Lounger's Forty-Six is OFF!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I noticed the Frontporch uses off and on and decided to use it. I'm ignoring the
    fact that a light is more logically off and on.

    Plz Read about SICCA and Jan's Weight Watcher's report on Sat's. on the old thread.

    Pam, I just never have been good at describing how I feel...so I gave up. The first
    doc..."I feel like by body is dying". She gave me the diagnosis of deep seated anxiety.
    Another had the pic of body and you were suppose to color where "it hurt". I colored
    the whole body but the doc never mentioned it. I didn't get as far as the glazed look
    and this is the reason. They never listen to me. They are thinking of or planning their
    next ski vacation. Then they start talking about that. I have been so annoyed by
    that. More than I can say.

    HAHAHA I am just thinking about Rock/Gordon's Freezer that has been full for 30
    years. That's funny. That would be my DH. I have to sneak stuff out of the refrig/
    freezer to get rid of it. Gordon probably has a better memory than DH.

    Ok, let me ask you this, dear ones. If you had the choice of cosmetic surgery, what
    would you chose. Joan Rivers after her FIRST facelift, gave everyone in her office
    their choice for Christmas. I need the whole body done like Joan did but I guess
    I would choose a tummy tuck (and a bladder tack with it).

    Ellen is in Florida at Universal this week (prerecorded).

    Love you kids.....

    Lazy in Lake Wales
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  2. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    "I noticed the Frontporch uses off and on and decided to use it. I'm ignoring the fact that a light is more logically off and on."

    Very true Spacee.

    So, I've been trying to think of something that loungers do or have that goes on and off. Jammies? Curlers? Weight? Make-up? Computers? Hot flashes?

    Hmmmm, cosmetic surgery? Well, I think after I lose 50 pounds I'll have a tummy and thigh tuck. Who's payin'??! 'Course by the time I lose 50 pounds, I'll be so old that EVERYTHING will need to be tucked!

    Well boys and girls, I guess that's it for now.

    Tummy tuck Tina

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    LOL it can also sounds like we're "LIVE" like on TV or radio...
    well I guess if we can post here, we are still alive at least?

    Haven't had a chance to read the last of the last post...

    but OMG, some food has been in your freezer for 30 yrs, Rock?
    That may qualify for a Guinness World Record...
    fame at last, maybe. ;) tho I'm not sure if you 2 want to be remembered for that.

    Hmmm, anyone know this:
    is the Guinness of World Records related to the Guinness' of Stout fame?
    If I were ever going to drink beer, it would be that. (I've lost my German genes tho,
    I've always hated beer, LOL)

    OK I was coming back to say, I totally lost my post because the power went
    off for 10 seconds... but wow! for Windows 7 I guess, because here it still was!

    ~ we've been without power since yesterday, no idea why. The power goes out
    quite often but for less time, I did have a battery back-up/surge suppressor but
    it bit the dust, wouldn't quit beeping even tho it had power.

    Sigh - went to Office Depot here, the one just like I had cost 3X, so I bought the
    lesser brand, but it's not working (or we can't figure out how to make it work, thought all just turned 'on' when you clicked it? So, probably not working. And it has a upc cord, I do NOT understand what that's for but don't think it's interfering with it being on?).

    We are celebrating the first 1/2-way decent rain yesterday... so are the birds and
    flowers and probably the bees!

    re the plastic surgery: I'd be happy if the stoopid ob/gyn had just sewed up my
    herniated stomach muscles after last C-section THEN, but not willing to go thru that
    kind of pain again. Or any pain really, so not sure I'd want a tummy tuck either.

    Does ANY cosmetic surgery not require pain?

    Sunny Storme

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    I guess the "pain" of surgery is what separates the women from the girls. I was going to
    say men from the boys but didn't seem to fit. I would never want the pain either. And I
    hate the anesthesia...yuk. Though plenty of men have nips and such. If I didn't have
    to wear sunglasses, I might consider my eyes. But that would be a waste.

    Since Jan just had surgery, maybe I should have come up with another subject...sorry

    No power, Victoria! So you didn't have the a/c (can't remember the name of the kind
    dry places use). Where is a good Mexican when you need him. I heard a mexican man
    on HGTV say "we are called Mexican because we "can". He was remodeling his house.

