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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    OK I've started a new thread...
    because I'm avoiding the kitchen -
    because it is a major disaster.

    DH had to go somewhere today, leaving me staring at it LOL.

    I could wait it out for him to do it, but honestly, I do a better job
    and part of me prefers to do it rather than have a not very good
    job done.

    The other part of me is sitting here typing, jejejeje....
    (translation from spanish: hahaha)

    Fight, spanish moss is a parasitic thing actually that love live oak
    trees as well as others, and can ultimately kill them - they are on
    branches and hang down, giving a neat spooky look, but dig into
    the branches for nutrition. Anytime you see a spooky old southern
    mansion in a movie, like in Anne Rice's movie about vampires, that's
    what's hanging on the trees.

    Here's a good photo:

    Interesting story about that old mansion they rented for that movie
    (which I didn't actually see) - lots of people like to hold their weddings
    there. The movie people rented it with agreement to put it back to like
    it was (they made it look spooky/dingy inside & out and put a whole lot
    more spanish moss into all the trees), knowing they would have to
    interrupt filming for a wedding that was already booked.

    When it came time for the wedding, they didn't really want to restore it
    temporarily, so they tried to talk the bride into what a neat thing it
    would be for her to be married/have reception there with it the way
    they had it, LOLOL...

    no go, it was definitely not her dream wedding! LOTS of $$$ to restore/
    repaint/take down all the moss, then restore it back for the movie.

    I didn't see the Haiti telethon......... I knew there would be some good
    entertainment, but too tired anyway. So sad, I hope when they rebuild
    they will do so in a safe manner, this is their chance.

    (There seems to be a movement afoot on Facebook and elsewhere to
    try to donate our government to Haiti as well; seems like a good idea to
    me. If you agree, pass it on to your friends elsewhere.)

    It's a beautiful day here, sunny, clear deep blue sky, about 72 in the
    shade, dry not humid - muy bueno! Altho I have to water the plants.
    It's amazing how quickly things do dry out despite the unusual extra
    extra rains we've been having.

    I'm just hoping the smokey season won't be quite as smokey this year,
    April-May usually gets no rain and between the farmers plowing their
    fields and burning off stuff plus it can still be chilly at night (thus
    fireplaces going) - the air can be as bad as LA. We're trying to figure
    out what to do in the future, if it's possible to escape for those 2
    months with our 4 dogs.

    So, is any place 100% of the time perfecto? LOL, I haven't heard of one.
    At least we do not get blizzards, hurricanes or tornadoes....

    tho we do get (small) quakes (no worse than many, and less hazardous
    methinks than Calif. or even Haiti - I "think"). But I am happy we're here,
    tho we do miss our kids!

    Quotes for today:

    Life is just one damned thing after another.
    (Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)

    It's not true that life is one damn thing after another;
    it is one damn thing over and over.
    (Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892 - 1950))

    I wonder if they exchanged correspondence over this?

    ((abrazos)) to all,
    hope you are all staying warm (or cool) and feeling okay...


  2. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    You are too funny, Victoria! I love the Facebook movement as well as the quotes you posted. hahaha.

    Yes, the Spanish Moss looks very pretty in all the photos I've seen, but I've always thought it was alot like mold. Maybe it's closely related since it is destructive in nature. Never seen it in real life. And never seen Bouganvillea (sp?) either, but I looked up pictures and it is just gorgeous! Think we ought to run Spacee out of town for trying to kill the stuff. hahaha.

    It does sound like a beautiful day in Vic's country. It was nice here today, but is going to rain all day tomorrow, if the weather man is correct. We'll see. Hope Rock is still afloat, and Barry too. Did everyone see the pictures of the deep snow in Arizona? Unbelievable!

    I didn't see the Haiti fund raiser either. My kids and grands were here and we were busy. I wonder how much they raised? I think Haiti will be stronger after the cleanup and rebuilding has taken place. They were poverty-striken before and very much alone. But, now the world is coming to their aid so they have every chance of being much stronger economically and structurally than before.

    My furniture is in and I'm happy with it. My computer is working well now. I unstalled and reinstalled, downloaded and uploaded. And, it seems to be working just fine. Computers are so challenging.

