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    Okay, I'm back! My daughter was here a week ago and was going to order some things for me on ebay for Christmas gifts. Well, when I tried to get on the internet on Tuesday, I couldn't!! So have been without a computer until last night, and nearly a week without any social life is really hard.........I missed you guys!!!

    Spacee, I think you come back tomorrow, so will be good to hear what you brought back with you....and hope you had a great time without the cold affecting you adversely.
    Don't think I've heard of your fav tv shows...we must not get them here.

    I like House Hunters, some movies that don't make you think, but would rather read.

    I'm interested in the LDN if you take it, so let us know how it goes. I remember hearing Mikie talk about the zapper a lot also, and wondered how it could possibly help, but then anything's possible, as we're finding out!

    Pam, I miss my cookie making days. Now my daughter comes over and bakes my cookies for Christmas and I "help" by visiting...lol...

    Victoria, I've watched some homes in Mexico sell on House Hunters, and they seemed really high to me. Of course, I'm sure it's the same as here...location playing a huge part in the prices. The smaller towns are probably much more affordable than the cities they showed. I guess we're fortunate to live in a small rural area where things are affordable...at least for the moment...but who knows in a year or so what will happen with the gov. changes.

    When our family all gets together we jokingly plan what country we're all going to move to, but can't seem to all agree on one, so guess we'll be here unless something more drastic happens. I just can't seem to be able to leave all my kids/grandkids to go that far, although I'd love to move.

    When it comes to jury duty, I'm like Fay(?) and never been called either. My hubby has several times, and enjoyed it. He also says it's quite the feeling of responsibility though. I definitely would have liked it earlier...but wouldn't even consider it now. I'm afraid I wouldn't make it through the first interview...can see it now..."What's your name" "....uh, now or then?"

    Barry, coyotes are quite common here. We have a lot of wild animals, and actually most of them are very pretty and amazing. Between the landscapes and animals, everything seems to fall into perspective, doesn't it? Especially on a summer evening of sitting outdoors after night, looking at the stars and listening to the night sounds. My favorite time of the day!

    Rock, our coyotes are also big like wolves. People here hunt coyotes because there's so many of them and they kill livestock. (My family doesn't hunt them.) We get pretty upset because there are always some hunters who have no respect for other's property...the same as anywhere...and run through fences, etc. without fixing them, letting the cattle out of the pastures and in harms way.

    It's upsetting to have to repair the fences, but more upsetting to know that someone may accidently hit a cow on the road and be seriously injured....nothing's worth having someone hurt, but some people just don't think past themselves. Many hunters have coyote dogs who hunt the coyotes down. It was quite the sport a few years ago because they could get a pretty good price for the pelts/ears of certain animals.

    Will divide myself into also...lol....

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    Hahaha...I can divide and conquer also!!!!!
    Anyway, before I got sidetracked, I was going to say I like your panhandling coyote story, Rock. I swear you've got a story for everything...lol...

    Barry, my doc told me to get the "plant lights" for in the winter. I haven't tried them yet to see if they'll help or not. Honestly, I doubt that they will. It's more like just having cabin fever, I think. Just being here and not going anywhere, and too cold to wander around outside.

    There are some creek areas within 5 miles in most directions of our place, but we have very few trees here, which I miss, and very flat land for the most part. We can see forever. Our neighbors on each side are at least 2 miles away, and their porch lights are easily seen.

    The city lights from 35 miles away light up the sky. And foggy days are just like in the horror films...floating on the ground...lol...or so thick you can't see your hand in front of your face. I'd imagine you have all that where you live also. Everything is so amazingly peaceful...too much so at times, which I also understand completely.

    Fay, I live in Kansas, "where the wind comes blowing 'cross the plains". It's 13 degrees and we're suppose to get anywhere from 4-12 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow/tomorrow night, with wind gusts up to 40 mph. The big variance in amounts depends on which weather station you listen to...lol...might as well make up our own!

    I'm feeling like I have an all-over headache today, which many of you understand. Probably be worse tomorrow with the weather. But the good news is, I've been worse!! Talk to you all tomorrow...sleep well...Jole
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    Gordon and I fixed mashed potatoes and meat
    loaf Sunday. I was the sous chef. I pealed the
    potatoes. Gordon did everything else.

