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    For several years my most constant pain was in my lower back. But, the past few months my pain has begun going down into my hips and sometimes my legs/thighs. It has gotten to where when I just bend over to brush my teeth or wash my face it will hurt my hip and thigh (usually only the left side). I mentioned it to my chiropractor and he said it was probably a pinched nerve and then he mentioned something about a problem with my TI Band. I looked that up online and found some stuff about that but that was only talking about knee pain. I don't understand, I don't have knee pain. Has anyone heard of this? I just feel like my pain is getting more and more wide spread and it scares me! Any suggestions?

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    I had this for months recently. And it's finally getting better. But I still get some hip pain or low back problems.

    My pain got better when I flipped the mattress over. I'm sleeping on the firmer side of the bed and it's giving more support to my back and hips. So you might want to look into what you're sleeping on.

    The doc gave me Flexeril and it also helps.
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    I preface this with the fact that I am not a Dr and have obviously not examined you, so I may be wrong. That said, all of the 3 injuries I am about to mention are common runner's injuries, and, as I used to run a ton before getting sick, I have experienced all of these and have read a lot about them.

    Usually the pain from the IT (illiotibial band) band is in the knee, although that band does stretch from the butt/thigh area to the knee, along the outside of the leg. A lot of time the source of the pain is higher up, but the pain is generally felt in the knee. It is often mistaken for other types of knee injuries. However, since it does stretch up higher, theoretically it could be felt where you are feeling pain.

    What you have sounds more like either the sciatic nerve or piriformis syndrome. The sciatic nerve starts in the low back, goes thru the butt/thigh, and then splits into two nerves that travel down the leg all the way to the foot. If that nerve is being pinched anywhere along its length, severe pain can result, and it is usually worse when in certain positions, like bending or sitting. It can also cause some loss of function & weakness (not permanent) to the leg and/or foot.

    The piriformis is actually a very small, sort of triangular shaped muscle, that sits deep within the butt. It can be very difficult to determine if pain is being caused by this muscle or by the sciatic nerve. Part of the reason for that is that if it is the piriformis muscle, it can be pinching the sciatic nerve itself, or it can just be the muscle that is inflamed. That muscle can knot up and cause a lot of pain that way, too. One way to sometimes help if it is the piriformis is to sit on a tennis ball and dig/roll it into the muscle. It will hurt, but it will also help to force any knots out of the muscle.

    Other treatments for these involve stretching, massage, and ice and/or heat. Good luck. I know how much that kind of pain stinks.
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    btw, just bc I said they are common runner's injuries, does not mean that you have to be a runner to get them.....that's just why I know a lot about them