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  1. maps1

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    Does anyone else suffer from this and has anyone found a solution. Mine is in the range of 36.5.

    thanks and regards
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    When do you take your temperature ? The best measure of core body temperature is made upon waking and is called the Basal Body Temperature ( under the arm ) Mine is just under 96 F ( 35.5C ) I don't believe this is high enough; apparently it should be 97.5 F. There are variations within the population but I am looking at Primary Hypothyroidism as a possible cause of my low body temperature.
    A below normal basal body temperature has huge implications for the functioning of our metabolism. Every cell in our body is affected.
    Your body temperature should be at it's maximum in the afternoon.
    If you put Hypothyroidism into the search engines on this site you should get more information.

    Kind regards Mark
  3. JoFMS

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    I used to suffer from low body temp sometimes 35.5C but since I tarted low dose cortisol and had my amalgam filings removed my body temp is now 37C and perfect. Low body temp is usually an indication of thyroid / adrenal problems and means your metabolism and body enzymes aren't working at their optimal.

    Does your body temp fluctuate? Do you take your temps 3 x day then average them out daily? Check out www.stopthethyroidmadness.com and Dr Rinds temperature graph an read about adrenals and thyroid.

    I also had a blood test for thyroid and although my TSH was 'normal' in the range - it was not optimal according to other research I have read.

    However, sorting my adrenal glands out by supplementation and low dose cortisol seems to have completely corrected my body temps. I also don't feel the cold anymore.

    Good luck!
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    Apart from no longer feeling cold, do you have any other improved symptoms ?

    Kind regards mark
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    sorry for my curt replies and typing but it really difficult to sit here. thank you all for replies.

    did take my temp three specific times a day for a week naturapath came up with the base.

    i have two electric blankets one on top and one under the sheet, when i get into bed i am ice cold if i don't have the top one and lie on my back it feels like i am outside even though i have two blankets and thick duvet.

    i have the blankets on low settings but after about 15 min when my body starts to warm i then have cold/hot sweats (keep plenty of towels) if i can cope with this after about 10 min or so my body settles down but i have to get up and change my pj's and if i am not quick enough the whole process starts again.

    is this anything like others experience.

    i really do appreciate the input.

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    My temp is usually between 97-98. I was told it wasn't low enough to be concerned. Some articles I read have the "normal range between 97-100. Ironically, I find myself to be on the warmer side... I'm constantly throwing off my covers at night and usually don't wear much more than a t-shirt to bed.

    Could the medication that you take cause you to be on the cold side? When I take pain meds, I tend to be colder.
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    Hi Mark,

    Yes I do have other improved symptoms - I don't stress or worry about things as much - this used to affect me hugely and I just kept crashing at the slightest bit of stress and getting very sick, exhausted and depressed which would last for weeks.

    I am doing chelation and have hit what they call the dumping phase (6months after amlagam removal) so the other improvements are still to come. I have had times of increased energy, more positivity - not recently but in the last few months but don't think I would have got this far without the cortisol as I was in adrenal fatigue stage 5 due to the mercury.