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    Hey guys, hope everyone's having a good day.

    Fay, I'm like you, an introvert. Always was. I think that's because I was sick even as a child and it was just easier to not be with others than to always be chosen last 'cause I couldn't keep up! So if you're by yourself, naturally you aren't going to have much to talk about.

    I'm only outgoing with my family also (kids). Otherwise I can sit in a corner and be happy...or have a panic attack....lol...then I get to leave!!! Hmmmmm.....I really don't think that's why I have them though....

    Spacee, enjoy your nite away! Actually, it's more like tornados and hurricanes that have a lot in common, but snowstorms come in next! Love the part about the rich guys sitting at the bar and their wives gone 'till the power is back on. Rich does have its advantages, I guess...

    Had a nap, now I'm trying to clean out my freezer little by little. Really makes my hands/body hurt, even with a jacket on, but I have stuff in the bottom of that chest freezer that's been there since freezers were invented. Okay, not quite that long, but it does need done, and hubby says, "I don't know what's good". So, had my break and will get back to it. Thank goodness it's small!! ..................Jole

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    Hope you all are doing well. I went to the store this afternoon and now I must recover. Most of the world doesn't understand that concept, but I know you guys do:) Also, I had a visit from a friend from my church. She brought me a gift bag full of goodies for Christmas. What a nice surprise!

    Jole, I would not have guessed you to be an introvert. You're a very friendly person and I thought you'd be "outgoing". I've always gotten panic attacks too. Was diagnosed with a panic disorder when I was in my 20's. I don't get them too often anymore, but I'm now diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. My oldest daughter has the same disorder. My youngest daughter has obsessive compulsive disorder. All on the anxiety spectrum. What do you take for yours? I'm currently taking BusPar, but I'm toying with the idea of taking GABA.

    Maybe we'll have a white Christmas this year. It seems like there are so many storms early in the season. Gonna be a long winter. And Victoria is down there in sunny warm Mexico just enjoying good weather.

    It's my letter writing weekend. Must go for now.

    Warm Hugs,
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    Had drizzle most of the day here in Los Angeles. Went
    to the new library, but again there was no parking available.
    Will just stick to the branch at the bottom of the hill from
    now on.

    I got a cook book for folks who have trouble
    chewing. Has some soup recipes that look
    worth trying: cauliflower; leek and potato; fish.
    Some of them require a blender. You purrrray
    until you get it purrrrfect.

    Victoria, the cost of a poetic license is de minimus.
    You have your choice: pay $1 or
    answer a poetic question. I have an example
    here: What is iambic pentameter?

    Answer: Iambic goes duh-dah! If you do it
    five times it's pentameter.

    Thus: I saw a man who sat upon a dome.

    Have you been reading poetry written Spanish?
    I wonder if they have Dr Seuss in Spanish.

    Spacee, torting is not a verb for the same reason
    a longjohn isn't a fire hydrant. Doesn't
    fit the definition. But you are free to choose
    your own flavors or colors.

    Tell you son Pro Bono will be good for him.

    Julie, how big is your generator? Does it use
    gas? Is it noisy? Is it noisier than a breadbox?

    When I was a kid the power would occasionally
    go off during a storm. Usually for less than an
    hour. Anyway, we would get out the old kerosene lantern.

    Lanterns that used a wick were a tremendous
    improvement over candles. Very high tech at
    one time. Probably invented a little over 200
    years ago. (Couldn't find any date although we
    all know, "You can find anything on the net.")

    Anyway there were a big step forward as you
    got more light and there was less danger of
    things catching fire.

    Fay, 22 degrees is plenty cold. Been many
    decades since I've experienced such weather.
    Re: personality, I was somewhat inhibited in
    my yute, but blossomed in college.

    I remember one night in the student union Ken McCoy
    and I put chairs on tables in the Student Union. Then we
    stood on our heads on the chairs. Haven't done that for a
    few decades either.

