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    ok SO I started volume 11, because I figured we/someone could print out the whole night before Christmas poem here, at any rate.

    Hope all goes well with your app't tomorrow Spacee...

    And yes Fay, DH & I will be alone. 'Tis okay with us, certainly with me. I'm just going to bake a pan of brownies LOL... and if I do get to Costco, maybe try to buy a leg of Lamb. Still thinking about that hehehehe/mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Otherwise, not sure what we'll have.

    Well I'm not done with painting, yet. Something always comes up to spend my energy account to the last 0. Today was cleaning, as DH invited someone over tomorrow to watch boxing films, LOL! How festive... it will be interesting tho as neither really speak even Spanglish very well. But I guess there's not many words needed when watching any sport?!

    So, anyway, I will likely paint our tiny casita instead, at least around the trim, since I taped it all the other day. Unless I'm too fatigued of course.

    Ummm now that I started the new 'Volume', I can't remember anything else from the old one. Still thinking about whether or not getting a pedicure would start a chain reaction into decorating, tho... LOL!

    I need to go to bed early tonight... bad sinus headache today. Thankfully they're getting less frequent, but, when it hits, it hits!

    Dulces sueƱos!

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    I see where Rock finished the poem on Vol. 10.

    Rock, you don't have a video of you & your friend as Rudolph tapdancing, do you?

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    Nope, Victoria, don't gots no video of the tap dancing reindeer. Didn't have
    videos in those days. In fact, most Hollywood films were still in B&W and
    there was no such thing as wide screen.

    Clement Moore wrote "The Night Before" etc. Kinda like the guy who
    wrote "Casey at the Bat." Each had one great opus, but nothing else
    of significance.

    Speaking of pedicures, I would hate to have someone gouging at my nails.
    But when a nail saloon opened a couple blocks away, Gordon and a friend
    went there for the opening special. The had manicures and pedicures and
    laughed and chatted w/ the girls and just had a wonderful time.

    Hope your painting turns out better than when Lucy and Ethel redecorated.
    I suppose there's not much chance of getting the guys to help between rounds.

    Ole! Hand me a paintbrush. Uno, Dos, thres, quatro...


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    well actually I had a bunch of old b&w and some color reels put onto 2 dvds... they were from the 1930s and 1940s, my grandparents and mom. Sadly, most of them were pretty deteriorated and a lot I couldn't make out very clearly, but it was neat to see some footage of my parents going into the church to get married plus a few relatives, vintage 1946. I'm still waiting on one DVD, tho, my kids forgot to send both. So you never know what people might still have!

    Then again, some memories are likely better than if there had been a movie/video taken? LOL.

    I'm mostly afraid I'd be ticklish having a pedicure.

    Ummm well if a certain friend was helping me, we could be Lucy & Ethyl. But you and/or anyone else is invited, LOL, if you can catch a 'red-eye' here I'll pick you up! As for the guys, well I'd rather not have my DH help, he slathers it on and I usually follow behind him by 20 minutes to roll/brush out the drips hehehe....

    I can't believe I'm still up. I'm always sleepy at 8:30, then wake up at 10-11 pm. No good! But hey, I just realized I have no more headache... I usually do get a surge of energy when that happens.


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    I had a few bad days so I wallowed in a mood for a bit.Better today after a good sleep.I just put the finishing touches to a flight to visit DD and grand in Jan.DH has back to back Trade shows in Portland,Tampa and Atlanta in Jan. so son agreed to watch over FIL so I can meet up with husband to visit Daughter.I'll get to stay at the new house as they close next week.So excited.
    I was worried yesterday that a flare was hitting but I just needed a good nights sleep.
    I used to do all the painting in the house.I have a few ugly colors that I don't know what I was thinking so that's my goal for the new yr. to repaint if I can do it.
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    I cleaned up the kitchen, not sure if I have any more energy to paint at least for a while today.

    Pam, glad you're feeling better. That is too funny about the color choices, as I've had that experience as well. So what are the colors and what are you planning on changing to? I once saw an old Victorian house for sale, newly renovated - but all the rooms had white wainscoting and chocolate on the upper walls. One room would've been okay with the all the high ceilings and big windows, but it sure got old by the time you got to the 3rd room. I think the chocolate walls would get old even if just in one room tho, hard to say.

    What kind of trade shows, if you don't mind my asking? Your daughter is in Atlanta? too bad I moved or maybe we could've met, I only lived 60 miles from there.

    Nada nuevo aqui... but sometimes it's good to NOT have a lot of 'new'... less exhausting, even if it's a 'good' new!

    TC all!