    Spacee wanted to do a veggie poll. I like all veggies except mushrooms. Cannot stand mushrooms ever since when I was a little girl and my dysfunctional father went hunting for wild mushrooms with my mother's nephew. They came home with mushrooms. My father had my mother sautee his "catch of the day" in butter and serve them up for supper. We all had to try some. I ate my portion, and a half hour later I was puking sick as a dog!!! I still cannot stand mushrooms. That crazy man nearly poisoned me! (No one else got sick on them, just me).

    Jole, you made a good point about the fact that our country rallies around and helps other countries when people are homeless, but what about our own homeless? And, I also say what about our own hungry? And what about our own sick (with no health insurance)? There's so much need right here in our own country. There's a little help, but not nearly enough. We all want to help Haiti and anyone else is need. I do anyway. We need more help here in the US too.

    Hope you adjust quickly to the new glasses, Jole. It usually takes me about two weeks. I remember my first pair of bifocals. They were HARD to get used to. I felt like I was walking 3 feet off the ground. hahaha

    Love to all. And prayers for warmth and safety.
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I've posted this twice. Is the third time the charm?

    What does Santa say in Mexico? Jo-Jo-Jo?

    How come your kitchen is a mess? Did you have a fiesta and invite the
    neighbors in? Well, don't over do w/ the cleaning up.

    As far as restoring things to their proper and former state, you can't trust
    those movie people. Back in the 40s they made a film called Carnegie Hall.
    In order to make room for lights and cameras, the backstage and ceiling over
    the state were changed.

    Of course the studio promised to restore everything. I read decades ago that
    it never did. And the acoustics were never the same.

    Haven't got the energy to address all my porch pals. Nothing much going on
    here. Gordon is napping. Huckle is napping. After 6 days the rain stopped.
    Lots of snow on the surrounding mountains. Good time for the postcard
    people to take pics.

  4. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I'll bet you were thinking about building an ark, weren't you?

    Fay :)
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I always say, You shouldn't try and build an ark unless you No-ah-t all.

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have missed you all!!

    I am getting ready for my 2nd nap of the day. Let's see I got up at 11am, slept at 4pm and now another at 7pm.

    I started taking the sublingual B-12 they sell here. 5,000mcgs. I think I can do more when I am awake and then sleep more for having done it.

    I think Edna got the last word on one of those 2 people who were quoted.

    I totally forgot that I asked about fave veggies. I hesitate to say cause my mother was quick to yell "Corn is a starch", if I said that...but no yelling here!

    It's hard to pick (now that corn is eliminated). And I think tomatoes are a fruit..not sure.

    So It would have to be field peas and naps.

    There are a few posts I need to catch up on. I could tell by Fay's post. The Spanish moss was used by Indians somehow in their baby's diapers. Maybe they used skins of some sort and lined it with the moss.

    Since W. found good movie stations, he and I watched Time Traveler (or was it Travel Machine) and Twilight. That's the one about the good vampires. They were both enjoyable. Probably another reason for more naps,

    Poor Haiti. I heard on the news that the reason more had not been done for those people is the corruption there. Probably true. And, yes, we do have our own homeless right here in the US. Something should be done.

    Did you kids here that two Big Pharma companies (I don't know which) are extremely interested in the XMRV virus and should have something out for it by Dec 2010. Now, I don't know if they are working on the vaccine or treatments. I think the vaccine had been said it would take about a year.

    Going to grab a nap! Thinking about you all! jejeje or jojojo!


  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    I wondered at the mention of why I wanted Spanish moss killed. That was a slip up. It was the Bougenvilla we were hard at work to kill.

    Why? The previous owners had planted it in a space much too small for it. It was too close to the driveway and could damage the paint on the car with it's thorns.

    Why we didn't try to dig it up and move it, not sure. We can be really slow frequently at thinking things through. But probably cause the roots were deep.

    And, yes, Victoria, I came with spare parts called an identical twin. Only we are nothing alike.

    Poor Jole. Now that it terrible to not be able to sleep, sit or lie down. I have felt something like that with bladder episodes. Pacing for 5 hours. Just awful. I do hope you are feeling better Jole!!! Does sitting in a hot tub ever help? You have probably tried it since you knew that peroxide and epson salts go together.
    Our Mexican neighbors sat outside all afternoon since it was a nice day and they were grilling. While the dog Toby barked incessantly for hours. Winston asked "how can they stand it?" Pretty easily, I think. The two houses on the backside of their house are for sale. I would laugh but it is not funny.

