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    Keep the names, coming..Lil Rascals will be next!

    Oh.. I think I have heard things in the past about UNUM. Or rather I think I have
    seen it's name on the other board in the years gone by.

    I do like the Undercover Boss. It shows there how really good Americans are out
    in the field (is that what you call it?) I can't believe how really dedicated
    some of those people are. Their personality really suits their job.

    Pumpkin. I have two sons that cook. One isn't married but has a girlfriend (since Christmas). He fixes dinner everynite. I only hope she knows how
    great that is. He decided he wanted to stop the fast food and has lost from
    38" waist pants to 34" by cooking at his place.

    Tonite on our first nite without a kitchen...it is KFC. We haven't had that since
    the house was worked on before....the joys of an mid century house.

    Love you kids...keep it real. (haha)

    Spacee[This Message was Edited on 04/05/2010]
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    look at the bottom of your browser...
    is it showing that it is taking its sweet time to 'load'?

    That's what is happening to me...
    you may have to wait up to 3 minutes before the toolbar shows up....

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    the main board is even taking longer. So strange.... wonder if the earthquake(s) had anything to do with this?
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    .....waiting until it fully loads seems to be the answer. I went and had my nails and hair done while I was waiting!! :)

    But, I'm finally on, so I guess I better post quickly before there's another earthquake!

    I'm continuing to feel like dookie after my "good" day on Saturday. Even my hands are hurting today.

    I wrote a looooong e-mail to the CEO of my company today explaining how my supplemental STD insurance carrier (UNUM) has been scr*wing me over. It's been over 2 months since I applied for STD and they're still playing around. I've done a lot of research on them and apparently I'm not the only one they've done this to. Gosh, it feels great to know I'm not alone............NOT! Can't wait to see if I get a reply form her (the CEO) or not. I'd like to think I will because she is actually a very nice person who does seem to care about her employees and the reputation of our company.

    I slept until after 11 this morning. I HATE doing that. Feels like the day is half over when I do that. And I didn't even take anything to help me sleep last night. Pooey! And DH has to leave for class at 5:00 and won't be back until 6 am because he's does overnights at the ambulance base on Mondays and Thursdays. Makes for a long evening and night when he's gone like that.

    Oh.....poor me! :)

    Oh, and boy-oh-boy.....did I have some weird dreams last night - well, actually this morning, right before I woke up. They were the kind you could make a movie out of! Granted, not a Hallmark movie of the week, but a movie, nonetheless!

    Has anyone been watching "Undercover Boss" on Sunday nights? It's a really good show. Last night it was the President and COO of Roto-Rooter. If you haven't caught it yet, give it a try next week.

    Well, kids.....think I'll sign off for now. See ya tonight!


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    Hi Gang,

    Jan sorry about the ins co. That can be so frustrating just by itself. I watched the undercover boss once and it was really funny. Try not to overdo k

    Had a nice dinner with family last night. It was perfect. My dh Paul loves to cook i really got
    lucky. someone asked about what kin of cake i made. I wish i could say it was a cute bunny cake not. It was yellow cake with choc frosting, my famiiy's favorite. I made home made yeast rolls always a big hit.

    Couldn't find the reply button this am also. The weather is nice we have some blue ski and white billowy clouds. Just hangin with Happy. He is like a perpetual 2 y/o. He likes to sun bathe.

    Rock, Rock where are you? You asked me a question and now i can't remember. Oh Oh i remember. You asked if i went to the meeting and the answer is not yet.

    Big Hugs to the whole gang. I kinda like the name little rascals. lol


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    Well, Good Grief! The reply button comes and goes like the weather in Texas.

    Spacee, that's great that you have two sons that cook. Good for them and
    good for you. Over the years I've found that cooking is not hard. Just takes
    some time and effort.

    I can cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner including the pie crust. Everything turns
    out fine. But I can't produce the wonderful stuff the several great cooks in my
    childhood could. Maybe it's because our foods are different now?

    I'm so old I remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken was new. It was in the mid 50s.
    The family went to some restaurant in Rochester, MN or La Crosse, WI. It was NOT
    a KFC restaurant, but they cooked and sold KFC chicken. My dad had tried it somewhere. Said it was great.

    I thought he was crazy. (Well, he generally was crazy or drunk.) but anyway, I
    thought the chicken he or my mother prepared was far superior. Still do.

    Anyway the KFC drive inns showed up later.

    Victoria, yes, waiting helps to produce the Reply button. Also signing in. Signed in
    3 X this morning before the button appeared. Then, when I moved to another
    thread, it disappeared. Such goofiness.

    Patty, I don't think I ever had yellow cake w/ chocolate frosting. Sounds good
    though. One mystery about baking I would like explained. How is it that bakeries
    can turn out sheet cakes that are totally tasteless? I mean they
    apparently use sugar, chocolate, etc. Shouldn't there be some flavor somewhere?