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    I am quicking going to mention how the dr visit went. We talked about the Alabama/Gator game, he showed me a pic of his dog and Santa. Didn't discuss my possible ulcer. Guess it will get better or worse, then we will. Twisted his arm to get the HTLV 1 test done so will hear in a couple of weeks. I did learn something though. I need to think of a greeting to him that are song lyrics. Like today I said "Will you be home for Christmas " (after we said hello) and he started singing "I'll be home for Christmas". I am figuring him out after all these years.

    Yes, I love to year about trade shows to Pam. (I think it was you. I have decided just to guess the person's name incase I can't remember it.) I have been to a couple and I know they are quite an ordeal to set up and take down. At least it seemed to me.

    Taping and painting. Boy, I wish I could do that again. Right now I am happy enough that I can pick out colors. I am with Fay that I am "over" the colors I picked out years ago. Why did they seem nice back then? Oh, things change. My twin came down and taped and painted a small hallway for me a couple of years ago. We chose a light aqua. I like it. I can still sew a bit so I split some curtains in half and then hemmed the sides. Hubster hung them.

    I will go back and read the last of the posts after the Christmas party. I am so excited about the tarimasu H. picked for my dessert! I have done this before, doc appt on the same day as party. Oh well.

    Love you kids...

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    They are calling for snow Saturday, but they aren't sure how much we will get. It's really cold today. I picked up meds. at the pharmacy, milk at the convenience store, paid Jan. rent, mailed my car insurance payment. I am really hurting today. Drats!

    Pam, it's good to hear from you. I thought maybe you were travelling for the holiday. I'm happy you are feeling better. Don't you think this cold weather has alot to do with us feeling so bad? I hope you have a nice Christmas! Yes, tell us about the trade show. I'm not even sure what this means. Just a thought, but wouldn't it be fun to go to an Antiques Road Show? hahaha.

    Victoria, I don't think I could stand a lot of those chocolate walls. Maybe the owner of the house ran into a great sale on chocolate paint. Have you decided to go with the leg of lamb for Christmas? That sounds lovely and would make for a special holiday dinner.

    Rock, I'd have loved to see the tap dancing reindeer! Also, the Santa Claus who puffed smoke (flour) from his pipe! You have great memories. Someone mentioned (was it Jole?) that things we remember are sometimes "better" than they really were. I think that's true. Sometimes when I remember some old events and I feel all sentimental about them, I have to stop and think those days weren't really all that good. hahaha. Our minds are complicated things.

    Spacee, Jole, Barry--Hi you guys. Stay well.

    More later,
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    Our one daughter sent an email to all her family members with a request. They will be here for Christmas and have a 3 year old son (just turned 3). Well, we all know boys will be boys, and it seems to be a natural instinct for them to love guns. Cowboys 'n indians were the big thing years ago...all innocent fun.

    Unfortunately, guns aren't so innocent anymore with kids, preschools/school tolerance, etc. So she asked that we all refrain from any talk that includes anything in respect to guns or killing while they're here. The guys are big deer hunters and make deer jerky every year, so they are all to be on their best behavior :) We all have no problem with that.

    The funny part is he picked up her hair dryer the other day and was using it as a gun. She told him it was a hair dryer and took it away. At dinner he squinted, aimed, and shot her with a french fry!!! Heehee!! I know it's not funny, but I can't help laughing every time I think of it.

    She doesn't know where he learned it...he isn't allowed to watch tv other than DVDs they hand-pick for him. I say it's mostly the natural male hunter's instinct from the cave man days...lol...

    How times have changed, huh? That was the favorite pasttime of boys not that long ago (cowboys 'n Indians, cops 'n robbers, etc.)...right up there with ramping bikes and having tree houses. Everything's dangerous any more. No wonder the kids all sit in front of the tv, computer or video games.

    Still working on gifts...my house is a total disaster...we bought groceries and everything is still sitting in the sacks except for the things that needed refrigerated...ran out of NRG. Keep saying there's always tomorrow, but one of these days tomorrow's actually going to be here!
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    Sorry to disappoint you but the Trade shows are just boring breader,fryer machines for big industries.Daughter lives in Florida so that's where we'll meet up.
    One BR wall is a loud dark blue and my bedspread and curtains are green flowered print.It's a guest room.Hate it.The mud room is orange!God awful!DS has a taupe color that isn't what I wanted at all and only did one coat and left it.
    We've had a sudden surprise that DH job might be on the chopping block.He starts vacation and may not have a job after the new yr.He has over 25yrs. in but loyalty to companies doesn't count for much these days.4 yrs. for retirement.We'll see what they offer and his boss is fighting for him or at least a consulting position.We're not upset and will be fine but we are on edge and it isn't what we want to happen.He'll get a call while on vaca.Tis the times.Fingers crossed.