    Love you dear ones....sleep mucho well.


  8. jole

    jole Member

    And that's exactly all I've been doing lately. Won't stay long. Just wanted to say "hi" and I'm thinking of everyone, then go back to my job of lounging...lol...

    Tried getting on here last night when I had a few minutes of energy, but I just kept getting "error" messages. Anyone else have trouble? Not sure if it was my puter or the site, but it seems to be okay now.

    Yes, Linda, a hot bath seems to help my legs, but I wish I had a hot tub so it would get my upper back, shoulders and neck. But once I'm out about 1/2 hour the pain is back just as bad, and my Ultram just isn't helping any more. Oh well, you all have it just as bad and understand the pain and fatigue. Depression seems to set in worse in the winter also, which sets off the anxiety/panic attacks. A vicious cycle. Can't wait for spring!!

    Tried doing some scrapbooking, but just can't seem to concentrate long enough to get even a page completed. So everything is scattered about on the table. The only good thing is we never have company any more....guess everyone thinks what I have is contagious. But it's okay, most days it's hard to visit anyway. Anyone else like that?

    Sorry for not visiting with each of you and having this so "all about me" today. Will try to do better next time. Love to all................Jole
  9. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I can sooo identify with the things you say about your pain and limitations. It will get better, hang in there. I just want to (((((((((HUG))))))))) you!

    Yes, I had the same problem with getting on the site last evening. Error messages and very slow processes. I finally gave up. I think it might have been due to the stormy weather throughout the country.

    It's raining hard today, and there are flash flood warnings posted. A few schools are sending students home early. I'm so glad they take good care of the children these days. When I was in school we almost never had delays or cancellations. Of course, we were alot tougher then. And I think our bus drivers were mostly all men who were not afraid to drive in any conditions. I have respect for women school bus drivers and I would not want that job for the world. But, times have changed drastically. Right, Rock?

    That's interesting about the Meals on Wheels in your area. I never had a problem with hospital food but I know most people dislike it. Our Meals on Wheels here in my town originates in a small church kitchen here in my community. They only have room to cook for about 40 people, and the director told me they are now operating at capacity. They have two cooks. I think the cooks are paid. The meals are then delivered by volunteers. So far all the volunteers are wonderful! I pay 5.00 a day or 25.00 a week. That's very reasonable for all I get. I get a hot lunch (I call it dinner because it's my big meal of the day), and then a sandwich of some interesting sort and fruit for supper. Also, an 8 oz. cup of fruit juice, and a half pint of 1% low-fat milk. It's terrific!!

    I hope you are feeling better real soon. It's no fun I know. I wish I could offer some help. I love you, Jole.


  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Back again, computer problems fixed - I hope - but much bad weather here. Heavy rains, a stream in the back yard. Rain makes me sleepy....

    I've been reading a lot; haven't been to town in four weeks or so. Richard is my personal shopper! I feel rich!

    The rain and grey skies have put a damper on my outdoor lounging. I've been doing my nature watching through the windows : a flock of 20 quail, a bobcat (very beautiful), and all the smaller birds I throw seed out for.

    The seed and garden catalogs have started streaming in. They help me get through the winter while I am waiting for the sun.... I am thinking of growing as many poisonous plants that I can this year, like wolfbane, foxglove, daturas, etc., so I won't be hassled by deer as much. Or at the very least I won't have to spray deer repellant so much. Last year I spilled some all over myself and it took a VERY long shower for restoration!

    Hugs to All,

  11. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Hello, my Florida Friend! I missed you too, then yesterday I had a terrible time with this website so I didn't get on here. It's nice that you can nap the way you do. I envy that. I just never was able to nap much during the day. Of course, when I go thru periods on insomnia I don't sleep night or day :( That is the absolute worst!

    I'm glad the drug companies are interested in xmrv and will be producing stuff to try. But, I hope they don't get sloppy and put things thru haphazardly. I was so quick to try Savella, and had to ditch it fast due to side effects. And Fight and others have the same experience with it. So, I'm leary of new drugs. I hope they are careful and get things right.

    Your neighbor's little dog would drive me crazy! How old is that dog? They can live a long time, but maybe it's getting up in years and the end is near. hehehe. Doesn't it keep you awake when you want to nap?

