low BP and heart disease

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    Has anyone read the new studies? The lower the top number is, the higher the death rate.
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    I read it in EurekAlert. It stated that people admitted to hospitals who had systolic pressure higher than 160 were more likely to recover than those with a lower number. Contrary to what has been drilled into us for years and years, low systolic pressure is not good. The lower the number the more advanced the heart disease. It's also written up in the Nov 8, 2006 edition of the Journal of The American Medical Association.
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    Has your daughter had her adrenal function tested? The adrenals control salt retention, which effects blood volume, which effects blood pressure. Licorice is used for adrenal support. Non-iodized salt can also be used to bring up blood volume/pressure.
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    I read somewhere (didn’t note source) that clinical low blood pressure is less than 90/60. The normal range is 100 - 120 over 60 - 80. Your blood pressure looks very good.
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    I agree with LittleBluestem's post. I'm seeing a Naturopathic doctor and was recently discussing my low blood pressure and abnormal cardio output. He said that was an indication of underactive adrenals.

    I tried an adrenal supplement a little over a year ago and I didn't tolerate it well. This past year under my new Naturopathic doctor's care I have been taking a homeopathic remedy for my adrenals. I am able to handle this product and hope it is doing me some good.

    The adrenal aspect might be something to look into.

    Best of luck.