Low Barometric Pressure = issues with sleep, pain and more - does it affect you?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Alyssa-Admin, Mar 9, 2015.

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    My fibromite and CFSers in Scotland (home of Torrential rain of biblical proportions and winds sometimes up to 100mph (both due this evening here) and I have a long standing joke... 'who will be the first one to forecast the change in weather (without checking the weather first!). For us, one average it seems to be 2 days before the actual weather front hits.

    What are your experiences with weather change? Do you find humidity is also a killer?

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    Sorry so late to reply. I'm an FMer and just joined. I had to reply to the comments regarding the barometric weather forecasting because it's one of my specialties! I live in southern Colorado and the weather changes here DRASTICALLY often. Especially during the changing seasons...like now. It's usually one or two days prior to big storms however, the wX changes alot just during the very same day. Sunny and warm to snow. Regardless, I wind up in extreme pain and overly tired every time. I also noticed another post about the unpredictability of FM. Obviously the weather has a huge impact on that as well. I know for a fact that, for me, is a primary reason for my severe depression. Thank you so much for this forum. I don't feel nearly as alone. I really dislike talking much about this because I feel like I'm always complaining. Folks have a hard time understanding these diseases because fortunately (or unfortunately? ) we usually look quite "normal". Probably fortunate though. If I looked like I feel at times I would be starring in a horror flick ! Ha!!

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    Me too!!! I can tell you almost to the part of the day the barometric pressure is going to change, it is going to rain or snow. Maybe we could get paid to do this for the National Weather Service. I guess if the moon controls tides in the ocean, it makes sense that our painful bodies react with more pain! Take care.
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    Me, too! The drop in barometric pressure preceding rain really increases my inflammation. I get a much smaller reaction from cold fronts.

    @Alyssa-Admin, it's hard to imagine such strong winds! Still, I find wild weather exciting although I've rarely had to deal with the travel difficulties it can impose. I might find it less thrilling if I did.
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    Alyyssa, Except for the extreme pain increase, I also LOVE rain and thunder and windstorms in spring and summer, and blizzards in the winter! It is just exciting!!!
    How do I recommend someone to get a reward for doing something kind for me?
    Thank you. Have a very low pain today.
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    @UVAMOMB I love dramatic weather as well! I have always been intrigued by tornadoes - luckily we don't have many of them in the UK, just little ones here and there...but bring on blizzards, high winds, snow...I love it! (Anything to curl up in bed and stay cozy in front of the fire...I am IN! As long as it doesn't ruin our property!).

    Hope you are having a low pain day as well. A.x