    On the way to McD's (that last trip I made a couple of days ago), I counted 35 crepe
    myrtle trees on the 2 miles there. All of them were the fushia color. They have a
    big 'crepe myrtle' sale every year. By golly, I can see the results.

    Oh my poor brain, tonite. Guess I will close.

    Love you Kids,

    Foggy Bottom (and Brain too)
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I haven't even taken the swamp cooler aka "evaporative water cooler" out of the box,
    because it's been a bit cooler than normal. Also rigged a fan to blow cool air from
    outside in, literally - comes in right by my computer, the outside air is quite cool cuz
    there's almost always a breeze...

    it's not even a window fan, it's one on a stand, hahaha, talk about low tech.

    I LOVE crepe myrtles, we had a 35 year old one by our house in Georgia and
    a few others, all fuschia... love the way the bark peels, they're pretty year-round
    in my eyes. Have never seen one here tho.

    Jan, I can add something to your list re: what's 'on"...
    our brains.
    As in, they blink 'on' and 'off'... jejejeje (translation from Spanish: hahahaha)

    Where is everybody? .. been a bit MIA myself, for 1 reason or another.

    Hope you're all ok and not doing badly or too badly....

    (hugs) to all
    Myrtle Bouganvillea

  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Not feeling like a slug today.I don't even like to try and explain days like yesterday except to say same ole.No reason or difference to feel that way just a random slug day.

    SICCA is the syndrome of dry eye and mouth with no positive bloodwork.If you look it up it reads Sjogren's but for Ins. purposes it's better because it's not a label to be denied coverage for.That's what I've gathered anyway.

    DD enjoyed seeing us so much she's launched a campaign to get us to hurry and move down faster.She sent me Real Estate listings of homes close to her city.She knows I don't like Tampa,to big so it's surrounding areas.The houses were to big and way to expensive.She's young and doesn't get the concept of downsizing.I told DH and he said tell her to wait 4to5 yrs. but I told him both of us give him a yr. and a half to throw in the towel.He laughed and said maybe so because he sure enjoyed being off last week.

    Hope you get some electricity soon Victoria.I get so annoyed when it goes off.
    Another flowery bush to look up.Bet they don't grow in Oh.
    Pam not a slug
  7. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Spacee – don’t worry about the plastic surgery topic. My surgery is very much on my mind, but it doesn’t bother me to talk about SOMEONE ELSE’S surgery! What’s up with that celebrity (can’t remember her name) who has had about 50 plastic surgery procedures. No, not Joan Rivers…..some other chick!! I’ve seen “before” pictures and I think she looked better before!

    Victoria – yes….our brains! Duh. Apparently mine was “off” when I was posting yesterday.

    Pam – glad you’re not sluggish today. I’m still feeling somewhat sluggish. Or, maybe I’m just bored. Who knows? I wonder if that means I’m ready to get back to work? “Cept I still feel crappy in the morning – or whatever time of the day it is when I wake up. Downsizing. Now there’s a chore. Funny how we can’t wait to have “stuff” when we’re younger then can’t wait to get rid of it when we’re older. My DH says, “Just remember, everything we bring in to the house we’ll eventually have to take out.”

    Did anyone watch “Last Comic Standing” last night? There was this one comic who said something like this, “When I was a kid I just wanted to grow up and be an adult. Now that I’m an adult all I want to do is die!” It doesn’t seem as funny typed out, but when she said it, it was hilarious.

    Oh well……I guess ya had to be there!

    More later my little chickdees…….
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    10,000 Crepe Myrtles on sell in Lakeland. A fundraiser for Education. (I guess the Lottery
    money is low:) This is at least the 5th year they have done it...so 50,000 or less new
    Crepe Myrtles. They are $3.50 a bush. Limit of 50 bushes. (which made me laugh)

    I think I have given up on house cleaning. I keep waiting for the get up and go to come
    but it doesn't. Maybe next week. OR maybe after tomorrow. The backsplash is suppose to
    go in. She said it makes quite a mess. (Don't they clean up?)

