low barometric pressure/ high humidity

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  1. valliali

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    how do these conditions affect you, at all?

    for me, drops in pressure, along with high humidity, causes shortness of breath, extreme heart palpitations and tachycardia, panic, and really intense pressure in my head and neck. i cannot find any reason for this. i had to move to california from maryland because the weather made me completely dysfunctional, and the worst i have ever felt.

    does anyone else experience symptoms like this?
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    There are many of us that are effected by the barmetric pressure. I'm really sensative to it. I live in Atlanta and the weather here can go from 18 to 80 any given week during the winter. Right now it's 40 degrees... They say it may reach 70 on Saturday. My body does not appreciate that big of a swing.

    Good luck... I hope you feel better soon.

  3. valliali

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    i moved to cali because i felt soooo badly with the changes in weather on the east coast! i live in northern california, and feel a million times better. i would recommend it to anyone who is able to move. it does get hot, but that doesn't affect me nearly as much as drops in pressure and humidity. my quality of life and ability to function is DRAMATICALLY improved.

    i am glad to hear i am not alone in feeling badly with changes in pressure, but i am wondering if anyone else has similar reactions? heart pounding out of chest, panic, intense head pressure? i know migraines and joint pains are common, but i have not read much about what i have experienced. i am worried something more intricate is going on. fortunately, i do live somewhere very dry and it's wonderful, but i don't want to never be able to return to a humid area, like where my family lives, because of this.
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    My symptoms increase when the barometric pressure falls. Humidity does climb, but I think that is not the variable that matters.

    I consider this to be hallmark of intracranial hypertension (ICH; aka pseudotumor cerebri). Go to the forums for these patients and you'll see that a lot of them have this problem.

    You complain of "really intense pressure in my head and neck." and have stated in previous posts that you get stiff neck and vision problems. These are all consistent with ICH.

    Furthermore, you've said fatigue is not a problem for you. It seems pretty difficult to label you with CFS.

    Since you got sick shortly after returning from Africa, you may look into related infections. I think malaria can cause ICH, for example.

    ICH can compress you pituitary. This is called empty sella. When that happens, I think a whole host of symptoms arise.

    One approach is to have an ophthalmologist examine your eyes for swelling of the optic nerve head. There is a report, though, that papilledema begins to look like drusen over time, so if the doc says you have drusen, you may want to insist on a first class differential diagnosis.
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    hi phage -
    thanks for your suggestion. i looked into ich when i first started experiencing the overwhelming pressure in my head because i often tried to describe it to my doctors as high blood pressure just in my head. which of course now i know makes no sense!! but it sure does feel like all the blood in my body is just pounding in my head and neck, like it turned into tar and is just stuck. i can hear it whooshing in my ears too.
    however, ich is marked by severe headaches, and what i experience involves no pain at all. just immense overwhelming pressure.
    also, the pressure i experience comes and goes. i have not felt it in over a month actually. when i was living in maryland over the summer, when it was humid and frequently cloudy, rainy weather, i felt the head pressure almost all the time. it incapacitated me to the point that i moved all the way back to california.
    i notice here in california, though it is almost always dry, when the weather starts getting particularly rainy, that same pressure creeps back up. it truly feels like a dam has been built in the bottom of my neck and all the arteries and veins above it are collecting in my neck and head.

    what in the world could this be?? does no one else experience this?

    i am not sure what to make of my case. i have had so much ruled out. but i suppose there are so many possiblities, especially given my stint in africa. i was tested for malaria almost immediately upon going to the doctor and i really have no other symptoms of it. i have never had a fever since being sick. in fact, my body temperature is way lower than normal. however, the constantly flaring up chain of lymph nodes, stiff neck and swollen finger joints really seem to indicate some kind of virus or infection. i just have no idea what else it could be. i have researched so many possibilities, had a negative lyme test... i just have no idea.
    i feel that i don't fit into any of my "diagnoses." i was originally told i had pots, but i don't have the defining symptom. my most recent doctor, who sees primarily cfs patients, told me i sound a lot like them. but like i said, i wouldn't really complain of fatigue.

    anyways, i am pretty much going off on a tangent right now. the reason i am asking about barometric pressure changes, and specifically if people experience this head pressure and rapid heart rates, is because i am now trying to focus on symptoms that might seem unusual for cfs or POTS patients. because so many of mine are common for such syndromes, i worry that some of the ones i don't read much about on these forums is going to be overlooked. like my swollen lymph glands and joints. no one wants to consider those because they don't fit into a pretty little cfs box.

    thank you all so much for your support.
  6. phage

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    ICH can occur without headache:




    The sound of your blood whooshing in your ears is common in ICH.

    What do you suppose causes the sensation of intense pressure in your head other than intense pressure in your head?