    Well, Gordon needs the computer to play
    mah jong , so I will yield to him the way the
    Senators do.

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    We are going to assume that Rock and Vic are extroverts unless otherwise indicated by said parties.

    Barry....guessing some introvert because of where you live. Out with nature and all.

    Me, I tested once at 50/50 but I think I have a strong leaning toward introvert. I have the panic and all and have since in my teens. Twin was hospitalized for it once. Hubster is 29 out of 30 introvert. He has friends in business but if he has a personal friend, the other person has to do all the talking. But we introverts recharge our batteries by being alone.

    Rock stood on his head on a chair. (Gang that does explain a lot doesn't it???) hehe

    On, I just caught where Rock said he was inhibited in his yute. LOL and blossomed in college...there we are an extrovert.

    I didn't sleep much at all last nite. I'm not sure why. I feel like a train hit me. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

    Oh, yes, my heart med really helps the panic and klonopin I take for burning skin pain helps too. The GABA is so mild, it might not do a whole lot yet we both take it here.

    It was cold here yesterday. I wore a short coat. But it has passed. Now just waiting for the inside of the house to adjust.

    Thanks Jole for the new start!



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    I *might could be* an extrovert IF I weren't ill... that could be its own post?- what we all might be or still be...!

    I ran across a quote today I just loved, but slightly paraphrasing it:

    "The shortest distance between two points (in our cases, getting a dx and getting well) is STILL under construction."
    (a paraphrased quote from Noelie Altito)

    Actually I took one of those tests too, and came up 50/50 just like you Linda. Suits me... I learn a lot by sitting back and observing people without having to go actually experience everything LOL - other times I jump in, feet first. But- I've never stood on my head! At least not since I was about 12. I did take a class in college in E. Indian dancing, forget what it's called, where you sort of did sign language with your hands and movements. Definitely not Bollywood style tho!

    Well I'm a terrible poet. The only time I wrote anything worth repeating (if I could remember it) was in 7th grade about not being able to go to sleep at night (-- yes even then I had that problem. I really think it's genetic.)

    And the teacher didn't believe I wrote it. Guess that speaks for any other poetry I tried to write during that year's poetry section, LOL; my Mom even met with her to vouch for me. She still wouldn't give me an 'A' on it, tho she included it in the end of year 'literature booklet' where selected student writings were printed... I'd have rather had the A tho.

    Well, today is the Virgin of Guadalupe Day, big holiday and sort of a start to Christmas I guess. The "Mexican alarm clock(s)" otherwise known as 'cohetes'/skyrockets, started going off this morning at 5 AM. They just love to set them off and hear the noise for every holiday, but it's 10 fold for the big holidays... unfortunately there's no pretty display of colored lights or I might get up and sit on the roof and enjoy it... but, it's just a big BAM!

    It's been sporadic all day, and, to help things along, there were thunderstorms in the distance. The reason I take such note of loud noises is because each of my 4 dogs deserves the name of 'Chicken Little'. I'm not even allowed to close my eyes because one of them keeps his eye on me, just so he knows I'm paying attention/alert to any impending falling sky. If I do close my eyes, he starts 'talking' to me.

    Apparently there's a town that specializes in manufacturing them and distribute them, tho many make their own at home. However, descriptions of that town make it sound like a real-life powder keg, I'm glad it's nowhere near me.

    AND I'm just glad we do live out in the country away from the pueblos! As otherwise it was a beautiful sunny mild day... but I'm suspecting the same will happen again at 5 AM every day thru New Years, at least that's what our landlady where we lived told us happens by her. (yawn!) We missed it last year as we went back to Georgia to pack stuff.

    Faye, yes, I certainly also have the same 'schedule' for doing things... yesterday I washed dishes. Today I ignored them so I could paint the smallest wall in the kitchen. LOL.

    Julie, we got a generator when we moved to the house we last lived in as it was out in the country and my son was a babe in arms and our daughter was 4... I think it was an insurance policy because we never lost power for more than an hour or 3, ever after that....

