn't be bad.Going South shouldn't be to bad then.

    Went to Dr. and they weighed me, down two more lbs. from last month.I'm feeling very ticked off about it really.I mean come on all those yrs. of dieting and now I have to keep going in for weight loss.That's just nuts!I feel so not in control.If I ignored it I thought I would just naturally go back to normal.

    So another month and go back.He did take blood to check thyroid so I'll just try and cruise the buffet often hee hee.He even urged me to eat chocolate but no I lost my taste for sweets.

    He asked if I get enough exercise.I said yes but I don't do exercises or treadmill.Really with this illness I feel I push myself everyday.How am I supposed to answer that?Huz disagreed with my answer when I told him.I guess he doesn't think I do enough.Well he lies and says he works out like the Dr. said he should and I keep my mouth shut so there!

    Anyway that is my day so far.

  6. Mikie

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    Pam, not only did I get the contacts in but I've actually worn them for three or four days now, one day for 10 hrs. No problem removing them. I'm going to call and ask that the eye doc do a contact exam next time so I can order the contacts.

    I'm so sorry about your weight and having to see the doc again. AACK! I like seeing mine because it means I'm getting a shot but I hate to go for anything else. My BP is really good but heart rate is up. I'm trying to stay stress free but as you'll read in a minute, that hasn't been happening.

    As far as I can tell, the steam cleaner system is like the Shark. I don't know whether the Shark comes apart and has tools with it or not. I think I'll be happy with it. It did a great job on the windows. First time my sliders have been really clean. Yes, the Snowbirds are leaving in flocks. We sit out on the balcony and drink as the planes pass over taking them North. We toast them and say, "Thanks for spending your money here."

    Linda, there is nothing like an old pair of PJ's to loung in when we are tired or sick. The old and softer, the better! I think you idea for allowing your hubby the honor of doing something so nice for you, like giving up golf so you can get the injections, is a stroke of genius! He'll get paid back in spades if the shots work and you feel really well.

    I haven't worn my sparkle pants yet but buying them on sale with a coupon is how I can afford to have plenty of them so I'm not doing laundry all the time. I have a HE W&D but still, I'd rather do full loads. Those pants were originally $48 on the tag from GV (of course, no one pays retail :) I got them for $20. That's not bad for good quality pants. This way, I always have something to wear.

    Yesterday, I got a call from DD around 8:30 a.m. asking if I'd like company for the night. Seems she, my SIL and Andy were going on a cruise and they could only get a non-rev flight into Fort Myers. I was really tired but said that I'm always glad to see them and they are always welcome here. I told them I don't cook at night and that's not my best time of day. I suggested they just go out to eat without me. SIL insisted on going to store and cooking. So, my kitchen went from clean to messy.

    I ran the dishwasher this morning and something went wrong with it like it froze up. No one would admit to messing with it but I suspect those lit up buttons were too tempting for Andy. I finally got it running again. DD wanted to sharpen a pencil and when the unplugged electric pencil sharpener didn't work, instead of asking me about it, she shut off the power surge strip, crashing my wi-fi. I have not been able to get it back up and running so am using neighbor's wi-fi. I've been on the phone with Comcast trying to get it working. I'll just have to mess with it myself some more. If I have to pay a service call, I'm not gonna be a happy camperr. Last time they asked my ex in CO to crash there with short notice, he said no.

    Long story short, I'm soooooo glad they are gone before everything in here is broken. They bought tickets home from the other coast so I likely won't be seeing them again this trip. I may sound heartless but I get the distincte idea they were just looking for a "motel" for the night instead of wanting to visit me. I probably wouldn't feel so angry and used if they weren't so careless with things. Of course, a Grandmother is always glad to see a Grandson and it was great to see him but I'm not supposed to be stressed right now with my tachycardia and I'm definitely stressed.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I appreciate it. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
  7. spacee

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    After all that? Gin and Tonic, I bet! Well earned. That was quite traumatic.

    I see how it makes great sense to have plenty of the GV's. You can wait a
    long time to do a load. Especially nice it other things are going on.

    Pam, I know, I know. It's unbelievable how depressing low weight can be.
    Crazy. Hope you love the buffets! Really bad you lost your taste for sweets.
    Rock's chocolate milk could put a little bit of weight on you!