    I can't tell you how many office parties I've been required to attend w/ a lurid
    sheet cake expressing good wishes to somebody in a totally tasteless fashion.

    Speaking of the office, Jan, I used to have a coworker who always referred to his
    spouse as his "Significant Half" or "Better Other". Thank DH (what's his name?)
    for coming by to give us some valuable info. We'll be looking for his reports and
    sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

    Hugs everydobby

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    Hey has anyone seen the website, cakewrecks- ?


    The above page contains a variety of crazy, strange, purposefully funny, many not purposefully funny etc cakes.... Rock you may find a few from your past there? Anyway there are pages and pages of real cake wrecks.

    guys do need to learn to cook out of necessity, haha. That's how my son is learning - can't afford to eat out. My DH never learned because he always made enough to eat out... and, well, Chicago had so many great little ethnic restaurants that were really cheap.

    My GF had 3 boys and taught all of them to cook so they wouldn't be dependent on a female (because our other GF had a husband who couldn't even heat up a can of soup, seriously). 2 of them now are professional chefs/cooks, someone was going to help finance a restaurant for them the last I heard.

    And, say thanks to your DH, Jan... you know, when one is in desperate need, modesty really is the last thing actually I think about. Sort of like having a baby.... all you can think is, H-E-L-P-! (It's only on reflection, later, that I get embarrassed.)

    Hmmm, so is this becoming the official thread now? I feel very divided....

    Herxing today, slept a good part of the afternoon and ready to go back to bed...

    so, sayonara, I think (just read that the literal meaning is "thus, if it be")

    meaning, here's hoping everyone sleeps well...


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    I don't think the food tastes as good as it did way back when. Perhaps it was fresher?

    The sheet cakes are tasteless in our neck of the woods. I think the ice cream gives some

    I will have to thank Emeril and the Food Network for the son's love of cooking. That and
    one grandmother was an excellent cook...so I think some of her dna. DH claims he loves
    to cook....but I think that if you really like to cook, then some food made my you should
    show up on the table. And it should be not burned.

    Where do you find these websites, Victoria and Rock? I participated in a survey this
    evening (cause the young lady sounded so sweet). It was about phone books and
    how many do you have in your house.

    Evidently she knew people's ways cause after I found 2, she said 'there maybe one more
    place and I'll wait while you look" She was right.

    But what the survery got to was about a million .coms that are yellow pages. I had only heard of one of them. MSN. It was truly an amazing experience yet not as amazing as

    DUKE WINS THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! It was scary that someone posted on
    son's facebook page "you better get arrested tonite". He better not!

    It was a dogfight too, the game. As exciting as one could get. even to throwing the basketball
    at the end and it almost going in and the other team would have won, if only. If only..
    We could do a whole thread on 'If Only".

    I love you kids...glad Rock is not in any bad way from the earthquake. All is well.

    HRN, we are thinking/praying for you!!

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    Had a minute yesterday and couldn't get on, so wishing everyone a belated Happy Easter. Rock, I'm assuming the earthquake didn't rattle your home too much? So many things happening lately!

    Jan, wishing you all the best with your surgery.

    Vic, were you talking about my hubby not being able to warm up a can of soup? Lol....actually, he can fry eggs, and that's it! But he does that very, very well, if that counts.

    I've missed all of you but it's just been a really down time for me, and hopefully will get better as the weather warms up. Tomorrow is the dentist..again.., then this weekend is a b-day party for our granddaughter. I love those little ones so much! Really looking forward to it since they're only an hour away, so hoping it's a good day to go.

    I'm getting spring fever........tulips are budding, trees are budding, grass is greening.....didn't think it would ever warm up!

    Speaking of chocolate, I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike bar.........hahaha.......Jole
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    So here you all are.Yellow cake with choc. frosting sounds good enough for me.I'm not picky.

    80's today and later this week it will dip to more seasonable temps 50's.

    Landscaping guys did the mulching yesterday and the dog barked nonstop the entire day.The little dog,shrill bark kind that goes right through you.

    My youngest son cooks.He was going to be a chef at one time.He's not home much to cook anymore.He works full time and takes college courses for Computer Science to get a better paying job and get married.I'm so glad he's found his path in life.

    DH is driving to Washington DC Sun. for business.I think he should fly it but he prefers to drive.

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    Ok, Jole. If I had to explain cankles to Fay, we need to hear what you did for a Klondike bar!

    Pam..oh, the barking doggies. I just had a chat with our neighbor across the street. Seems the
    police came out at 3am one morning because of the barking. I missed it. He is going to put up
    a fence (that looks like chicken wire) so Toby can play. That's going to lend a nice look
    to the neighborhood.

    I commented to our neighbor that his English was really good. He seemed pleased and said that
    he had been promoted to "Boss Man". The last I heard, he works with paving roads.