    He made a meat loaf. Then he made another
    one. Now if the plural of cupful is cupsful,would
    the plural of meat loaf be meats loaf?

    Fay, you asked about my law career. I did not
    teach in a school, but I trained all the new attys
    at our office. I really should have been a teacher in
    a small college town. Much less stress.

    Anyhoo, I went to night school off and on for
    6 years. Then when I started working, the DD
    showed up. Only worked as a atty 6 years.
    Well, at least there was a nice symmetry to it.

    Re: rain, we had a light drizzle most of yesterday.
    Gordon works about 30 miles N of
    me. They had a moderate rain all day.
    Supposed to be clear today.

    Pam, deer in the yard sounds like fun unless
    they are eating your garden produce. My brother lives
    in a Minnesota village right next to
    a state park. In the winter the deer often come
    into town and lie down beside buildings to get
    outta the cold wind.

    They are a traffic hazard. Almost every family
    has a car hit a deer story.

    Think I will post toasties this and come back.


    Pam, Your new glasses work? How many fingers am
    I holding up?

    Victoria, I had to look up cellulitis. In Wikipedia
    it says, "Not to be confused with cellulite." Is
    DH recovered?

    Well, somehow this got all confusiated, but I haven't the energy
    to monkey with it. Be back soon as Fagan sings in "Oliver".

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    Jole, I am enjoying the book about farm life.
    I have happy childhood memories of visiting
    the farm of my great aunt and uncle.

    My aunt Myrtle was one of the world's best
    cooks. Her chocolate cake was a work of
    culinary art.

    When she came to town on Saturday for her
    weekly shopping, she would often stop by w/
    gifts: a quart of cream; a slab of bacon; stuff
    from her garden.

    In the early 50s, electricity came to the farms
    in our area. My folks selected an electric coffee
    maker an as appropriate gift. Darn thing didn't
    work though. Just wouldn't get hot. After much
    delay and frustration, somebody thought to
    plug it in.

    And I remember when they got an indoor
    bathroom. A little trouble there too. The lock
    didn't work right, and I got locked in.

    "The wind comes sweepin' down the plain."
    You move to Oklahoma?

    I like "The good news is, I've been worse."
    That wins the prize for looking on the bright
    side. BTW, you can find the song "Always
    Look on the Bright Side of Life" by Eric Idle
    (of Monty Python fame) on YouTube.

    I have put some farm books on hold. The
    authors had chapters in the big book I'm
    reading. But I would not have wanted to
    live on a farm. Too much hard work! "Give
    Me the City (or village) Life"

    Hope your all over headache goes all away.

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    Rock I count four fingers up right?The thumb doesn't count.
    Today I go to the Drs. for a stupid reason.Rhuemy refuses to give me a script for sleep meds she said the Primary has to do it.I told her I just saw him and she said sorry.She's done it before so what the heck?If I called it in to Primary he would refuse not knowing what's going on.I've taken a low dose for 10yrs. with no increase or problems.I just take hrs. to get to sleep without it.I feel like when I was a kid and Mommy said I can't,go ask Daddy right?
    I'm making chicken and dumplings for dinner.Cold with rain and snow mix coming in.I do all my prep work for dinner mornings so all I have to do is pop it out hot when DH comes home.Late afternoon I run out of energy and lots of time skip eating and crawl into bed,day is done.
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    Hi all. Jole, it's good to see you're back. I was missing you. Thanks for beginning a new thread. I think Spacee comes back late tonight. I wonder what she brought for all of us. (haha) She may need to rest up before she posts, but it will be good to know she's home.

    Visiting with your daughter's family sounds so nice. Baking Christmas cookies is such a cozy thing for you guys to do. So much love goes into Christmas baking. I'm glad you had a good visit. And glad you got your computer back too.

    I have an ex brother-in-law that lives somewhere in Kansas. I've lost track of him. Your area sounds wonderful with it's scenery. I don't think I'd like tornado season, but the winter storms fascinate me. I know exactly what you mean about the headache all over feeling. That's probably due to the barometer falling. I get that way too sometimes. There's a snowstorm coming! Is it a blizzard warning???