    I watched Hoda and Kathy Lee today (they had a guest hostess on as Hoda is on vacation, but I forget her name). Anyway, Barry Manilow was on. I just love him! He talked about the difference between a song writer and a song arranger. He is both. He sang a love song, but don't ask me what the name of it was! hahaha. Isn't that terrible? It was just a couple of hours ago.

    Hello, Fight. Are you busy today? Hi Pam. I hope you are having safe travel. Rock, hope you are having a good day. Barry, hope your puter is working okay. Susan, how are you, Dear? Victoria, it's always good to read your posts and talk with you. Did I miss anyone? I hate it when I miss someone!

    I'm going now to read my novel. Just have a few more chapters.

    My love to all of you.
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I hope we all get to feeling better. And I hope my computer stops being
    so cranky. But frankly, I doubt any of that will happen.

    Barry, good to hear from you. Fay, what are you reading?

    I got 4 books at the library. Have read two. Have one to start. Dunno
    where the 4th one is. I need help. Wonder if there's a store called

    I have been loosing my sense of balance for some years now. Haven't
    fallen cause there is always a fence or a wall or Gordon to lean on.
    But over the weekend I finally fell. In the closet. Landed on a pile of
    bagged kitty kibble. The snap, crackle, pop noise woke up Gordon.

    Would have been even nosier if I fell on a cat, I suppose.

    Hope to be back soon.


    ETA, There was an old man who fell on a cat.
    All of a sudden he found himself flat.
    He said with a grin
    As he rubbed his sore shin.
    Now how did I come to do something like that?

    [This Message was Edited on 01/25/2010]
  13. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Glad you're surviving the bad CA weather. We had hard rain here today and then gusting wind. A huge pine tree blew over in my daughter's family's back yard.

    Is a bobcat the same as a cougar?

    I bought packs of flower seeds today: Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Columbine, and Oriental Poppy. I don't garden. I give the seeds away.

    Good to see your post.

  14. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I'm sorry to hear about your fall. Did you hurt yourself? I'm glad Gordon was there at the time to help you up and out of the darn closet. Please take care.

    I'm nearing the end of East of Eden. Been reading it since early December, I think. It's a huge epic novel, and takes me a while to work my way through it.

    I bought two cd's on amazon by Garrison Keillor: Winter/Stories from the Collection News From Lake Wobegon. And Summer/Stories from the Collection News From Lake Wobegon. Both are very good.

    Maybe one of the cats tripped you up causing your fall.

    Stay safe,
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    cougars are aka mountain lions.

    There's just a "few" pounds different between bobcats y cougars (TG) as the south does have bobcats; south florida does have 'panthers'/cougars however ... I'm sure bobcats would be opportunistic hunters of humans tho if they could.

    Bobcats were in our neck of the woods in Georgia, I only saw 1 once, and only heard them 2X -- on successive nights-- down by our creek at dusk. It was the weirdest sound I've ever heard, and the only time I've had the hair stand up on my neck! Literally, both nights, the most unearthliest sounds were emitted. I don't know if they were mating or what... our big dogs (100#-140#) wouldn't even go down there to find out, just stood by our house and barked like mad, LOL.

    Fay who do you give your seeds to? I hope they reward you with some fresh-cut?

    I forgot to mention why our kitchen was such a mess. Because we don't get to it and let it go too long, yuck; no partying involved, LOL. If I threw a party, I would have paper plates.

    Bad sinus headache over the weekend, and now my neck is aching mostly. Can't win. Not sure if it's pressure changing or what, my DH's neck will get set off by that too. Sure enough, several hours later today, he said his was aching too. I think I'd rather have my knee act up? Not sure. Anyway, it sure makes thinking hard....

    Who is it that got new furniture? I don't remember why you were getting it... what all did you get; what style? LOL nothing like being nosy about something I can barely remember...

    take care all...

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Ok...Jole and all. I feel like all I talk about is me, too.
    Never have anyone over who isn't related. Last time
    was 12-15 years ago when I made the potato salad.
    We are in the same boat.

    Victoria, I am blaming you for this. Seem like
    a slew of problems has crept in upon us all
    and it is since you posted....It is one thing
    after another. jejeje!