    The fireplace was always easier until we could see how long we'd be out of power. We'd been worried because when we first moved to Georgia, we were one of 2 houses on a country road, and were the last to get power -- took at least 5 days one of the 3 times that year, we were having to go to a hotel so we could shower etc, just went home to get clothes for work & take care of our dogs, and make sure things were ok. That was miserable, we had no fireplace, and most of the south is all electric so no stove.

    Rock, aren't 'wicks' in any kind of oil lamp very ancient? Thought they dug up thousands all around the world, thousands of years old. Now, Julie could do like the Scandinavians and make little snowballs tastefully arranged to make a snow lantern... they're actually kinda neat!

    (yawn again) ... guess I better get some sleep before the "alarm clocks" go off in a few hours (hopefully they will hit the 'snooze' button!)


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    I thought of all of you yesterday....my daughter took me to Hobby Lobby to do some shopping! I haven't shopped just for fun in years...and it was great!! Everything was so impressive (especially the prices, lol, since I haven't kept up with anything), and I got what I needed to finish up the grandkids' Christmas gifts we're making.

    My grandson (12) was my "helper", pushed my cart, helped look for things then would come get me, etc. The only funny thing is he talks non-stop, and most of us need total concentration to do anything......so that was a bit of a challenge, even with a list in hand!

    I actually lasted 2 hours!!! Then managed the ride back home. What a great day! Yes, we all pay dearly later, but it was soooo worth it to be in an actual store that doesn't sell groceries!!!! That's all I've seen in the past 6-7 years, except for one day of shopping before my daughter got married 2 years ago.

    You're right, Fay, only others like us understands the wonder of the "little things" of life! Actually, the world would be a much better place if people could just appreciate more of it....not that I want everyone to feel this rotten..lol...

    Rock, my daughter wants me to make green bean 'n dumpling soup for Christmas day! (I don't even like it) We'll have our big meal on Saturday evening when all the kids are here, but a couple of them will be here Christmas, so they want soup!!

    Yes, we have a wick lantern, and love it when the lights are out. We place it on the table in the kitchen, then a lit candle in the dining room and living room, and we're set to go. They definitely put off more light than a large candle, and the glow around the room is so cozy.

    Spacee, it's great to hear your meds are helping! You've been through so much, and all of us find even a little relief is a blessing. You know, I would have guessed you, Rock and Vic to all be extroverts. I guess 50/50 is a pretty good spot to be though.

    Victoria, I loved your quote...so true!! Works for anybody's life...lol...always "construction" of some sort!

    Don't think I would like your morning alarm system at all. That's just not a civil way to wake up...although I would love all the customs and simplicity of life there. Your doggies sound so cute! I know if mine were an indoor dog that's just the way she would be. She doesn't really "talk" to me except with her eyes, but she'd find some way to make me feel guilty.

    Well gang, I'm worn out from yesterday, so going back to bed. Have a great day, everyone!
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    I'm an introvert I guess.I'm happiest alone and having FIL here is difficult because I long for the days of peace and quiet so badly it's painful most days.Before illness I wasn't this way.I'm always telling my DH been there done that when he suggests I do this or that.It's true though I raised the kids,took care of the home,and worked part time mostly alone due to DH traveling for weeks on end.I played sports,card clubs went clubbing with girlfriends just everything back then.When the kids grew older I traveled with DH all over and experienced so very much.
    I'm very comfortable alone and groups of people make me anxious and expect to much from me.I'm fine and then I'm not,who can really understand that.
    Very few poems stir anything up in me.Never got it.My older sister was a poet and wrote me several before her passing.Several months ago I read something that just got me.I don't know why,I guess that's the meaning of poetry.It's by a Polish Nobel laureate,Wislawa Szymborska called Could Have.My family read it and shrugged but I love to read it aloud quite often and I can't explain why it touches me.
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    42 degrees and raining. Started out colder first thing this a.m. and there was some ice. Now just cold rain. I'm inside for the day. Addressed a few Christmas cards, cross stitching a dresser scarf, was going to cook but I've decided on frozen pizza from the microwave instead. Spacee, I know that "hit by a train" feeling. Hope you can get some rest and good sleep soon. There's nothing like the elusive good night's sleep.