    "I'm not sure if he'll order the tilt table test but most likely if the holter shows a need for it. Yes, the nurse at my physicians office said that my heart beat seemed erratic when she was taking it so I assume she meant skipping here and there. It just seems odd that I would get IIH and tachycardia at the same time without some connection."

    quoted from:



    "There's no definitive answer about weather effecting IH, but I can tell you that nearly all of us on this board seem to be effected by barometric pressure changes, as well as elevation changes. I can literally feel it in my head and neck when we have bad weather moving in.. even when the humidity increases or decreases. "



  7. Aberlaine

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    I find that when the barometer reading drops, meaning a low pressure coming, I get migraines. "Just" another symptom of fibromyalgia. I also used to get migraines whenever my estrogen levels dropped. Now I'm post-menopausal and take a tiny bit of estrogen to keep my body levels stable. But I still can't find a cure for weather.
  8. Forebearance

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    You all sound exactly like people with toxic mold poisoning.

    I have heard many mold sufferers describe the same sensation of pressure in their head, heart palpitations, and increased CFS symptoms when the barometric pressure drops. It turns out that mold colonies, both indoors and outdoors, release many more spores when the pressure drops.

    And the neurotoxins made by some species of mold have been found to be a significant factor in causing CFS and Fibromyalgia. If you are interested, check out this website: www.biotoxin.info

    Many people with mold poisoning find relief by moving to a different building and/or to a dryer part of the country. We've been talking about it on this board for quite a while.

  9. emmally

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    Well I get what you are talking about and the theory of mold avoidancae. But than why have I lived in four different places since I have been sick for a long enough period of time in each and felt not a bit of difference. I also have lived in one place that was brand spanking new (literally) multi million dollar home and I brought nothing with me besides essentials like deoderant. So there could be no mold that I brought with me. I lived there for 6 months or more and felt not a bit of different. There could not possible of been mold in this brand new home and there was nothing in it that wasnt brand new.. I get what you are saying with the mold but I just dont think that it is what is making me sick. I think that weather plays a big part in how I feel and maybe creats more allergans in the air but I dont think the actual buildng that I live in makes a difference unless it was like a condemed building...than I would agree....
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    All of the above symptoms and feeling like Im on fire. Pain meds don't help.

    I should have known the weathermen were wrong this week when I started crashing. Sure enough they said no storms and now its oops 7 biggies are here.

    Dread the weather changing.
  11. TeaBisqit

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    I suffer terribly when the weather changes. I'm known to get sick at the end of August, November, and March. Those three months for some reason always trigger me off.

    In the last ten years, I've noticed that I'm better in January through February for some reason. Particularly, February I'll suddenly be much better. I don't know why. But once the weather changes again, I get flared up and sick.
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    phage - thanks for all those links. i think i need to get this checked out. i'm actually going to see a new neurologist at stanford next week and i will definitely address this. i really want some answers to this head pressure because it makes me very nervous. it seems soooo extreme to me that i worry everytime it happens that i will honestly die.
    the only concern i have is that it is so sporadic. since i moved back to cali, it is WAY better. sooooo much better. however, my father is sick in maryland, and i would ideally like to live closer to home. the only reason i am not is because of my reaction to pressure changes. they are so incapacitating that i cannot even live near my family to help take care of my father. that's just sad.
    anyways, so the concern is that the pressure levels are for the most part normal out here. i don't know if csf fluid can change pressure so drastically and quickly, or if ICH is a condition which is mainly chronic and all-the-time.
    I will definitely bring this up with my neuro though. This is something I really want answers for.

    It seems that so many of us suffer from barometric pressure changes. Why are there not more studies on this? I have searched and searched on the internet, and cannot find much.
  13. valliali

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    i also wanted to address this...

    i too have lived in many different places since becoming sick. the worst i have felt while being sick was while living in my parents' very spotless and clean house. i do feel much, much better in california, but i believe this is due to a lack of huge swings in humidity and pressure changes, not because of lack of mold. i am actually living in a not so great apartment building right now, which would honestly not surprise me one bit if there is mold, and it's the best i have felt in awhile. so i'm not so sure about the mold poisoning, though it was a good suggestion. thank you.
  14. Empower

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    Funny you should post, as I was going to post today. Yesterday it was 14, today, about 40, tomorrow will be about 50. I feel just awful today....headache, extreme tired, and every part of my body aches.

    I was just wondering how many other in the Northeast deal with the pain and fatigue when the weather goes from cold to warm - for me, it seems to be the cold to warm pattern
  15. Reena55

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    Yes, I live in New Jersey and I always wondered why I should feel so lethargic, sleepy, my head full of pressure one the first beautiful days of the season. I feel like an invalid 75% of the time, and can't even think my brain is so foggy on those days. I know you all wrote back in 2009, but I was researching now about the palpitations and the barometric pressure and came upon this forum. Good luck to all of us who suffer.
  16. mjill

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    I lived in No Ca for thirty years and it was wonderful. Living on the east coast is nice to but the weather takes everything out of me as well. I found a product called NATEUCA spray which I use for fibro pain and it is a champion at relieving my headache and sinus pressure from high humidity and molds. I spray a little on a tissue and inhale gently and this also diminishes my headaches. Google it and find some natural relief for yourself.