    Pam, I have heard on TV that the house prices in Florida are 'underwater'. So be careful when the time comes. There are TONS of high rise condos with water views. Evidently the people
    don't eat cause I don't see any grocery stores around them :)

    I may be lazy but I still get hungry! It's suppertime down south...

    Love you kids! Hope for better days ahead.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I wonder how the lotteries ARE doing....?
    Georgia uses theirs for the 'Hope' scholarship (different from the federal -
    all resident students that have a B average from HS get free tuition at
    state schools as long as they also maintain a B average. That said, it's
    still expensive because of fees, books etc! Our daughter was one of the
    40% that maintained a B average throughout :)

    I wish we could get more TV here, but so much is blocked. Last Comic Standing sounds like it would've been fun, Jan. I don't even mind if it runs a week late, but it mostly doesn't.

    We DO have our power back and it's staying on... :)

    I will be mostly MIA in the week ahead, said daughter is coming to visit Thursday - another :).... despite the fact I/we haven't cleaned much.

    But she might find that weird, knowing me/us as she does LOL.

    We are picking her up in Zihuatenejo so we all can do a little sight-seeing...
    despite the fact it will be 90 and humid.

    Oh well, I will just have to drink, drink, drink...
    pina colada, virgin or otherwise, anyone?

    LOL, yes, I can't forget to have a margarita too. One of each, please...

    Margarita Ville

    PS and a big hug to all those MIAs.... hope hot weather is not doing you in. Or cold, somebody told me in PA that they were getting frost warnings!?

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  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    The daughter time, Victoria! Is this the first time your brainy daughter has come to
    see you in Mexico? She has probably been brushing up on her Spanish words. She no

    Speaking of Spanish. Jose, the yardman, decided to call tonite. Haven't heard from
    him in several months. I asked him if he had been working. "No". Times are tough.

    If you want to journal your dreams online, you may at My Onar. Not a solicatation..
    just if someone wanted a hobby. You can journal for free but interpretation has
    a fee. (of course).

    I had a dream last nite which needs no interpretation. Myself and several members
    of a close knit community (family?) were searching frantically for objects of value.
    Things that had a little gold on them. We knew that Hitler was after us and we
    hoped we could appease Hitler with the valuable things. But Hitler was a woman.
    Oh, she was Mother.

    That was my childhood I was dreaming.

    Well, I will give the interpretation that I see.
    1. She felt we were inferior to her.
    2. She wanted to get rid of us asap (out of the nest)

    That was cheerful, wasn't it. That is the first dream that I have had that I could remember
    in a long time.

    Ok, next with the dreams?

    Love you my sweeties and all the MIAs!

    Loco Linda

  11. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Whats with the power outages victoria? That wouldnt work for me. Im a child of modern convenience. That means elec and indoor plumbing. I was visiting some friends when i lived in tennessee...they still had an outhouse! Of course id asked to use the bathroom and they kept telling me it was out back. I thought they meant the back of the house. They didnt. When i finally caught on i wasnt using that thing! No way. The ppl in TN had great fun with me. I was a city girl. No wonder im so suspicious! Yall are going to think im lying...but i was posting to jans thread when dh comes in the room totally freaked out. He had a tick on him! Hed already pulled it off but i saved it. I dont think hes going to sleep well tonite. I did tell him what to watch for. I dun got me a edycashun! Rock...clean your freezer! Better yet...get gordon to do it. I HATE cleaning out the refridgerator/freezer! No plastic surgery for me. I have a phobia of anesthesia. Id take the bladder tack. Any day. If yall dont hear from me i lost my right hand again lol.
  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Do you still have the tick, Becky? There used to be some place you could send it in to,
    to see if it was carrying Lyme or anything else.

    Not sure now if it was a university or a state thing... maybe put it in the fridge and google
    it. Whoever was doing it may not be doing it anymore, can't remember why they were or
    if it was ongoing.

    We are pretty far out into the country, tho that's not really why we get power outages.
    Usually it's not for very long, just can be inconvenient at times. It's weird that we get so
    many since our worker's village doesn't have any of the problems we have... but I think they
    get their power from another line.

    BUT we do have indoor bathrooms & gas! LOL. I couldn't do without either! I do miss a DW
    tho; hard to have one here unless I want to end up buying water at least for part of the year, since we have near to zero rain from Dec. til mid-May or June.