    Me, to the dentist tomorrow. Front, lower tooth been hurting when the electric
    toothbrush is on it. So gotta get it checked. Oh, please not a root canal!!'''

    I did my best. You will remember that my last visit to the Doc was ONLY to
    see that the refills were done correctly. Nope they were not. A med I take
    2 times a day, they put as 1/2 a day. I really should not let it bother me.
    It's only the 3rd time in a row and there are MUCH worse things that can
    happen in this world.

    Speaking of which. Leah. Hugs and hoping you are up soon!!

    Barry and Rock too. Though we should check the other thread to see if
    Rock has posted there.

    I'm tired. Too bed.

    Hugs all around,

  8. Ranigar

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    We leave tomorrow morning for the long drive.Snowbirds leaving is good but I forgot spring breakers!We will see.

    That is great about the contacts.I am so envious.One little visit and a tornado hit didn't it?I hear you.

    Good luck Linda hope it isn't to bad at the dentist.Going there myself today for a cleaning.I wish I would have paid more attention to the time of the appt.4:00 is late in the day for me and appts.Cleanings tend to get on my nerves after a bit and I want to yank the thing out of my mouth and yell enough!It seemms to go on and on.

    I have to brag,I'm so proud of myself.I loaded a book onto my Kindle Fire without going to find DS to do it!I liked reading it on there and it's cheaper then buying a hardback book.It will take some getting used to yet.I accidentally touch things on the screen and panic.Words pop up and sometimes goes back to other pages so I scream out a lot.I'll get it with practice.Still like books better but cheaper and instantly having a book is great.
    I remembered I can take the much smaller lightweight Kinle instead of lugging around my laptop on vacation too.

    Stay well everyone.

  9. Mikie

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    Still not on my wi-fi despite being on the phone with Comcast for 45 mins. At least, they did fix the TV cable so I can access On Demand again. I have dismantled everything on the modem and router and am leaving them off today. I'm piggybacking on Ilona's wi-fi. We have each other's to access for just such situations as this. She goes back up North in a month and I won't be able to use it. If I can't fix this, I may have to call in a geek. I managed to pay my bills online so that's a load off my shoulders.

    This is a day of rest--no physical activity. I went to the condo mtg. and lay out in the sun at the pool for about 40 mins., 20 each side. By doing nothing else, we will know it's the sun if I get sick. I'm hoping that with my progress in other areas, I can now tolerate sun. It felt sooooo good but I hated to let the rest of the world see my fat old pasty bod. Oh, wait; I'm not the only pasty old fat lady here :) But hey, if I can get to where I can work out, maybe I can lose some weight. Is it possible I could get tanned and toned? Dare I hope? I love to swim so if the sun works, I'll be very happy. Still comfortably wearing my contact lens.

    Linda, hope your dental visit goes well. I hate to go too and it's never cheap. I just spent $500 there. Got a new Water Pik and am using it to blast the chunks out from between my teeth. Works better than both brushing and flossing. Saying a little prayer that all goes OK. Getting refills should not be such a hassle in this age of instant communication. Instead of Clonazepam (Klonopin) my doc's nurse called in a refill of my Clonodine (for my BP). Both start with C so I guess she thinks they are interchangable.

    Pam, last I heard, I-75 was bumper to bumper grid locked heading North. Southbound lanes almost empty. Lots of the Snowbirds head home to be there by Easter. Congrats on downloading your book. It's almost like magic, with one click, a book downloads in less than a minute. I still haven't gone to the library to try downloading books from their Cloud. I have so much reading to catch up on now. I'm about 3/4 through the second "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" book in the series. I took my Kindle to the pool with me this morning and read. It's so nice to be able to read from it out in the sunshine. I put my cell phone into MP3 mode and plugged my earbuds in and just relaxed. Enjoy your Kindle!

    Leah, bless your heart for stopping in as I know you don't feel well. You, and all of us here, are in my prayers.

    Rock and Barry, hope y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  10. spacee

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    Modem and Router. I know that. No that's not true. Was going to say that
    I know that I am looking at something like that but now I can't say positively.
    Hehe. Sure hopes yours gets fixed before Llona leaves.

    I got a whopping bill when I combined Comcast (only thing we can get here)
    and Direct TV. Looks like no charges for installation so I will call to see
    what is what. We can go back to the old way if necessary.