    Rock, I love the term "confusicated". May I use it sometime? Mashed potatoes and meatloaf are real comfort food. Perfect for chilly rainy weather. I have a meatloaf in my freezer. I think I'll make it tomorrow.

    Pam, your chicken and dumplings sound simply wonderful too. I hope your doctor Rx's your necessary sleep meds. I haven't needed any lately, but I sometimes have to get a Rx for some too. I've tried taking melatonin (otc) but it didn't help me much. We have lots of deer where I live too. They are a real problem on the roadways sometimes. Lots of people have hit a deer. I came close a couple of times, but so far I've not hit one. They can do some damage to a car if hit.

    Victoria, are you doing okay down there in Mexico? Do you get all the same TV shows as we get here in the US? Are they mostly in English?

    I have so much to do today, and so little energy. I'll see you later.


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    Is anyone else snowed in???? The board is sooo slow today. Took me forever to get logged on. Must be our weather (as good an excuse as any!).

    Yes, we are snowbound. We've had around 7 inches, blowing and drifting snow, so our roads are now impassable, making only the kids happy :) The temperature tomorrow is going to be
    -20 windchill, so I'll definitely have on my longjohns (thanks to Elaine's timely reminder early on to buy them).

    So if I'm not on tomorrow, you'll know my puter's down and I'm not being stuck-up...lol...
    Love ya all, and stay warm.

    PS We do have a generator to provide heat if the electricity goes off, so we'll be okay..........Jole
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    Crazy weather in many places, and so early in the season it seems! We got our share of 'crazy weather' - usually the daily rains stop being daily in September, this year it continued until November. But I'm not complaining, by March there will be no rain until mid-May at the earliest. I don't know how the trees etc keep going, there's a lot of oak and long-leaf pines here...

    What's weird to me are the crabapple trees - the leaves fell off about 8 weeks ago, now some are greening with FLOWERS while there's still apples from last summer. Despite the shortening days and colder nights. They must be eternally confused all their lives, they look very old; it's very interesting to see tho.

    Yes, there's english language TV. I would've said 2 weeks ago that most of the US stations (Discover, Nat'l Geo., TLC, Biography, BBC) were broadcast in English, but suddenly in the past 10 days there's been an alarming rate of change where now 90% of it's in spanish. Well, this may make it easy to give it up? LOL. Movies are 50/50. Most of HBOs channels so far are still in English. Tho the satellite company does broadcast CNN int'l (it's in english), and Fox int'l also; there's also a CNN Spanish channel, sure wish I could understand more as a lot of it looks interesting!

    Rock, as usual, you have hilarious stories! Is that really true about the electric coffeemaker? I sure hope not.

    But, we all do have 'duhhhh' moments... when I was a kid, my parents built their house. The kitchen was on the north end, and always the coldest room in the morning during winters (north of Chicago). It wasn't til 25 years later they realized that nobody had ever checked the vents for the forced air system - yes, the vents had been closed all those years! It was only warm on winter nights after my Mom had been cooking!

    Thanks, yes, my DH recovered just fine after the abx. This was the 2nd time he had it. Yeah, definitely cellul"itis" is much more serious than cellul"ite" LOL, tho they sure sound related! Other time he'd been travelling thru TX, got up in the middle of the night and felt something 'scratch' his foot. Probably a scorpion, but he never saw anything. He ended up spending a couple hours in the ER every day getting IVs once he got home, starting with Christmas Eve. Ah memories...

    Jole you should see the sky here at night! We are so far away from background lights, it's amazing to see all those stars and the milky way again!

    BTW, those "househunger", ooops I mean "House Hunter" programs were shot before the economic crash. Prices are (reluctantly) coming down.

    What I don't understand is why the resort prices haven't come down yet... last year it was dead at most of the resorts here, well before the H1N1 scare or even the State Dept. warning people about violence.

    (Which I personally believe was a ploy to get people to stay home and spend their money in the US resorts, because I don't see any - nobody vacations along the border for Pete's sake. (I sure feel sorry for Pete!) Our neighbor is taking her visiting 20-something daughters to the beach later this week, she said it's still very expensive.

