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    id you see the news about the folks who received e mails from a dead man?
    What a kawinkydink. I have been writing e mails to my siblings for the last week. Gordon will send them after I get off the bus. But there will be no suggestion of the supernatural. I'm putting the date I type them right in the body of the message. It will be a voice from the past, but not a voice from tDhe grave.

    Actually, when ya think about it, every email you receive was typed in the past.

    Woke up from my nap at 4PM. Took Zipper for his walk. The calla lilies, roses,
    nasturtiums, and geraniums are still in bloom. And there are lots of things
    I can't identify.

    Mikie, never heard of Pi day before. Makes me thing of pie fights, pie ala
    mode and cow pies. Looked on the net. Found "Pieology" which refers
    to the study of cow pies. Saw a documentary on this topic several years
    ago and the little critters that endlessly cycle through the cow.

    And, drum roll, there is a pizza restaurant in Fullerton, CA, named Pieology.
    It claims you can customize your pizza. Isn't that pretty much what you do
    when you select the toppings?

    Finally, (well, actually, I didn't look at all the 36,000 hits that came up.)
    Finally there is a CD for sale with the same name and featuring Tom Bancroft
    and his orchestra.

    Linda, when I was a kid (did I post this before), there was a fellow in a
    neighboring village that had several otters. He would bring them to schools
    and tell us about them. He always made his entrance from the back of the
    auditorium w/ 3 or 4 otters scampering down the aisle with him.

    Have you visited Youtube? You can see otters there including the giant South
    American otter that grows over 5 feet long and weighs 100 pounds. And
    there are videos of lots of cute and exotic other animals like the red panda,
    the tree kangaroo, and the pangolin which is a mammal that looks like a reptile.

    Pam, I agree w/ you on rum. Goes w/ just about everything: coke, chocolate
    milk, Hawaiian punch, malteds, fruit juice, etc.

    Freida, are you able to sit up and watch Youtube or is it too difficult?
    I am so happy that the videos are playing again. There was a period of a
    couple months were they would freeze up every ten seconds. At that rate
    it would have taken a year to watch Gone With the Wind.

    Well, we must all do the best we can to be as cheerful as we can. "After
    all, tomorrow is another day."


    The cut and paste mechanism done ripped off my first "D". Darn,
    Drat, Dadblast it and Dolgarnit!!![This Message was Edited on 03/14/2012]
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    I can't remember the number either. We might name it (Some number or other).

    Will try to post things in order of their importance to me :)!!!

    1. YES the RUM worked beautifully. Didn't take much for me and I was out!
    Course at 4:30 am I was awake, so I had a bit more. That wasn't as fast
    but I did go back to sleep...after a couple games of checkers.

    2. Hagen Das has been through a lot of hands. I noticed that Ben and Jerry
    has a small container too. Bigger than Hagen Das. Will need to try it.

    3. I think that is what I sense about you Mikie, Like with your abstract painting
    You have something that not all of us have. I love colors but I can't paint.
    I have been known to do self portraits on a paper napkin while waiting in
    a restaurant. One son does them too. They are more humorous than art.

    4. Otters running down the aisle in front of the owner. Now THAT is a way
    to get everyone's attention!!

    5. And Pam's gkids have the same b'day as Estein. If I had read that sooner,
    I could have had a cupcake in honor!! Cept I haven't found any good ones
    around here.

    6. And why not have emails ready to send after we are gone. Interesting
    concept. Novel...but why? Might be something new.

    7. Leah, some of my 9 years of depression he** were made worse by my
    mother, she passed and then Twin took over. Then she hung up on me
    on the phone and that was a big help for me. (Course we are all different)
    Now I talk to Twin but she did learn to not criticize me.. In the last couple
    of years. Huz and I know we can't really make it with out the other one.
    This place is too isolated. Course he does have his golf course friend and
    ppl to see at work...so I think he could make it. I do not miss my mother
    but I am beginning to have better thoughts about her.

    Hey someone suggested that we all do what we can to be cheerful. So I will
    start a new post.

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    Had a great time with older brother on Ancestry.com. He does love that site
    so much. He was so happy to show me some things that he had found.

    He said that he had gotten more mellow as he has gotten older. Really?
    I have seen him on his back on the ground kicking his legs in the air. hahaha
    He's the type who would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need.

