Low C3 and C4 But Don't Know Why

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    I also posted this on the Lupus and Candida board but thought I could get more responses here.

    I have been having many sypmtoms over the years, some of which are associated with lupus. However, I've been tested twice recently and the tests indicate that lupus is not the cause of my symptoms.

    My first two complement C3 tests (out of 3) came back low and both times C4 was low also. My infectious disease doctor doesn't think that my levels are low enough to indicate anything major and he doesn't know what else to do. I'm so frustrated!!!

    I refuse to believe that I've been feeling like this for going on 7 years for no reason. The complement tests make me feel like there is something going on that hasn't been checked.

    I do research based on my symptoms and a lot of what I suffer from can be caused by vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I mentioned this to my doctor and he feels that is not my case. How does he know without checking?

    My question to you guys is do any of you suffer from hair loss, acne, fatigue, knee/hip pain, anxiety, white spots on nails, etc. and not have lupus but do have low levels of C3 and/or C4? Do you have vitamin/mineral deficiencies with low levels of C3 and/or C4?

    I have found a doctor in my area who specifically deals with deficiencies and I'll be calling tomorrow to make an appt. I can't rest and accept the way I feel until I have exhausted all possibilities.

    Do you have any other possibilities of what could be causing my symptoms?

    Thank you for your time and help.