    Pam, it's weird how some doctors suddenly seem to get 'scared' to do certain things. But it's weird what can happen; having had some doctors as friends, I've heard stories about how some pharmacists have taken it upon themselves to report some doctors for rx'ing certain things without knowing anything about the circumstances. I sure hope your GP can maybe call up your Rheumy or vice-versa and communicate, it shouldn't be on your shoulders!

    Well I bought myself a $5 string of Christmas lights, I'm going to cut some cedar boughs and see what I can concoct with that. I probably can't get to what few decorations I have as they're (of course) in the back of the utility trailer we're using for storage...

    and DH can't help as he just re-cracked his rib that he cracked 20 years ago. No fault of his own this time, he was choking and asked someone to do the Heimlich maneuver (even tho he could speak). The first time, well, he was sparring with someone 2X his weight, he deserved that one (too good of a teacher and too cocky, LOL). (Did I mention he used to be a pro boxing coach after being a psychologist? 'tis true...) Yes I'm married to a character, but a smart character!

    buenos noches everybody! Gotta stop before I get anymore confusicated... needs to be added to the dictionary imho! Let's all spread the 'word'....

    ;) Victoria
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    That's all for now. Gotta catch up on the posts tomorrow but don't wake up till noonish.

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Welcome home! Can't wait to hear all about your trip... take your time tho. I'll be up by the time you're up LOLOL... sounds like my time schedule!

  11. Ranigar

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    Primary didn't have a problem writing my script.It's funny he said exactly that about Rx's being counted if they are addicting and linked to the prescribing Dr.I hate that people have abused this so bad that we all suffer for it.He even teased me saying no go back to the Rheumy just like I said I felt about it.
    We get snow tomorrow but just an inch.
    I watch a lot of the home shows like house hunters regular programing doesn't hold my attention anymore.
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    My Love To Keep You Warm!!

    I did a scan of the posts. Darn, I am going to have to relearn everyone's name. My short term memory is the worse.

    For everyone who wished me snow....we got snow! Just the right amount. The actual day of it we only went out the door of the building for a few minutes. BRRRR! It was very windy too. Which may often happen with snow. I don't know. But it was really neat and we watched it from indoors!

    That was Sat. On Sun we went into DC via taxi to the Union Station where my mom and dad (separate times and they had not met) arrived in DC on the train (of course) for jobs. My dad got a job at the Patent Office and I sorta forgot where mother worked. She was a clerk typist! Dad managed to go to law school at night and get a degree but never used it. I was amazed at the number of women in the 40's in his law school annual. A lot of the men had gone to war, I think, so it left some openings for the women.

    I am sidetracked. Hubster thought it would be an experience we would never forget to attend a service at the Bascillaca (Catholic). I love the zeal of a recent convert. haha. I was amazingly gorgeous. And, since I watch the Amazing Race. I got the phone number of the taxi and called after the service.

    Ok. I am going to tort. I LOVE that word. I am going to use in when email the kids....ROTFL!

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    The snow stuck to the ground in enough places that we got to see it there too! I just remember that.

    Next day was bedrest day. Hubster forgot to put the "Do Not Disturb" on the door when he left for his class....so, yep, the housekeeping staff got to see my orange undies (don't laugh...that is our fave color in Florida). The room was blacked out so maybe didn't see.

    Why didn't I take a robe? Cause I take my big blankie that I can't leave home without.

    Tues was to airport at 1pm to check our bags. H. thought it would be a divine idea to ride on the metro. Hmmm. But it was. And I know now that it was a brilliant idea to never ride subways with my sis cause we have no sense of direction. It's no telling where we would have ended up without H.

    On a final note. This is too long. If it is cold enough, I can outwalk H. from the Museum of American History to the metro, dragging my carryon And he is in really good shape sorta. Motivation is the key...brrrr.

    It was a really nice trip. Oh, sadly, food was subpar at the hotel in every establishment we tried (3) but room service was great.

    This post seems very confusing to me.

    But just to see in anyone reads this to the end. On Tues son #2 hit the send button on the last chapter of his disseration! Now, come on jobs!!

