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    i'vehey ya'll, i have been low blood pressure 60/40 for ddexample.i've always had lower BP. my doctor attrubuted it to the narcotics i was on. lately its been lower 60/40 for example. i've has symtoms such as nausea, headache, severe weakness, rapid heartbeat. she had told me earlier on to take salt tablets ant rest.this helped some but, they caused edmia,sevre tummy pain, and thirst. so i took them only sometimes. i went to her a few days ago. she seemed alarmed,but did't care to try to find the cause. she prescribed MIDODRINE or ProAmatine. its raised my bp to a reasonable level. the side effects are troubleing , they also bring on some of the same side effects such as headache and nausea. i'm able to be more mobile but, frustrated with the symptoms and the fact that she told me to lower my pain meds. YIKES which only cause me to be immobile and suffering with the pain. i'm so frustrated not only with the syptoms, but also the fact that she did'nt seem to care to find out the cause. thanks for any help.much love. bentleysaunt.

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    when i first got sick with cfs during my bad fatigue and pain spells my pressure would be low like yours. they had a name for it like (neural mediated hypotension) i dont think that is the correct term but close. if i stood up to quick i would get dizzy. hope this helps if i run on to the right term i will post it to you. bill
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    I answered your other post that seems to be a duplicate of this one. You may want to delete this post so it doesn't get confusing.

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    You had it right: neurally mediated hypotension. Basically, it's caused when the brain and the heart don't communicate properly. When you stand, your heart and brain should coordinate things like heart rate and vasoconstriction to keep your blood pressure stable. When they don't, your pressure drops and with NMH, you pass out occasionally. I've never actually passed out, but I've been forced to sit down on the floor after taking a few steps and everything around me fading out of my vision! LOL! Anyway, my bp was similar to yours after standing for a few minutes (57/35 I think). They told me only to avoid alcohol, eat more salt, and drink A LOT of water.

    The doc I saw for the tilt table test was a cardiologist and he didn't take me seriously for one minute since I'd been sent there because of the CFS (my GP was willing to try anything for me!). You could see after only a few minutes of the test, his eyes got real big, he scooted his chair closer to the monitor and he kept asking me "Are you feeling ok?!? Do you feel like you're going to pass out?" That was kind of satisfying, in a way!

    Anyhow, I don't know if that helps at all. I think the med of choice back then was...Florinef (I had to go look it up. There's a good article from John Hopkins if you google Neurally Mediated Hypotension. I'm assuming we can't post links here as I've never seen any of you do it...suppose I should go re-read those guidelines).
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