    Spacee, I'm surprised to learn you are an introvert. Whooda thunk it? I didn't know that panic was associated with being an introvert. I've struggled with that all my adult life. I did know (was told by a nurse) that redheads experience more panic than others. Redheads are more sensitive to everything. I have a good bit of red in my natural hair color, and my mother had lots of red in her hair color.

    Victoria, I'd have guessed you are an extrovert, a real party animal, so to speak. I've not done any painting in a long time. Do you use the paint that has no smell? Maybe the paint smell doesn't bother you. Whar color are you painting your kitchen? I like sunny yellow. All my walls are eggshell white.

    Pam, Yes, I figured you are an introvert. I understand just how you feel when you are in a group of people. It's very draining, isn't it? I often feel like I can get enough of people just by observing them. I don't really need to interact. Just see them. Then I'm all peopled out! haha

    Jole, your Hobby Lobby shopping trip sounds so wonderful! Aren't grandkids terrific? They wear me out, but I love mine so. I know you do too.

    Rock, You are kind, and wise, and well-loved on these boards. It's a joy to know you. You said you blossomed in college. Yeah, college will do that to you. Many, many people find themselves during college years. I never had the opportunity to go to college. No funds for that. But, I truly wish I could have gone. I missed a lot.

    Hey guys, where's Barry? Barry, catch us up soon, okay?

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    I mean Loungers. We've had a light rain here in LA for a 3-4 days. Right
    now it's cool and sunny.

    Gordon just got back from the optometrist shop at Costco. The temple
    (sidepiece) on his glasses broke last year. Now the replacement seems
    to be falling apart.

    The gal at the store tried to examine it and it broke in her hands. She
    is giving Gordon a new one.

    Victoria, did you know you can buy Noelie Altito T-shirts on the net? They
    have the "shortest distance" quote on them.

    I'm not sure what the quote means. Anyhoo, if the two points had a
    barrier between them, such as a wall, then the shortest distance would
    be a curve, right?

    Yes, you're right about wicks. I got confusiated and used the wrong term.
    Wicks are made from thread or cloth and have been around forever.
    The big breakthrough was the "mantle" or modern wick. It is a mesh.
    Was invented in the 1880s.

    I had the correct term in my failing brain, but failed to use it. Sigh.

    Pam, never heard of the poet you mentioned. Looked on Wikipedia.
    Discovered it was the name of a woman. I thought it was a man's name.
    Anyway she was born in the 1920s in Poland. Has won various awards.
    She said she thinks only 2 people out of a thousand read poetry nowadays.


    The poem Pam mentioned can be read at the above site, folks.

    Jole, glad to hear you had a fun shopping trip. How nice that your
    g-son could help you.

    Spacee, is that skin condition a constant? It sounds horrible. I have a
    sore on the back of my neck right now. That's pretty minor, but
    it's making me grumpy as an old bear w/ a wounded paw.

    Am reading a book of c-w humor by Bill Anderson. He said Dolly Parton was
    asked how long it took to do her hair. She replied, "I dunno. I'm never

    Have to go do housework. My current tasks are to take out the trash and
    change the sheets. I have to be careful not to get them mixed up.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Wow! Such compliments. I would give you a big, soft hug were it possible.

    Do you do any dancing anymore? We Norskies love to polka, you know.
    We could do the Pennsylvania polka. Ah one, ah two, ah three.

    The world has changed so much in just my lifetime. When I went to
    college only about 20% of H.S. seniors enrolled. Now I read that 50% or
    so enroll, but most don't finish.

    Did you see the article on the computer news the other day? College
    costs keep going up, but the degree has less value in finding a job.