    Rock, falls, Jole is in a bad way, at least
    Fay got the furniture, food and seeds that she gives
    away. And Barry is back...so that is a plus.

    I have noticed that what someone else has, is what I want.
    I want to read books. Lots of books. But no Sleep rules my life.

    Septic tank ppl will be here at 9:30am and the plumber at 6pm
    And I have to be awake for both. Sheesh.
    I told the secretary to tell them to ring and ring and ring the phone.
    Of course, alot of the problem is I am drowning out Toby with
    ear plugs and a fan. If I manage to drown him out, of course
    I won't hear the phone. Not at first.

    Twin loves Hoda and Kathy Lee. Pete, as the fam. calls her (short
    for Pistol Pete), pays attention. Noticed that they mention they
    eat at Sardis on Wed. for lunch. So, yes, Pete was there for some-
    thing (can't remember) and managed to get herself to Sardis and
    saw them. They do NOT make eye contact with anyone.

    I was sailing along on moonlite bay, I could hear the voices singing
    they seemed to say....

    Nite all and sweet dreams. I love you all!


  17. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Drop-ins???? That's me, lol! I get in my own little world and have to take a little time away from the computer. Doesn't mean I don't care about you all.

    Just means I get side tracked, esp. with writing music, and now I'm planning to move to TN, or somewhere warm where I could get together with folks and write lots of lyrics and music. I've been writing about 1 - 4 songs per day/night, just the lyrics so far, but I am going to write a bunch of lyrics first, and then pick the good lyrical writing/songs, and put some piano tunes to it.

    I know that most moss is green, but is Spanish moss green? Sounds like a fun and interesting thing to write about. I've been trying to use as many ideas for songs/lyrics. Sometimes they come to me easily, well, most the time, but when I really force myself to do a song, great wonders happen! I say force because, well, usually song lyrics come to me easily... but sometimes I want to write something that almost everyone will enjoy.

    I write a lot about my feelings and experiences, but I do add in things that aren't true about my life, but it does make the song have some potential.

    My brother almost got married to his first real girlfriend, live-in girlfriend, and they would talk about how they want to get married in a cave. Well, when he met his last girlfriend, they moved in together, and she got to do all of the planning, and a cave was far from my brother's mind, lol, but it sounds cool to get married in a mansion, with Spanish moss all around... like the show Adam's Family, lol.

    With a really nice orange sunset behind the trees, the moss would make really good scenery for weddings and other events. The moss must have some color to shine on it, and then it will look so beautiful in pictures. I'm good at taking pictures, so that's why I say that.

    That's too bad about the air pollution. I have lots of allergies, but they're not really severe, but enough for me to use an inhaler. I cough up balls of phlegm that bounce off my hand like rubber balls, lol, and that's the only severe extent of my allergies, but I must breath cleaner air. I hope when I move to TN that I pick a place that doesn't have much air pollution.

    Oh my Lord is that gorgeous!!!! My computer finally got the site up that you gave me. Wow! That's awesome!!!! Does kind of look like ... hmm... I forgot. You know those bugs that eat up trees? I cannot remember. The bugs or worms, oh, are they called tent worms? Now the moss sort of looks like tent worms gone-crazy, lol. But it looks beautiful in a strange way.

    Does anyone know anything about TN and where there are nice places to live, close to the music scene?

    Well, time for me to check out some websites, as I'm destined to move out of this cold-@ss city and state. I love Wisconsin, as I love the people and its traditions, but there's just nothing here for me. While I love my family, and my friends and boyfriend, I just cannot handle this cold anymore, nor the way that opportunities for creating music are slim. My heart will break leaving my best friends behind. But I want to work so bad... and I physically cannot stand to work in this cold-@ss state anymore. My body hurts WAY 2 MUCH!

    Note: Keep my picture in your files, if you like, as someday I'll be a famous song-writer! My biggest motivation in life is to tell others that "I wrote that hit song playing on the radio," and "I wrote that one, too!"

    So keep me in your prayers, as I'm going to fight this illness and do something I've always wanted to do since I was a little girl... write songs, write commercials, and write musical lyrics and poetry. Music, writing, and photography, help me so much with this illness, in that it keeps me from being badly depressed with this illness of severe pain and fatigue.

    Sorry I am talking so much about me. I am just so excited about planning to move to Tennessee!!!

    I laughed at the quotes, lol!