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, Spacey. Glad to hear you had
    a good trip. What did your son write about in
    his dissertation?

    One of my college roommates got a master's
    degree in art. His dissertation was two pages
    on "What my Pots Mean to me". He said the
    committee was walking down the hall as he
    was pulling pots outta the kiln.

    (I suspect he was exaggerating.)

    What do you mean you are going to tort? Or
    is that a typo? A tort is a noun: a civil wrong
    not including breech of contract. Most common
    example: auto accident.

    Pam, 4 fingers is correct. What category would
    you like next? Shakespeare, Soap Operas,
    or Irritating Habits of Men?

    Trivia question. Who has less personality:
    Alex Trebek, Ed Sullivan, Richard Nixon?

    Fay, you can certainly use confusiated any time
    you like. Also exhaustinized and insegrievious.

    Sometimes at work when I was bored, I would
    write stuff like, "I have reviewed the insegrievious
    medical report from Dr. Kornblum.
    He seems to suggest that..."

    Jole, are you wearing longjohns; eating longjohns;
    both? What do they have in common besides the name?

    Victoria, of course the electric percolator story
    is true. My folks later gave my Aunt and Uncle
    an even nicer gift. It was the bell from an old
    one- room school house in Iowa. They had it cleaned
    and painted w/ aluminum paint.

    The Bell was installed on a twenty foot pole.
    The family had a code for the number of rings.
    But I doubt it got much use except to call
    people for dinner (which was at noon time.)
    I bet the bell is still there. Don't know if the
    farm is still in the family or not.

    What the two types of longjohns have in
    common is that they are both ways to keep
    warm in the winter.

    Time to go read my latest Garrison Keillor book.
    I thought it was a book of essays, but seems to
    be his autobiography.

    I am 2 years older than he. He says when he
    went to the U. of MN tuition was $71 a quarter
    and books cost about $10.

    I think his memory is faulty re: the cost of books,
    but he is still one of America's greatest
    writers in my opinion, so it doesn't really matter.

  15. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    So much to write about!

    Glad your back, Spacee, and delighted you got to see the snow! The same snow I was seeing on Saturday. Wasn't it wonderful?

    Orange Undies, huh? That is one color I've never had. I'll make a point of shopping for undies with orange in mind. haha. It does sound like you had a great trip. I'm happy you got to go along with hubby.

    Jole, you keep good and warm! Longjohns (the doughnuts) and hot cocoa would be good while you brave the storm. The snow in PA last night missed my area. Pam, maybe you got quite a bit since it came across Ohio. Winter is definitely here!

    Yeah, Victoria, the weather has been nuts. You can no longer count on the way the seasons are supposed to be. Unusual weather is now the norm. Are you working on learning conversational Spanish? I don't know any Spanish, but there are a few Spanish speaking people in my community. I should make a real effort to learn it. I've just never been motivated, I guess.

    Rock, you are in rare form today! I didn't know Garrison Keillor had his autobiography in print. I'd like to read that. I'll have to check the library for it. Anything he writes is of interest to me. I hope he keeps writing for a long time.

    I remember the coffee pot my parents had all the years I was growing up. Of course, it was the kind you put on the burner of the stove. My mom would make a pot of coffee in the morning, and she'd never take out the coffee grounds. Man, that coffee would get sooo strong! There it would set on the back of the stove. We'd just heat it up whenever someone wanted a cup of coffee. She'd make another pot in the afternoon. Strong coffee all day.

    My friend was having a dinner party one time, and when she served the coffee the coffee pot "disappeared". Her guests were ready for a refill, and my friend searched and searched for the coffee pot. It cracked everyone up when she found she had put the coffee pot in the refrigerator! (And she did not have fibrofog!)

    Spacee, it just wasn't the same here without you :)

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    The name of the G.K. book is "Homegrown Democrat". I have read 4
    chapters. Two of them are autobiographical. About high school, going
    to the U. of MN., working on a student radio station.

    Two of them are excoriations of the Republicans. I agree with him that
    the country has been going in the wrong direction for a long time. The
    middle class is being squeezed out with more and more wealth accumulating
    in the top few percent.