  11. FibroFay

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    I hope your hubby's job isn't ending. That's hard. Yes, it's a sign of the times. You'll be in my thoughts and please keep us updated.

    Jole, your grandson is precious. How cute! Yes, I know the shooting play acting isn't funny, but at 3 yrs. he's so innocent. That's what makes it amusing. He will learn soon enough the seriousness of shooting someone. It sounds like your daughter is on top of the issue. But, he's so cute! Boys will be boys. But, I have to admit when I was little I could play cops and robbers and cowboys and indians with the best of them. And I've never shot anybody.

    How is everyone today? My youngest daughter was here this afternoon, and we got to talking about health issues and guess what? I decided the moment was right to tell her about xmrv. I explained what I could and she was very interested. I must say she took it very well. She's going to do her own research on it to learn more. She said I must be relieved to finally know what may well be the cause of my illness. She also said at my age it's not too late to seek treatment. She was encouraging about that as I've felt like it's too late for me due to my age. Well, first things first. Get tested. And that's what I will do asap.

    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Snow is to start late tonight. By Sunday a.m. we are to have 8-12 inches. After the snow stops the wind is to pick up and drifting will occur. More snow on Tuesday. I believe I'll be snowed in for Christmas.

    Everyone stay warm.

  12. victoria

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    Pam I hope your DH doesn't lose his job! I will be keeping everything crossed in hopes he doesn't. So many people's "retirement" have been skewed (should I say 'screwed'?) due to the economy, ours included. Certainly not what we expected nor anyone else.

    Isn't it amazing how the color on that little color swatch can be so different once it's on the wall 'en masse'? We tried painting our house here a 'muted' turquoise, turned out to be a swimming pool fluorescent blue/green. We ended up buying quart sizes of different colors for both the house and the wall before we settled on the colors we ended up with.... there really was no way to really 'see' what it was going to look like til we painted an 8x10 foot square. Less than that, and it was still to difficult to really tell.

    Well I did finish painting the trim and then some by brush between 4-7 pm... my energy shifts then. Maybe today I can roller paint over the little bits remaining. But not until I empty the 'pantry cabinet'... there's no back on it and very heavy anyway... that will be a job in itself but at least I can re-organize it while I'm at it. DH tends to squirrel away any/everything wherever there's a space, regardless of what it is.

    Faye I am so happy you ARE dreaming of a white Christmas, hehe, looks like you'll get it whether you want or not. Just talked to my son in Georgia, they're talking about maybe a flurry tonight, but I am guessing it will be slushy... but I'm glad this is the weekend and my daughter won't have to drive to work for the next 2 days~!

    That's great your daughter took the news calmly... it sounds like so far she's not had any health problems herself? but now at least she knows. Knowledge is power, for sure; and I agree with her attitude about never being too old to seek treatment.

    Jole, LOL, had to laugh about your grandson too, that is so true. There are many parents who tried to raise their sons with no guns over the past 20+ yrs, and the kids make them out of sticks or whatever, or just point their finger at each other while yelling 'bang!'.

    And I agree with Fay, as I grew up in the 1950s; playing cowboys/indians was all the rage! Somewhere I still have a photo of me at about age 7 with a cowgirl outfit on, 'hiding' behind the couch while aiming a (toy) rifle... in my case, anything my brother could do, I could do, LOL! And I've never shot anyone either.

    But as a kid - I had more fun playing like I was an Indian attempting to walk quietly so no one could hear me whether in the house or in the woods. I got pretty good at it in the house, LOL, used to scare the daylights out of my Mom all the time by just suddenly being in the kitchen or wherever with her ;)

    Tiramisu/taramiso, however it's spelled, YUM... hope you enjoyed it Linda!

    a cheery hello to everyone reading this, hope some more will post - Georgia? Barry? Any/Everyone else out there?

    I'm meanwhile waiting for my energy to power "on"....

    PS: Anyone like Tom Lehrer? Here's a heart-warming quote for the season, LOL:

    "I know that there are people who do not love their fellow man, and I hate people like that!"

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    2009 Christmas will be one for the books for you. How sad no matter what. I hope and pray the "package" they offer will be more than generous...(I can hope can't I). Terrible.

    Vic, we screwed our own retirement years ago when we failed in business so we can't blame it on anyone but us. Darn. One employee too many, one paid a salary who should have been paid hourly since he had a full time job teaching. Too many mistakes like that add up. It dragged on and on. The employees thought that I would leave Hubster cause I couldn't take it.

