low blood pressure, part two!!!!!

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    I guess I did not explain fully what I was going thru earlier when I posted this topic. I have FM and low blood pressure. Of course there is fatigue, but who doesn't have fatigue on this web site! My main complaint is the pain in my arms and the light-headedness (Is that a word?-headedness-LOL) after I sleep or nap. I also use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, so I know I am breathing properly, but when I take my blood pressure with my "handy-dandy" blood pressure machine I recently purchased to confirm my suspicion, I am getting pretty low readings. For example: the last time I was not feeling right I checked my pressure and it was 89/63 pulse 69, 88/59 pulse 68, 88/58 pulse 70. Just now I took it and it was 97/68 pulse 94 and that is with me sitting upright at my computer typing. That seems normal, but those low ones before were also with me awake sitting on my bed. I am concerned about what it would be while I am asleep! Isn't the problem with low bp is the lack of oxygen to the muscles and brain causing pain and fatigue and basically a mental fog? I am volunteering my husband (LOL) to take my bp while I am asleep to see what it is and then I will take my research to my doc to see what the "professional" has to say! A side note: the bp machine cost $45 at Sam's, but if it proves my theory then whoopee! I can say I told you so to the doc who said I was fine. Now seriously, my mom has low bp and without batting an eye, her doc put her on a med to raise her bp. She had carpal tunnel surgery and complained about her arms hurting so he gave her the med and she has not had any trouble. Well, I am done with my low bp thesis. Hope to get more respones and thanks to those that have responded, it makes me feel better knowing that others care. Love, KCD
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    I will be waiting to see the replies to your post. You may have explained why, when I wake up, from a nap or a whole nights sleep why I am so groggy!

    I am ordering a b/p machine tonight from QVC! Now, I am curious what mine is when I wake up too.

    Gee, this board never ceases to amaze me with the questions people ask! What an education this place is :)

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I've got low BP too. It is usually low, and sometimes normal
    None of my docters ever thought anything of it. not that I don't think its a problem or that its not indicative of one. because I really do! this hypoxia explains alot of things I think- its actually right in line with the hypercoagulation theory, which Im learning about now.

    Im having flashbacks of my last visit in which my BP was taken 90/50, then I was given subcutaneous skin testing for allergies, and I promptly passed out. then the docter walks in and asks my mother if I have "trouble with procedures" and says later when I am revived that he detects an affect in my attitude and says "would you like some elavil instead of paxil?" How bout some oxygen, doc. can you set me up with that? woof!

    p.s. nice going with that BP machine...that should help you find some answers

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    My BP has always been very low also. Around 80/58 most of the time. My last (5th) pregnancy it got dangerously low, and when they did blood work, I was extrememly anemic. I have delt with anemia all of my life, My Mom did also, and had to get frequent iron injections.
    Anyway, I was on a large amount of prescription iron for a while. The anemia and BP improved.
    I haven't read any of your other posts, so I don't know if you've had labs done. You should make sure your blood counts are OK.
    I still have a very low BP even when my anemia is under control, but not dangerously.
    I wonder if that's why I NEVER sleep well? Also have SO much arm pain and circulation issues. I wonder if it's related...
    Maybe all of us low BP's should keep a bit of a log and see where this leads!
    Patti G
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    bumping for more suggestions
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    I have low blood pressure too and when I awake (in morning) or after a nap, I yawn continuously and feel lightheaded