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    cramps..sorta. Does anyone else get this? The the last three or four days..across my lower abdomin..I get like cramps..sorta like it went into a spasm and wants to stay that way. It relaxs once in a while..but really is quite uncomfortable and I do not really feel like going out .. and as I have turned 50 today..hubby would like to take me out to supper...just do not know if that is a great idea at this point.

    I also have fibroid tumors...but they usually do not go into spasm and just stay there..also..I do feel that menopause/perimenopause and I are definitely getting to know each other.

    Does anyone have this? And what do you think it is? It is driving me a bit crazy. Also..do ya have any suggestions for me?

    So glad to know this site is here. I want to thank you in advance...Sherry
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    Sherry, I had fibroid tumors too. It was hard for me to tell what was going on "down there" because that's where my FMS pain started. So I didn't know if the pain I had was the fibroid, the FMS or what! I had a fibroid last year and had a D&C. This year I had pain and was diagnosed with a UTI. I got that cleared up, but still had pain. Back to the doctor and an ultrasound. She found a fibroid as big as a peach. I had a hysterectomy this past November. I would run to your GYN and find out the status of your fibroid. It could have grown. Don't always assume everything is from the FMS. Let us know what happens!!!!

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    Thanks so much for your reply. I have several fibroids..one really large one..the size of grapefruit..well it was..it has slowly shrunk over the last five/six years. I have had them twist on their stalks..and die and collapse..this just does not feel like that. I am sure my estrogen is spiking and dropping like a rollercoaster right now..

    This feels like the flu that I got a couple of weeks ago..only then it was my stomach muscles doing it..that went around this area and still is. Its just that this is lower this time.

    I appreciate your reply..and if it does not straighten up..I will have to go have those little ole fibroids checked. Thanks again...Sherry