    Well, heck, we had gone 5 years without a bedspread when he was in school and cars without a/c in Florida. No worries, till one day an employee came it and said, "I saw Mary last nite and she told me that D and L were getting a divorce....that D (Hubster told her himself).

    That is small towns for you, isn't it? Yes, it was someone else she mixed up with DH but she really had the employees upset for a few days. I finally called her and told her she didn't have her facts right but she insisted she did. She felt really bad later....chortle.

    Rock, after this discussion on tapping raindeer, I finally remembered that I TOOK tap and personality singing in 1st grade. It didn't work. I still hate being on stage but Rock, I think you blossomed a bit before college in your raindeer outfit!!

    Tom Lehrer sounds familiar and that was heart-warming.

    Fay, I am thinking you might live within a few hundred miles of some of my kinfolk with all your snow. Son in NC reported it and Twin in Va was getting grocercies in for expected snow.

    Pam, a trade show involves eating out, so I like any kind! Eating out translates to not cooking no matter what the food is like.

    No tarimasu. DH remembered finally that he signed me up for flan. I was disappointed at first but it was really good so I perked right up.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    While a lot of people on the other board complain about their docs, I have a different kind.

    Appt yesterday, he told me he loved me. I said that I loved him too. snicker...this is with the door open and the nurses listening.

    Today he phones, 2nd time in 18 years. Linda, this is Dr. G. Want you to know I love you. Me: I love you too. Him "we are both old" Me: "Yes we are old". Him "I ordered the wrong test yesterday (HIV) and I am going to order the HTLV 1, it takes two weeks to get the results".
    Me: I won't hold my breath then. Him to nurses "She isn't going to hold her breath."

    He is getting sooooo sappy in his old age. He tells everyone he loves them. I think the clinic has a rule that the doctor has to call if it has anything at all to do with an HIV test. That was the reason he called before...my low t-cell count and wanted HIV testing.

    Ok, I wish you each something unexpected good for the Christmas season! And I love each of you!!

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  15. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    Your doctor is so, sooo sweet! That is so precious!

    Seriously, I think it is easy for anybody to love you, and easy for you to love others. You are always so loving! You're precious.

    Where do your kinfolk live? I'm south/central PA, about 60 miles southeast of Harrisburg. Same distance from Philadelphia. (which is to my east).

    Hello to Everybody. Just want you to know if I disappear it's because I have no power. We are getting pummeled by this snowstorm. About 7-8 inches on the ground and they are now calling for 14 inches, then drifting. I'm fine. Have everything I need. If power goes out, I'll get my son-in-law to come and get me and take me to their house. The roads are being kept passable, but it's pretty bad out there. Everything is closing, stores, activities, etc.

    Spacee, it's good you didn't fly to Washington D.C. this weekend. D.C. is a mess, according to TV reports. They cannot handle much snow there. Not prepared for it.

    Pam, Vic, Rock, Jole, Barry, everybody take care,

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thanks for your good wishes everyone.We only got an inch of snow.Lucky!DH is on vacation and his boss will talk to HR Mon. to see what is going on.He might escape this cut,you never know.They could hire him as a consultant too.We'll see what's offered and hopefully they don't drag it out.He's not supposed to know anything but after 34yrs. his coworkers are looking out for him.Our worry is good ol health care.That's a killer and obviously nothing much is coming out of congress to be of any use.I'm a glass is half full kind of girl so things will work out.
  17. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I'll keep my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for your DH. Yeah, healthcare is a real worry. Hopefully, things will be okay.

  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Here in the Redwoods it is cool (55) and cloudy and looks to rain. My pipes did not freeze during the "snap" last week, which helped conserve the Xanax. And the frozen persimmon that I knocked from the tree and hit me on the head did no damage! I think.

    So wiped out since Wed. when I saw my doc. I got the H1N1 shot at his request and have felt double - fatigued. He also advised me NOT to stop my Lexapro (I had been whining that it made me tired) until at least Feb. or March. We will see. Has anyone here had the H1N1 shot with the same results as me?

    Victoria: We got our lamb roast from Costco. So much cheaper than our local lamb, and better flavored. I had forgotten that you have a Costco near you. When Richard goes up to the "big Town" 60 miles away he always stops there. I like the little yellow flattish mangoes that they have, and also the fresh blueberries. I won't mention CHOCOLATE....

    Fay: I sure hope you don't lose your power; watched the weather channel this morning and it looks fierce where you are! Good to know that someone can come to your aid (assuming the roads are passable). As for my persimmons, they have all been eaten, so no pudding -- and no cooking, lol. Richard's grandmother who came from the South used to talk about it, but he has never tried it. In fact these were the first he had ever eaten. I think a lot of people have not tried them.

