Low Blood Pressure anyone?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Saltshaker, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Saltshaker

    Saltshaker New Member

    Hello! I read the article in the latest Womans World magazine from the lady that has NMH, that is low blood pressure.I have so many of the symptoms and thought it is something I would have to live with! Dr. Jacob Teitelbaums information on the web is very interesting. Has anyone treated this succesfully without medicine, like with salt?
    Has anyone out there the same symptoms like weight gain, fatigued, stressed out , not able to sleep, crave sugar,tiredness,brain fog,increased thirst?
    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with this! Thank you very much!
  2. tessima

    tessima New Member

    Hi saltshaker,I too have low blood pressure,along with C.F.S./M.E .Its connected to something common in c.f.s. called delayed orthostatic hypotension(blood pressure disorder involving delayed response to posture change)Dr David Bell is doing research into it.I have all those symptoms too,if I have surgery it drops to something like 60/45 and below,it worries the nurses.It is something that my doctor knew but I have only just found out that it is common to c.f.s./m.e.I am researching every day to find out as much as i can about it.Dont worry you are not alone.Im new to this site so if i can find my way back to this bit again i will get back with info.Wish me luck!
  3. tessima

    tessima New Member

    Hi saltshaker,found my way back.How are things going with you? I tried to find out more but it all goes back to that which i mentioned before.

    I too have all your symptoms ,curiously i have never been one to take salt on my food.I dont really like salty savoury things.A couple of years ago (On advice) i tried eating a bag of crisps a day,for salt intake.I noticed that all my puffy fingers,ankles face actually were worse for taking salt .I also noticed my weight went up quite a bit.Taking salt does not improve any of my symptoms and i choose not to add it to my food as so many foods already have salt included (hidden salt).

    Sugar craving ,now there's a thing.If i cannot have something sweet at times i feel faint,dizzy,feel like my legs will buckle,my G.P.is always testing me for Diabetes which i do not have,I am also like this if i am needing a drink of water and cannot have one.I am sensible about how much sugar i consume and i always try to have a bottle of water handy if i am not at home.

    I have read some good posts about sea salt ,I cannot remember where i saw it.perhaps you could do a search .From some of the things i have read on this site I am so much more reassured by mostly all of the strange,painful,and fluctuating symptoms i have being discussed by other people.

    It is so much better to know you are not alone,and to know that you are not going mad because other people have these symptoms too.It is a comfort.i hope knowing someone else knows how things are for you helps in some way.All the very best

  4. Saltshaker

    Saltshaker New Member

    Dear Tessima,
    I have gone to my Dr. since I have written this letter and after doing tests she says I have yeast in my gut. And since I know yeast can cause all kinds of problems, I have started treating it and am finally getting results. Although it is too early to tell I do feel I have finally started taking the right thing for it.
    I have started losing my symptoms and I do want to give it more time before I am quite sure. I wonder if you have checked it out too, to make sure you havent got yeast? My low blood pressure doesnt seem to be an issue anymore.Let me know how you are.
    GOD BLESS! saltshaker
  5. tessima

    tessima New Member

    Im really pleased that you are making good progress with this.Im off to the doctors tomorrow and I hopefully will bring it up when I go.

    I have a host of other symptoms which are troublesome at the moment and If I can talk really fast when Im in there I may get to mention 50% OF WHAT i AM GOING FOR.

    This is why I always put off going,because it just seems one thing after another.

    Glad for you though.take care.

    Best wishes

  6. FMladyUK

    FMladyUK New Member

    Hello saltshaker I have low blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, post viral fatique which is known as ME in England, thyrhoid problems ect ect (groan) I have to be carefull when getting out of chair bed ect because it just drops and I go dizzy its really a pain if I ask for help all the doctors say OH NEVER MIND AT LEAST YOU WON,T HAVE A HEART ATTACK.....which really gets me mad...FMladyUK
  7. tessima

    tessima New Member

    I was really pleased to hear you say that your low blood pressure is no longer an issue for you.That's smashing news.

    How are you getting on with your treatment,now you have been on it a while? Is it going ok? Was it a Candida type yeast thing?

    As you know I said that I probably wouldn't have time to mention everyything to my doctor,I didn't!

    I did find out that one side of my jaw opens before the other! This MAY be the cause of migrainnes,stabbing pains in ear and side of face along with facial numbness.

    So I am off to the dentist to have it checked out in 5days.

    As for the low blood pressure ,Ive still got it and I can tell when it is really low as I feel extremely subdued and daydreamy,you know staring into space blankly.

    Mind you I have been making a real effort to help myself,Ive started on Magnesium,Flaxseed oil and even more water every day.

    I swear by Ginko Biloba as when Iv stopped taking it for a few months the brain fog gets worse.Also it does aid the blood in getting blood around the body by ever so slightly thinning it.So Im hoping that will help my circulation.

    I (what a good girl am I!) also make myself do small leg exercises in bed ie: rotating foot 10 times each, or stretching foot as far down as it will go then back up again.This all helps with circulation.

    I would really love to hear how you have been getting on lately,maybe go chit chat.

    I forgot this was on general health board,Im usually on c.f.s.board.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Very best wishes

  8. tessima

    tessima New Member

    hope you are settling in on the board.I too am from U.K. with M.E. keep in touch!

    Best wishes

  9. Debbie6041

    Debbie6041 New Member

    I am going to copy something from the book Juicing for Life page 18 in regard to the sugar craving.

    "The more junk you eat, the more deficient you can become in some nutrients. For example, have you ever woundered why so many people crave sweets? The mineral chromium is involved in the metabolism of sugars. The more sugars you eat, the more chromium you need, but probably you are getting much less than you need because chromium is found mainly in plant foods. Then symptoms of a chromium deficiency develop. One symptom is a craving for sweets, and so the more sweets you eat, the more you crave, until one day you have a full-blown, uncontrollable sugar addiction--and possibly an alarming chromium deficit."

    I have had problems with low blood pressure also. Since I have been jucing I haven't noticed anymore problems with it.
  10. ceres

    ceres New Member

    yes and no matter what i try it stays the same unless i get really hot then it shoots up there,sorry i cant help just wanted you to know me to:)ceres
  11. dolphin3

    dolphin3 New Member

    hello everyone iam from scotland and am new to the web.i also have me and have suffered terribly with dizzy spells which i believe are caused with low blood pressure. also is sometimes worse first thing in morning.i am so happy to have found this site . speak to you all soon dolphin3
  12. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    I just had 1/2 of my thyroid removed in mid Aug. and my blood pressure has dropped even further. I've had nurses take my B.P. and have it down to 85 over 53. YIPES! I'm still getting bounced around to specialists. Why don't they just give me the thyroid replacement RX and let me get some energy back!!!!!

    They have me taking my blood sugar, pulse, and bp every day. I HATE pricking my finger!!!! So I'm supposed to go back with my chart next month.

    Maybe you should get your thyroid checked with a blood test??? Joyfully
  13. Saltshaker

    Saltshaker New Member

    I am sorry I havent come back sooner! How is everyone? I took three lac for the candida yeast and it is finally under control! I feel lots better but am still haveing heat flashes and insomnia. I am menopausal. I found the three lac on the internet with the site."global health trac" Jim and Marti.I took it for 3 or 4 months till Iit was under control. Then you use 1 everyday for maintenance.
    Have any of you heard of the natural bioavailable hormones?Well I read about them and have found a good DR. in the neighboring town and he is testing me and getting me started on them. I am going to keep searching till I feel wonderful!
    How are you Tessima? saltshaker

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