    Then a friend of mine sent me a 1992 paperback book for the newlyweds to be.
    "TightWad Gazzette". Among other things, it show you how to cut each other's

    Some of you must have read that book :)

    Love you ALL and think of you every day. You mean so much to me.


  4. Ranigar

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    You still need rain your way Mikie?This morning at 4am we got lots.I was already awake since 1am wide awake.What a long long night it was.Lily is scared of storms so she got in bed with us but my tossing and turning convinced her she was better off on the floor noice or not.

    Cooking corned beef for sandwiches.Day early but we'll be on the road tomorrow heading for Indiana.

    You gotta love a guy like your brother Linda.Shirt off my back is the best kind of guy.Several members of family on both sides do the Ancestry thing.Very interesting things turn up.I'm thankful for their patience to search all that information.

    Busy weekend coming and I'm tired already just from the planning.Maybe a nap this afternoon would help.

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    I may have lost my mind. Have a 2pm appt to have my eyelasses 'thickened'.
    It lasts for about 4 days so one can see if they can "stand it". :)

    That alone should be a warning but fools rush in! It will be an experience.

    When I stopped to make my appt, there was an old codger having his toenails
    done. You know they can get thicker and hard to cut. I thought "just my kind
    of place!".

    Spent some of the day with the Direct TV guy. (Not the one who came last
    week). This one seems stumped until I told him what the other was planning
    on doing. Then it was a light bulb went on and he went to work. And then
    tried to sell me an insurance plan (for service calls) at the end. $5.99.
    I am own to those $5.99 charges. Get a whole bunch of ppl giving that monthly
    and it helps the company.

    If Huz was retired already, I might have said "yes" but not ready yet. I can't
    really think what they need to come out for. Hurricane damage?

    Ok, nite all.

  6. Mikie

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    In honor of Pi Day, perhaps this should be Loungers 3.14. I love Einstein and physics. As y'all probably know, I try to understand quantum physics. Of course, even the quantum physicists do not understand it; they are in perpetual search of the "Theory of Everything" which spawned string theory. It's all too much for me but it certainly does help exercise my pea brain. My SIL is my alter ego when it comes to this but it just frustrates my DD.

    Rock, I'd never heard of Pi Day before either. It makes sense they would do it on March 14 every year (as in 3.14). It got me to thinking about pie too. I don't bake much anymore; it's too much work. Publix pies aren't great but they do make a mean coconut custurd pie. When I was learning to fly, the only FAA checkout guy was a woman hater. I didn't find that out til after the checkride (which I passed). He made me do "turns about a point" which only work mathmatically at 1,500' above ground level. He made me do them very close to the ground. All I could do was to pick out a cow pie and circle it. That's how close we were; I could actually see the pies. He only made the women do this. He was a great good ole boy pilot to all the men. I cried in my car after the checkride. I like the idea of the e-mails. I never wanted prayer cards when I die. I always wanted a postcard of clouds and on the back, "Having wonderful time. Wish you were here."

    Linda, I don't think I have something others don't (but thank you for your kind words), I feel I am lacking in talent but use what I have to entertain myself. Barb, next door can paint beautiful birds and landscapes. Ilona's husband, Frank, another neighbor, does incredible pen and ink drawings of buildings. I have one of my condo on the wall. He is doing all the major league ballparks. Janice, Barb's friend, does the gorgeous beaded pendants and necklaces. Mostly what I do is string together some beads and add a store-bought pendant. Still, it's fun. I do enjoy trying to be creative in my abstracts. It's more in the brushstrokes, shapes and color than in trying to recreate something on canvas. In any case, no one can say it's bad because it's in the eye of the beholder. Hmmmm...perhaps that's a metaphor for life. If we fail to see beauty and meaning in even the most mundane things, is it because of our own perspective? Yikes, nothing that deep ever comes out of me. It's a bit scary.

    Pam, yes, we are still dry as a bone and it's too hot too early. This doesn't bode well for a gentle summer and hurricane season. We always had temps of 92 every day in the summer and 74 at night, day out and day in. Every afternoon came the downpours. This has all changed over the years. Now, it's 76 at night. The waters are warmer. Just read that FL gets more tornados than any other state. My old dog, Taffy, hated thunderstorms. She would go into a trance and just try to hide and would shake all over. I've seen those vests they sell on TV which are supposed to calm dogs during storms, fireworks, etc. Wonder whether they work. Despite being mostly Irish, I don't like corned beef and cabbage. Neighbor usually invites me to eat out with them on St. Paddy's Day but I usually order a burger.