    I'm sorry you didn't get to college. That reminds me of a gal who
    graduated with my class. She was a retired nurse. Already had 2
    years of college. She took a course or two every semester until she
    got her BA. Good a hobby as any.

    I took some courses for fun in the days when I had more energy. A
    course on photography at the Ventura Community College. A course
    on writing short stories at the Los Angeles City College. Back in the
    80s tuition for one course was $15. Have no idea what it is now.

    The City College campus in central LA had been the home of UCLA until
    the 1920s when it moved to West LA.

    Yes, I think many kids flourish in college. They didn't fit in so well w/ the
    high school values. More room to be an individual and pursue your own
    interest in college.

    Yes, where is Barry? A couple years ago he was riding his bike one night
    in N. Calif. and encountered a mountain lion. A little too much adventure
    for me. The skunks are scary enough.

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    Interesting to me about redheads and panic. Cause you see, I had two red headed uncles and 3 red headed cousins. AND my brothers both had reddish facial hair. And come to think of it, they are kinda panicky too. Really.

    Of course, not all red heads are. One red haired uncle worked his way up to owning both of the funeral homes in a small town and did the embalming. Yuk. He made a killing. Kept his red hair until he died about age 87. Just another peculiar thing about him.

    Rained here all afternoon. We have had more than the normal amount this year. That seems so strange cause we have had drought conditions for decades.

    Rock, the skin condition is a constant but very tolerable with the klonopin. I am so used to it, I am really good at blocking it out. And also wearing very soft fabrics is a must.

    I slept really well last nite and had a nap today so I am back to my regular sick self. Tomorrow I have to make a run to the Fedex and, well, I guess that is all.

    Another person with new glasses, even if it is Gordon. That is a regular thing here....:)

    I can't find my checkbook. I hope I haven't thrown it away.

    My book came. I guess I threw the first one away. Darn, darn, darn. What is it with me and tossing stuff. I wish I would put it someplace normal like the fridge. At least I could find it then.

    I am so sorry you didn't get to go to college, Fay. I would have gladly given you my spot at nursing school and we did take college courses. I didn't finish and I was kinda glad cause of the panicky stuff was stronger then. Remember, I told you all that I am NOT a leader.

    I liked poetry in 8th grade. I don't think I understood it much after that. It was a refreshing break from diagraming sentences. Although, I kinda liked that to...very organizing. Everything properly places.

    Word on the street is this: I am getting some home made cookies from my dil. Oh boy! I can't wait...yum.

    Sleep tight.

  12. victoria

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    bed, that's where I need to be. I need to get out of this cycle of staying up late.

    Well I'm happy to report that this morning there was only a brief flurry of 'alarms'
    going off...
    I was VERY happy to get away with only briefly speaking to my dogs and dozing
    off again. Now that Monday AM is coming, hopefully there won't be any, at least
    for a couple of weeks. Not that Mondays stopped our landlady's neighbor - he
    started at least by 5:30 AM every day of the week at this time last year.

    Word on the street for me is, we're having a very quiet Christmas (at least inside our house).
    I think that's a 'good thing' this year, LOL.

    I looked up the poem pam mentioned and Rock provided a site for it, Thanks, it's good, i printed it at the bottom of my post.

    Also, Rock, other than some witty sayings, what did Noelie Altito write? I couldn't find a bio or anything on her/by her other than funny quotes.

    TTy'all later... Dulce y Feliz SueƱos!


    "Could Have"
    by Wislawa Szymborska,

    It could have happened.
    It had to happen.
    It happened earlier. Later.
    Nearer. Farther off.
    It happened, but not to you.

    You were saved because you were the first.
    You were saved because you were the last.
    Alone. With others.
    On the right. The left.
    Because it was raining. Because of the shade.
    Because the day was sunny.

    You were in luck -- there was a forest.
    You were in luck -- there were no trees.
    You were in luck -- a rake, a hook, a beam, a brake,
    A jamb, a turn, a quarter-inch, an instant . . .