    Amazing that all the cornfields have been sprouting and are at least 6-12" high despite no rain.
    It must be an indigenous type of corn. Well, Mexico is known as the homeland for corn, forget
    how many varieties; think it runs into the hundreds. At least over 100. Yet Monsanto is making inroads with its GMO corn :(

    So... Becky, if we don't hear from you, does that mean your right hand ran away from home?

    OK I'm in a chatty mood tonight - must go to bed. But I will tell first about 2 dreams that repeat fairly often.

    If I dream about living back in Georgia, it's in a place that I've never lived or seen.
    If I dream about living here, it's in a place I've never been to or seen either, and different than Georgia.

    No idea what it all means...

    Hope I don't sleep like a baby tonight...
    cuz my babies woke up all the time, haha. Not so funny then, tho.

    to paraphrase a CS Lewis quote...
    I think sometimes I don't really sleep, I just meditate on unconsciousness.

    Ever feel like that?

    PS: forgot to add about daughter... this is her 3rd visit. She took latin in HS, so she was better with the numbers than I was at first, LOL. But she doesn't know any Spanish, no real incentive I guess. Son is trying to learn tho.[This Message was Edited on 06/08/2010]
  13. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I do still have the tick. The fastest thing i could find was an old oxy bottle. It oughta die fast in there lol. I thought you could take them to the health dept and theyd send it off for testing. Dont know where i got that idea from. Im going to call the health dept tomorrow and ask. And whats a DW? Dishwasher? Man were spoiled here in the states. Not that i use mine. Havent used much of anything lately. Even the CAR! And i hate being chauffered around. Too much of a control freak since being in an accident when someone else was behind the wheel. DHs driving is the only one i can stand...barely. Thats great about your dd visiting! 24yo never had a "b" in her life. Okla has a program called upward bound that you start taking college courses in the 9th grade. Theres criteria to be met and you have to agree to certain rules and regs but when she started university she had 20 hours under her belt. Great program. She had a 50,000 scholarship that she blew when she took off for california. Was back in 2 months. She might be intelligent but doesnt have the sense to come in out of the rain. Want to hear something ironic? Her major is psychology. Oops outta room.
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  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Power went out this morning.I woke right up because my sound machine went off and my humidifier shut off,oh the fan too.I have all these machines running so I can have a quiet room isn't that funny?DH was in the basement working out before work.I don't know what getting up accomplished no TV or anything.I sat in the dark about a half hr. and it came on.

    DH started working out while on vaca hoping to lose weight and get some energy.He seems to feel better.

    I sometimes remember my dreams and usually can trace them back to something that happened that day.Even my dreams are boring what can I say.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yikes, that would wake me up too Pam. I did see the morn at the crack of dawn (9am to me).
    Jose was ringing the doorbell. I have no choice but to answer it with those funky curlers in
    my hair (animal print). He tries not to laugh. Very polite man. Then I had to drive to a McD's
    to get him something to eat and drink. Thankfully the roads are deserted that hour
    of the morning! Whew, my driving is BAD without my meds. Not good even then.
    But I made it.

    It is interesting how some kids hit the books (or just plain smart) and keep on track and
    then others get a FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR scholarship and need to go to Calif. I guess
    she needed a vacation!

    Pam, I am really like you with dreams...it is usually has to do with something that happened
    that day. I didn't dream at all last nite. Before illness, I used to dream repeated about
    a house. It was large. Had a section that was kinda of like motel rooms. Most of it wasn't
    used. We lived in two rooms of it.

    I have heard that a house has to do with your life. Maybe I wasn't living up to potential
    but I didn't ever see how I could change anything. So I didn't worry about it. I had
    plenty to do and didn't see how I could add anything more.

    Back to the basics of living. Becky. Oh, girl, that cracked me up about the outhouse!
    I am so glad you still have the tick!!! What a godsend there! Well, in my way of
    thinging. A doc might think otherwise (that he can diagnose by labs).

    Victoria, do you think Becky should freeze her tick or keep it under refridgeration?
    Just a thought.

    Ok, I am hoping the electricity stays on today!!

