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    I need to talk to someone that has fibromyalgia. and how the deal with the pain. Ihave had this for 4 years and some day are better than other. I. am a hairstylist and i stand all day when i come home i just want to die. I'am on some medcation but it does not seem to be working for me . so could you help give me some anwser please. And i have notice that i have been gaing weight. I eat very health . I have no fry foods. and very lttle red meat. but diet is veggie and chicken. fish. alot of salads. so please help me
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    I have CFS and fibro for 5 years now. As far as the pain part of it goes, every one is different. But all of the prescription pain meds. didn't help me as much as over the counter Motrin does. Do you use any of the creams like Ben Gay - that helps too.

    Gaining weight is part of the disease. I gained 40 lbs in one month when I first became ill. It probably has something to do with hormones, but I'm not sure.

    When you come home and want to die - try this instead. A nice hot/warm bath with two cups of Hydrogen Peroxide and one cup of Epson Salts. And soak for about a 1/2 hour. This will relax you and also takes out all of the poisons in you.

    Sorry I can't be of much help.