    So you're here? Still dizzy from
    another dodge, close shave, reprieve?
    One hole in the net and you slipped through?
    I couldn't be more shocked or
    how your heart pounds inside me.

    This poem comes from her View With a Grain of Sand, trans. Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh (New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1996)

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  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thanks for looking up my poem to share with me.I can't figure why that one touched me so.I suspect it had something to do with my DD struggles with a severe illness that I took care of her for yrs. with.We survived and came through it but just barely it was the hardest thing I've ever experienced.But all's well now and I appreciate every single day all the more.
    I have things to do before the holidays come and I'm running short of energy.Just a short sprint yet but I'm ready to throw in the towel.
    Baking DS a cake today ,is his 33rd B-day and he was the baby how time flies.
  14. jole

    jole Member

    I'm ready to fold on the Christmas gatherings also. I love my kids dearly, but now I find out that we'll be having them home in stages. One family Christmas eve/day, and the rest on Sat/Sun. All of them expecting a traditional big meal.....

    So.....sorry, kids, can't do it! Have decided either they furnish the main meal and I the salads, or we're having two kinds of soups and they can bring whatever they want to go with it....lol... Know they'll be disappointed a bit, but one has already told me that's just fine, it's all about family not food, and they're already upset 'cause it's not going to happen for them to all be together this year.

    They're good people, and I'm proud of them...but traditions are hard to break sometimes. They do always bring in a lot of food, but I do the meats, potatoes, and usually a dessert or two.

    My mom was a wonderful cook, her way of showing her love to others, and it's just continued with enough food for two armies on holidays since she's gone. But we have 5 children, all married, 9 grands, and the spouses, plus hubby's mom...22 of us.

    We do Christmas every other year, and they go to their spouses side the opposite year. I have to say, I enjoy the "other" year much better.....lol....

    My hubby turns 70 on New Year's Eve...would love to have a party for him, but that's out. The kids do want to come back home and suprise him a couple weeks after, which will be good.

    Fay, I agree that college is great for some, but not all. Of my kids, two started but didn't finish (one makes the most money of all our kids), two finished, and one didn't go at all yet ended up as a bank supervisor. I agree that it's not a given that college will help that much in the work field, but it does seem to give "some" a sense of self.

    Ranigar, I too think the poem is very special. Makes one think how fragile our lives are, and how "divine intervention", "chance" or whatever we call it, comes into play in our lives.

    Hi to everyone else..................paying for my outting the other day.................Jole

  15. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    My family is doing the Christmas Eve. thing. They are coming here but I'm not cooking a meal. We'll do snacks, cookies, etc. and exchange gifts. Candlelighting service follows and I'm not sure I'll be going to that. But, Christmas day I'll be alone. I hate that. I always feel down on Christmas day.

    Spacee, we've had a whole lot of rain too this Fall. And they are calling for a snowy Winter. I try to be grateful for it as I've seen some years of drought that were pretty bad. I wonder why we have so many extremes. No normal years anymore.

    I wish I could still dance. I love to dance! Not ballroom dancing. But, old fashioned slow dancing or rock and roll to the Oldies but Goodies. The kids in my family used to dance after school every afternoon to American Bandstand. Those were the days. The last time I went dancing was with my ex and our best friends. We went to a club in town to hear a country singer (a nobody) and his little band. Nothing memorable about the music, but it was a very nice evening. When's the last time you all went dancing?

    We had to memorize and recite poety in elementary school. I still remember a little of what I memorized. I don't think kids have to do that anymore.

    My youngest daughter (age 36) and her husband (age 40) are both in college. They attend community college, work their jobs, and parent 2 children. Very busy people. I'm very proud of them for getting their education. She is in her 3rd yr. He is in his 2nd yr. She wants to go into social work, he into the political arena. It takes a lot of work, and when they graduate they will be able to get entry level positions. But, that's what it takes. H.S. grads just cannot make it anymore.

