Low ALT, AST along with low sodium?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjfms, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. kjfms

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    Anyone have these low blood serum results?
  2. luigi21

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    you don't say what your diagnosis is, i have fibro and low sodium did come up in blood result, ive looked up low sodium and is does cause muscle pain, that said my doctor is not concerned. Most of my tests are at the lower end of normal, think its just due to the body working on less energy, struggles to make normal levels (one of many symptoms). If in doubt best check with doctor, best wishes.
  3. kjfms

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    I have FMS, Hashimoto's Disease, Migraines, chronic headaches and I had a pituitary tumor removed. I also noticed that my blood serum protein is high. Also all of the white count is high.
  4. roge

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    low alt and ast ( liver enzymes) are generally fine. there are other types of liver enzymes that if low is not ok. it is when alt and ast are high is the problem. low sodium is not ok. not sure how low but it very low should be looked into. the problem is low sodium has many many causes and is most often a symptom of other illnesses. google "hyponatremia". people wth weak adrenals and or thyroid often have low sodium levels. high wbc could be a sign of an acute infection. low WBC is often a sign of a more chronic infection and or autoimmunity. by blood serum protein do you mean albumin? if so and it is mildly high that is fine, mine is mildly high. it is when albumin is low is when there is an issue.

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