Low Body Temperature...but feel like running a fever?

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    Hey Ya'll...

    was gone a few days...Sis came up for my B-Day!!!

    For those of you that haven't read Jeanne's responce, go back and read it....I'm going to take that "idea" to my docs and see what I get.

    THe specialists my internist referred me to STILL haven't called me, so I don't know anything new....other than there IS something to this.

    keep the replys coming...this is interesting!

    warm fuzzies
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    Hi there....I have had low body temp. for years now. My feet was always cold. I also had night sweats??? or chills??? during the night. Intolerance to heat or cold...etc. & etc. My blood sugar would drop if I did not eat right, and I learned that I had to eat protein for breakfast. If I ate pancakes, I would be sick by 10 am.

    I was dx with lyme and strep. Lyme feeds on strep. I think that I have had a low-grade strep infection for years? Lyme mimics many other diseases, and it seems that thyroid problems, sleep apnea, and etc. & etc. is part of it. If you have not got checked for lyme, please do so. I did western blot and a test from Bowen Labs.
    Insurance covered the first, but I had to pay $250. out of pocket for the Bowen test. It was worth it! At least now I know what is going on with me.

    I did 12 weeks of bicillan shots and many of my symtoms are gone! My feet are warm. I can skip meals; my body temp. seems normal. This is wonderful! I am looking forward to finishing up the lyme treatment and getting on with my life.

    I am so tired of being tired. LOL!

    Oh, yea...I had my thyroid check t3,t4...normal...thyroid anitbodies were high. It may suggest hashamoto's, but doc just did an iodine test on me. It seems that many of us need iodine to make our thyroids work correctly. I don't eat a lot of salt, and that is about our only source of iodine. They used to put it in our bread.

    .....I hope supplemental iodine helps because I would hate to go on thyroid meds for life.

    Also, I found that there is another thyroid disfunction that swings you back and forth. I'll look for the name of it. HERE IT IS.... " thyrotoxicosis. "<br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 04/06/2005</i>]
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    I too have a slightly lower body temp than most people (97). I got a sinus infection a week ago though and even though I'm on meds I sweat profusely, but my temp is still below normal. I'm 47 so I wondered if it could be hormonal as well. I have been sweating for a couple years, but this is extreme.
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    I have had Fibro since 1994. It took me complaining for 5 years before the doctor sent me to a rheumatologist to be checked out for lupus. He then dig. me with FMS. I have since run a constant temp of 94 to 96 degrees. I informed my doctor of this and was tiold that if this were true then I should be dead. I have it documented though. The one thing I have noticed the most is that when my Temp goes up I end up with a migrane and really bad FMS symptoms all over. In other words the time I feel the WORST is when the doctors think I am the HEALTHIEST. GO FIGURE! The best thing you can all do for yourselves and your doctors is go buy a thermomater and document your temp three times a day for a month and the next time you see you doctor take it with you. With your temp diary make sure you write down your symptoms and rate them 1 to 10 10 being the worst so that your doctor can have this information as well. It might just help them understand what you are going thru. You might be suprised what your temp can tell you. The other thing that i have noticed is that I have low blood sugar ---Hypoglocemia and if i do not eat a little on a regular basis this will alo trigger a migrane, make me feel week, nausous, and pass out.

    I will chek back in latter and see how you are doing.

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    I have low body temperature mine isabout 87.5 but when I am sick it runs about 74 or lower. but the doc do not know why. My thyroid is normal. I wish some one could help.

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    My regular body temp is 97.0, anything higher and I am running a fever. And I feel flushed and feverish quite often. I do have thyroid disease. But thought I had it under control. I also have low adrenal hormone too. But take cortisol for that, so who knows.

    Take Care! It seems like there is an awful lot of us with low body temps and and feelings of fevers!

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    I am normally around 96.8 but have gone as low as 95. Of course my thyroid tests came back as mid range normal. I have about 8 family members with hypothyroidism.
  8. I feel like I have a fever alot and dont at all.I do feel worse when I am going through this.RUthie
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    Normal for me is around 96. 98.6 is a fever. Gosh.