    Hi to all of you!

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    I LOVED the poem. Thanks for printing it Vic. I will have to send it to my oldest son. I just remembered he loves lyrics. Two week before his deadline to finish and defend his dissertation, he was carried away by some lyrics that made him cry they were so beautiful. He took the lyrics to show his wife how beautiful they were.

    That was when she got very concerned. It was about death and your loved ones dying. Well, in our family, we find that sort of thing hysterically funny. We are weird. What can I say.

    Pam, your DS is the same as mine mentioned above.

    Fay, if 22 people were coming to my house, they would find me in bed and "call me when dinner is served". I would not be able to bear the sound and confusion. I know it is hard on you.

    Soups for people who find it hard to chew. That is how I got the Montel emulsifier. It certainly is a wonderful thing. But now I am gingerly chewing the organic baby spinach. But if I have too, I can make a drink out of it or heat it for a soup. Doesn't that sound delicious!

    Today I had a pedicure. Beside me sat the mother of a classmate of youngest son. We chatted the entire time. Said goodbye and as I went out the door I heard her say to the owner of the shop, "Do you know the name of that woman leaving". LOL. I had not seen her in 6 years. Her name is Candy but that is easy.

    In the 80's here today but cooler by the end of the week. When it is hot on Christmas Day, we all where white and take a pic of our "white christmas" and send it to relatives who live up north. snicker.

    Fay, I can see how proud you are of your kids. They are certainly going in the right direction and their plates are very full! God bless them.

    Love you kids,


  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Jole that will be difficult seeing everyone in stages,much as you love them.DH side will come Christmas Eve and bring dishes.I make the meat and go overboard with lots of other dishes just in case.People are so busy they seem to bring a bag of chips,abag of cookies or disgusting store bought tins of some kind.I like to know there will be enough for everyone.
    Fay Christmas alone?Sleep in extra long and have lots of movies available.We're driving 4hrs. to Indiana to oldest son's.Hubby hates the hotel there so I have a hunch he'll want to drive back after dinner.It will be a lot on his dad but bet he goes right along with his son.
    Spacee the thought of posing for a "White Christmas" made me laugh.What a sense of humor you have.I'm not telling my family members down there of that idea.I can picture the look on my face receiving that card lol.
  18. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    We may as well face it that if we see anyone for the holiday we are going to be exhausted. haha. Oh well, it's worth it. Spacee, I love your white Christmas tradition:) I've never been in a warm climate for Christmas and cannot imaging how that would feel.

    I must get my hair trimmed and am just not feeling up to going out. Maybe this afternoon I'll just do it. Pay for it in pain and fatigue tomorrow. A pedicure sounds heavenly! Haven't had one of those in a while. Pretty toenails can make you feel so lovely. Then you gotta get your fingers done, then your hair, and eyebrows, and a facial. See how one thing leads to another and another until you find you have redecorated your whole house, all because you got a pedicure. Hahaha.

    Victoria, the poem is beautiful and one I never read before. Thanks for printing it.

    Yeah, I'm kinda proud of my kids. These two are the only ones in the whole family who will have a college education.

    Rock, I found GK books on amazon, used condition, starting at .01 plus shipping. I ordered just one, Happy to be Here, and it's on the way to me. I'm going to buy others there. I did read Pontoon about a year ago. I enjoyed it. The way GK describes a scene I feel like I'm right there. He's certainly gifted. A brilliant mind.

    Hi Pam, Jole, and Barry. Hope all of you have a good day.

    Warm Hugs,
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Not much to say, a rainy day. No sun for me, no sitting outside. Victoria, I sit out in the sun to "commune with Nature", rather than the beneficial effects of the light -- but that is appreciated too! I was wrapped up the other day and sat for about 15 mins., but at 38 degrees, I felt that was enough! I did see some interesting birds though.

