Low Blood Volume 7 to 50 less than normal people

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    I read a very interesting article from a researcher of CFS. In the article the doctor stated that people with CFS are operating on 7% to 50% less blood volume than healthy people.

    He was angry at doctors that tell their patients to exercise. He said that if someone saw a person bleeding to death they would be rushed to the nearest hospital for blood tranfusion, they would NOT be told to get up and run a mile.

    I thought that this was a wonderful way of explaining how bad this disease makes people feel.. Just wondering what everyone else thinks.

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    Andrea ... I'm glad to see this information surfacing more and more .. I really agree with it .. I have low BP .. and it sometimes can be horrible when I have to have blood drawn for tests .. the mistake we may be making is thinking we are in good shape BP wise, when it is another underlying problem .. I also have mitral valve prolapse .. I wonder if that has any influence ?
    Thanks for the info !
    Joy : )
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    Can you tell us where we can read that article or the name of the researcher ? This is all very interesting.

    Thanks ... marcia