    Love you kids,

  16. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    My dd might have a high IQ but she has zero common sense. She didnt know what the lines in parking lots were for. KID YOU NOT. And now shes in student loan debt up to her wazoo cos of her little excursion to cali. Her borderline personality disorder is going to ruin her if she doesnt get treatment. But what do i know? My IQ isnt as high as hers. Im doing battle royale w these kids right now. Fixin to shut it all off. Not going to let stress kill ME. Gotta live another 8.5 yrs. DH wants me longer lol. Pam you remind me of how i used to be with your noise drowner-outers. Now all i need is AIR blowing on me. AT ALL TIMES lol. And spacee...you shoulda seen me when my TN dh taught me to shoot a gun. It was a british 303 (whatever that is) that he told me to hold away from my shoulder when firing. Once i picked myself up outta the dirt i took off after him with a large stick. He outran me. I was bruised for wks. Didnt i say that TN ppl are the nicest? I take it back. Glad im not the only one who answers the door in jammies. Is McD's a perk of the gardening job? Outta room. Already. Darn.
  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Since it's spreading... LOL.

    You must've looked like the cartoon of the 'typical housewife', Linda, were you driving in your bathrobe and curlers too?

    You know, I think it's a shame really that kids are not given some time off between HS and college to grow up a bit, most don't know what they want to do... there's a stat somewhere that said 75% of college students right out of HS do drop out for a semester or more.

    (Our daughter waited on purpose, despite her good grades. She mostly waitressed until 22 yo, when a co-worker who had just gotten a degree in accounting tried to get a position in the financial dept of the hotel where they were working. The HR person said 'no, we need you in food service, and look at (my DD) - she thought she wouldn't like it but she's found her niche.' That really lit a fire at the right time, the next thing we knew she'd applied to UGA.)

    LOL Pam, I'm like you, I have a sound machine too. My son uses one, and my daughter uses ear plugs. DH doesn't, tho he doesn't sleep well really til about 5 AM (per sleep test, tho I could've told them the results). Can't sleep in the same room with him as a result, as he sleeps so lightly plus gets up about 10X/night; the sleep test revealed he actually "awakens" 80X/night. Cpap wasn't indicated tho. They had no answers.

    I don't know anymore about what to do with the tick... I'd probably refrigerate it. Maybe the testing has spread to all the health depts., imagine the quality of testing might vary unless they all send them to the same place? It will be interesting to see what the Health Dept. says, Becky.

    My dreams are usually about something from the day too... I used to dream as a kid of walking from room to room, each furnished, in a seemingly endless mansion. I didn't know where it came from until I re-read the classic 'Secret Garden' when my daughter read it.... almost the exact sequence is described there when the main character goes to England to live with her uncle at his estate. LOL.

    What I secretly believe is that the 2 places I dream of being 'home' are really my lives in parallel universes.... hehehehehe. Dream on.

    Mansion de los Suenos
    (house of dreams)

  18. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    The health dept doesnt test ticks nor do they send them off for testing. You can send it to a lab yourself but guess what...testing is UNRELIABLE! Surprise! Just gonna keep the little diablo in case dh starts feeling badly in the next coupla days. Poor guy is so freaked out. Guess he doesnt want to be like me? I dont remember my dreams from last nite. The ones i remember are usually my ex torturing me lol. And the REALLY good ones arent postable. Gotta say they dont happen often enough. :(
  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Becky, I know those dreams, and I agree...

  20. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Oh i sure hope someone can help.

    I Need to get my Ring off of ring finger and i can't due to extreme swelling.
    I have tried soaking in soapy water.. Bar Soap, Liquid Soap.. Vaseline
    I am taking Lasix. will be having heart testings soon.
    I am trying to prevent from them cutting my ring off of my finger
    Anyone with ideas, i am desperate with what to do.

    Total exhaustion has wiped me out.
    I have alot of catching up to do here.

    You all seem to have great ideas and suggestions.
    Oh my, stuff in the freezer for years. Rock if you've had power outages best to toss the ole freezer food. I have an upright freezer with 3 shelves, i try my best to put new foods on a shelf that's about empty...darn don't think this is making much sense. Can't word it like i want and do. Oh well...

    I really appreciate anyone with suggestions of how to remove my ring. It's no where near getting it to the knuckle. Help Loungers...