    Hearing on the news about W Virginia's miners. How very, very sad. I hope justice comes for
    the families that lost loved ones.

    Pam, I had a few very short years that I found driving relaxing. Is that why your DH drives
    or does he hate flying. I know a couple of people who stopped flying after 9/11.

    Hope PH is able to get the site back to normal soon! We have things to chat about!!

    Love you kids,

  12. HeavenlyRN

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    Greetings all -

    Sounds like everyone had a nice Easter. We did absolutely nothing. It was wonderful - even though I felt like dookie. My DH is the cook in our family. I am the laundress. It's been that way since we got married. And he's really good, too. However, in my defense, I must say that I really know how wash clothes and I know when to use hot water and when not to. Yup.....I'm pretty talented!

    Oh, regarding cakes. When our kids (2 of his, 2 of mine) were younger, my DH used to make the greatest cakes. Let's see if I can remember some of them.........an airplane, a hockey rink, a dinosaur - to name a few. When my parents were making plans to move into a new house, he made a cake in the shape of their new house, using the blueprints. The roof came off (of the cake......not the house) so we could see where all of the different rooms were going to be. It was so cool.

    Yeah......blah, blah, blah.......at least I know that the darks shouldn't be mixed with the whites!!

    We do have a bakery here that makes great cakes. They're great but the frosting is better! I wish I could just buy a bowl of their frosting! I'll have to check out the cake-wrecks site. Haven't been there yet. Spacee, I would also know how Rock and Victoria find these cool websites. I don't even know how to BEGIN looking up the kind of stuff they come up with!

    My grandparents used to love KFC. It was a big deal for us to pick some up on the way to see them.

    OK....that's enough food talk until Thursday when I'm gone! I have to be on clear liquids all day tomorrow. So, please feel free to talk about your favorite clear beverage!! :)

    Victoria - my modesty also went out the window when I was having my kids. I didn't care who they brought into the room - as long as they could rip that kid out and stop the pain!! :) I hate to think of what I'm going to look like during my surgery! OK.....TMI! Sorry.

    Jole - hope your dentist appointment went well. I hate going to the dentist.

    Spacee - Oh my gawd....I was swallowing something when I read your sentence about the "cankles" and I almost spewed stuff out of my nose! It just struck me funny, even though we all talked about this a couple of days ago. And I too want to hear what Jole did for a Klondike bar!

    Yes, it is so sad about the miners in W. Virginia. What a tough life that must be, not only for the miners but for their families as well. I was watching the news this evening and the reporter was interviewing a miner. He said that he hoped his children don't have to be miners when they grow up.

    Well, that's all for this evening folks. Have a good one!

    If we're going with the Lounging Lizards, I think my new name shall be: the lazy, lethargic, lily-livered, loco, lackadaisical, loony, lackluster, lowly, languid, lummox-like, laundress lounging lizard!!
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    Our grocery store sells it's frosting by itself. I could gag just looking at it. Must be someone elses' treasure.

    HRN's modesty went out the window when she had kids. Reminds me of a story. I was waiting
    for my yearly exam and an extremely nervous woman was there awaiting hers. She was sooo nervous but I said that already. So some other patients were trying to reassure her that she
    would get over the nervousness when she had a baby. She said, "I have had 4 already".
    Personally, I think she needed meds.

    That said. I have had 3 kids and never a labor pain not a twinge. All c-sections so my modesty remainsvery much intact. If I had had the 1st one 'normally'. He would have been the last. Seriously.
    I am MODEST. At doc's office's.

    My favorite clear liquid is: water. Are tea and coke clear?

    I went out and about all afternoon today...trying to stretch the time I am up. That's cause I
    have slept the last two days. Will see what tomorrow brings.

    Buh Bye, 60 yo backsplash. It's gonna be good to see you go. My week without a stove has
    dwindled to 4 days. Man, I dislike such competancy. ;)

    Nite Nite loved ones.

  14. Ranigar

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    Yeah Spacee I think your right on both counts about driving as opposed to flying.He hates the delays,the crowds and waiting around and likes driving.

    I have some amends to make around here I guess.DH and his dad think I'm mad at them and FIL thinks he's to big a burden.I haven't been grouchy just distant.My throat is sore and has white spots so I just want to be quiet.I get mouth sores a lot.The Rhuemy calls them Lupusy symptoms.No cure or even a good explanation I just get them and it's miserable.Dad just doesn't understand and takes everything personally.He can't hear me anyway but today I need to reassure him.DH and I already talked and I need to pay more attention.

    It's just really hard as all of you know to balance everything.I'm so tired and I've been trying to build up my strength since being sick and then everyone in the family feels neglected.I feel like I've dropped out of life,well I know I have but I wish I could figure out how to not withdraw from everyone.

