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  1. inbetweendays

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    my physical exam shows a lower than normal blood pressure--does anyone have this--i thought this is cfids related. and my skin is getting paler and paler--people keep suggesting i am anemic.
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    yes low bp is sign of me however also sign of other things too. so be sure to check with dr on this one, not always down to me.

    if you are thin low blood pressure is expected more than normal

    i presume that you are think ing of or have thought of getting your blood count checked re the paleness.

    another point to consider would be vit b12 jabs which can help as pwme may not absorb teh b12 in the blood, although their blood count may be normal. not all drs will do this but its worth asking. if not try tablets which are often as good as other sources

    see how your salt levels are in body and then think about having the chat wiht your dr that taking some extra salt in your diet may help raise your blood pressure.

    many people often times do not eat enough salt, mainly because they hear that salt is bad for you but we do need a certain amount in our diet to stay healthy.

    if you are suffering wtih dizzy spells the salt may well be of great help and add to that plenty of water/fluids to boost blood volume.

    you can buy blood pressure monitors and can use one to check your bp and take regular measurements so you can see what is happening. often the drs offie raises your blood pressure so maybe a more accurate measurement.

    a pale face is often seen in pwme.

    hope this helps, a great researcher is julia newton who has researched extensively on pots. so check her out for further information

    hope this hels
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    Anemia can cause low blood pressure so it's definitely worth looking into that. You might need to go on iron supplements or maybe control it through diet. If it's not anemia, you could also have low iron reserves, which is kind of the verge of anemia and has similar but milder symptoms.

    Licorice can raise your blood pressure if you are experiencing symptoms from low b.p. but if you don't have any symptoms from it then low b.p. is often not treated. Most people's b.p. increases with age.
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    I suggest that you check your adrenals.It is very common to have low blood pressure with weak adrenals.Try to eat more sea salt..