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    I'm in roughly the same boat...only difference is, I've had this on/off for years now. Oddly, now it's getting more frequent and much worse.&lt;BR&gt;
    I have a cyst in my thyroid (which docs found via an ultrasound about 6months ago--after they kept telling me there was nothing there, and I insisted I felt something there, and they finally did an ultrasound and voila there it was!), and I'm pretty sure the cyst is growing. When my mom (now deceased) was my age, she also had a cyst in her thyroid (same spot!), which grew into a non-cancerous tumor, and my doc thinks that's happening to me. Yay...&lt;BR&gt;
    So now, it's hard to swallow and somewhat harder to breathe (though not at emergency stage yet). When I try to turn my head certain directions, I find I can't breathe (because of the cyst) and I'm in pain from the cyst putting pressure on my thyroid and my windpipe. I constantly feel like I have something in my throat and nothing I've tried makes that uncomfy feeling go away (although Ibeprofen does make it a little better temporarily...unfortunately for me, I also have a mild allergy to IBP--I don't get hives, but I have severe diarrhea from it for days--long story short, my body is really messed up with reallllllly random allergies). Not to be gross, but I'm often bringing up phlem or having to clear my throat a lot. Also, the more I talk, the worse the feeling in my throat gets.&lt;BR&gt;
    I also wake up every night soaked in sweat from hot flashes, but when I take my temperature it's between 96.4 and 97.3...which is NOT my normal temp btw. I feel a mix of chilled and hot at the same time, and I'm often nauseated and/or dizzy (vertigo). When I'm not nauseated, I'm hungry all the time. I'm always exhausted and feeling like I haven't had any sleep; just a little bit of exercise (eg: walking up stairs or around the block) makes me very sleepy. And fyi, I just finished working at a summer camp about 3 months ago, where I taught horseback riding lessons to kids and had to be quite active there. But ever since this cyst has been getting worse, I've been so tired that staying awake in class, and having the energy to take my dog for even a short walk has been difficult.&lt;BR&gt;
    I recently had yet another bladder infection (I've had 7 now since 2007 and have had 2 kidney infections); this bladder infection landed me in the hospital for a few hours (yes, I'm over that infection now). My kidney infection that I had about 1 year ago also caused my body temp to drop to 96.4, which worried the hell out of the ER doctors...maybe you're fighting off an infection? Though by your symptoms, it really does sound like you have a thyroid problem.&lt;BR&gt;
    I have an appointment with the ENT (ear/nose/throat) docs next thurs, where they're going to see if my cyst has grown into a tumor or not, and test me for cancer (my family has a history of various kinds of cancer too). My mom had her tumor taken out when she was 25 (I'm 23, almost 24), and they think I'll prob need to get my cyst taken out since it restricts my breathing. I'm really hoping and praying I DO get it out--it's driving me crazy. I also have to get re-tested for hypothyroidism, which they suspect my cyst is causing.&lt;BR&gt;
    Do you have any history of thyroid problems (eg: hyper/hypo thyroidism)? Generally speaking, the problem with your body temp and hot flashes (feeling like you have a fever but actually having a lower body temp) is related to something being wrong with your thyroid...&lt;BR&gt;
    Hypothyroidism Symptoms Include:&lt;BR&gt;
    Hard stools or constipation&lt;BR&gt;
    Increased sensitivity to cold&lt;BR&gt;
    Fatigue or feeling slowed down &lt;BR&gt;
    Heavier menstrual periods&lt;BR&gt;
    Joint or muscle pain&lt;BR&gt;
    Paleness or dry skin&lt;BR&gt;
    Sadness or depression&lt;BR&gt;
    Thin, brittle hair or fingernails&lt;BR&gt;
    Weight gain without trying &lt;BR&gt;
    I'm a female btw and as far as periods go, I was born with PID (Pelvic Inflam Disease) due to the &quot;failure to thrive&quot; syndrome (we still don't know what triggered that when I was a baby, tho it prob has to do with the fact that I was born in the amazon jungle and had a low tolerance for humid-hot climates at the time). I've always had heavy, very painful periods (which is only lessened by birth control pills).&lt;BR&gt;
    I also have unexplained weight gain--I exercise and still gain weight and now weigh 150 (at the beginning of the summer, I weighed 140).&lt;BR&gt;
    I have brittle hair and brittle fingernails, even though I take vitamins for that. And I always have weakness in my hands and feet (I drop things easily now too), and a general weakness all over. I've had chronic joint pain for a long time, but it's worse now. I also get cold easily and have cold feet, and I'm chronically tired. When I'm not having diarrhea, I have constipation for no apparent reason (doc can't figure it out)...and I do suffer from mild depression.&lt;BR&gt;
    So basically I have all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and more....&lt;BR&gt;
    Have you been checked for hypo or hyper-thyroidism?
  11. I've had this happen to me too.
    My normal temperature is 95.7 and I'm usually either really cold or really hot. My mother is anemic and has a hypo thyroid, my father has a hyper thyroid and is always hot. (Could this be involved?) I've been running 99-100 this week and my mother won't take me to the doctor because that isn't a "high" fever. My temperature has been low for a year now but no one listens... I'm 14 by the way. I've always been a sick child so I hope it will pass. I am currently at 101 and no one has taken that and my usual temp into consideration! Could I possibly have a thyroid condition? Should I get checked out? Any info will really help, thanks.
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    the low temperature only seems to happen at night, i sweat like you, feel by blood is on fire, when i go to the toilet my pee feels hot. i feel really fatigued and sick, i even vomit, but sugar relieves it for a short while, i'm thinking hypoglycemia, if sugar improves it, not heat, i can put a heat pad on have the central heating on and cannot get warm. drinking a warm drink did work. my normal temp is 36.5 centigrade (sorry british) and when it drops and wakes me up its 35.8.