    Bye, Bye Tramadol. Broke out in hives and itching yesterday which has
    lasted into today. Which is really yesterday and the day before. Or maybe
    easier to say Monday and Tues. The pharmacist suggested CVS Arthritis
    Tylenol. So far, ok. Little leery since I itched from it before.

    Can't take benedryl for the itching/hives either. Puts my bladder in a flare.
    That's life.

    Huz's urologist is a smart cookie. He realized that Huz had gotten his ABX
    rx while he was there (didn't see the doc cause he was at the hospital too long)
    and scheduled his next appt for a month. Doc wants to see him sooner.Time
    to taper off ABX. Never have had a doc so in touch with his patients,BUT
    have heard that some urologists are like that. Like a smallish number of
    patients that they know at all times what is going on with them.

    And during my pursuing of docs last nite, I saw pics of several ENT docs.
    Seems they have all had facelifts and botox. When you live in Florida, it
    is almost a necessity (if you can afford it). The sun weathers us so quickly.

    Do hope you can get up to swimming again. I loved it too back in the day.
    Now I seem to love lying on the sofa :).

    Oh, thanks for the prayers for my tooth. The dentist couldn't find anything.
    It only hurts when I use my electric toothbrush. He asked me "who told you
    to use an electric toothbrush?". Evidently he thinks they are no better than
    a soft toothbrush. I do think I need the water pic. My teeth are very tight
    and it is difficult to get everything with floss (if not impossible).

    I was told by a hygienist a few dentist back to get one cause I was brushing
    too hard. I was using a soft bristle toothbrush. So her thoughts and the dentist
    thoughts don't add up.

    Then he thought I bruised it by eating an apple. Do I look like the kind of
    person who eats apples??? hahaha. If I were going to, I would cut it up
    so I don't have to bite into it.

    Later Kids,

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My doc likes the electric toothbrushes. I can take it or leave it and use the manual. For me, the most important thing is to make sure there are no pieces of food between my teeth or stuck between teeth and gums. Water Pik does an excellent job of that and I don't have to floss when I use it. Hate flossing!

    Still got no wi-fi and my computer is messed up a bit. Computer is usable but it's been doing a bunch of updating. I'm about out of options with the wi-fi and don't know what I'll end up doing with it. What angers me is that there was no need for this mess. It was caused by carelessness and thoughtlessness. Even so, I should be able to restore it and it's just not working. One more option to try. I'm proud that there has been no swearing, so far.

    There will be no sun for me for a while. Last night, some light SS symptoms returned and I had asthma. Exposure to the sun can just bring on a bunch of autoantibodies to attack us. I'll wait until further into the treatment to try again. Sun in CO is even worse for skin than down here because of the high altitude and thin air. Seniors there look like old luggage if they spent a lot of time in the sun.

    I have found that male urologists are better with their male patients than with female. Mine is a good one but he left me splayed out on the table in stirups forever while he was just outside the door telling one of his male patients about his Hawaiian vacation. Finally, he came running in and did the scope exam in a hurry because he said he was running late to a meeting. Probably late to his tee time. Other than that, he was great when I had a hard-to-clear-up bladder infection. He even gave me a Rx for an ABX in case it came back over a holiday or weekend. I've been free of these infections for a couple of years now (knock on wood) despite some bladder/pelvic floor spasms and symptoms of interstitial cystitis.

    It's soooooo hot down here already and no rain in sight. We are getting some kind of float for our pond out back that keeps the water full even during the dry season. We had to turn off the fountain this winter because the water is so low. We need to be able to keep it full.

    Hope your itching is under control.

    We can't have satellite dishes, no matter how small, here in our little village. So, we are stuck with Comcast. I can't complain about the cable as we get our TV and computer services and they are usually good. The problem I'm having now is evidently my equipment as Comcast shows it working from their end of things. Who is the patron saint of wi-fi? I'll just go straight to St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless cases :)

    Love to everyone.

  12. spacee

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    I have wondered about how you deal with things, as things have not been
    going too well for me lately. I agree that getting discouraged doesn't help
    at all but hard to not fall into that trap.

    Noticed after taking my klonopin tonite that the allergic reaction to the
    tramadol lessened greatly. Then I remembered that Klonopin has an
    antihistamine effect. So I googled it and there it was: Cheney's discussion
    of the benefits of klonopin. He feels that we need to take at least two
    .5mg of Klonopin at nite. Then the next AM another small amount such as
    a quarter of a tab. Work with it until you find which amount doesn't
    make you drowsy and then take the same amount in the afternoon.

