Love cat's bad allergies! Any natural ideas?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by anneW, Jan 16, 2003.

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    I did fine with my outdoor cat, but have had to recently move back to my parents house and they have 6 more that live inside! I can't afford perscription stuff and what i have taken before didn't work. Also my parents live right on the Oregon coast and the mold is terrible! Any ideas?
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    Hi, Anne:

    Seem to remember reading somewhere that putting vaseline in your nostrils (I imagine just on the very outer area) would trap some of the "flying debris" in the air. Probably wouldn't hurt to try it.

    I guess you are new to the board, since there is no number of posts after your name, so welcome to the board. Best thing to do is jump right in and ask questions-somebody will answer!

    Have a good day, Loonie
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    i, too, have cat allergies and two cats.

    if possible, bathe the cats; our cats get weekly baths, but they were bathed since they were four and six weeks of age, so older cats might be a problem.

    for some people, obsessive cleaning helps

    gosh, i don't know what meds and supplements you have tried, so it's hard to say...

    would a de-humidifier help? getting rid of the mold is reeeeally important.

    HEPA filters are great...maybe EBAY????

    a natural and organic cotton or silk mask with the coconut fiber filters works great...i wear these a lot and they are really quite inexpensive....and there is a nurse in TX who makes them, i think her name is sandy but i can't remember the address(fog day)...i'll bet she's on the web, probably associated with multiple chemical sensitivities.

    our cats bother me less and less...they tell me that, after a while, we tend to respond as much to our home allergens like cats when we have lived with them for a while..

    you might try the folks who help people get medications..from thet salvation army to the drug company to free samples at your doctor's office....the drug that worked the best for me was Zyrtec but it is very expensive. i made a bottle last three years and only took one when my allergies were really bad

    and i rarely respond to our cats now. they are 3 and 4 years old. when i do, i'ts because i am mega stressed!

    lots of water really does help. anything to support your immune system...

    dietary stuff would probably help, too.

    i'd try to reduce my exposure to toxins like petrochemical fumes, chemically-laden food, etc.....

    if you try a detox, your symptoms will SEEM worse at first because you are getting rid of all that 'stuff'....

    i still swear by mega doses of vitamin C; i know that remains controversial, but....

    lots of garlic. and hot peppers help some of us.

    take care.
    read dr. cheney's book and the cheney info here. read as many books about cfs and fm as you can and just try their suggestions. it's a long process but it is with prescription meds,'s trial and error until we find somethihng that works.

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    Hi Anne~~So glad you joined us. I was born with severe, life-threatening asthma and also have a host of allergies--and am allergic to cat/dog/animal dander.

    I have had cats & dogs all my life and currently have 5 cats in the house and a dog that goes in and out.

    You didn't say specifically what your allergies were--are you directly allergic to cats? Actually, the allergy we have to cats/dogs is to the dander on their skin that flakes off into their fur.

    For the first 25 years of my life, I saw allergy specialists, suffered through numerous allergy tests, took medications, and took the allergy shots. It didn't really help much in the long run.

    I live well with my cats, but I can only share with you what I do that helps me. When I get a new cat, I spend alot of time playing with it and purposely allowing it to scratch me as we play. When it scratches me, I get the usual allergic reaction--I swell up in big red whelps, my nose gets all congested, my eyes water, and I sneeze alot.

    However, I keep playing & playing with the new pet allowing it to scratch me as we play. Eventually, the scratches become like allergy shots in that every time the cat scratches me--I get a little dose of the very thing I'm allergic to--for each cat has their own unique skin dander. After a while, I become immune to that cat's dander. My cats always live to be quite old, so I don't have to break in a new cat very often. But, this process has worked well for me.

    All my cats sleep with me. One wraps his whole body around the top of my head. But, I am 53 and have used this "scratching technique" all my life, and it has worked for me. All my asthma/allergy specialists told me that I could never have pets, but I am a major animal lover--and what is life without the unconditional love, affection, and cuddles of our furry friends? To me, the temporary discomfort of this scratching technique is well worth what I receive in return from my lovin babies.

    I don't know that this would work for everybody, but it has certainly worked well for me. The process only takes about 4 weeks--and then I'm immune to that cat.

    However, since these are your parents cats, and you can't afford any script-meds right now--I know there are some herbs that help. Maybe you make a post that says, "Allergic to Cats--Need Herbs That Help" and some of our herb experts will be along to help you. Best Wishes, Carol....
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    Lots of cats don't mind baths if you put about 4 - 5 layers of towel in the bottom of the tub so that they can sink their claws in it rather than sliding on the slick surface. If you have a vacuum with a hose and brush, try to vacuum them. That's what my mother always did to her cat. What OTC antihistamines have you tried? Benedryl is probably the best for sneezing with itchy eyes & noses. Chlortrimeton is good for sneezing, but not as good for itching. Pseudoephedrine is good for congestion, but so are those new nasal strips. You pretty much need to try them all, because what works for me, may not work for you. Also, what worked last year might not work this year. Hope you find something that works. I am very sensitive to cat dander and we have three in the house. One of them sleeps with me every night.
  6. Lanie

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    there is a pet shampoo that is made to help get rid of the dander, etc. that causes us to be allergic.
    You can find it at PetCo or any pet store.
    Hope this helps.
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    I don't think you'll really have any relief until you move out. I live with my folks who own a cat and I have allergies. I can remember how much better I felt before we were surprised with this gift from the grandchildren. Oh gosh, you should have seen these kids happy little faces when they presented him to my folks. Who could say no. He's my best buddy now although I know healthwise I'd be better off without him. As a matter of fact he's purring in my lap as I write this.
    I have to make sure we get the dust-free cat litter, if not the cat kicks up a dust storm and I can't stand to be in the same house with him. Actually my lungs have been bothering me and I wonder if it is so good to breathe that stuff at all(nothing I use is completely dust free). Clay contains silica which, I've been told, can reek havoc with lungs. My friend's father worked in a factory that sold ceramics and he claims he developed his emphasema from breathing the clay dust.
    There are alternatives to clay on the market, but what I've seen is expensive. I used to use shredded paper for another cat I had when younger. With my paper shredder I could make lots of free litter.
    I do know that my allergies bother me a lot less when
    I adhere to a sugar-free anti-candida diet.