    Leah, Linda is right about the isolation. Our illnesses make us more isolated because we just physically can't do things others do. We basically have little, or no, social life. Even when we are in touch with family and friends, they can be thoughtless at best and cruel at worst. Even with my neighbors, whom I consider friends, I get the eye rolls and thoughtless remarks. I offer my thoughts, prayers and help when they have problems but it is almost never reciprocated, except for Barb. I have had to learn to just let it roll off my back like water on a duck. As hard as my illnesses have been, they have, I believe, made me a better person in many ways. I'd rather not have them but everything has a silver lining.

    It's funny because my kids and I don't really have a lot of close friends. We are not socially inept and get along just fine with all kinds of people. It's just that we don't connect on a deeper level with a lot of people. Are we unusual? I don't know. A lot of people don't "get" our zany humor. We all feel that something is missing in our lives when it comes to friends but none of us wants to spend time with people just to have superficial friends. In my case, I'm an only child of a single, working Mom so I'm used to entertaining myself. I've had close friends over the years but haven't kept up with them after moving. My 50th high school reunion is in Aug. and I'll likely not go. I hate to spend the money for something that just doesn't appeal to me that much.

    I think our group is so important to us in fighting isolation. We are connected in a way that few could possibly understand. You are definitely my online family and I feel I know you all and connect on a deeper level which is so precious to me. That is why I keep everyone in my prayers and send love and hugs to all.

    Love, Mikie

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    My energy is kaput.I feel everything I do is in slow motion.Putting in earrings this morning took far to much time.Still I got RV loaded and if I forgot anything I'll make due.

    DD lost another pregnancy.Dand C next week.She was upset but prepared it could happen.I hope she gives up this time I can't watch her keep going through this.Her husband can't either.

    Yep I'm with you on the friend thing.Always had a friend or two at a time that were close.Don't feel the need anymore.Don't care what people think about my illness.The ones closest to me see and understand.That would be very hard if they didn't.The other people don't matter I limit contact with them or cut them loose.No time or energy to worry about things I can't change.I've learned a lot about what is important and what isn't.Still learning I think.I treasure what I can manage and am practicing letting go of the rest.

    3wks. and we're down in you're neck of the woods Mikie and Linda.Hot is not what I want to hear.I melt.Hope you're ok Leah,thinking about you.Hey Rock and Barry our nature loving friends.

    See you Mon.

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    Read both your posts, Mikie and Pam.

    Oh, so very sorry for the lost pregnancy. What an emotional roller coaster
    for all.

    Yes, Pam. Very likely to be hot here. Wish I could say that it's not going to
    be but it doesn't look that way at all.

    Love your way with words, Mikie. That instructor was dangerous. Wow! I
    guess he was hoping to have to "take over the wheel and show the 'little
    woman" that flying is a man's job. Sheesh.

    Down here, I spotted two bird nests at the YMCA. This was because I was at
    the back of the class (yoga) and had to look out the window over the pool area
    instead of the mirror. I thought they might be eagle but others assured me
    that they were osprey.

    Feel sorry for the eagles. They DO keep putting up nests and we keep putting
    a mall or widening the road so they have to rebuild their nests.

    Ok, Pam is on the road in the RV and I am off to the eyelash salon. Going
    to stop in Bealls since it is very close by. Pam, remember Bealls for hot
    weather clothes. :)

    Miss you Leah and Barry. Hope you feel better!!!!

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's hard enough to lose a baby but then to have to have a surgical procedure is awful. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I'm glad you will be down here and I hope the weather doesn't cause you to wilt. It's even hard for us full timers when it comes on too suddenly. It takes me about a month to acclimate every year. Our sprinkler system has been down for repairs and I just hand watered some plants, flowers and our potted citrus trees. I came in dripping with sweat. AACK!!!

    Linda, over on Sanibel, they keep building towers "just perfect" for eagle nesting but the birds don't like them. Guess they don't like prefab housing :) Our pond is so low that we had to turn off the fountain so the pump wouldn't get gunked up. The birds sit in the middle on the fountain ring. I guess they think we put in a perch for them.

    Leah, Rock and Barry, my best to you too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for posting, Leah...and glad that you are able to.

