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    Love is the only force that can erase the differences between people- that can bridge the chasms of bitterness.

    True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well-being of one's companion.

    Today will never come again." Have I done any good in the world today? Hvae I helped any one in need?"

    Let us from this day forward be a little better, love one another a little more, treat one another with greater kindness and to to God and live.

    Just take one day at a time, other wise you'll be over whelmed.

    Happiness in marriage involves a willingnes to overlook weaknesses and mistakes.

    I was reading a book Stand a little taller By President Grordon B. HInckley. As I was reading the thoughts that he wrote I had this strong feeling that I needed to share them with you.

    WE each have different beliefs and it is all good. WE all want to have a good life and to do the right things in our lives. We all had plans for our lives and as we were living them suddenly they became something that was not in the plan. AS I am reading posts I feel something so strong for each person. I want to be able to offer comfort if that is waht they need, I want to share how I feel also.

    We are living a life that we didn't plan on living. Yet I see sometime in each of us here.Everyone shares feelings with each other. Comfort is offered all the time. We try to help each other the best we can , even if it is a prayer for help. WE all need help and each other.

    You are a great group of friends and I am gratefull for the gift of knowing you . I thank you for the help you give me when I am down, the love you offer when my heart is breaking. So as I read this book i found some quotes taht I thought would be helpfull for us all.
    I Hope that you like them. And may find some peace and help ,& joy in them. KNow that I love you for who you are .

    Thank you for sharing in my life.And letting me share in yours. This life that is feeiled with pain is hard to deal with and it is hard for families to understand how one day we can walk through the mall and shop for school clothes and the next day we just can move. WE have over done it and our body has left us a message telling us that what we did was not so smart and we need so slow down. Rest. ENjoy the small things in life.

    AS I have been having leg aches and can't sleep I find my self watching the videios that I have taken of my grandson.
    I just love it when I see that twwinkle of mischivousness he has. AS I start to tape him he will look up at me when he hears the beep of the camera.

    HE will start running toward me as fast as he can grabbing at my lense cap trying to get it and help me take pictures. So I have many closeup's of Braxton with this HUGE smile on his face and him laughing at me.

    AS I watch these tapes I have seen him from the day he was born till a week ago. He has gone from a tiny babe to a toddler who calls his mommy by her first name. He brings so much joy to me and he gives his love so freely. Mere he says as he pounds on my door.

    He is standing at the door wanting to go out side but he is where the hinges are banging on the door. Mere gaw mere. Jessie mere and his little chubbby hands are waving as if to tell us that he wants to go out side NOW.

    AS I watch the tapes they bring me great joy in my life. And I am thankful for this little one who will just come up to me and climb up on his chair and take my camera away from me.

    I wanted to sahre the thoughts with you as they have brought me joy & understanding in my life, and I wanted to share my grandson with you as he too brings me great joy and so many laughs.

    Thanks for all that you share with me. For beign here when I am down and sad and in pain. Some one is always there to make me feel better and to share their thoughts, feelings with me. What a gift you all are.. May you have many days filled with joy and love.

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    i just wrote a reply to my post about my son driver's test in the morning...and needing to run into the x...well you can read and i wrote something about being bitter...

    but you are right about the being able to forgive about the mistakes....

    i am glad you seem t be having a better day today...


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