lovaza side effects?

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  1. joanierav

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    hi. my doctor gave me lovaza for my high cholestrol. i was happy as the statins gave me terrible body aches. but since ive been on the lovaza my mouth and tongue are burning like mad and it feels/looks like i have cuts on my tongue and they hurt. and im getting pain in my ankle tendon. i expected tummy problems, as i cant take the fish oils. but the tummy is fine. but these symtoms are just as bad i think.

    can anybody tell me their experiences with lovaza?

    thanks so much

    hugs, joanierav
  2. Chelz

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    A long time ago, I never took it because I didn't think that taking fish oils that the drug companies tamper with is a good idea. Fish oils are supposed to be natural, not altered in a drug lab. Also, Lovaza is made with ester alcohols, I wonder if that is why you are getting the burning sensation with it.

    I know you had stated that you can't take fish oils because of tummy troubles, but I take Andrew Lessman's fish oils. He has the best, no fishy burps or taste, very small capsules, and they do not cause tummy troubles. I take two every morning after breakfast, and I don't eat much for breakfast, and absolutely no tummy trouble at all. You can buy them at HSN, the home shopping channel. They are a bit pricey, but worth every penny. Hugs, Chelz.
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    for the info on the ester alcohols in the lovaza. i cut down from two capsules a day to just one, and the side effects got much better. maybe in a while i will work up to the two again, and see what happens.

    i will also call hsn, and try their andrew lessmans fish oils. altho i never dealt with them before, can you just call them, even when they not advertising them on the air? and have they lowered your cholestrol. believe me this lovaza was the last resort for me, ive simply got to lower this very high cholestrol.

    i know cheney thinks a high cholestrol is ok for us (his reasoning sounded good, but i dont remember it now) but unfortunately my docs dont agree. ive had high cholestrol for yrs, but now im getting up in age, and ive got to try to fix it. thanks for responding chelz. hugs joanie
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    You are very welcome :) Yes, you can call HSN directly, or you can visit their website and look up Andrew Lessman Omega 3's. They have tons of reviews on these omega's and most of them are very good reviews. They should have some stock left over, if not, you can always ask when it will be in. I have not had my cholesterol levels checked in a while, and I know that I should.

    Also, he has a natural supplement called Cholestacare and it is also supposed to help lower your cholesterol naturally, without any side effects. I like Andrew Lessman because he encourages you to take his products to the doctor with you and have your doctor look at them. He is very popular, but you can only get his products at HSN, or at his website, which I think is called Pro Laboratories. You can also look up Cholestacare products and read those reviews as well on HSN.

    If you look up the website and find the product, all you have to do is call the toll free number and give them the item number, or you can order on-line. I am old fashioned, and I don't like to order on-line, LOL. So, I just call, but whatever is easier for you. I hope you like them, if you get them. Again, they are a little pricey, but worth it. Hugs to you, Chelz.