    You don't have to bother reading my posts as I tend to repeat and
    you will get to see it another time! :)

    Wouldn't it be wild if some of the Canadian geese streaking by had
    stopped off in my neighbors yard! Really it is a vacant lot she owns
    and keeps mowed. And then adds a treat for the wild birds. They
    must love it, the birds stop often.

    I'm not close enough to sit and watch them but sometime if huz and I are
    doing an errand, I get to see them. They are having a grand party.

    The fake eyelash attachment went fine. The young woman said to me
    "You don't look like the type of woman to wash your face in the shower".

    What a hoot if I had said, "Yeah, I've given showers and baths up! So
    you are right!"

    Since the guy from Minn blared his horn at me (to get moving), I am
    ready for the snowbirds (ppl) to go home. If they come to a rural area,
    they need to abide by our 'rules'. And we don't drive fast.

    Really, I just don't make it a practice to pull out in front of trucks.
    Seems reasonable to me. Maybe they don't think so up in Minn.

    Sleep well, I do hope for us all!

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, it's such good news that you are feeling better. You made my day.

    Linda, the traffic is horrible here. Our kids are off for spring break, the Snowbirds are here in droves (gaggles of geezers), and the college kids are here for their spring break vacations. This week, it is taking an hour just to get over the bridge to Ft. Myers Beach. Our beach is a long sandbar off the mainland with limited access at each end. It stretches southward to Bonita Spgs. No amount of money could entice me to the beach right now.

    For some reason, I've had a very high heart rate yesterday and today. Just took it and it's 120. Yesterday, it was 109. I feel fine but will be calling the doc if it doesn't come down. My rate is always high but not like this. BP is good so don't know what's causing the heart rate to be so high. I'm going to be cutting out all caffeine until it comes back down. Yikes! This is scary.

    I felt better today and went downstairs to have coffee with Frank and Ilona and watch the three otters performing out in our little pond. She kept trying to get pics but they are too fast. One of them popped his head out of the middle of the fountain ring and looked around. Tweety Cat tried to sneak up on a duck but, of course, he got away. Then, he and another duck swam mockingly past her just to point out to her that she was no threat to them.

    I went down and trimmed the low Hawthorne bushes in front of our bldg. The gardeners are supposed to do it but they are horrible at trimming. I fertilized the citrus trees and transplanted a couple of things. Barb got a spath plant when Paul died and we repotted it for the atrium area in the shade. I hauled all the trimmings down to the dumpster. I also took my own trash and recyclables down and got my mail. After that, I sat out in the breeze on the balcony and had a beer. Tweety curled up on one of the chairs out there and went to sleep. She was tired from "helping" me do the gardening.

    Sending my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Too spaced to write much.

    I did read the thread you started, Leah. Very kind of you to reach out to
    others in pain. I remember that I used to like to sit and look out the window
    at a tree. And ponder it. It was a young tree and I watched it grow!

    Slow weekend. Did watch My Week with Marilyn (Monroe). True story.
    What made me interested in it was the actress who portrayed Marilyn.
    She prepared by studying M for 10 months. Told huz that and he said 'she
    nailed it".

    Just rested a lot. Mikie, praying your heart slows to better pace! And all
    who need to feel even just a bit better, will. Leah, hope you do!

    Love you all,

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    All's well,nice parties.Babysat great grands and home to babysit GS.Since he's a boy he's out following grandpa around with all the questions.

    I have a ton of laundry and cleaned out the camper all morning.To say I have a backache would be putting it mildly.Thanks for all the kind words concerning DD.I don't think it's meant to be.

    I want to watch that movie Linda.Was it good?I want to see the one with George Clooney too.

    Hope there isn't a problem Mikie.Don't overdo.
    Leah glad you feel up to posting.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, sorry the improvement didn't last. Hoping you are doing better. You do reach out so generously when I know you don't feel well yourself.

    Linda and Pam, thanks for your good wishes regarding my heart rate. I have a call in to the doc's office. If he wants to see me before the peptide inj. on Fri., they will call me. I am actually feeling better than I have in a long time except for a headache. Hope it's not related to the high heart rate. Pam, don't overdo it in the camper. Linda, glad you liked the movie. Is anyone watching "Smash," the TV show about producing a broadway show about MM's life? I've watched it a couple of times. It's OK.