    I have picked the quinces and made quince jam. It is good and soon will be gone. My arms are a bit sore from reaching up into the persimmon tree to get the fruits down -- they hang on so hard. I got about a dozen; they are excellent, I am pleased to say. We just eat them fresh with mangoes and yoghurt.

    Today Richard is making lentil soup -- yummy for cold weather. I told him to use the big lentils; the little grey french lentils don't cook up soft and are best as a side dish or salad. We did good with our turkey this year : most of it is in the freezer in the form of enchiladas.

    No more coyotes seen or heard. Very quiet on the natural front.

    A very quiet Christmas planned; a leg of lamb I think. Just the two of us. Lots of chocolate!

    Rock: Seems we are both lucky to have personal chefs! I used to do all the cooking, and now,---- well it just don't pan out any more. I trust your skunks and Gordon's orchids are doing well. I have a little Oncidium budding up, but that's about all.

    Well, I dumping my Lexapro for the fourth time; the tiredness and vision problems just seem too bad. Doc. suggests med. marijuana, so what the heck?

    Going now so R. can have puter and I can read some of my novel. See you all later!

    LOVE to All, Jole, Fay, Pam, Spacee, and others, including all you on the porch over there.


  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Oh, Enchildas! I love enchildas. I make my "made up" versions from 30 years ago. It was very close to what was served in a "Mexican" restaurant back then but now I know it isn't the real deal. I just fry the corn torrillas in a little oil, drain on paper towels, fill with shredded cheese and onions. The I pour Hormel NO bean chili over it (I have warmed it first). Cook on the plate the person gets (not all together in a casserole) and heat at 400 for 5 minutes.

    I still make it that way cause I have never learned another way and the fam is used to it.

    I wish I could go back see who's kids bring the bag of chips or cookies from the store. Whew...that made me laugh! I mean the stores are just littered with speciality things at holidays but they manage to find the chips or cookies. I am thinking they know you will come through. And they might just like yours better.

    Ok, I don't think I will be able to try the LDN. You have to get off Ultram and I cannot. Well, that is a lie. I can. However, I cannot stay awake without it. I sleep every two hours all day long AND I sleep all nite long without it. I don't know why it effects me that way but I have to have it. When I didn't I could barely drive, make a doc or hair appt. So that is that. I was off it for months cause I was trying to cut back on expenses before I figured it out. Scratch that one off the list.

    Barry, I didn't do well on Lexapro. I don't do well on A/D's either. It starts off like it is going to be ok but after a month or so my body says NO!!

    Well, just flaunt your personal chefs to me and I can come up with one too!! LOL. Mine is called Honey Baked Ham. Kinda with Rock, don't like the ham so much but I am trying some of their products I have not tried before. Like the Tenderloin. It is pricey $79, I think but I got free shipping. Hubster does the breakfast and helps the gang find the lunch stuff, so that is about his limit. I don't know if I will always do this but the crowd is growing and something has to be done. I am going to serve manicotti with it cause my crowd has strong preferences: some to beef and some to italian. (That's when the girls who don't eat meat don't show up! )

    Isn't that precious to show up at someone's home (who is sick) and, well, "I don't eat meat but I can eat a chicken breast." I am laughing about this now. I do have my chicken casseroles down pat by now. The new girl who doesn't eat meat isn't even going to throw me. She is coming after New Years.

    Ok, nope, I just get a pedicure and that is only cause I live in a Florida where my toes show. I don't get a manicure. I must be going to the wrong place. I tried it once and it was peeling by nightfall. My eyebrows are hidden by my indoor/ outdoor sunglasses so that is a plus. And I get my hair done every 2 months if it needs it or now...snicker. I am a woman of willpower!!

    I am going to get the site that has song lyrics and people post as to what they think the lyrics mean. I have to get it from my son. Has lyrics taken the place of poetry in some ways?

    I love you kids.....Jole, Fay, Pam, Barry, Vic and Rock and other (see I can see the end of Barry's post)...:) But I do love you all and the other's too. Even the porch people!


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