    I have forgotten repeatedly and Mikie mentions it that she takes it during
    the day for sensory brain overload. So, I am ready to get on the band
    wagon with it.

    Cheney doesn't think the generic is as good as the 'real' deal. But I can't
    afford the real deal so will stick with generic. He says he noticed his
    patients had to take more of it when they took the generic.

    If you are interested at all (and any lurkers) it can be found by googling
    but it is here in the library...the google source.

    The pic of Mikie and how she was left on the table by the Uro couldn't help
    but make me laugh though I would have been thoroughly P'd if it had happened
    to me.

    Glad the hummingbird feeder is ready for the h. birds. I think they left here
    a while back cause of the heat. The Canadian at yoga said "what do you
    think of this HEAT". I said, "Just a lovely Spring day". He said it was 99
    on his carport. Is kinda early for that but this weekend is suppose to be
    very nice.

    Hello to Barry and Hello to Rock. Love you guys.


  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words. Every day I hope to have the oomph to
    post, but it doesn't seem to happen. My younger brother wrote for
    some family history a couple days ago. Wrote and told him I'd get to
    it when I could.

    "After all, tomorrow is another day." Did you know "Tara" is the
    seat of Irish Kings?

    Faith and Bea Arthur
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, glad you are doing a bit better. It is discouraging to feel lousy for so long. Even a small improvement is welcomed. Those of us with SS have pain from our salivary glands. I swear that it causes inflammation which affects our teeth. After being in the sun, which caused an increase in auto-antibodies, my SS symptoms increased, includng painful areas where the glands are. This, in turn, has caused my teeth to be more sensitive. I use the Biotine mouthwash which helps a bit. Hoping you continue to improve.

    Linda, I've had both the Klonopin and Clonazepam and don't notice a diff. I still take 1 mg. at bedtime but I always have some around in case I need it during the day for overload problems. As you know, I put 1/4 to 1/2 pill under my tongue, enough to stop the symptoms without making me sleepy. The calming effect in a noisy, bright, confusing situation is like a miracle. In retrospect, it is a funny mental picture at the urologist's office, but at the time, I was furious. Of course, when a man is about to feed a scope in one's urethra, one isn't about to tell him off. I know when to keep my mouth shut (my friends may disagree on this point :)

    Rock, praying for some "oomph" for you. I did know that about Tara. You don't come from a big Irish family like mine without such knowledge. All my cousins have shamrocks tattooed on their ankles. I am the black sheep in the family; I opted for a naval ring. You can't imagine the smiles on the docs' and nurses' faces when they see a naval ring on a fat old lady. I got it years ago when I was younger and hot. Can't seem to part with it. I had to take it out for gallbladder surgery and I figured I'd just let it heal shut. About a week post surgery, I was missing my little gold ring like crazy and put it back in, poking through the half-healed hole. Yikes!

    I'm still on my neighbor's wi-fi. I reinstalled my router and it now shows up on the list of hot zones but I'm unable to connect to it. My other neighbor is unable to connect to it as well; however, the first neighbor was able to connect to it with her iPhone. Now, I'm really flummoxed. The touchpad on my computer is not letting me scroll no matter what I've done to try to fix it. Just more frustration. It was working before my SIL used it. Between the two of them, they have crippled my computing ability. I'm not feeling real warm towards them. I think Mikie's Motel will be closed for a while.

    Have a lot of errands to do but may put them off til tomorrow. I'm still suffering a bit from my foray into the sunshine. I did call my eye doc's office and asked them to include a contact exam with my reg. exam in Sept. This is a temporary setback from the sun but it is a good way to judge how much I've healed at any given point. I still have many injections to go before I'm done.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone. Barry, hope you are well. Hope Pam's trip is going well.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thanks so very much for your info about Klon and Clon, Leah and Mikie!!
    That was a lot of help there!

    The women in my family used to take tylenol if we woke up in the middle of
    the nite. After awhile I started itching from it. Weird. Just the other day
    a pharmacist told me that it could have been the 'filler'. Guess they are
    in everything.

    Hoping you get some oomph too Bea, I mean Rock ;)

    I have noticed that about money in this small town. Those who have it, seem
    to go through time they don't have two nickels. One I remember the most is
    an attorney who invested into what turn out to be a ponzi scheme. He had to
    drive an unairconditioned car (here) for 2 years. Whew!