    This morning, I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the carpet, and cleaned the tile floors. I still need to shampoo the carpets, clean the lanai and dust. I got the oil changed in the Highlander this afternoon. I was out in 45 mins. That's a record! I got a new license plate holder from them as the old one was looking ratty after more than nine years. I put the new one on. I just about died out there in the heat putting it on and it only took a few minutes. It's too hot too soon down here. Whine, whine, whine!

    If I feel up to it tomorrow, I'll finish cleaning this place. Getting the basics done is only the beginning of what needs doing around here. At least, this way, if anything should happen to me, my kids won't think I've been living in squalor.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone. I'm gonna go rest.

    Love, Mikie [This Message was Edited on 03/19/2012]
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, hope everything turns out OK on your cardio exam. Thanks for your good wishes for my elevated heart rate on other board and your words of wisdom concerning the condition of my condo. My kids wouldn't care but it would make them sad as they know I like to keep a clean place.

    I decided to add calcium, potassium and magnesium supps to my multi and Smart Water and my heart rate came down. I'm seeing the doc tomorrow, Wed. He didn't want to wait until Fri. when I see him for my inj. He doesn't have much time alloted when he's in shot mode. He has some kind of weight loss program and those people get some other kind of injs. So, he and the nurse go from person to person doing injections. I'm due for my lab work and perhaps, he will order the tests. Don't know whether he'll want me to see the cardio doc or not. Hope not.

    I feel happy that I got the oil change. That's been hanging over my head for weeks. I take such good care of my car because it has to last. I use synthetic oil and don't put many miles on it. Every now and then, I take it up or down the coast just to get it running on the hwy. Our hot weather down here is so severe that we have to take good care of our cars. In Sept., I'm going to have the fuel induction service done and the A/C serviced. By then, I will have had the A/C on for months. Many people just put cleaner in their gas tanks but the induction service goes way beyond that. Better to have it done than wait til the buildup causes problems when starting the car.

    Going to condo mtg. today and think I'll go to Bed Bath & Beyond for some more K-cups for the coffee machine. Have a good coupon for Bealls and want to look at the new black slippers they have. Can never find black. Also, today is Seniors Day and they will take the 15 percent off and still honor the coupon. This never happens. Retailers are desperate to get people into their stores and the deals are good. Then, I'll go to the grocery store. I want some berries. They are so good for us. Aah, what an exciting life! Still, I'm thankful I can get out as there are still days I can't, even with the shots.

    Sending my best, as always, to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I did the dumbest thing.I lifted up the GS to help him get into the top bunk in the RV.Later pain around my rib cage was so bad I could hardly breathe.I took one of huz pain meds and got sick from that.It was a series of bad decisions what can I say.Today I have a back binder on which helps until it heals.

    Huz complained of a sore throat yesterday and has cold symptoms today.Both grands had colds so guess we know where that came from.Maybe we'll lay low and rest today.Might have to babysit tomorrow for a bit.DS and his future wife are house hunting and are thinking of putting one under contract.It looks like the people who are under contract with it now are going to fall through.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    What a tired week for me. Is it still the time change? Don't know.

    I just can't think straight.

    Hope Mikie's heart is good, Pam and Huz get better so they can baby sit
    and Leah gets more N-R-G as we say around here.

    Otherwise, she might be wearing her bday suit!

    Off to bed. Wondering if I have mixed up some meds or something.

    That was neat about finding out the supplements helped the heart racing!

    Love you all!


  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Didn't have to babysit after all.Hope all went well at the Drs. Mikie.Let us know when you're able.
    What's up with you Linda,sounds like your dragging.

    Felt sorry that huz had to do all the yard work himself so I got out a rake and started on the backyard.Huz told me I couldn't do that and then DS told me I would pay for it.DS came out and took over.Thankfully because I knew after just a little bit I was done.Well it got DS to help his dad out anyway.

    Early this morning I sat on the swing and listened to the birds chirping away at the neighbors feeder until the geese came honking and drowned them out.

    I think everyone here is going to take an afternoon nap.Weather will go to 60's this weekend which is still warm for this time of year.We leave for Florida in a week and a half.

    Stay well and rest my friends.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    First, thanks again for all your good wishes. I saw the doc and had an EKG and it was fine. Heart rate was just below 100 and he said it wasn't dangerous. I'm off my thyroid and hormones and will stay off til the inj. in April. At that time, I'll get my bloodwork done as I have to fast for the inj. anyway--two birds, one stone. Doc said it is OK to take extra potassium, calcium and magnesium in supp form as it's nearly impossible to OD on them.