    But I don't think the Republicans deserve all the blame. The Democrats
    seem just as bad to me.

    Yes, I remember the big old coffee pots they used to have on farms.
    Usually speckled enamelware. They often put eggshells in the coffee.
    If I ever knew why, I've forgotten.

    My mother once had us searching the house for her purse. Turned up
    in the refrigerator.

    When Noel Coward lived in Jamaica, the Queen Mother once came by for
    a visit. He had a silver tea service, but somehow during preparations,
    the tea pot disappeared. So he used an old one made of pottery.

    The Queen Mother loved it. Said her family had one just like when she was
    a girl.

    So you don't have any orange undies? Gosh, I though everyone did.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Doesn't everyone have orange undies? Which reminded me of what I purchased to send my sons off to college to live in the dorm (all male). What was on sale...orange undies. I thought they were an improvement over the whitie tighties but I heard that they were never worn.

    And I think both political parties have squeezed out the middle class. But did you know that we really didn't have a really sound middle class til after the Great Depression? It was a great leveler of money. I know compared to 3rd world, we are all better off but I like it the way it used to be.

    I did enjoy the snow very much. It actually snowed one time before when I was in DC being studied at the NIH but not as much as this time. And, I am from Birmingham Al and we had a really big snow with I was in 5th grade. And, one time we were in Memphis when it snowed.

    Oh, and how am I forgetting this. I was in Conn with my sis and her hubby at their son's house. January 6 degrees and LOTS of snow on the ground. BRRR. We noticed it was getting cooler and cooler in the house and, yes, their fuel had run out. But the people came right out and put more in. It was still so cold that my sis, her hubby and I slept in the same bed with our street clothes on. It was a queen size. I changed my plane ticket and left the next day. I count that as a really bad experience. LOL (now)

    Thanks for missing me. I really don't feel like the leader. I have never been a leader and leadership is something that I have never aspired to. I would fall in the catagory of scrub woman or organizer, I think. About as boring as Ed Sullivan, . That was a hard call.

    Rock, my name is Spacee not Spacey..snicker. There is another Spacey here. Just to organize things. lol.
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  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    so goodnite all! Good to see you back Barry.

  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I tend to check this post almost every night to 'catch up'
    tho I can't always post.

    You know someone's from the south when they remember every snow
    they've seen and can count them on less than 10 fingers. <grin>

    Once growing up we had a huge ice storm that knocked the power out
    for a few days. We were able to ice skate down our gravel/asphalt
    street that whole time, which means there was a lot of ice as the street
    was normally pretty bumpy.

    But the only reason we went without power for 3 days was because
    everybody on the street thought somebody else must've called the
    power company. Nobody had.

    Once a few adults came away from their fireplaces and talked to each
    other, they figured it out and called. Power was back on in an hour! LOL.

    And NObody had fibrofog...! Maybe we should start a post about people
    having foggy brains who are 'normals'...

    Pam I'm not surprised that was what was behind your RA MD's hesitancy.
    Glad your GP came thru for you!

    I had to look up 'insegrievious', Rock, to see if you made it up or what.
    Of course you didn't, you have a fantastic memory for little-used words
    & slang, right? I remember making up a whole post to someone once full
    of little used words, it was fun. Wish I'd kept it.

    But was 'insegrievious' really first used in the 1960s Batman TV show?
    Somewhere I read this:

    "'insegrievious' apparently comes from the Batman TV series, hugely
    popular (in the 1960s):
    "Catwoman, I find you to be odious, abhorrent, and insegrievious."
    It's not as bad as it sounds - a slang dictionary defines insegrievious
    as expressing anything and nothing at the same time in an impressive
    sounding way."

    Fay, my best conversational skills right now are in Spanglish. I have
    read learning a new language is one of the best things for the brain...
    but I think Spanglish will be my most fluent language due to word finding
    problems anyway, jejeje.

    & Linda, Rock, etc...
    'No thanks' to orange underwear, I don't want to look like an orange....

    hope every sleeps well and stays warm (or cool)...

    Dulces SueƱos!

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  20. FibroFay

    FibroFay New Member

    I'm so sorry your post disappeared. That's the pits!


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