    Not that I haven't driven an un a/ced car here. But I was in my 20's and not
    a practicing attorney. Think I did it for about 10 years. So must have been
    all of my 20's. :)

    Mikie, Huz's urologist told us that he is now using Botox for IC. Hard as anything
    to get the insurance companies to pay. After one scope, I was always put
    out. Chicken Little, here.

    Going to sleep in the cooler tonite (the room with the a/c that can be turned
    way down. Though this weekend and next week is suppose to be cooler.

    Clearwater has the most tourists in 10 years or more. Hotels 95% occupied.
    Oh, the traffic!!

    Glad you have your navel ring and tat, Mikie. Giving the docs/staff a laugh
    (in a good way) is a good thing.

    I know what you mean Leah about the nice non-illness topic. It's very hard
    for me to be around normals. Now if they want to talk about supplements,
    I'm not too bad at that. Usually no one does :)

    Ok, tomorrow is another day. Love to all,

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I arrived at DD safe and sound.We discovered we had the address of her old appetite and not her new house.Seems we have only been here with RV. I am tired out but GD wants a Manna playmate.Take care.
  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I arrived at DD safe and sound.We discovered we had the address of her old appetite and not her new house.Seems we have only been here with RV. I am tired out but GD wants a Manna playmate.Take care.
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Very Taxing!!

    Hmm. Leah loves calendars and i love globes and maps. I don't particularly
    enjoy celebrations that require anything more than a cake, or pie, or cobbler:)
    Oh, no I do like pulling the already decorated Cmas tree out but, ya'll know

    I suspected that Leah has English friends. Barry is English. Well, his mother
    is and that makes him one cause I'm sure her 'ways' were bestowed upon
    him :)

    Mikie, I think Leah's suggestion about future visitors is very cute. Guess it
    isn't doable since they are close relatives.

    Yes, Clearwater is on the Gulf. Oh, MY Stars!! Huz got his Masters of Accounting
    at USF. Ya'll maybe were practically roomies cept that we were already
    married!! :) I worked at the VA Hospital. Don't know if it was built when
    you were there.

    The Rays beat the Yankees in the 9th inning tonite. Why is that important to
    share. Well, at the YMCA this am, there was a young woman decked out in
    all Yankee attire. Which was a first for me to see on someone from Lake Wales.
    She was going to the game. All three games this weekend. So, I think it was
    an exciting game. Maybe the Yankees will win tomorrow. One of her high
    school chums plays for the Rays so she has to kinda like them. Kinda.

    I think the Clon is a life changer. It is amazing how little of it I need during the
    day. Yet I do need it. Almost just a lick. Well, not that little. But very very
    little. Like maybe 1/16 or so.

    Mikie, I told Huz about the $10 off $25 at Beall's. And that they have his
    coffee. We may be dropping by more often after Tax Season. 4/17.

    Pam thanks for letting us know that you and Huz arrived safely!! This
    week the weather is going to be good for you! Perfect timing.

    I saw a man at the YMCA that I last saw in 1994. We had sons the same
    age, same sports. Odd how this town can be so small but that many years
    go by. He used to umpire little leave (Seniors). Small town sports are
    taken very seriously by the parents and the coaches.

    Huz and that man had a disagreement over a call. Huz says to him "It's
    rule No 567 on page 94. Read it!!". That was really not like Huz to do
    that but baseball is serious. Also, this man's son was on the other team.
    So Huz pointed out to the VP of the league that "was a conflict of interest".

    Oh, I could go on with stories but I will spare you.

    On to Broadway shows. I have only seen one. Phantom of the Opera. It had
    been running 6 or so years. It was so good. It was also 6 degrees out
    and weather so bad that buses had cancelled coming into New York. Fun
    times. Way back when.

    Chatty Cathy tonite....

    Love you guys and girls,

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    As you can tell by yesterday with double posts I am still in learning mode with Kindle.Today we went to run errands and viewing the area.DD subtle hint to move closer to her.It has been interesting to read about the ClonI wish my DDrs. Were better informed.I know it could help me instead of zanax.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope y'all are doing well.

    Leah, it's so good to see you post even though I know it's hard for you. It's so important to have social outlets. When we are sick, sometimes all we have is our online family. This place has always been a God send to me. I will wait two months and try the sun again. The flare it caused wasn't bad.