    Sorry not feeling sorry for myself just talking out loud so to speak.
  15. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's hard enough to try to make ourselves feel better, not to mention others!

    It must be hard for you to take care of your f-i-l when your DH is out of town.

    Is there anything you can take to help soothe your throat - maybe something like what they have for when people have toothaches? Or may be just sucking on ice? Oh, how about popsicles? Maybe your dentist would have a good idea?

    My, my, my......I'm just full of wonderful ideas today! (I just wrote a bunch of suggestions to someone on another thread). I think it must be the Percocet I took a little while ago! Any other problems you want solved? Gloabal warming?...world peace?...underpant wedgies?!!!

    I wish there was something I could do for you. It sounds like you need a great big Lounge Lizard hug! ((((((( Pam )))))))

    Feel better and take care of yourself!
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Big Hugs for you!! I am stunned that the men folks are wanting you to talk more. When the
    gang was growing up, I could have not said anything for weeks and no one would have noticed.
    They probably would have thought I was being nice! Sure are different strokes for different

    Lupusy sore throats. That is a new one to me. Sounds quite painful. I think between sjogrens and lupus antibodies, quite a few of us have autoimmune issues. The Infectious Disease Doc
    I saw for years would give cortisone shots for the CFS sore throats but I am pretty sure the
    CFS researchers are against that approach. Blunts the immune system.

    You must be the 'sunshine' in their lives. I can tell you that you are a better person that me cause I would not be keeping my FIL. He was a strange, strange man.

    Gotta run DH is here for lunch...


  17. pumkinhead

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    that's right it's yellow cake and choc frosting. Hope you enjoy worked my fingers to the bone. Rock it is true it is hard to find a good sheet cake. To my surprise a friend complained about my beautiful wedding cake.

    Been trying to get on here for awhile. Hope they fixed the problem. Victoria and Spacee i think it is great that your son's cook. Their partners will enjoy being pampered. My sweet
    dh spoils me rotten. He said he would rather i not overdo and have a flair. It wasn't like this when i first got sick. Then he got it. He was in denial for about a year. I was too.

    Jole curious minds still want to know what would you do for a klondike bar. lol

    Pam barking dogs 80degree weather Yikes. You must be proud of your son awesome.
    My heart goes out to you. It's hard enough to be sick but then have your dh & fil feeling
    neglected. You are a good person to take care of your fil. My mom lived with us for a couple years and she was always worried about being a burden. She got mad alot.

    Well its another rainy day in paradise. This weekend is supppose to be nice.

    Big Hugs

  18. HeavenlyRN

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    Just want to say goodbye for a couple of days. The DH will be filling in for me while I'm gone and he has promised to let you guys know how everything goes tomorrow.

    I've made the mistake of watching TV this evening. You know, I never realized how many food and restaurant commercials there were on TV until I couldn't eat! It's driving me crazy!

    Oh well, see you on Saturday or Sunday.

  19. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Best wishes on a successful surgery. You are in my prayers and will watch for updates. Looks
    like some are still having problems with the reply button.

    Big Hugs,
  20. victoria

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    I guess Jan is in the hospital today... anyone know if the surgery is being done today or tommorrow? keeping my fingers crossed...

    Someone asked how I find crazy sites... usually friends send them to me, LOL. There is something called stumbleupon that takes one to a variety of sites, I have a friend who uses it - likely one way she comes up with some really crazy ones AND some really interesting ones.

    Pam, I know how hard it is to talk when feeling bad... I always wondered if it was sort of cultural to a degree. Everyone in my family and my DH's tended to withdraw and actually want to be alone if ill... yet we have friends Italian & Greek where it's the opposite.

    Today we spent about 4 hours in Patzcuaro looking for Sky TV so I could pay hopefully in cash since my credit card/tarjeto de credito number was changed due to someone stealing it.

    Found a place, but it was a kiosk on the sidewalk that wasn't open til 5 pm. So we sat outside under the porticos at one of the cafes and had "lunner" (lunch/dinner') plus a great frappucino (me) and raspberry cheesecake (DH).

    Well, the rep that turned out couldn't help (even if I could've communicated, LOL), but did call someone who spoke English. Found out I needed to go home because I can get my account number off of our TV set! (lost our papers) Hopefully I will get this completed tomorrow.

    Si, necesito aprender mas espanol, pero soy floja!
    (Yes, I need to learn more spanish, but I'm lazy).

    Actually I'm not lazy... just hard to do when attending to bodily needs like rest.

    Anyway, it was a nice afternoon, I held up even tho I was hiking around the streets up & down hill, and the plaza was great because they'd blocked traffic so it was quieter than usual. The Pres. of MX, Calderone himself, is coming today or tomorrow to give a speech - They've redone the main square and lots of other improvements since this is a big celebration year for MX.

    buenos noches!