Low blood pressure from high blood pressure

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lendi, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Lendi

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    I've had really high bloodpressue and been on med for over a year. All of a sudden, it has went down. Now, it's too low and I'm dizzy like I'm drunk!! How do you get it back up again? I probably shouldn't have taken my pill today. I feel icky.
  2. Flibble

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    I have high blood pressure one hour and the next hour it is low. I take medicine for high pressure but half the time my pressure is too low. I am not sure how to get the pressure up. Hope you feel better! Flibble
  3. CPRN911

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    about the only thing you can do at home to help low pressure is to lie down....nothing actually can bring it up...if you were in the hospital giving you IV fluids could help bring it up...something to watch for...if you're taking a BP medicine that has a diuretic in it (causes you to urinate alot) you could be dehydrated if you're not drinking enough fluids..that could make your pressure be low...really should see your doc...maybe you need a change in your medicine...could be too strong for you...and taking it and dropping your pressure too low could actually cause you to pass out...I would recommend checking with your Doc ASAP...hope this helps...
  4. stillafreemind

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    Hi, I just was reading in a book this morning called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome by Devin Starlanyl, M.D. and Mary Ellen Copeland, M.S., M.A.

    I think I found what has been baffling me for almost two weeks...Neck Congestion and Trps..in this sectioin it talks about low bp going to high bp and back and forth..I usually have low..but this last week .. I thought my head was coming off..its the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles..they tense up and can affect your blood pressure.

    I hope this helps you some..I know I was concerned and no one had answers for me..I know God led me to this book this morning..I feel better and less tense already..just knowing that I am not alone!
    have a great day..Sherry
  5. Dara

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    and take medications for it. Yet, they also think I have low blood pressure, I believe this is called neurally mediated hypotension, can't remember exactly what it is called. I am having a tilt table test for this in a couple of weeks. There are several posts about this from a week or so ago.