    My friend is trying to convince me not to go to TN. He's the only one telling me about how bad it is there, and if I move there, I'd be living on a time-bomb, lol. He says it that way to scare me to keep me from going, but he's talking about the earthquake that scientists say might happen that would really do damage to residents' homes, and cause such havoc, and I might die in one, lol. He's just not wanting me to go. I told him I have more worries about tornados than earthquakes that might happen anytime from now until 150 years from now, lol.

    The rest of my friends are happy that I'm happy with the idea of planning to move to TN. I sometimes wish they'd be a little less happy with me leaving, but they know I must go after my dream, the one thing that keeps me sane with all of the aches and pains and fatigue. I do wonder though, who is going to end up moving down there with me... as I just have this feeling that if I move, someone will follow... or maybe it's my hopes because I don't want to be far away from friends and family, but the urge to go is so strong.

    I see you mentioned blizzards. Do you know what is worse than a desert blizzard? *now blizzards. They are the worse. I'd rather be warm and somewhat dehydrated than cold, numb, shivering, and dehydrated, with lizzard skin due to the cold, cold, icy-cold, dry winds during the winter in WI. Don't say the "S" word, or you'll wake up Mr. Abominable, and he'll send more white-out blizzards in WI. We have one now and I'm so sick of this white crapola and the cold.

    Fight :)
  18. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I just wanted to add that it is so sad how much the medical communities continue to doubt the existence of XMRV in CFS patients like us. UW-Madison, WI, is known for its good doctors, but none of this know crapola about CFS, nor the virus. They'll continue to throw medicines at us, like my doc did, that apparently keep our depression and pain limited, but I never had one doctor test to see if I have problems with serotonin levels or dopamine levels. They're just toying around with the idea that this is still some mental illness that we brought on ourselves or could not help, so some med like ... (for example for me... Savella), would help us, at least in their minds. Then when I have horrible side effects from it, he tells me to try it again. I'm not a physical person, and I do not believe in fighting physically, and I even hate having arguments, but I've just about had it with my doctor. If he's not going to treat me properly, he needs to hit the road. I've got one more appt with him next week, and I'm going to lay it all out to him and let him know that I'm fed up with him not listening to me nor being concerned with my symptoms, nor concerned with finding something to help me out, or taking some tests that I've requested that I believe are important. I'm tired of him throwing meds at me and then passing me off as a problem he's not concerned with. He was a good doctor before, but now he's showing his true colors. I told the nurse to tell him, "There's no way in heck (I used the other word with double LL's) that I take that medicine again with the horrible side effects I had." He just didn't care. That kind of crappy care should not be allowed. I'm standing up to him next week, and if he doesn't like it, he can kiss my (behind).

    Jole suggested on here that I might need the doctor. I'm glad she suggested it because it made me really wonder if I need him at all. I'm sure there are far more educated doctors and more qualified doctors out there to treat me. NO ONE needs a doctor that doesn't take your symptoms or side efffects seriously, and is rude during the appt., and doesn't look at what will help, versus what he thinks will help. He's IGNORANT!!! And, if us CFS patients have this virus, why the heck isn't he trying to treat that with some anti-viral, versus some anti-depressant???

    Okay, I'm done venting... but if anyone knows of any good doctors, please post it on the list I am going to put up now on the CFS message board.

    Fight :)
  19. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    You know what I did the other night? I put in my shower chair that I use during showers, in the tub that was already filled with hot water and bubble bath solution, and I put a towel on top of the chair, and my note book and pen, and then started to write songs while soaking in the tub. It's not a perfect arrangement, as I have to sit up a little out of the water, but I'll think of something else eventually, but this will work until I find another smaller chair, that kind of leans diagonally, so that I can write on it like a tilted desk, so-to-speak, and relax my entire body, minus my arms and hands and head, in the hot bubbled water.

    Maybe I should take a bath now, as my body sure could use it after a drive out in the nasty WI *now blizzard roads.

    Fight :)
  20. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    My bf always tells me that the 3rd time is a charm! I hope that doesn't mean I'd have to marry three times to make it work, lol. Oh no, I said the "M" word!!!! I better watch out with that word. I don't want no stork to come flying through my window, lol. The "M" word always seems to blend with the "P" word. Both words might wake up a stork.


    Fight :)

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