    What did me in this week was having to take my glasses to the doc's office in the center of town, not a short drive. When I got there, the minute I stepped inside, the toxic mold hit me like a sledgehammer. I was only there a few minutes but I was coughing as was all the staff. I mentioned it to them and they were told the bldg. is 50 years old, as though that makes it OK. I told them that exposure to that mold can cause long-term illness and they need to make the landlord fix it.

    They have removed the glasses from the office near me to the one in town because they have a new optician and she refuses to work on these European glasses. Evidently, she can't work with them. Four other opticians have had no problem with them. I think she's a prima donna. Opticians don't last long at that office so I'm hoping they will eventually bring the glasses back. The killer is that when I got home, the guy in the office in town didn't fix the glasses right and they have to go back. I'm taking them into the office near me to be sent up there. What an inconvenience. Everything I've touched lately has turned to c*#p. I'm due for some easier days. I really shouldn't whine because my energy is back.

    My computer still isn't working right but I've patched it up with scans and such. I still can't get my touchpad to scroll on the right-hand side (or the left-hand side for that matter). I'm still getting an error message I don't understand. If a new router doesn't get me back on wi-fi, I'm gonna have to call in a geek. Hope you're feeling better.

    Linda, that's interesting about the Botox. My IC has settled down with the shots but I feel for those suffering from it. If the Botox can help, why not? If the ins. co's. would just let people get the help they need, it would save money in the long run. Oy!

    Actually, I didn't get the family tattoo; I just got the belly ring. I've always chosen the road less traveled and it's true--it has made all the difference. Heck, I think I'd rather discuss our illnesses than what passes for intelligent conversation down here. I have one friend who likes to talk with me and I with her. Most of the people here are only interested in gossip and eating out. That's OK but there is no mental stimulation in our hood; eating out gets old and a little of the gossip stuff goes a looooong way.

    To me, retirement doesn't mean you retire your brain. Most of us have had to fight our way through the fog and cognitive/memory issues. The more our brains get stimulated, the better for us. It's like the people in the hood here never want to have to use their brains again. Trying not to be judgemental; if they're happy who am I to judge? It's just not for me. I believe in "use it or lose it." Fortunately, I can read, do crossword puzzles, play on my keyboard and go online to investigate what interests me.

    I found my keyboard "cheat" book and today, I bought a little TV tray to put it on. Bealls (where else?) had them on sale at 50 percent off. I also got a tee shirt and black slippers for half off. I picked up a pair of GV Capri pants, light blue with the sparkly stuff, on sale. I actually went at 7:00 this morning when they opened to get an egg which contained a $5 coupon. They had 15 percent off and I got $10 in Bealls Bucks to use later. All in all, I got stuff I can use and saved a bundle. That's what I tell myself :)

    I stopped and brought back some Burger King breakfast sandwiches for neighbors. We wanted to be ready for the painter to come to repaint our balcony (yes, the famous balcony) and our stairs. Barb and I live upstairs so once the painting started, we had to stay in or stay out for 3-4 hrs. She went to the pool and I chose to stay inside in the A/C and do laundry. We had 4 doors painted where the sun shines on them all afternoon. Mine is still good and I paint it myself because I can't take the oil-based paint fumes. This gave our bldg. a facelift and it looks fresh and new. We keep it up and it always looks good. We have a good painter who uses excellent quality of paint. I've found out that's the secret to keeping things looking good.

    Finally, I was shocked to see it was my old ins. agent from Allstate who ran down three people in a golf cart with his SUV following a golf tournament. He left the scene and hid the SUV in his garage. A witness came forward to identify him and he's been sent to jail for 4 yrs. As if that weren't enough, I saw on TV that the sheriff from CO where I lived is in jail on charges of dealing meth for sex with young men. He was a very brave sheriff, taking down criminals himself even when he was no longer a young man. He went in instead of sending his deputies to protect them. I thought both these men were men of honor. What a shame! I can't help but feel so sorry for their families. What causes pillars of the community to go astray? We desperately need people of honor for the younger generation to look up to. OK, stepping off my soapbox now.

    Hope everyone has a good evening. The full moon last night was beautiful and it should be almost a pretty tonight. Maybe I'll go out and howl at it :)

    Love, Mikie

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