    Victoria: I hadn't heard of Andrew Wyeth's death. When I was in high-school I saw a print of "Christina's World" and found it incredibly moving. I may have the name of the picture wrong though. Do you like his work? And I agree with you about Anne Sexton!

    Jole: Why, if I may ask, did you quit your Lexapro? Did it tire you too, like me, and give you blurry, googly vision? I really hate a.ds! The mj seems to do a good job if I don't over-do it. It especially helps my neuropthic pains that wax and wane --- very strange. The doc. just rolled his eyes when I told him I thought I might have Lyme disease! But I am totally legal on the med. mj. front.

    Spacee Linda: Why, if I may ask, did you stop YOUR Lexapro? Hope I'm not being too inquisitive, but I REALLY don't like it, but will stay on it per doc's desires until late winter.

    Alright, enough, lunch.
    Love to All (rascals included),

  19. jole

    jole Member

    Pam, wishing the best for your hubby. I don't know why, but it seems every year if there's going to be layoffs they do it at Christmas time! My son-in-law is in the same spot right now. Was told they'd be laying off 25 at Christmas....and he's #27...so not sure either. Just hanging in there.

    Definitely understand the health insurance thing. They have two little babes, and that's their big concern also, 'cause they know they can come live with us, but HAVE to have ins. with those little ones. Although I'm really wondering right now how much our Medicare is going to be worth in a couple years......

    Fay, it's great that you had a chance to talk with your daughter about the xmrv and she responded so well! Wish everyone would be so understanding, but I doubt that will be the case. Soooooo...you're getting your white Christmas! lol...they always say be careful what you wish for! Hope everyone stays safe there. Our snow is melting quite a bit now, and no, I don't care if our Christmas is white!

    Spacee, you're not the only one with a messed up retirement. Wish we would have been wiser in the past also...what's that they say about hindsight? Now my hubby is still working at the age of 70 (okay, partly because he wants to, partly because we need the money). Tarimasu...what is that? Maybe you said and I forgot...but I've never heard of it.

    Vic, I understand your late afternoon energy. IF I'm going to have any, that's when it'll happen.

    Well guys, do you remember me saying after we went shopping I only had the NRG to put away the cold stuff, and left the rest sitting until the next day? Well, 1 1/2 days later I discovered my stewing meat still sitting on my kitchen counter!!!! Where's my brain when I need it?? That stuff's expensive.......for a dog!!

    Was awake all night last night..been trying to nap today but sleep eludes me. Don't know why this happens, but I can't take sleeping pills, so just have to put up with it ever so often. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight, but sure hate losing a day......actually feels like a week!!

    I issued an invitation to a few people on the fibro/cfs site to visit us here. People that are going to be alone for the Holidays. Told them to join in some light-hearted conversation...we shall see....can always make room for a few more! Going to try the bed again..........Jole
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I truly love reading everyone's posts and I laugh at the expensive dog meat and I worry over health insurance with you. Think about the snow and the pipes that didn't freeze. And scratch my head over the authors or where they artists ya'll mention.

    I want to share with you, kids, what I learned today about XMRV from Dr. Nancy Klimas. She is a hoot. So smart. She has a practice that is HIV patients one day and CFS patients the next.
    She has been studying us so long at the Univ. of Miami that she, too, has a freezer full of our blood dating back as long as Dr. Peterson's and research hospitals like Johns Hopkins are asking for it. But she doesn't give it out fast. They have to show her their "methodology".

    But this is the really interesting part. She says that as humans have been evolving we have picked up "fragments" of different kinds of DNA which attaches itself to our DNA. Some of it actually helps us. Some of it is neutral and some is bad. We are able, of course, to pass this DNA to our kids. But, not necessarily since the child doesn't get all the dna of both parents, so it might skip that child.

    XMRV, they think skipped over to humans within the last 100 years from a mouse. She says that it is not sexually transmitted or breast milk transmitted, it is generationally passed down. And it is passed down, it takes a "trigger" to activate it such as a virus, vaccination, etc.

    She says in her practice of HIV patients you can tell that it is transmitted by body fluids. CFS rarely has both spousal partners sick. And when it has happened, they were both exposed to a major virus at the same time. She said that it should be easy to get a vaccine for it. I have to listen to two more tapes to hear her recommendations. I do know that she has sent Gulf War Vets Blood to WPI to be tested.

    I had to wait till my brain could absorb the info and that was today!

    Uh oh, I just read Jole's part about our light hearted talk here. hmm. Please skip over this then.

    I am going to have to tort again.

    Spacee/ Linda