    I stopped at Bealls but they were out of the slippers I wanted. I used my 15 percent off coupon to buy two pairs of Capri pants. I spent $51 with the discount so got $10 in Bealls bucks. If nothing else, I'll use it to buy K-cups for the coffee maker. Bealls bucks are like cash. One pair of Capri pants is a sherbet orange color. They had an expensive tee shirt with a water color looking flower on it to match. I took out my phone and took a pic of it. I'll paint one of my white tees to match. Those kinds of flowers are easy to replicate.

    Stopped in at Publix and got some berries and a few other things. I got some canned food on sale for the cats and left it hanging in the bag on their "Daddy's" door. We all contribute something in the hood as the cats give us all so much pleasure. Tweety has taken to sleeping on my chair out on the balcony and I have to clean her hair off the cushion.

    Pam, hope you and huz are both feeling better and the kids' house sale goes well. Between your pain and his cold, y'all probably could stand a nap.

    Leah, I guess the only silver lining is that you aren't spending money. I have to cut back. All my bills came today. Yikes! Hope you're feeling better.

    Linda, hope you are feeling better. The time change does seem to affect us more than "normals." I've felt spacy myself ever since the change but I'm getting up about 6:00 a.m. which is really about 5:00, so I think I'm adjusting.

    Had to have plumber over to look at our outside backflow valve pipes for the condo as they have quite a bit of rust. He suggested we wait until the county forces us to update to code, coming soon to a condo near you if you live here. Our neighborhood is about 20 years old so it's going to be needing things. Of course, we have reserve accts. for roofing and painting but not for things like this. It'll cost about $800, which isn't a big deal. We've had a few plumbing and electrical problems in this ballpark. We're lucky we have money because we have had an empty forclosed unit for two years.

    Bug man is due to come by to spray for pests. I'm stayin' inside. He has a hard time remembering when he's supposed to show. We think he's been sniffing too much of his own bug spray. Still, he's a nice guy and we never have bugs (knocking on wood). I had more bugs when I lived in CO.

    Just got e-mail from Amazon and downloaded a couple of their $.99 books. Some of them are quite good. Tim Tebow's book is already on the list. Poor guy just can't catch a break. I didn't buy it.

    I'm in shock about the guy who shot that kid who was doing nothing but talking on his phone and eating Skittles. I'm on our Neighborhood Watch and I have a permit to carry a gun. I never take my gun when I have to go ask people to leave the pool. Being on Watch doesn't mean being a cop. They told the guy to stop following the kid. I don't understand why the DA isn't filing charges. It's going to a Grand Jury and I hope they indict. In my permit to carry class, we were told that just becuase we could carry didn't make us cops. The only time you draw your weapon is when you fear for you life, or the life of another, or fear you will suffer great bodily harm if you don't defend yourself. I pray I never have to use my gun. Geez, people think it's like the Wild West down here and no wonder. My heart breaks for that kid's family.

    Goin' to rest for the remainder of the day. I got a Marie Callendar frozen coconut custard pie thawing out. Mmmmmmm!

    Love, Mikie
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, I thought you had left for Florida. But I see that is a week and a half
    away. Your story about DS helping his dad in the yard sounds a lot like
    Twin and her DS.

    I liked the MMonroe movie. Not too long. I like Period Pieces :)

    Seems to me that I am not sleeping my 12 hours straight with the 7.5 (half)
    Mobic. In the weeks before, I would "make it up" on the weekends but that
    didn't happen the past weekend. I am awake but mentally feel very asleep.
    I try to stop the Mobic on Thurs but I might have forgotten. Hmmm Maybe
    next week will be better.

    Leah, I have a DIL who is 5'5" and size 2. She lives in a big city. I can get her
    to do some shopping if you get desperate. I don't know if that is any where
    near your height but the size might be close. We could meet in the Chat Room
    to talk about it,if interested.

    DS might have a job in the fall!!! Interviewed. They like him, he likes them.
    Guess they need the students to show up. This is not a full time job but
    in teaching, it seems you start part time now a days.

    Off to 'cook' the frozen pizza. Sounds yummy doesn't it? Huz and I have different
    tastes in pizza. This week he gets his 'favorite'.

    The pie sounds yummie!!



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