    i read that it may also be slow adrenals, I don't know at a loss. Think its hypoglycemia because of my eyesight being affected
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    I have had CFS/FM for a few decades and feverish feelings without proof of rising temperature has plagued me throughout. I am always hotter than other people. I think because of the frequent flu like symptoms, it makes us feel very sick indeed. I read on a UK M.E. website that because the mitochondria don't function properly(they are in every cell) the blood vessels in the skin cannot release the heat.THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT FEELS LIKE. I have devised many tricks to deal with this, all topical. If you are interested in hearing about them let me know and I would be happy to fill anyone in.
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    Welcome to the world of FM and CFS/ME....fluctuating body temperatures seems to be all part of the many 200+ co-existing symptoms that goes with these conditions. As does, nausea, dizziness...One thing I would ask is whether or not you are on supplements to help you....such as magnesium, potassium and not to mention the range of supplements designed specifically for FM and CFS/ME at ProHealth. A lot of the time we are deficient in a variety of supplements that affect us in all sorts of ways - from pain to restless leg syndrome and much more. I always recommend having your bloods taken on a regular basis to check for everything from B12 to magneisum, Vitamin D, thryoid and even for hormones.

    I think that many of us women with these conditions are also starting to go through peri-menopause, which does not help the situation in regards to sweats, temperature (and mood!) fluctuations. For myself, I am treating this with bioidentical hormones - wild yam....and let me tell you, it has made a huge difference (I am 44 and was having night sweats to the point of having to change and shower 3x a night!).

    It is very hard to know 'what is what' in regards to what is causing things...!

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    Please check your thermometer, at that temp your body systems would shut down completely and you would be dead from hypothermia. Hypothermia begins at temps of 95 so a temp of 74 would be dead.
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    I've been experiencing these same symptoms for a couple of years now. I know it's not related to menopause because I went through that at a very early (age 33) just like my mom. My usual body temp is 96.2 -97.4 but I feel hot to the touch. Just like all the others here it's driving me batty. I think it's a hypothalamic dysfunction of thermoregulation but I can't seem to pin down the hormone thing. I've never thought of the Fibromyalgia or CF association. This site came up when I was doing a search. I'm glad to know I'm not crazy and not the only one who is experiencing this temperature madness.

    Alyssa mentioned magnesium and potassium above and I do actually take two magnesium, Vit D and a potassium supplement every day. If I don't my feet and legs cramp severely.
  18. Look up Wilson's Syndrome or Wilson's temperature syndrome. I saw it and almost lost it. It had e very symptom that I have. I'm going g to ask. My Doctor about it. The only concern I have is that there is article's saying this is a made up syndrome. But dont some say that about fibro too? To them I say if you felt the way I do every day you wouldn't be saying it made up!!!!
  19. Google Wilson's Syndrome.......
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    I have had some form of cfs for 44 years. The first 25 years was very cyclical--not too sick all the time. Always been very hot--no fever shows up. Apparently I have the worst case specialists have ever seen. Last 10 years through the roof--tried EVERYTHING, naturopaths,homeopathy, etc.. Even in winter have to wear freezer head bands. I use peppermint cream on skin and menthol cream. I carry wet bandanas everywhere. In summer I shower my head with cold water 4 times a day. Many small fans at home and carry small spritzer bottles everywhere. I get the small ones from drug or dollar stores, or buy (weak) body spray and replace with water.
    No doctor knows why--cfs is a neurological illness. Every theory given to me is unhelpful--I had to just find my own relief. It is crazy annoying, but life challenges can make us stronger. Hope this helps someone!